Didgori - Georgian Tachanka

Didgori - Georgian Tachanka“Anyone can take their car and hang armor on it in the workshop. They do that. ” With such words, the experts appreciated the novelty of the Georgian defense industry, presented at the parade in Tbilisi. The main goal of the innovation is to demonstrate the powerful industrial potential of the Georgian defense industry.

A military parade took place in Tbilisi on Thursday, during which Georgian military equipment was demonstrated for the first time.

According to "News-Gruziya ”, units of the 1, 2 and 3 infantry brigades of the Ministry of Defense of Georgia, whose military personnel took part in peacekeeping operations in Afghanistan 4 was also prepared to participate in the operation in Iraq, and in August 2007 was redeployed to fight against Russian troops.

After the passage of foot columns past the audience went military equipment. The procession began by the Georgian Didgori armored personnel carriers (named after the place where the Georgians won the greatest military victory in their stories).

The Ministry of Defense of the country reported that two types of vehicles were presented at the parade: “Didgori-1” and “Didgori-2”. They differ in capacity and weapons - MINIGUN or machine gun caliber 12,7. The weight of the machines is about 7 tons, the armor of the machines protects against hits from rifle weapons. Capacity - from seven to nine people.

The vehicles, the Defense Ministry reported, are assembled at a Tbilisi tank factory, taking into account modern international standards. Especially for journalists and guests to inspect them, the passage of the column was suspended. President Mikhail Saakashvili came down from the podium, personally inspected one of the cars and talked to the crew.

After heavy armored vehicles and artillery systems, aircraft took part in the parade. The aircraft was represented by UH-1H (Iroquois), Mi-8, Mi-24 helicopters, I-39 fighters - Albatross, Su-25, Interfax reports.

Note, the factory for the production of tanks in Tbilisi has never been. It is a tank repair plant.

“Anyone can take his car and hang armor on it in the workshop,” Konstantin Sivkov, first vice-president of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems, commented to the newspaper VIEW. - They do that, that is, it is all at the level of handicraft production. For serious production, they do not have the capacity, and most importantly, there are no engineering and design personnel - they all ran away.

There was a wonderful Kutaisi Automobile Plant where KAZ cars were made. By 1993, he was completely crushed. I do not think that something was better with a tank factory. What can you say about the tank factory, which stood 20 for years, was plundered during the times of Gamsakhurdia, uses the old technical base, its power is very limited both in volume and in product quality. At best, this enterprise is capable of producing such cars adapted from civilians to the military sphere, ”he noted.

“They could just as well take a car service and do something at its base,” the expert continued. - But they took the building of this enterprise, probably bought new machines and constructed something there. The main thing is to demonstrate that at least something is there. They do not have their own small arms - even to equip this machine with machine guns, they are not there, they are not being produced, ammunition is not being produced. As for the armor - in our case, private companies make collection vehicles, then they can also be called a military machine. Is it possible to use a collector’s car, even if of high maneuverability, for conducting combined-arms reconnaissance in the event of serious opposition? ”

“This is a lightly armored jeep based on a Ford vehicle, apparently with a reinforced suspension,” concluded Sivkov. - I do not think that it differs in any special tactical and technical characteristics. The car has a reservation from bullets of caliber 7,6 mm and less. Apparently, it uses an engine capacity of about 150 l. s., which provides a speed of the order of 80 – 90 km / h, if not less. Patency is very limited, given that the chassis is almost a passenger car. This is a machine for solving limited sabotage and reconnaissance missions, nothing more. In Libya, put machine guns on jeeps. Here is the same. ”

Didgori - New Era of the Georgian Military Industry

The main surprise was the Didgori armored vehicles assembled in Tbilisi. This statement was made by the chief editor of the military-analytical magazine "Arsenal" Irakli Aladashvili.

According to him, the "Didgori" is assembled on the basis of a pickup of the type of American "Ford".

“The assembly process took place at the Tbilisi Aviation Plant since the beginning of 2011. The pick-ups were armored there and equipped with the six-barreled American Minigun machine gun. The assembly process continues, ”Aladashvili said.

The expert notes that "Didgori" can be used for reconnaissance purposes or as an armored personnel carrier. According to the class, they are close to the Turkish “Cobra” acquired earlier by Georgia.

Created 2 versions of Didgori. One transport and the other reconnaissance. For comfort, she avoids both the Cobra and the Wolf.

On the machine, you can install 2 versions of the machine gun M-134 minigun and 12.7mm NSV Cliff.
In general, the car was designed exclusively for the needs of the Georgian military.

I am very pleased that Georgia has begun such an important process - the production of national military equipment. Will it be a one-time occurrence or just the first steps in this area, time will tell. In the meantime, congratulations to all the patriots of Georgia. This is a very important fact in our recent history!

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