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Revolver system Lefoche


Spike six-shot self-cocking revolver, caliber 7mm, total length weapons 184 mm., Barrel length 87 mm. Revolver made in France, the manufacturer firm Eugene Lefoshe. Year of manufacture is approximately 1850 — 1860 year.

The frame of the revolver is open, at the base it has large buttock plates of a semi-circular drum. In the right back plate there is a cut-out of a segmented form in which a hinged door is installed, equipped with a spring-loaded latch for loading and removing shells. Loading and extraction of the sleeves from the drum chamber takes place alternately. The drum has a cylindrical shape without dolov, has six chambers. Chambers of the drums have cuts on the breech side to accommodate the cartridge studs. In the back of the drum there are protruding teeth for fixing the drum during rotation.

Revolver system Lefoche

In front of the frame there is a tide-stand that is fastened to the frame with a screw at the bottom. The axis of the drum passes through the tide rack.

The core of the extractor is located to the right of the axis of the drum in the protruding part of the tide-rack. The extractor has a flat round head, fixed with a spring-loaded flat bracket, located in the longitudinal groove in the needle of the extractor.

The barrel of the revolver is steel, round shape, the breech of the octahedral. The barrel bore is 4 rifled. The front sight is flat, wide with a ball in the upper part. The fly is attached to the trunk connection "dovetail".

The trigger is open, the spoke is missing, the drummer is flat. The trigger is curved, foldable, the hinge is the axis of the screw.
The handle is a wooden lacquered cheeks, figure shaped, connected by a screw. In the upper part of the handle there is a protrusion, the lower part is slightly expanded. Frame revolver and drum engraved pattern in the form of floral ornament. On the surface of the revolver there are markings and marks characteristic of the company Evgeny Lefoshe (son of the famous inventor of the hairpin cartridge Kazimir Lefoshe): on the side of the breech to the right is an image of a pistol with a folded barrel, under which there is a monogram “LF” and the serial number, based on Trigger the inscription "... PARIS ...".

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  1. mirag2
    mirag2 19 March 2014 07: 42
    So this is what a "hairpin" Lefoshe looks like!
    Thank you.
  2. avt
    avt 19 March 2014 09: 09
    Elegant Lefoshe toys, but the cartridge request and left them as such.
    1. anip
      anip 19 March 2014 12: 56
      Yes, for a revolver such cartridges, even with all their shortcomings, would now be rolled.
      And this revolver is just a work of art. THING!!!
  3. Vasia kruger
    Vasia kruger 19 March 2014 09: 24
    Beautiful revolver, thanks for the article.
  4. rostov-dad
    rostov-dad 19 March 2014 22: 54
    a beautiful weapon, cool photos, the author plus, but the hairpin cartridges in the revolver are not quite the right thing, there were times when a gun came out of his pocket a shot and often could not do without wounding the shooter himself, and the cartridge pin caught on a fold of clothes was the reason for this, the same thing happened when the weapon fell, the gun manufacturers of course tried to get rid of this minus (made special protrusions behind the drum), but it didn’t help much, so when they started making new cartridges (with central and side capsules) ignition) then everything changed, the revolver became a much safer and more convenient during charge (did not have to look for the pin notch when installing the cartridge into the drum) in this period, a lot of revolvers were converted to the usual patrons, because revolvers Lefoshe really works of art.
  5. Alex
    Alex 6 July 2014 19: 07
    A beautiful and elegant thing is, without a doubt, the decoration of any collection. I wonder what the fate of this and other hairpin weapons?
    Thanks to the author, I received a genuine aesthetic pleasure.