Tank T-64 Bulat. Ukraine


The T-64BM BULAT tank is the result of modernization tanks T-64A and T-64B. The purpose of modernization was to bring the combat and technical characteristics of the tank to the modern level, such tanks as T-80UD, T-84U. It was first shown in 1999.

Modernization is carried out in three main areas:
Mobility (modernization of the power compartment)
Protection (reduction of vulnerability from modern anti-tank weapons)
Firepower (modernization of weapons and fire control complex in order to increase the effectiveness of fire)
To increase mobility, a higher power unit is installed in the engine-transmission compartment. The 5TDFM engine with 850 horsepower, which is a forced modification of the 5TDF engine with measures to increase power, was used as a new power plant. Installing the 5TDFM engine requires replacing the standard air cleaner with a new one and refining the exhaust system. KPB KKBM developed the design, manufactured parts and tested asphalt shoes (AHB) on the tracks of the BM BULAT tank and its modifications. Finalization of the details of the track is not required. Asphalt shoes with fasteners are supplied separately.

Increasing the level of protection of the T-64B tank is provided by installing an additional protection complex on the hull and turret of the tank. Purpose The set of additional protection is intended to significantly increase the level of protection of the tank against cumulative (KUM) and kinetic (armor-piercing sabot projectiles - BPS) damaging means with the minimum possible increase in the mass of the tank. Composition of the set The set of additional protection consists of passive (consignment) armor protection and built-in dynamic protection (VDZ). VDZ consists of a nose module and side screens mounted on the hull of the tank, as well as modular sections, placed on the outer perimeter of the front and side sections of the tower and containers mounted on the roof of the tower. Inside each section of the air-defense unit, as well as in containers on the roof of the tower, elements of dynamic protection are installed.

The mass of the kit of additional protection with mounting and fasteners, as well as with elements of dynamic protection is 3500 kilograms. The installation time of a set of elements of dynamic protection on one tank by the crew is 5,5-6 hours. The elements of dynamic protection installed on the tank, during its operation, do not require special maintenance. For work on the equipment of the tank with a set of additional protection, non-standard technological equipment and equipment, special tools and highly qualified specialists are not required.

Laid on armor mounted on the front and side sections of the tower. Built-in dynamic protection (VDZ) is installed on the front, side sections and the roof of the tower.

To increase the protection of BM Bulat tanks and the crew, if a fire inside the fighting compartment of the tank and logistic equipment is set up, a high-speed fire extinguishing system is installed, which reduces the response time of the system in the manned compartment to 150 ms.

Modernized tank T-64B (BM "Bulat") on the basic technical characteristics is comparable to the Russian T-90 and is close to the Ukrainian "Oplot" and has prospects for subsequent modernization due to the installation of a more powerful power plant with an 6TD-1 or 6TD- engine 2., Improved sighting devices, active protection system, a more modern communication and navigation system. The service life of the upgraded T-64B tank has been extended by 15 years, the tank's life has been increased to 11 thousand km. (as for a new tank)

In the light of the introduction of a modernized BM Bulat tank to the armaments of the Ukrainian army, it is worthwhile to briefly review some materials that appeared about him in the press. For example, one cannot fail to comment on the article “Patches for Bulat” that appeared in the online edition of “OBKOM”, or Worn armor for the Ukrainian army, where the author Pavel Volnov, who is clearly not burdened with technical knowledge, tries to talk about this tank.

For example, the author claims that the “sixty-fours” were considered hopelessly outdated and certainly did not strengthen the combat power of the country. And further informs that in fact he is just “one of”. At the same Kharkov plant, a much more efficient T-84 "Oplot" was created.

First of all, the author of the above lines should understand that the “strongholds” do not produce at all because they do not want to, and therefore. That the cost of upgrading the T-64 to the standard “Bulat” costs 4 times lower than the production of the new tank BM Oplot (the Oplot costs 1. 684 million USD, while the Bulat in 416 .e) At the same time, according to the main characteristics of firepower, protection and mobility, the tank is only slightly inferior to the new “Oplot” tank. Modernization is the main direction in the development of tanks, both abroad and in Russia and Ukraine, for example, in Germany, the Leopard-2 tanks underwent several upgrades. The last of them is “Leopard-2А6”, Russia is upgrading its T-72B and T-80 tanks, Poland is upgrading its T-72 to PT-91A standard, and the Czech Republic, Slovakia, is also modernizing its T-72 as well as the vast majority of other countries. Surprisingly, the author did not notice.

It’s too early to write off the T-64, this is the main tank of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, which, even in its un-modernized form, is capable of performing the tasks before them. It is impossible to completely replace it with a new one, in the amount of at least 350-400 units for financial reasons. Moreover, the upgraded "Bulat" is not inferior, and in some respects it surpasses the most advanced tanks that are in service with Ukraine’s neighbors, such as the PT-91 "Twardy" (the modernized T-72M, Poland), TR-85M1 "Bison" (modernized T-55, Romania), T-72М2 and T-72СZ (Upgraded T-72. Slovakia and the Czech Republic). Tank BM “Bulat” is at the level of the best Russian models of T-80 and T-90, as well as in all characteristics, except for the ability to fight in the dark, such foreign tanks as “Leopard-2А5” and М1А2 “Abrams” .

TTX T-64:
Classification - Main Battle Tank
Combat Mass-, t 45
Classic layout scheme
Crew, people- 3

Body length, mm 9225
Case width mm 3600
Height, mm 2172

Type of armor combined multi-layer
Active protection KOEP "Varta"
Built-in dynamic protection, DZ "Knife"

Caliber and brand gun 125-mm KBAZ
Type of gun smooth-bore KBA3
Ammunition of 40 cannons of shells (of which 28 is in the MZ loader)
Firing range, km 2300-2500 m BOPS and cumulative projectiles, 10 km high-explosive shells and 5 km with the probability of hitting 0,8 guided missile
Scopes day sight gunner 1Г46М, sighting and observation complex PNK-4CR (PNK-5 or PNK-6 can be installed), Buran-Ketrin-E thermal imager, PIT-7 anti-aircraft gun sight
Machine guns 12,7-mm anti-aircraft machine gun KT-12,7; 7,62-mm coaxial machine gun KT-7,62
Other weapons guided missiles

Engine type Diesel multi-fuel
Engine power, l. with. 850-1000
Highway speed, km / h 70
Cruising on highway, km 385
Breaking wall, m 1,0
Overcoming ditch, m 2,85
Passable ford, m 1,8 with preliminary preparation, 5 with OPVT
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  1. Escander
    April 23 2011 11: 20
    Reliable car, especially hodovka. By hodovke our maltz inferior.
  2. Joker
    April 23 2011 11: 31
    Our chassis will be stronger.
  3. Escander
    April 23 2011 12: 35

    At the 64th, the mud passability is higher, the resource of track rollers and tracks is greater with a lower total mass of hodovka. And it’s cheaper by an order of magnitude (colormet is used to a minimum). When shooting on the run along the intersection, higher accuracy since less talk. Tokmo shock absorbers are rather weak.
  4. Growth
    April 23 2011 16: 36
    First of all, the author of the above lines should understand that the "mainstays" are not produced at all because they don’t want to,
    And who said they do not produce ??? I personally read that at least 10 tanks were ordered by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine (though Oplot-M). Yes, and on all Oplot-M systems, it’s cooler and safer on the head. There is a completely new tower. And there are a lot of foreign electronics. Just Oplot and Oplot-M are two completely different tanks (tower and minced meat). That's just the question of assembly quality. For sure, there are probably no specialists left at Malyshev’s.
  5. gans
    April 23 2011 22: 14
    T-64 love for life, I don’t know how in battle, but just like that it’s very good to drive
  6. +6
    April 24 2011 11: 24
    The decision to upgrade the T-64 is correct (the Kharkovites made a really good tank at the time), and most importantly, economically justified in the realities of Ukraine. And then after all, as it happens in our life, at home, we have nothing to put on and feed children on, but on Cayenne ...
  7. Mihado
    April 24 2011 16: 57
    As for the chassis - how much you can already procrastinate! The idea with internal depreciation did not justify itself in any way, rubber bandages on ALL cars are all but sabzh. The caterpillars on the latest T-90 models have long been not the ones that were during the USSR, taking into account the shortcomings. The small diameter of the track rollers + the absence of bandages lead to the destruction of the tracks. Short torsion bars - in the half-body, willingly break, the rink is small. Saving colormet - yes do not tell, in Russian lumines, not platinum tea wink Not much more expensive than special steels.
  8. Escander
    April 25 2011 11: 22


    The chassis of the T-64 tank, in comparison with the T-72, has the best performance in terms of the number of failures per product, the stability of the track in the contour, idle power loss in the track mover, the total mass of parts and assemblies, and the integrated indicator “efficiency-cost "And maintainability.
    During comparative tests and military operation experience, it was noted that the T-72 hodovka has less reliability compared to the T-64 tank and significantly worse maintainability, and lower efficiency. There is a need to dismantle the two track rollers opposite on the sides to replace the torsion shaft, the low reliability of the tires of the track rollers during operation on rocky soils is noted. Significant tire damage is caused by ridges during caterpillar discharge and foreign objects. The low efficiency and low working capacity of paddle hydraulic shock absorbers, as well as the stiffness of the suspensions characteristic of the T-72 negatively affect the accuracy of shooting (there are longitudinal-transverse vibrations of the hull due to the displacement of not coaxial torsions of the suspension system of the right and left sides, leading to an increase in the error during firing) .

    The mass of color in the chassis of the tanks:
    T-64 - 152 kg.
    T-72 - 1110 kg.
    The price of the kit for the T-72 product exceeds more than 2 times.

    Coaxial torsion, by the way, brought to mind (no longer break).
    And to eliminate the overheating of the shock absorber fluid, a thermal valve was installed.

    The T-90 may have eliminated the shortcomings of the T-72, but what about the troops in our troops, the T-90?
  9. Joker
    April 25 2011 14: 30
    - There are indisputable advantages, I agree, but with a long ride and overheating, the shock absorbers are turned off, and you should also compare the weight (let's take the basic modifications) of the T-64 - 38 tons, and T-72 - 46 tons. Weight is armor.

    - without denying the pluses in smoothness, I also note one more minus - when rolling on the ground without caterpillars, based on the larger diameter of the T-72 rollers, it burrows much less.

    - Half T-64 torsion bars are more vulnerable to mine explosions.

    if in general, I think the T-72/90 hodovka is more oak but also strong.
  10. Escander
    April 25 2011 17: 13
    Well, there’s no ideal (as always):
    - When driving and overheating for a long time, shock absorbers are switched off.
    They are no longer switched off as a result of the use of advanced hydraulic shock absorbers (thermal valve).
    - Evacuation on the ground without tracks - I agree.
    - Half T-64 torsion bars are more vulnerable to undermining by mines - I agree by 50% (due to adequate shock absorption compensation by improved hydraulic shock absorbers).
  11. legionary
    26 September 2011 21: 36
    I want to note that for all the advantages of the T-64 suspension, the mass of the upgraded one increased by 7 tons, and how it will lead with a mass of 45 tons will only be shown by the operation of the tank)
  12. vlad61642
    26 September 2011 22: 34
    And how many of you who wrote here drove 64, and even more so repaired it? If a person writes that the 64 chassis is better than 72, and even more so on failures, this means that he compared these tanks only by pictures. Yes 64 rollers fly like seeds, did not have time to change, but at 72 and 80 rollers from the warehouse were ordered not for installation on a tank, but for delivery to a colorimeter. 64 engine (horizontal 2-stroke diesel engine) which of you tried to start, especially if it's not new? you use the limbs that a person has. With one finger you press MZN, with the other starter, with the third air valve, the other with the oil injection toggle, with the foot the fuel pedal, etc. There is no guarantee that it will start. The starting speed is 5 times more than 72 engines. The air cleaner is shit, dusty engine wear is not uncommon. You’ll look at how the engine compartment is on. It was also a frequent occurrence due to the gas duct joint (wiring was closed due to destruction of insulation from heating). Yes, and the engine overheated due to a shitty cooling system also often happened . 64 is better, especially in the mud? Don’t tell me, the more I read the comments, the more I wonder where you get all this from. Trust a person who went to 64 for several years, especially in Germany, they even drove a gasht to a tank. then (Zampotech companies) maintenance and repair was the main task, I drove more on the tank than I walked. So on the ride: ironing with an iron, biting your nose all the time, so the roads turned into a washboard very quickly. The last time (from 93) ride 72 and 80. So it’s heaven and earth, especially 80. This is where you get pleasure from driving. But after reading what Escander writes, his practical knowledge is doubtful. Damage to the tire rollers 72 when the track is dumped. Yes for 12 years of operation 72 we never flew at us (and at 64, when flying crowns, it often flew around corners), the rollers, as I said, did not change, tracks and guides, too. On 80, there were cases of extreme wear of crowns, roller tires and tracks on average they changed it. And this is in the training regiment, where every day is busy They flew 20 tanks 72 and 80 for driving and shooting. This is where the operational experience is in the army, not in books. One plus 64 is good maintainability, you can’t take it away: the engine changes quickly and the elements of the chassis, there are no more pluses.
    1. Superduck
      26 September 2011 22: 54
      On Bulat, the engine is in an electronic control system, they say starting is much easier. And about the psaltery - it’s true, my dad in Cherkasy served as a deputy technologist on the t-64 back in the early 70s, they actually had a run-in in the troops, there were mega-secret cars, he didn’t even have a single photo, although on the t-55 - shaft. So in their exercises, one commander was killed by a caterpillar, the floor of the skull was completely demolished when it flew off and spun in the air, all the equipment on the tower and its head were demolished. It was a deal. In general, since then, a lot of things have changed, of course, many diseases have long been in the past, HZTM on the topic of 64ki 30 years was considered working idly by the way, my dad was developing a suspension for him after being transferred to the Morozov Design Bureau.
      no more pluses.

      The level of armor protection significantly exceeded 72e equal years.
    2. Odessa
      13 October 2011 01: 45
      I came across a T-64. I agree with many of you. Somehow we had a trap going off the platform on the 64th (they pulled it back from the GBV) and a caterpillar flew off from one car, which caused it to fall on its side and caught fire. They extinguished the whole collective farm. The tank did not burn out.
  13. kov
    8 October 2012 13: 56
    Video review T-64

  14. dmka7
    April 17 2013 18: 51
    And who can say what kind of tank in the video?
  15. Yuri Chaliapin
    15 March 2014 14: 16
    Damask steel is much inferior to Tagil concept and in a way inferior to Oplot BM, but in some cases it can provide decent resistance and does not work well against infantry and infantry fighting vehicles, such as cannon fodder for identifying firing points disguised.