Special police car SPM-1 "Tiger" test

Finally, this semi-maritime miracle fell at our disposal.

Let me tell you about my impressions about this car after the first trip.

To begin with, I will refresh your information on the technical characteristics of SPM-1 from the original source - the operating manual:

“The car SPM-1 is intended for use as a vehicle and operational-service car of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia during counter-terrorism operations, performing territorial defense tasks, assisting the FPS of Russia, including transporting personnel during the march, protecting the crew from firearms weapons and the damaging factors of explosive devices.

The car SPM-1 - wheel, two-axle with the wheel formula 4х4, consists of the chassis including a frame with the knots and units installed on it, a cowl and the armor case.

Full car name - GAZ -23034
Short name - SPM-1
Car type - two-axle with drive on both axles
Gross weight - 7400kg
Number of seats - 9
Shipping Weight - 1400kg
Length - 5,7
Width (without mirrors) - 2,4
Height - 2,4
Clearance - 0,4м
The minimum turning radius on the axis of the outer wheel track - 10
Maximum speed on the highway - 125km / h
Fuel consumption at a speed of 60km / h - no more than 15
Power reserve at speed 60km / h - 1000km
There is an installation 6У1 for the PKM machine gun and the П6 machine. 2305 for AGS-17
Engine - Cummins B205

Diesel, four-stroke, six-cylinder, in-line, liquid cooled, with turbocharging and charge air cooling
Displacement - 5,9
Maximum power - 205 HP
Power system - two fuel tanks for 68 + 2 l
There is a diesel liquid heater designed to preheat the engine, maintain its thermal conditions, and also to heat the habitable compartment when the vehicle is moving and during long stops with the engine off
Gearbox - five-speed manual
Transfer case - mechanical two-stage with lockable center differential
Tires - pneumatic 12.00 R18 with adjustable pressure
Suspension - independent wishbone
Brake mechanisms - drum drum type with pneumatichydraulic drive
Steering - mechanical with hydraulic booster.
Voltage on-board network - 24В
Doping -2М fire extinguishing system installed
Installed winch EL-400-24 "Evacuator" with electric drive
- cable length - 25
- traction force without block - 4200 kgf
Installed two air conditioning company Elinzh
Protection class according to GOST 50963:
Frontal projection - 5 class
Side and aft projections - 3 class
Glass protection class according to GOST 51136:
Frontal projection - 5 class
Side and stern projections - 3 class "

The body of the car has two side doors for the driver and the commander, as well as the aft double swing door.

Special police car SPM-1 "Tiger" test

Bulletproof sides and doors have opening and locking mechanisms in the open and closed positions.

On the roof of the hull there is a back opening hatch, used for the emergency landing and disembarking of the crew, as well as for observation, firing and ventilation of the habitable compartment.

Also on the roof of the case there are three racks for mounting installations with a machine gun and an automatic grenade launcher.

Front seats - adjustable with seat belts. They are equipped with waist belts and folding, adjustable backs on the angle of inclination.

Seven crew seats are installed behind the front seats (three on the left and four on the right). They are equipped with lap belts and folding backs. The seats can recline to the back to increase the loading area of ​​the floor.

Behind the seats are styling for zip,

armored personnel carrier

and machine for AGS-17.

The body of the grenade launcher is attached to the board behind the driver’s seat,

and a machine gun - in the area of ​​the right side of the rear door.

In addition to the main heater integrated in the engine cooling system, an additional heater is installed in the habitable compartment using internal air.

In the presence of - two air conditioners.

And now about personal impressions.

The appearance of the car, of course, inspires respect. Driving requires a driver with a category C certificate (this category is on the technical passport)
The habitable compartment is quite spacious and lighted.

The driver's seat is comfortable enough and allows him to not particularly straining to drive a car and observe the traffic situation. Moreover, the dimensions of the front windows are such that a good view is provided even through only one windshield in front of the driver.

The commander of the car is also provided with minimal comfort. He has a seat with adjustable backrest and a small adjustment in the longitudinal direction. Also, the backrest can be lowered onto the seat for traveling to the habitable compartment and back.

Before the seat, a handrail is installed on the control panel, where the machine is very conveniently fixed.

Near the handrail installed ceiling lighting. However, I did not manage to evaluate his work, since the manufacturer did not consider it necessary to screw a light bulb into it.

Apparently, the presence of a screwed light bulb is provided in the optional package J.

Side doors are equipped with folding armored glass, handrails, internal locks of locks and door stoppers in the open position.

There are pockets in the door trim.

Between the seats there is a gearbox guard, which is a solid cabinet used as an improvised table. An additional heater is installed in the rear wall of the fence.

The first pair of airborne seats is located almost close to the sides.

The remaining five seats are mounted on wheel housings and are offset to the longitudinal axis of the car.

The advantage of this is that between these seats and sides there is a space filled with weapons and equipment. And the downside is that the owners of these seats rest with their knees on the opposite seats. The seats are located close to each other in armor and unloading to sit cramped.

Since the left wing of the swing door is the main one used, there is no extreme seat on its side, for the convenience of boarding-disembarking.

Buffers are used as steps for landing through the aft doors, but they are too high and the loaded fighters are not particularly helpful.

Tall fighters, in close contact with an additional air conditioner, did not particularly like its location on the ceiling of the habitable compartment. In addition, the back of the seat at the right door to fold quite problematic, as it rests on the handrail of the door.

The inner part of the habitable compartment is battered with ballistic cloth packs. Packages are attached to the case by threading the lacing into the welded brackets and are interconnected by the same lacing. The lacing is covered with strips of fabric with velcro.

The side armored windows of the driver and the commander are opened at a very small angle, sufficient only to shoot at the ground ten meters from the car

The remaining side armored glass are fixed in several positions up to an angle of about ninety degrees.

The presence of only the third class of protection helps little to the crew of the car when firing from Kalashnikov assault rifles with heat-strengthened core, the presence of which is not uncommon in the arsenal of any “forest brothers” who prefer to do their dirty work in the city. Not happy and the lack of booking hood. A few bullets in the engine compartment is enough to turn the car into a pedestal.

The presence in the roof of the hatch also does not save - too easy target for attackers. In the absence of any protective shields.

The edge of the hatch, of course, is not rubberized, which, coupled with the pin sticking to the left, makes it necessary to be very careful, especially in motion.

The arrow of medium height to cope with the machine gun turret will be difficult (it is located above shoulder level). Fortunately, our machine gunner is grenadier and it is not necessary for him to stand on a stool. The machine gun for the machine gun gave a surprise in the form of the absence of a single stud for fixing the cartridge box holder.

Naturally, when a car entered the division, a traditional check for bullet resistance was made.

The distance is five meters. Weapons - AK74M and standard cartridge PP (7H10). The bullet pierced the board, the core of the bullet pierced the ballistic package and made a dent on the rear door trim.

At the first exit for the operation, turn signals failed. When driving on the highway, the car easily gave out 120 km / h, scaring away overtaken cars. However, during braking, the euphoria of flight was replaced by fear due to the intense wagging of the machine due to the incorrect operation of the braking system.

When driving along the mountain serpentine, it turned out that the Bobby almost died out. Despite 205 horsepower and turbocharging, an iron basin with eight-ton bolts and nuts was heavy for an American diesel engine.

Then we turned onto a country road and climbed up. The road was a mountain slope, which grader walked along. Mud knee and sleet. The track was too narrow for our car, and she periodically drove into snowdrifts. Sometimes it skidded so that it moved with a half-side.

Now and then the rear doors themselves opened ...

Climbing up on another hill, the driver turned off the engine ...

That's all.

It was got only from "the pusher". The good of the people was enough, and there was a slight bias.

It turned out that the anchor of the Japanese starter was locked and burned down (the replacement cost about ten thousand rubles).

All the following stops were made only "downhill."

Thank God that this embarrassment (pushing) occurred in a deserted area. It happened in the village, I would be very ashamed.

At times, a wet forty-fifty centimeter snow turned out too hard for the Tigers.

- I almost forgot. When pulling out a Niva stuck in a snowdrift, the electric winch “grunted”.

.... Returned already at night, under a little rain and very dense fog. Fog lights, of course, was not. And also, naturally, the main headlights were not properly adjusted.

They moved almost to the touch, because the wipers were installed brushes of the most disgusting quality, simply smearing water over the glass.

But everything worked out, and we independently reached base J.

At the same time, SPM-2 was received by us to another unit. It differs in protection class (5), the presence of two hatches on the roof, embrasures in non-opening armored glass and the lack of air conditioning and turret installations.

But they were less fortunate.

If our car was assembled last fall, the engine of their Tiger, from three years of standing in warehouses, without maintenance, ordered a long life.

They say that a representative of the plant flies to them.

Well that's all.

As participants of this motor rally noticed: “Diesel is American. And the assembly is still ours. ”

You can read about the baptism of Tiger here

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