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TrackingPoint XactSystem precision rifles

Gunsmiths have been working for decades to improve accuracy weapons. The use of riflescopes and the development of the design of the weapon itself seems to be coming to its limits. Prospective electronic systems integrated into the weapon design can ensure the further development of precision weapons. This is precisely the attitude taken by the Texan arms company TrackingPoint Inc. A few years ago, she introduced the concept of PGF (Precision Guided firearm - “Precision Guided Small Arms”), offering solutions to significantly improve the accuracy when shooting at long distances.

In accordance with the PGF concept, a TTX complex (Tag Track Xact) was created. It includes an NTS (Networked Tracking Scope) electronic sight with an integrated laser range finder, a ballistic computer, and automatic tracking of the marked target. In addition, a weapon trigger control system and a video camera for recording the process of aiming and shooting are included in the scope. The video signal from the sight along with the necessary information over the radio channel can be transmitted to the smartphone or tablet arrow on which the special software is installed. In combination with some solutions used in the design of the rifle itself, the electronics of the PGF complex makes it possible to achieve sufficiently high characteristics.

To fully demonstrate and use the full potential of the proposed TTX complex, TrackingPoint, in collaboration with Surgeon Riffles, developed the XS rifle range (XactSystem), which included several types of weapons. All new rifles are equipped with a number of common systems, but they have several noticeable differences aimed at attracting a wide range of shooters.

TrackingPoint XS1 rifle is designed to use .338 Lapua cartridges. The rifle itself was designed and manufactured by Surgeon Riffles, and TrackingPoint installs all the necessary electronic systems on the weapon and transfers the finished product to customers. The XS1 rifle is completed with all the necessary components and is supplied to the shooters in the Pelican hard case with cells for all elements of the shooting complex.

Weapons weighing 9,2 kg (with a sight and equipped magazine) have a length of about 1,25 m (with the butt unfolded) and is equipped with a barrel length of 27 inches (686 mm). To improve the accuracy of shooting the rifle is equipped with a sliding bolt with manual reloading. A relatively powerful cartridge and a long barrel provide the initial bullet speed at the level of 830 m / s. When using an NTS sight, the firing range reaches 1200 yards (about 1,1 kilometers).

The TrackingPoint XS1 rifle is equipped with a folding butt with adjustable length and height, a folding Harris bipod and an AAC Blackout muzzle brake. In addition, the package includes two box magazines for five cartridges each, an 3 battery for electronics and a charger for them, 200 cartridges .338 Lapua with a Sierra OTM XactShot bullet weighing 200 or 300 facets. All elements of the shooting complex are delivered in a hard case.

Networked Tracking Scope electronic sight allows the shooter to effectively fire at long distances, and at the same time has a great influence on the use of weapons. The sight components allow you to search for the target and aim, using the magnification from 6x to 35x. Having found the target, the shooter must place a sight mark on it and press the button located on the trigger guard. After that, automatics captures the target and calculates corrections for firing. Almost all the necessary parameters are determined automatically; the arrow needs to enter only information about the strength and direction of the wind. To fire a shooter, you need to combine the target mark with the sight mark and pull the trigger. When target tracking is on, the automatics will block the trigger mechanism until the tags are fully aligned. When the points coincide completely, the scope will allow the rifle to fire a shot independently.

It is alleged that the TrackingPoint XS1 rifle, like other XactSystem family weapons, can fire with accuracy to the point of ammunition capabilities. These words are confirmed by demonstration shooting and advertising videos. A few days ago a video was published by the RatedRR team, in which the target for the XS1 rifle was a smartphone. Several bullets were able to hit the target with a size of 146x70 mm at a distance of 1125 yards (1,03 km). Moreover, one of the shots was able to hit the smartphone in the upper edge (about 70х10 mm), and before that the bullet went tangentially and left a characteristic groove on the screen of the gadget.

TrackingPoint XS2 rifle is a variant of XS1, designed for firing at shorter distances. This mission has affected the technical appearance of the weapon. The XS2 rifle uses .300 Winchester Magnum cartridges with a Sierra Match King OTM bullet weighing 220 facets and has a shorter 24 inch (609,6 mm) barrel. The reduced length of the barrel led to a reduction in the mass of the weapon to 8,6 kg. The total length with the butt spread out is reduced to 1,16 m.

The XS2 rifle complex is completed with a variant of the NTS sight, designed to calculate the bullet ballistics of the .300 Winchester Magnum cartridge. The initial speed of the bullet is declared at the level of 860 m / s. Target range when using the system TTX - 1000 yards (914 m). Due to the reduction in firing range, the NTS rifle for the XS2 rifle has a maximum increase in 30 x.

With the exception of parts and components directly related to the use of other cartridges, the XS2 rifle is similar in design and scope of delivery to the previous XS1. The shooting algorithm also remained the same: the electronic sight accompanies the chosen target and determines the moment of unlocking the firing mechanism.

The third rifle of the series, TrackingPoint XS3, became the embodiment of the course for reducing the target range. Like the previous family rifle, the XS3 uses the .300 Winchester Magnum cartridge. In this case, a cartridge with a Long Range X Bullet bullet weighing 190 facets is recommended. To use a lighter bullet rifle is equipped with a barrel length of 22 inch (558,8 mm), providing the initial velocity of the bullet at the level of 870 m / s. The tracking range of the TrackingPoint XS3 rifle has been reduced to 850 yards (780 m). The NTS rifle scope in the XS3 rifle version has the appropriate settings and 30 multiple magnification.

XS3 was the first rifle in the series, which received a full box. Instead of a separate forend and stock, XS3 received a McMillan A5 plastic box with a fixed butt length. The total length of the weapon is 1,21 m, the weight with a sight and magazine is 7,4 kg. The scope of delivery is similar to the previous rifles of the family.

As far as we know, the XS3 rifle interested hunters and became quite popular for weapons, which used the latest ideas and solutions. However, as TrackingPoint representatives say, some shooters expressed a desire to get a rifle with XS3 ergonomics and XS1 characteristics. The gunsmiths went to meet them and developed a weapon called TrackingPoint XS4.

The new XS4 rifle is a “hybrid” of previous models of the family. This weapon is actually a XS1 trunk, receiver, internal mechanisms and an NTS sight mounted on a McMillan A5 plastic box, borrowed from the XS4. The TrackingPoint XS338 rifle is designed to use .300 Lapua cartridges with Sierra Match King OTM (Gran 280) or LRX (Gran Gran 1200) bullets. Sighting range when using the electronic sight NTS - 1,1 yards (XNUMX km).

In addition to the XS family, TrackingPoint launches two other weapon lines based on the TTX system. Thus, in the family under the AR symbol, three self-loading rifles based on the AR-15 platform are produced. The TP 750 rifle range is somewhat similar to the XactSystem: it is a non-automatic, longitudinal-slide weapon designed for firing 750 yards (685 m). The different models of the AR and TP 750 ranges differ in the cartridges used.

All TrackingPoint rifles based on the TTX system are of great interest to potential customers. In addition, to increase the interest of the shooters produced different versions of the weapon, designed to use several types of ammunition. Nevertheless, high-precision rifles with electronic sights NTS have not yet received wide distribution, and are unlikely to become popular in the future. The reason for this is their high cost. For example, the recommended price of a XS1 rifle exceeds 22 thousands of US dollars. The minimum price tag for TrackingPoint weapons is a little less than 10 thousand dollars. Such a high price immediately reduces the number of possible buyers of new weapons. Those shooters who can afford to pay such a large amount for one rifle will not necessarily choose the “smart” TTX system.

However, Texan gunsmiths continue to manufacture original weapons and electronics for them. It is likely that in the very near future, TrackingPoint will present a new model of high-precision small arms equipped with a TTX system and an NTS electronic sight.

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  1. Bigfoot_Sev
    Bigfoot_Sev 22 May 2014 08: 45
    the video, by the way, is funny.

    I think or about these sights there was already an article. about three months ago?
    1. DMB 1995
      DMB 1995 22 May 2014 09: 16
      Yes, a test piece!
    2. Duke
      Duke 22 May 2014 12: 50
      Quote: Bigfoot_Sev
      I think or about these sights there was already an article. about three months ago?

      Precisely was.
  2. zmeigavrila
    zmeigavrila 22 May 2014 09: 24
    Spoofing it all. A divorce for money.
    1. PSih2097
      PSih2097 22 May 2014 11: 05
      Quote: zmeigavrila
      Spoofing it all. A divorce for money.

      I don’t know about you, but I, for example, would not mind the appearance of such a complex in our army, and not a rifle, but a sight and not for several "lyamas" (like the same Shahin or Hyperion at several times overstated cost), but for a real price ...
  3. voyaka uh
    voyaka uh 22 May 2014 11: 10
    An expensive shotgun does not fix another problem: an expensive
    sniper training. Very large together
    money. Then it’s easier to use small SDs with GOS.
    No need to suffer with ballistics, calculations, wind.
    Launched a rocket approximately, brought almost to the goal, further
    her video camera can handle it. The operator may be
    average soldier.
    1. bazilio
      bazilio 22 May 2014 17: 04
      Quote: voyaka uh
      An expensive shotgun does not fix another problem: an expensive
      sniper training. Very large together

      There was a TV program about this trunk (discovery or explorer, I don’t remember exactly). There, the leader, a man far from sniping, made several shots from her at a distance of about a kilometer, and hit all targets. so the preparation of the shooter under such a barrel will be less than the financial invoice
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. saag
      saag 22 May 2014 21: 54
      Are you talking about switchblade or what? I like this thing
  4. Dragon-y
    Dragon-y 22 May 2014 11: 23
    How long do the batteries last? Is it possible to buy them ("batteries") freely in a store? And what will happen when they "die"? (is it possible to shoot "the old-fashioned way", without electronic "crutches)
  5. Massik
    Massik 22 May 2014 12: 13
    All the same, you need to learn to determine the wind speed, here you can’t take the correction with a regular sight if you make a mistake, you need to enter a different value ...
  6. lexx2038
    lexx2038 22 May 2014 12: 24
    Purely as a concept, it will work either for the development of science and technology, or for shooting Papuans, but if, for example, a modern tank or something like that sees just 1,1 km from itself, the illumination from the operation of the sight will happen with a sniper - what do you think? Or not very far away a tactical vigorous charge will be used, which will be with their sights, laptops and other delights. Well, for the Papuans it’s just right, comfortable, you sit and sip beer, shoot between the parties in cartoons, remotely democratize the Aboriginal people, so to speak.
    1. bazilio
      bazilio 22 May 2014 17: 21
      You are right - the laser unmasks the sniper, unless of course the appropriate technique is used. but not so simple.
      What are the advantages of this barrel compared to conventional rifles? The shooter does not need to make corrections for range, just make the values ​​of wind speed and direction. Also this device eliminates (as I understand it) errors during the descent (jerking of the descent, etc.). That is, with such a barrel, as the developers believe, a sniper can be made from any. Maybe. But on the other hand, sniper business is not only about adjusting for range and wind, the skill of smooth descent. This is at least disguise, position selection, orientation on the ground and much more. So delitant, albeit with such a clever aim, still does not reach the sniper. but for a delitant-Marxman from a squad / platoon / company, such a device may be useful, but given the cost of the product, such trunks will not go into the army en masse
      1. lexx2038
        lexx2038 22 May 2014 17: 49
        You are right, everything in the world is not so simple, here I eat pies with meat with pleasure, and from whitening diarrhea, maybe the hole in the dough is to blame? In general, a purely police gun, against unfit opponents. And the protection of cool mans, or objects, is oversaturated with all kinds of sensors, and on the battlefield (not with a backward enemy) there is constant monitoring and, first of all, they make a foundation pit where all sorts of high-tech things start to look out, but in general the thing is good, expensive, beautiful for not frequent very specific tasks.
  7. Dymster
    Dymster 22 May 2014 13: 05
    in my opinion, the xs1-xs4 models do not have anything outstanding, ordinary snipers, the machine still looks more progressive
  8. Alexey M
    Alexey M 22 May 2014 13: 10
    Felled cedar with a smoking rift. On the knee! The sight marker dances across the visor. The NBPLAP-3 UAV flies from the shoulder console.
    The world is a little digitally scrubbed. Exhaust all-mode rifle. The distance is one hundred and seven. Recommendation for the use of grenades. A smart parser, coupled with a computer calculator, activates a grenade launcher. The marker is bordered by a frame. Shot!
    Twenty-millimeter death explodes in a torn fog. And one more, for a guarantee! And forward, forward, forward! Liquid gunpowder rages in the chamber, the trunk twitches on the sliding slide. Three shots, three, and three more!
    This is how science fiction writers see the war in 2621.
    So this system is the first step in the future.
    1. max702
      max702 22 May 2014 13: 23
      Science fiction dragged on something, such a system is now possible in principle, with the exception of liquid gunpowder, although for a lot of money it is also possible .. And they are 2621 ... What will happen if the pace of development of science and technology remains at the same level is difficult to imagine.
  9. lexx2038
    lexx2038 22 May 2014 13: 30
    Quote: max702
    Science fiction dragged on something, such a system is now possible in principle, with the exception of liquid gunpowder, although for a lot of money it is also possible .. And they are 2621 ... What will happen if the pace of development of science and technology remains at the same level is difficult to imagine.

    That’s for sure, we’ll run with sticks and beat each other with stones ...
  10. report4
    report4 22 May 2014 13: 30
    For a police sniper, such a rifle is a useful thing. But for the army - it’s not clear. If there is some kind of dynamic battle or a battle in a dense building, then all these calculations, introducing amendments, etc. things can rather destroy than give some advantage.
    1. voyaka uh
      voyaka uh 22 May 2014 14: 21
      This rifle is for "strategic" snipers. Any
      shoot down the general or the commander of the militants. Or far
      machine gunner who annoys.
      In dynamic combat, other snipers are battlefields. They have sights
      wide focus, optimal at 400-500 m, which set
      on cheap long-barreled rifles.
      1. bazilio
        bazilio 22 May 2014 17: 23
        Quote: voyaka uh
        For a police sniper, such a rifle is a useful thing.

        Yes, at least by the fact that there is a built-in camera, which would then attach the video to materials and protocols.
      2. bazilio
        bazilio 22 May 2014 17: 23
        Quote: voyaka uh
        For a police sniper, such a rifle is a useful thing.

        Yes, at least by the fact that there is a built-in camera, which would then attach the video to materials and protocols.
  11. fedor13
    fedor13 22 May 2014 13: 40
    Is not a maidan case repeat
  12. bunta
    bunta 22 May 2014 17: 57
    The device is, of course, credible. But for a kilometer, the flight time of the bullet is about 2 seconds, during which the target can leave the aiming point. IMHO line from MG-42 will achieve a similar result. If not better.
  13. lexx2038
    lexx2038 22 May 2014 17: 58
    Quote: bazilio
    Quote: voyaka uh
    For a police sniper, such a rifle is a useful thing.

    Yes, at least by the fact that there is a built-in camera, which would then attach the video to materials and protocols.

    Put it on YouTube, the Americans love it, recently, somehow I got it, I looked, in Iraq the dude went to the wooden push at night in Iraq at night, and they from a helicopter from it quickly shot with night optics, probably to chem. weapon did not have time to produce.
  14. Signaller
    Signaller 22 May 2014 18: 01
    For killers or for special operations, just right. But I just can’t understand how to crawl to the place of lying with such a bandura in the swamp. It is, firstly, heavy, and secondly, automation in the mud will not work, definitely. In order to kill on the battlefield sometimes the usual SVD is enough, and sometimes it’s three-line with optics behind the eyes, especially since there’s nothing to break into it.
    1. Massik
      Massik 22 May 2014 22: 03
      Everyone would think so
      especially since there’s nothing to break in it.
      and then they argued in the next world, bl ... so why didn’t I get into it ...
  15. Klim2011
    Klim2011 22 May 2014 21: 40
    An interesting technical solution.
    The only significant negative price. I think price reduction is a matter of time.
  16. Cpa
    Cpa 22 May 2014 22: 57
    On easel weapons such a stray just right.
  17. formaction
    formaction 23 May 2014 23: 57
    Here you have a balloon and a photo gun.
    Expensive, possibly effective, but a little with electronics and that’s all ...
    I think there should be a different approach, where the electrician is auxiliary, and not decisive.
  18. Gloster
    Gloster 26 May 2014 17: 40
    An interesting complex. It turns out that if he got into a smartphone for a kilometer, then the accuracy of the rifle is about 0.1 MOA. Very and very credible.