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Technique "Uralvagonzavod" at the exhibition KADEX-2014

From 22 to 25 in May, the international exhibition of arms and military equipment Kazakhstan Defense Expo 2014 (KADEX-2014) was held in Astana. The capital of Kazakhstan for the third time received guests from several countries of the world. KADEX-2014 has become a platform for demonstrating the achievements of almost 200 companies and organizations from 25 countries of the world. The largest expositions were presented by Russia and Kazakhstan, from which 68 and 64 organizations participated in the exhibition, respectively. Among other organizations from Russia, Uralvagonzavod Scientific and Production Corporation and its structural divisions participated in the exhibition. The corporation presented advertising materials and layouts on the stand, and also showed several full-scale samples of new technology.

At an open exhibition site, Uralvagonzavod Corporation presented three full-scale models and one model of equipment for new models. All the samples shown, despite the fact that they have already been shown at other exhibitions, are of particular interest both to customers and to the general public. The enterprises that are part of the Uralvagonzavod corporation brought a support combat vehicle to Astana tanks BMPT-72, PTS-4 amphibious transporter, 1I37E control and verification vehicle, and Atom infantry fighting vehicle model.

The tank support machine BMPT-72 "Terminator-2" is a further development of the previous project BMPT "Terminator" and was first shown at last year's exhibition Russian Arms Expo 2013. In general, BMPT-72 is similar to the basic "Terminator", but it has a number of differences. The main difference is a different chassis. To attract a wide range of potential customers, the authors of the project from the Uralvagonzavod Corporation as the base chassis for the new combat vehicle used the appropriate units of the T-72 tank. This feature of the new combat vehicle allows it to work effectively in some combat formations with tanks of the T-72 family, and also simplifies the construction and maintenance of equipment.

“Thermnator-2”, unlike the base BMPT, is not equipped with two course automatic grenade launchers, which made it possible to reduce the crew to three people. The composition of the rest weapons remained the same: on the machine’s BMPT-72 tower there are two 2А42 automatic cannons of the 30 caliber mm, a PKTM machine gun of the 7,62 mm’s caliber, as well as four transport and launch containers with 9М120-1 guided missiles. In comparison with the tower of the previous vehicle, the Terminator-2 armament received new armored casings. In addition, the machine gun was placed in a separate armored corps.

Shortly after the “premiere demonstration”, the BMPT-72 tank support vehicle received positive feedback from specialists. The prospects for the car are considered to be quite high, and a good export potential may be caused by the chassis used. The armies of many countries exploit T-72 tanks, thanks to which they can quickly master the operation of the Terminator-2. It should be noted, no information on orders for BMPT-72 has yet been received. Perhaps the first customers will take a decision on the results of the exhibition KADEX-2014.

The second Uralvagonzavod car, first shown at an exhibition in Kazakhstan, is the PTS-4 floating conveyor. This machine, developed by the Omsk Transport Engineering Design Bureau (part of the Uralvagonzavod corporation), is intended to replace previous domestic floating conveyors. In its basic features, the PTS-4 is similar to the previous PTS-3, but it has several important differences. The main feature of the new conveyor is used in the nodes and assemblies. Thus, in the design of the PTS-3, parts and assemblies borrowed from the T-64 tank, whose production has long ceased, were actively used. The new PTS-4 transporter is based on units and aggregates of T-72 and T-80 tanks, which greatly simplifies its construction and operation.

The tracks and torsions of the conveyor hanger are borrowed from the T-80 tank, the friction clutches and the gearbox from the T-72 tank. With a maximum weight of more than 33 tons, the PTS-4 tracked conveyor is capable of transporting cargo with a total weight of up to 18 tons (on the water and on approaches to it) or up to 12 tons (on land). To accommodate the payload, the conveyor has a large loading platform measuring 8,3x3,3 meters. On land, the PTS-4 can reach a maximum speed of up to 60 km / h, and on the water, up to 15 km / h. The cockpit is protected by anti-bullet reservation. For self-defense, the commander of the machine can use a heavy machine gun mounted on a remote-controlled installation.

The PTS-4 tracked carrier was accepted for supply by the Russian engineering troops in the 2013 year. Currently, employees of the design bureau of transport engineering are developing a civilian version of this machine, designed for the Emergency Situations Ministry, the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Environment and other departments. It is known that the civilian version of the PTS-4 will retain the basic characteristics of the base machine, but will be adapted for non-military use.

The third model of equipment, presented by the corporation "Uralvagonzavod" at the exhibition KADEX-2014, was developed by the Central Research Institute "Burevestnik", which is part of it. The control and testing machine (CPM) 1И37E is designed to perform various works on the maintenance of guns mounted on tanks and ACS. The equipment of the machine can service 125-mm 2-46 guns of all modifications (installed on T-72, T-80 and T-90 tanks) and 2-75 (used on the Sprut-SD machine).

All KPM 1Х37Е units are mounted in the body of the van Ural-4320. The equipment included in the complex allows the calculation of three people to carry out the whole range of maintenance work on tank and anti-tank guns. Using the available equipment, the calculation of the 1И37E machine can clean the gun barrel from soot and dirt, as well as conduct technical preparation of the weapon for firing (align the sight and bring the gun to normal combat, including a unique shooting-free method using special high-precision equipment). In addition, the possible ballistic preparation for shooting, namely the calculation of the amendments to the initial velocity of the shells of a certain party and the definition of barrel wear. To document the work in the complex 1И37E included a laptop with special software.

According to the information from the Petrel Research Institute, the use of the 1 and X37 control and testing machines allows 2-2,5 times to increase the combat readiness of equipment by reducing the time for its maintenance. In addition, the calculation of the specific features of the work of a particular tool allows you to form a complex of individual corrections, due to which the accuracy of the fire increases 1,3-1,5 times. Shooting-free method of checking the accuracy of the gun does not lead to its wear and thus allows you to save the life of the barrel, ensuring the required accuracy.

The heavy-duty Atom infantry fighting vehicle, or rather its full-sized mock-up, was first shown at last year’s RAE-2013 exhibition. A few days ago it was demonstrated at an exhibition in Kazakhstan. This promising project is a joint development of the Russian Petrel Research Institute and the French company Renault Trucks Defense. As part of the Atom project, the designers of the two countries tried to create a modern heavy-class BMP designed for sale to third countries.

According to reports, the BMP "Atom" is a wheeled armored vehicle based on the French chassis development. It is alleged that the used chassis 8x8 will allow the car to move at speeds up to 100 km / h, as well as continue driving if several wheels are damaged. In the troop compartment provides eight places for soldiers with weapons. If necessary, the Atom car can be equipped with additional reservations. When using all available armor modules, the level of XANUMX protection will be provided according to the STANAG 5 standard. In this case, the combat weight of the machine will reach 4569 tons.

Of particular interest is the combat module installed on the exhibition layout. According to official information, the promising BMP "Atom" should be equipped with a turret with an automatic gun caliber 57 mm. It is expected that such a weapon will significantly increase the combat potential of the machine. Increasing the caliber from standard 30 mm to 57 mm will increase the firing range, and ammunition with great power will increase the effectiveness of the fire. In terms of combat performance, the only minus of the 57-mm guns is less ammunition compared to the 30-mm caliber systems.

Earlier it was claimed that on the basis of the Atom project, various types of equipment could be created, from an armored personnel carrier with machine guns to an ambulance or command and staff vehicle. About the implementation of these plans so far nothing has been reported. Moreover, the further development of the project may be questionable. At the beginning of April, there were reports in foreign and domestic media, according to which the French company Renault Truck Defense refused to cooperate further with the Petrel Research Institute within the framework of the Atom project for political reasons. Nevertheless, on the first day of the KADEX-2014 exhibition, Deputy General Director of the Uralvagonzavod corporation for special equipment V. Khalitov said that this information does not correspond to reality. According to Khalitov, the Uralvagonzavod corporation has not yet received from French partners an official notice of the termination of joint work. Work on the Atom project continues to go in accordance with the established plan.

Technique "Uralvagonzavod" at the exhibition KADEX-2014

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  1. Rinat 1
    Rinat 1 28 May 2014 09: 49
    An excellent exhibition, I would like more pictures. For 3 years I can’t get to this exhibition.
    1. Max_Bauder
      Max_Bauder 28 May 2014 16: 18
      remind what our release? otherwise I don’t remember the easel automatic grenade launcher
      1. Alex_T
        Alex_T 28 May 2014 20: 33
        The stand of the Ural plant of JSC "ZKMK", in addition to AGS-17, also a large-caliber machine gun "Utes" 12,7mm. There was a stand of the Almaty torpedo plant named after Kirov, products: oxygen-kerosene torpedoes, spare parts for them, torpedo modernization program. At the Kazakhstan Engineering stand there are observation systems, thermal imagers (distribution of foreign products). Other Kazakh stands presented small drones, "military" monoblock computers. Heavy art. The systems have a 155mm self-propelled gun on a Kamaz chassis, a Naiza multiple launch rocket system and a mortar on an armored reconnaissance vehicle chassis, jointly with Israel. Models were presented at the exhibition.
  2. Alex_T
    Alex_T 28 May 2014 10: 36
    Quote: Rinat 1
    An excellent exhibition, I would like more pictures. For 3 years I can’t get to this exhibition.
  3. Bigfoot_Sev
    Bigfoot_Sev 28 May 2014 10: 41
    pancake. feline sizes remained. and so I would buy a vest. and a couple of shirts. cool prints.
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  5. Alex_T
    Alex_T 28 May 2014 10: 43
    exhibition panorama:
  6. CadetXXX
    CadetXXX 28 May 2014 10: 44
    Our army also needs a BMPT "Terminator" (object 199 "Frame"), but something is not bought into the army
    1. tchack
      tchack 28 May 2014 11: 24
      I doubt that the Army needs the Terminator. I get the impression that only the name bribes people. But where and how to use it, no one thinks ... Pulnul Terminator 4 rockets and that’s all, shoot 30 mm cannons and 40 mm grenade launchers ...

      It’s just like the story of the Shell-C1. The guns stuck, and the targets in the exercises didn’t hit any of these guns. It’s good that the Shell-SM is completely without guns, but there are 24 missiles ...

      And did anyone compare ammunition ??? For example, with BMP-3?
      The Terminator has 4 ATGMs, 900 30-mm shells, 600 40-mm grenades.
      The BMP-3 has 40 100-mm shells, 8 ATGMs, 500 30-mm shells.
      Who will support whom ???

      And to support or destroy tanks, Chrysanthemum-C is more suitable with automatic loading and ammunition for 15 missiles.
      1. tchack
        tchack 28 May 2014 11: 43
        I did not have time to finish ...

        I doubt that the Army needs the Terminator. I get the impression that only the name bribes people. But where and how to use it, no one thinks ... Pulnul Terminator 4 rockets and all, shoot 30 mm cannons, 40 mm grenade launchers and one machine gun ...

        It’s just like the story of the Shell-C1. The guns stuck, and the targets in the exercises didn’t hit any of these guns. It’s good that the Shell-SM is completely without guns, but there are 24 missiles ...

        Has anyone compared the Terminator, for example, with the BMP-3?
        The Terminator has 4 ATGMs, 2x30-mm guns with 900 shells, 2x40-mm granotometr with 600 grenades, 1x machine gun with 2000 cartridges.
        The BMP-3 1x100-mm cannon with 40 shells, 8 ATGMs, 1x30-mm gun with 500 shells, 3 machine guns with 6000 cartridges + 7 armed embittered soldiers ready to tear the enemy.
        Who will support whom ???

        And to support or destroy tanks, Chrysanthemum-C is more suitable with automatic loading and ammunition for 15 missiles.
        1. Aleks tv
          Aleks tv 28 May 2014 13: 23
          Quote: tchack
          I doubt that the Army needs the Terminator.
          Has anyone compared the Terminator, for example, with the BMP-3?
          The Terminator has 4 ATGMs, 2x30-mm guns with 900 shells, 2x40-mm granotometr with 600 grenades, 1x machine gun with 2000 cartridges.
          The BMP-3 1x100-mm cannon with 40 shells, 8 ATGMs, 1x30-mm gun with 500 shells, 3 machine guns with 6000 cartridges + 7 armed embittered soldiers ready to tear the enemy.
          Who will support whom ???

          tchack, here situevina need to be considered from a slightly different angle:
          BMPT is:
          - weapons BMP (small caliber).
          - protection at the level of the TANK.
          This is the trick.

          Now, if it is finally developed and introduced into the troops in a sufficient number of TBMP (TBTR) with full-fledged small-caliber weapons ... only then will it be possible to cast doubt on the need for BMPT.

          In the meantime, there are parts that are equipped with the BMP-2, which means BMPT will be needed.
          Even here, on Topvar, tactical examples of the effective use of BMPTs on various military theater were repeatedly shown.
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  8. Alex_T
    Alex_T 28 May 2014 10: 52
    "Terminator", one of the purchased by Kazakhstan, in my opinion the side mirror is already a local revision:
  9. Alex_T
    Alex_T 28 May 2014 11: 01
    The view from the driver’s seat, little is seen.
    1. Aleks tv
      Aleks tv 28 May 2014 13: 37
      Quote: Alex_T
      The view from the driver’s seat, little is seen.

      Great shot, Alex_T!
      Very rare shot ...

      Visibility is really not a fountain.
      This is a standard seat for surveillance devices (day TNPO-168B and night TVNE-4B) of the driver-mechanic in the T-72 (in the T-80 there are three smaller prisms located at an angle).
      In order to steadily drive a combat vehicle, you have to constantly rest your forehead against the machine body (above the prism), which is why the back of the mechanics gets tired.

      We have been dreaming about TVN-10 for a long time. Three-channel device: optical, thermal imaging and low-level television.

      "A driver-mechanic on a gas-discharge display panel can receive a combined image of the surrounding area. And this would really be a revolution in the domestic driving of combat vehicles, up to a change in body position. And that the view of the area is improved regardless of weather conditions (night, fog ), and there is no need to say ".

      TVN-10 in the standard socket:
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  11. Alex_T
    Alex_T 28 May 2014 11: 11
    BTR "Barys" together with South Africa. Engine 450hp, crew 2 + 1 + 8, empty weight 17,5t, payload 5,5t, power reserve 1000km, dimensions 11000x2500 (width) x3200 (height).
  12. Leshka
    Leshka 28 May 2014 11: 33
    Kakata atom left car too heavy
  13. Cristall
    Cristall 28 May 2014 11: 38
    On the Ukrainian stand
    As the press service of Ukroboronprom Group of Companies said, the Ukrspetsexport Group of Companies, the Ukroboronservis State Enterprise, the Ukrinmash State Pharmacological Research Institute, the State Committee for Design and Design Bureau Luch, the Konotop Aircraft Repair Plant Aviakon, and the Odessa Aviation Aviation Company will be represented at the exhibition. plant ”, SE“ Lutsk Repair Plant “Motor”, SE “Kiev Armored Plant”, SE “Lviv Armored Plant”, GP “Orizon-Navigation”, GP “Pilot Design Center for Shipbuilding”, Konstantinovskoye GNPP “Kvarsit”, Donetsky chemical products factory.
    The delegation of the concern at KADEX-2014 will be headed by Oleg Shepot, First Deputy General Director of Ukroboronprom Group of Companies on Foreign Economic Activities.
    At the stand of Ukroboronprom, a set of satellite navigation equipment “SN-3003 APMA 461513.014”, a model of the navigation complex “SN-3210 APMA 461513.015”, mock-ups of anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) R-2M of the Skif-M complex, ATGM R-3 of the complex will be presented “Corsair”, ATGM R-2B complex “Barrier-V” and ATGM R-2C.
    Large-scale models of the Oplot tank, the BTR-4 armored personnel carrier, the Kolchuga-M radio-electronic reconnaissance station, the BTR-3E1 and Dozor armored personnel carriers, the GPM-54-01 and GPM-72 tracked fire engines, and the universal multi-purpose tractor will also be presented on a large scale. BTS-5B, the ship of the marine security project 58160 Coral and the small armored artillery boat Gyurza.
    At the exhibition in Astana for the first time a Ukrainian fire engine GPM-72 was presented on the tracked chassis of the T-72 tank.
    “This is our new development. The idea of ​​its creation is related to the fact that previous fire engines based on the T-55 tank had a small volume of transported water and a shorter range of the gun barrel (water stream), ”said A. Pristavka.
    The previous car had a tank volume of about 9 tons, a new one - more than 20 tons. The range of water supply increased from 60 to 100 meters. Accordingly, the water flow per second increased from 60 to 100 liters. In addition, the base of the T-72 tank used is more modern. It is easier to manage and equipped with electronics, which allows you to quickly arrive at the place of fire and make the necessary maneuvers when extinguishing it.
    Currently, measures are being taken to promote it in international markets. First of all, in countries where similar tracked vehicles of Ukrainian production of previous generations are used and have proven themselves.
    In addition, an updated version of the BTR-3E1 armored personnel carrier was presented in Kazakhstan, said Sergei Tuzov, head of marketing at the Kiev Armored Plant, also part of the Ukroboronprom Group of Companies.
    Compared with the previous version, this APC has a number of changes - the German Mercedes engine with the American Allison automatic transmission.

    Also in this version a new BM-3M Sturm tower module is installed. It is controlled by the commander of the machine and the operator using the television fire control channel. This contributes to increased firing efficiency and crew safety.
    “In this configuration, about 250 units have already been delivered to foreign customers. The car was first introduced in Kazakhstan, ”said Sergey Tuzov.
    1. Alex_T
      Alex_T 28 May 2014 20: 48
      Another Ukrainian stand of engine builders "Motor Sich". In the light of the latest Ukrainian events, the exhibition was also not without politics and confrontation. At one of the Russian stands (souvenir products on a military theme), a verbal skirmish took place between a Russian and a Ukrainian on the topic of the banderization of Ukraine and Russia's response.
    2. Tankman
      Tankman 6 June 2014 21: 15
      In 2008, in Gori, in the 1st infantry brigade, 15 new Ukrainian BMP-1s were taken with the same towers as the armored personnel carrier in the photo. In the form, mine was the seal of the Lviv Armored Repair Plant. Distinctive features: there was a video camera above the gun, the image from which was transmitted to the monitor to the gunner, the monitor was not an LCD, but with an ELTube. I’ll post the photos later, they are on another computer.
  14. Hikar
    Hikar 28 May 2014 13: 38
    And is it not a shame to exhibit T-72 with an infrared spotlight for NVD at exhibitions of modern weapons? Correct if wrong
    1. Aleks tv
      Aleks tv 28 May 2014 14: 34
      Quote: Hnikar
      And is it not embarrassing to exhibit T-72 with an infrared spotlight for NVD at exhibitions of modern weapons?

      Hnikar, there is such a letter ...

      Unfortunately, until the WHOLE crew switches to thermal imaging devices, IR spotlights will remain on the tanks.
      Those. in addition to the thermal imaging channel in the gunner’s sight, at least:
      - the commander to stick TKN-4С-02, PNK "Agat-MDT" or the panoramic sight of the commander (PKP-T) of the same "Bearing".
      - give a mech to TVN-10.

      In the meantime, the IR system of the tank will remain the same: a spotlight and two headlights (the moon has already been dismantled)
      Eheh ...
  15. Free wind
    Free wind 28 May 2014 14: 21
    Good pictures .... Rogozin. But in terms of technology, combat vehicles, it’s not very good. But TCP 1 2 3 4, it is generally not clear what. It seems that the new design differs from the old only in coloring. Yes, and within the differences are not noticeable.
    1. Aleks tv
      Aleks tv 28 May 2014 14: 37
      Quote: Free Wind
      But the TCP 1 2 3 4, it is generally not clear what. It seems that the new design differs from the old only in coloring.

      Alexander, let me ask how familiar you are with the cars of the PTS family?
  16. silberwolf88
    silberwolf88 28 May 2014 15: 20
    Marketing ... Marketing ... and again Marketing ... A good place to advertise products and increase their sales ... with subsequent long-term contracts for warranty and post-warranty services and various modernization programs.
  17. andy.v.lee
    andy.v.lee 28 May 2014 17: 21
    The test photo! Liked!
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. Alibekulu
      Alibekulu 28 May 2014 18: 20
      Here are more abruptly:
      1. scorpiosys
        scorpiosys 28 May 2014 22: 58
        Paragraph! Tajiks on the market are already selling submachine guns!
        1. Tim-t
          Tim-t 7 June 2014 17: 56
          Scorpio is Chechen-Ingush in headscarves! Can't you see something! Again, see Sheremetyevo or Dodmodedovo they want to blow up ... You carefully there ...
          Quote: scorpiosys
          Paragraph! Tajiks on the market are already selling submachine guns!
  18. The comment was deleted.
  19. Alibekulu
    Alibekulu 28 May 2014 18: 29
    A, A-400 is likely to be purchased, in the 2 photo, by the Minister of Defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the former and the present:
    1. Tim-t
      Tim-t 7 June 2014 11: 59
      So Airbus A 400 bought a military KZ? It would be great and prestigious when, for example, our Airbus military transport lands at Budapest Airport to our brotherly Hungary, providing humanitarian assistance in the future flood! It was nice to us !!
  20. Alibekulu
    Alibekulu 28 May 2014 18: 33
    Here ischo photo
    1. Tim-t
      Tim-t 7 June 2014 18: 08
      Airbasov c-295 bought at 25 million dollars apiece by the number 12. For comparison, the Russian IL-76 costs 30-40 million in the base! C-295 can accommodate 64 paratroopers and we need about 70 of these aircraft.
  21. Alibekulu
    Alibekulu 28 May 2014 18: 36
    And, in full growth:
    1. Tim-t
      Tim-t 7 June 2014 18: 02
      It’s a pity, not right now in Astana, listen, but to steer a helm inside or at least look to evaluate the cabin A-400 pilot cubic cabin you were allowed ?? The plane is very kind!
  22. Free wind
    Free wind 28 May 2014 18: 43
    An interesting statement, a civilian version of the TCP is being developed. And how does it differ from the military ??? Remove the machine gun, and raise the price of a couple of million. my personal opinion. The uvz leadership is the enemies of Russia. These leaders betray the interests of Russia for their own pockets.
    1. Tim-t
      Tim-t 7 June 2014 18: 05
      There Bendero saiko sits at the helm of uvz. Why don't you sit in the general chair yourself? It seems good small!
  23. beifall
    beifall 7 June 2014 16: 45
    A-400 is the most beautiful WTA truck, the sexiest! Even the hard worker super-hercules looks like miss local bottling, and the former grizzly bear like ................... miss the world! Soviet an-70 - as the nearest den!
    1. Tim-t
      Tim-t 7 June 2014 17: 59
      And I want myself the 380th! And your both handsome! 5-6 pieces would be nice to buy! These serve for 50-60 years and do not break anything like Soviet or Ukrainian Ans or silts.
  24. beifall
    beifall 7 June 2014 17: 06
    “Already this year we will establish production, construction is already underway. Now work is underway on the list of equipment, the conditions for the training of specialists, and the transfer of documentation. This will take at least six months. I think that by the end of the year we will see the first results, ”B. Smagulov said at a meeting following the results of the international arms and military equipment exhibition KADEX-2014 on Friday, KazTAG reports.

    “We have agreed with a company such as General Atomics Aeronautical Systems on Predator class drones ... We signed a memorandum, we are starting this year,” he added.

    B. Smagulov reminded that the implementation of the Aviation Technology Center project has begun, where it is planned to repair army aircraft and produce drones. “They are of a different class, small drones designed to solve tactical missions that fly 2 hours. And systems that can fly 18-24 hours, that is, they can do monitoring for the Ministry of Emergencies, oil workers and the military, ”said the head of the company.

    He explained that the software will be produced in Kazakhstan, and components will be delivered from the USA, Israel and Europe. “The minimum need is somewhere from 10 to 20 systems for small and medium drones and 2-3 systems for large. There is such a need. It will be in demand for the next 3-5 years, ”concluded B. Smagulov.