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Russian paratroopers conquered the Arctic

On the night of Friday, 14, March 2014, was held the first in stories mass landing of landing troops and military equipment in the Arctic. The airborne battalion from the 98th Ivanovo airborne division of 350 people took part in the landing. The battalion landed at 3:30 in the morning at the Temp site, which is located on the Arctic island of Kotelny. This island is part of the Novosibirsk Islands archipelago. Temp airdrome has become the strategic point of Russia's presence in the Arctic. It was reopened on October 29, 2013 (since 1993 the airfield has been mothballed and abandoned); at present, the airfield allows receiving military transport aircraft aviation.

Approximately 15 minutes before the landing of the paratrooper battalion on the Temp landing base on parachute platforms, 4 units of military equipment, as well as about 40 tons of various cargo, military equipment and materiel were parachuted. When landing, the personnel of the battalion used "Crossbows" - guided parachute systems for special purposes. After their landing, the paratrooper warriors moored the military equipment and cargo. According to the legend of the exercises, during the landing of the assault, mobile groups of the conditional enemy attempted to prevent the landing, using snowmobiles and paragliders. In order to take control of the airfield, the paratroopers needed just 40 minutes. The spokesman for the airborne troops, Lieutenant Colonel Evgeny Meshkov, told reporters about this. In less than an hour after the landing, the unit of the 98 Airborne Division was ready to receive military transport aircraft with heavy equipment and armament at the Temp airport.

Experts note that the exercises on the island were held at an abnormally low air temperature, so the fighters were provided with three hot meals a day. Yevgeny Meshkov said that the paratroopers were provided with high-calorie hot meals in a field camp at Tiksi airfield, which was defeated near the mouth of the Lena River, as well as at the Temp site. Here, the paratroopers launched a high-passable field kitchen at the base of the vehicle. Small groups of paratroopers, who carried out their tasks in isolation from the main forces of the battalion, were given special kitchen sets. The paratroopers were given 2 hot meals and hot tea 3 once a day.

Russian paratroopers conquered the Arctic

Field kitchens paratroopers warmed up using thermal units that run on liquid fuel. In addition, if necessary, it was possible to use solid fuel. The use of fuel was enough to warm up the boilers for cooking and maintain the required temperature during the distribution of food to paratroopers. Those paratroopers who were put on guard and entered into the composition of patrols, hot food was delivered in special thermoses. In addition, all the paratroopers received doppake - sandwiches with sausage and bacon, chocolate, fruit compote and other sweets.

According to Colonel-General Vladimir Shamanov, Commander of the Airborne Forces of Russia, exercises of a similar scale in the Arctic have not been conducted not only in Russia, but also in other countries of the world. According to the general, the decision to drop was made at the very last minute. The reason for this was the extremely difficult weather conditions at the time of landing. Shamanov told reporters that during landing from aircraft the permissible wind speed at height should not exceed 12 m / s and that on the ground - 10 m / s, while at the time of landing at the ground the wind speed reached 12-14 m / s , and at height - more than 15 m / s. Shamanov noted that the country can be proud of its landing troops, which are able to solve the tasks assigned to them in all weather conditions. He noted that under such weather conditions, no one in the world, except Russians, jumps with a parachute, and stressed that in terms of jump training, we still maintain leading positions throughout the world.

Arkady Bakhin, who holds the post of first deputy minister of defense of the country, was satisfied with the actions of the landing troops in the Arctic. He promised that in the 2014 year, our army will be engaged in the improvement of its combat infrastructure in this corner of the planet, including along the entire Northern Sea Route. In addition to training combat skills, one of the main tasks of the Russian military in the Arctic is to assist polar explorers and conduct search and rescue operations. According to Arkady Bakhin, in January 2014, the military, who are now stationed on Kotelny Island, have already helped to evacuate a number of meteorological stations at which the engines failed.

The commander-in-chief of the country's Air Force, Viktor Bondarev, told reporters that a military camp would be built on Boiler Island on 2014. In addition, the Russian Ministry of Defense continues to work on the development of military infrastructure in the northern regions of the country. According to Bondarev, in addition to the exercises of the Airborne Forces, Russian aircraft, using the Tu-4MS 95 aircraft, organized airspace patrols in the Arctic Ocean.

Former Commander-in-Chief of the Airborne Forces, retired Colonel-General Georgy Shpak, also noted the scale of the exercises. He explained to journalists that cases of landing of people on the New Earth or even on the pole took place, but these were always small groups. Now, for the first time in world practice, an entire subunit was parachuted in adverse weather conditions - 350 soldiers and officers.

Telling reporters about the specifics of the exercises, the retired general highlighted a number of key points:
1) Landing took place under conditions of abrupt weather changes. Strong wind and extremely low clouds appeared at the last moment.
2) In this region, it is extremely difficult to navigate the terrain, in fact, this is one big snow desert. Under these conditions, soldiers and officers should not feel very comfortable, because they are accustomed to act in the fields, forest, on the water, but not in the Arctic.
3) According to him, in the Arctic it is necessary to be prepared for problems with radio communications, as magnetic storms often occur in the region.
4) Landing with such a landing does not take place on a convenient ground for landing or a rolling field, but on polynyas, hummocks and divorces.

According to George Shpak, in the Russian army in the Airborne Forces the jumping training traditionally was very strong, which no army in the world can boast. This training allows soldiers to parachute into the tillage, and on concrete, and on water, and on ice or snow. Giving a geopolitical assessment of the situation in the Arctic, a retired colonel general told reporters that at the present time hardly anyone will unleash hostilities here and raise a hand on our country. At the same time, he stressed that in the conditions of the modern world, Russia should be ready for anything.

Modern military infrastructure to appear in the Arctic

The need for the appearance of Arctic troops in our country has been actively discussed since the 2009 year. Then it was planned to transfer this region to the FSB, so that by 2016, it would become the “leading strategic resource base of the Russian Federation”. However, in December 2013, the new Russian defense minister, Sergei Shoigu, noted that already in 2014, a group of troops would appear in the Arctic, which would ensure the protection of national interests and the security of Russia in the region.

A week later, Sergei Shoigu ordered the General Staff to prepare draft guidelines for improving the military infrastructure in the Arctic and deploying units of the Russian army here by the end of December. Currently, the restoration of military infrastructure is in full swing. Now Russia is engaged in the restoration of berthing facilities and airfields on the New Siberian Islands and Franz Josef Land. In addition, in the plans of the military reconstruction work on other airfields in the Russian North. Among them are Alykel, Amderma, Anadyr, Nagurskaya, Naryan-Mar, Rogachevo, Tiksi.

In January, 2014, the President of Russia again spoke about protecting the interests of our country in the Arctic. At a meeting with Vladimir Putin, the vice-premier of the Russian government, Dmitry Rogozin, noted that the military industry is ready to supply the Russian Defense Ministry with all the necessary weapons that can be used in this particular region. Earlier, Rogozin said that the Russian industry is already working on the creation of military equipment, which is able to operate in extreme conditions of the Arctic. The vice-premier, who oversees the issues of defense industry, noted that the Arctic is one of the systemic threats that is subject to constant analysis by specialists of the military-industrial complex.

In February of this year, information appeared that as part of the Russian North fleet a new unit may appear, which will be called the Joint Strategic Command. The General Staff believes that the new unit will take over the protection of Russia's interests in the Arctic region. According to currently available information, the new strategic alliance may receive the status of a military district.

According to preliminary information, the Northern Fleet, which will be removed from the subordination of the Western Military District (ZVO), can enter the full composition of the SF-USC, as well as units withdrawn from ZVO and units of various combat arms and types, which are currently deployed on the North of Russia. The new structure, among other things, will have to include new groupings of troops, which should be deployed in the Arctic, in particular, on the New Siberian Islands, Franz Josef Land, Novaya Zemlya, as well as border guards. The new strategic command will obey the Minister of Defense and the General Staff. Later, it will be managed by the National Defense Management Center being created.

Moscow’s heightened interest in the development of the Arctic frontiers is understandable and understandable. 25% of all unexplored energy resources of the world are located in this region. The Russian Federation was the first of the five Arctic countries back in the 2001 year to announce its intention to expand the borders of the Russian continental shelf. Violent disputes over the control of this territory with the United States, Canada, Norway, Denmark continue to this day.

Not long ago, the US State Department announced the introduction of a new post in the country - a special representative for the Arctic. The diplomat, who will have to deal with the problems of the Arctic region, will have to play a very important role in advancing the interests of the United States in the region, especially taking into account the fact that Washington is chairing the Arctic Council next year.

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  1. svp67
    svp67 17 March 2014 08: 56
    Well done good ___________
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    2. Vitaly Anisimov
      Vitaly Anisimov 17 March 2014 09: 04
      As Shamanov said in such climatic conditions, only Russians can land ..! Well done landing! NOBODY EXCEPT US! Glory to the Airborne Forces! Our Arctic will always be!
      1. Sakmagon
        Sakmagon 17 March 2014 11: 32
        On the night of Friday 14 March 2014 year was held first ever mass landing of landing troops and military equipment in the Arctic

        "You're wrong, Uncle Fedor, eat a sandwich!"
        I must write "for the first time in RUSSIAN history"!
        В Soviet history in the Arctic, a separate airborne assault brigade landed in the 11.
        "In 1987, during the large-scale exercises conducted by the Commander-in-Chief of the Far East Forces, reinforced 617 odshb 11 oddbr (now - 1 oddb 11 oddbr) carried out landing, capture and retention of the bridgehead on Cape Schmidt. By order of the Minister of Defense of the USSR from 08.12.1987, the 11 oddsbr was awarded the PENDANT of the MINISTER OF DEFENSE of the USSR for the courage and military valor shown during the assignment of the Soviet Government and the Minister of Defense of the USSR, as well as for special differences in the exercises."
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        2. kplayer
          kplayer 17 March 2014 23: 15
          Speaking of the military, the reinforced battalion, not a brigade, landed.
      2. SHILO
        SHILO 17 March 2014 15: 40
        TOP English marines froze to diapers and refused to participate in exercises.

        At Norway’s northernmost military base in the town of Porsanger in the Finnmark region, the British Marines refused to perform combat training missions due to low air temperature.

        Her Majesty’s subjects said they couldn’t train in conditions where the temperature drops to minus twenty degrees. Norwegian service lieutenant colonel Trond Thomassen, Norwegian base commander Lt. Col. Trond Thomassen, justifying the British soldiers, explained that they have a special attitude health and safety. They sit in the barracks and flatly refuse to undergo any kind of professional training whenever the thermometer drops below eight degrees. Complicating the situation is the fact that in such a cold, soldiers cannot use the diapers that are given to them for the duration of long exercises because of the impossibility of putting toilet stalls in forests, in the mountains and on other rough terrain.

        As soon as the urine cools, the genitals begin to freeze, and in two soldiers the genitals literally froze to the inside of the disposable diaper. The British soldiers were unable to pour into the snowdrift, as ethnic Norwegians still do, the young generation lost these skills. Ida Catherine Balto Björnback This situation caused only a grin in the Norwegians themselves. So the Norwegian Labor politician Ida Kathrine Balto Bjørnbak told reporters that she was amazed at how soldiers behave. “Let's hope that there will be no winter, no war!” She joked.

        In her opinion, extreme weather conditions should only temper soldiers. She noted that in NATO, “cold winter training” is considered to be exercises at a temperature of eight degrees .. onwards “Eight degrees in the north of Norway is a beautiful autumn day,” Balto explained. “But we must remember that people from all over the world represent NATO: they are Germans, Spaniards, and Italians. They all live in completely different climatic conditions, ”she concluded. The truth is, the Norwegians are perplexed as the ancestors of these same marines fought the Germans near Narvik. The then British fairly tolerated the April and May cold and courageously fled from Norway not at all because of the cold. Moreover, even their farther ancestors survived frosts in the cold Russian Crimea a century and a half ago, besieging Sevastopol for 11 months. "Yes, the Norwegians conclude, - the Englishman is now not the same."
    3. jjj
      jjj 17 March 2014 12: 37
      Interesting sign on the photo of the NIISSU tent
      1. And Us Rat
        And Us Rat 17 March 2014 13: 35
        Quote: jjj
        Interesting sign on the photo of the NIISSU tent

        According to the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation No.656 of May 19 on May 2011, the Scientific Research Institute of Communication and Control Systems OJSC (NIISSU OJSC) was organized by conversion from the Federal State Unitary Enterprise Scientific Research Institute of Communication and Control Systems (FSUE NIISSU), created in accordance with the order of the Minister of Communications Industry of the USSR No. 432 / chipboard from 17 on June 1977.

        Communications in the Armed Forces has always been an extremely important combat resource of troops. The research of problems of military field communications was carried out by research institutions of the Ministry of Defense, such as the 16 CRI of Communications and the Military Academy of Communications named after CM. Budyonny. As a result of the research, the requirements were formulated for a new field-based automated communication system providing the necessary reliability, completeness, timeliness, reliability and secrecy of the transmission of information to commanders (commanders) and headquarters in automated and non-automated control systems during combat operations at high rates, with sharp changes in the situation and the location of troops, under the influence of all new means of destruction and electronic suppression. In industry, systematic research on the synthesis problem of such a new system was conducted by a group of specialists led by Dr. V.A. Sokolov as part of the NIIISU association "Cascade" (Moscow).
  2. il2.chewie
    il2.chewie 17 March 2014 09: 01
    Not so long ago, the US State Department announced the introduction of a new post in the country - a special representative for Arctic affairs. The diplomat, who will have to solve the problems of the Arctic region, has a very important role to play in promoting US interests in the region, especially taking into account the fact that Washington will chair the Arctic Council next year.

    Freedom and shit democracy polar bears will bear?
    1. Santa Fe
      Santa Fe 17 March 2014 13: 19
      Quote: il2.chewie
      Freedom and shit democracy polar bears will bear?

      And what did the airborne paratroopers bring to the polar bears?
      1. leon-iv
        leon-iv 17 March 2014 17: 38
        Accurately fed with carrots.
  3. timhelmet
    timhelmet 17 March 2014 09: 08
    "especially given the fact that Washington will preside over the Arctic Council next year."

    So we need to chop off a little kusmanchik already this year!
    Half of Canada, along with Alaska. good
  4. Kolovrat77
    Kolovrat77 17 March 2014 09: 14
    Russian paratroopers conquered the Arctic

    Soon we will conquer Mars and Planet Mars with its capital Gagrinsky will become part of the Russian Federation. Glory to the Airborne Forces !!! drinks
  5. ZU-23
    ZU-23 17 March 2014 09: 17
    This is the sweetest news! and then every Amerikos chatter with his vassals got it.
  6. ken
    ken 17 March 2014 09: 30
    Glory of the Airborne Forces !!!!!!!!!!
  7. moremansf
    moremansf 17 March 2014 09: 36
    They didn’t give Crimea, and we won’t give up the Arctic all the more !!!!
    1. Santa Fe
      Santa Fe 17 March 2014 13: 34
      As Shamanov said in such climatic conditions, only Russians can land ..!

      Th you there, smeared with honey ??
      Quote: moremansf
      Moreover, we won’t give up the Arctic !!!!

      Yes nobody fucks need her

      "The land of ice horror" / F. Nansen /

      A place where a person without special protective equipment dies in a few minutes. This is not the surface of the moon or distant Mars. This is everyone’s favorite Arctic - a territory that extends above 66 ° 33 ′ s. w. (Arctic Circle) and compares favorably with other regions of the Earth with a negative average annual temperature. In this case, “special protective equipment” means the most insulated clothing and indoor facilities with an obligatory heat source.

      The harsh truth is this is the Arctic unsuitable for any kind of business activity About the presence in the Arctic of "giant oil fields" - the tale has been replicated in order:

      1. Explored reserves are very small and their production will be accompanied by enormous technical difficulties.
      2. For those who are not shareholders of Gazprom and Rosneft, please do not worry - let Abramovich and Deripaska fight the polar bears in the Arctic and get their oil, we will not receive a penny from the sale of the natural resources of our homeland (which can be observed even now)
  8. erased
    erased 17 March 2014 09: 37
    Now it’s time to train polar bears as intelligence and saboteurs and that’s it - who the hell is it!
    1. Landwarrior
      Landwarrior 17 March 2014 16: 08
      Bear cavalry do laughing
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  9. Weniamin
    Weniamin 17 March 2014 09: 52
    sandwiches with sausage and bacon
    . A bacon sandwich when it's cold is what you need.
    1. jjj
      jjj 17 March 2014 12: 04
      Fat in the cold can be absorbed or eaten like a planer
      1. Vladimirets
        Vladimirets 17 March 2014 13: 07
        Quote: jjj
        eat like a planer

        Only paganina.
        And also here:

        "Here the paratroopers have deployed a high-pass field kitchen based on a vehicle."

        still, probably, a kitchen based on a high-passability car. smile Although our paratroopers and high-walkable kitchen can be.
        1. jjj
          jjj 17 March 2014 15: 52
          Quote: Vladimirets
          Stroganin only

          I agree. Another time, even letters will not be inserted
  10. Nightcrawler
    Nightcrawler 17 March 2014 09: 55
    It's great to see 26Rus in the Arctic!))))
    1. Ivan Petrovich
      Ivan Petrovich 17 March 2014 10: 17
      and 21 RUS in the Crimea :)
    2. Sakmagon
      Sakmagon 17 March 2014 11: 40
      It's great to see 26Rus in the Arctic!))))

      Technique 26Rus is not an airborne force. Most likely, already "local" - transferred before to ensure the life of the airfield "Temp" - if the photo of the car is from there, and not from Anadyr or Tiksi.
      "26" - Equipment NZ (long-term storage) of the Land Forces of the Far Eastern Military District (now - as part of the Eastern Military District).
  11. Prapor Afonya
    Prapor Afonya 17 March 2014 10: 18
    Quote: timhelmet
    "especially given the fact that Washington will preside over the Arctic Council next year."

    So we need to chop off a little kusmanchik already this year!
    Half of Canada, along with Alaska. good

    They conquered the north, now conquer the west (of Ukraine), so that the NATO tombs would be disgraceful!
  12. Bort radist
    Bort radist 17 March 2014 10: 18
    To take control of the airfield, the paratroopers took only 40 minutes. so cold and at the airport doppayek - sandwiches with sausage and lard, chocolate, fruit compote and other sweets.! If there were another 100g. frontline splashed then 20 minutes to meet bully
    But seriously, pride in transport and landing. This is the ARCTIC and the mass landing and the immediate combat mission. None ........... !!!
    PS NIISSU liked the flag wassat
    1. jjj
      jjj 17 March 2014 12: 07
      It was especially emphasized that the new parachutes, which were used during the landing, make it possible to land up to minus 30. These are the only massive parachutes in the world. I suppose the fabric does not "stiffen" in the cold, does not freeze from residual moisture and allows the dome to quickly fill
  13. Nightcrawler
    Nightcrawler 17 March 2014 10: 21
    British sailors mistakenly torpedoed their nuclear facility in southwest England

    Regular exercises of the British Navy almost turned into a tragedy. During the maneuvers on the military ship HMS Argyll, an emergency occurred. Sailors accidentally fired a 45-kilogram torpedo in the direction of the shipyard. As a result of the incident, only a miracle no one died. The fact is that in the torpedo at that moment there was no warhead, writes the British press.

    They do not need enemies))
    1. Ivan Petrovich
      Ivan Petrovich 17 March 2014 10: 47
      such mudilova and we have no less. Do not add up yet. Pah-pah
  14. dark_65
    dark_65 17 March 2014 11: 45
    He served in this division, nice and proud.!
  15. ilf
    ilf 17 March 2014 13: 32
    Also, along with the paratroopers, special forces of the explosives took part.

    A group of eighteen servicemen under the contract of the Vityaz Special Purpose Center of the Separate Operational Assignment Division of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia takes part in the exercise conducted with servicemen of the 98th Airborne Division of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in the Eastern Arctic Sea Zone. The participation of special forces of internal troops in the exercises on the Novosibirsk Islands is dictated by the fact that they possess unique equipment and high personal training.
    Special forces of the internal troops in the difficult weather conditions of the Arctic demonstrated their capabilities in tactical exercises and performed the task in the interests of paratrooper soldiers when they land on the Arctic "point".

    Press Service of the Internal Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia
    1. Kolovrat77
      Kolovrat77 17 March 2014 13: 59
      Well, well, without yours, you'd better tell me a brother in garlic would have had only one Dzerzhinka, so that the whole Galicia-Bendery riffraff would sit on caches or would have to strain all Russian VoVans.
      1. ilf
        ilf 17 March 2014 15: 58
        One division is unlikely, if you recall how long the struggle against gangsterism lasted 1939-1953, now it’s difficult for me to analyze, but if I were told half a year ago that Crimea 2014 would separate and join Russia, I would just smile and dream and not believe )))
        1. Kolovrat77
          Kolovrat77 17 March 2014 16: 30
          I mean, our inside is very up to par, and Dzerzhinka is the flagship of VV. There is a feeling, well, that they are some kind of banderlog. I think the post-war banderlogs were more abrupt than the current hollow breeds, but then who knows. But this is a personal feeling as a civilian and not as a person unrelated to BB, why he asked the question. soldier
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  17. Santa Fe
    Santa Fe 17 March 2014 13: 50
    All this Arctic fuss - nothing more than Shamanov's show-offs in the wake of general patriotic frenzy - to land where there is no enemy under the joyful boom of patriots fellow
    The battalion landed in 3: 30 in the morning to the Temp site, which is located on the Arctic island of Kotelny. This island is part of the Novosibirsk Islands archipelago. Temp airdrome has become the strategic point of Russia's presence in the Arctic.

    Uneducated cheer patriots simply do not know geography - from Canada to St. Petersburg it is closer than to these urgent Novosibirsk islands

    Fighting in those parts is ruled out, due to the absence of any real enemy (except walruses and polar bears). Belonging to the Russian islands of Russia was once not disputed by anyone, because

    1. Nobody needs these fucking shreds of sushi
    2. Only Russians can get there
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. SS68SS
      SS68SS 17 March 2014 14: 13
      This is a demonstration of capabilities and abilities. If we have landed in such a "darkness-cockroach", then they will definitely land where they need to and kick it on a sly ass ...
    3. leon-iv
      leon-iv 17 March 2014 17: 40
      All this Arctic fuss - nothing more than Shamanov's show-offs in the wake of general patriotic frenzy - to land where there is no enemy under the joyful boom of patriots

      Well, yes, yes, yes, of course, you will lay out a scan of the legend of the teachings? Not?
      Well, and so for reference. After that, they will immediately go to Central Asia. And yes, the teachings were really sudden.
      1. kplayer
        kplayer 17 March 2014 21: 45
        The same 350 people (bat-n) in Avg. Will go to Asia? But the 98th Ivanovo is a division and not the only one.
      2. The comment was deleted.
    4. Walking
      Walking 17 March 2014 17: 44
      Something Oleg didn’t get you there, write about aircraft carriers
    5. kplayer
      kplayer 17 March 2014 23: 07
      General Shamanov has nothing to do with it, the orders are given to him by Shoigu (a rescuer, not a military man), who, like, did not hear about operational necessity, a man "pounds".
    6. The comment was deleted.
  18. Gagarin
    Gagarin 17 March 2014 13: 51
    And in the Crimea and in the Arctic, I see the Pechenegs guys in the hands of the guys, the machine has taken root, went to the masses, GOOD!
  19. SS68SS
    SS68SS 17 March 2014 14: 08
    Well done !!!!! It is high time to outline the boundaries of Russian interests. And then they argue .... I mean the Scandinavians and Americans. What to argue? Who managed, he ate .....
  20. driver
    driver 17 March 2014 15: 35
    it’s not a shame for the paratroopers, although it’s not the coldest days in Yakutia, it’s better not to learn a company from the locals, but for a small salary they will put more than one battalion, and even the skins will be whole
    1. jjj
      jjj 17 March 2014 15: 56
      Quote: mechvod
      in our Yakutia it’s not the coldest days, but it’s better not to learn a company from the local

      Fiery water, however, is poorly absorbed.
  21. Kornilovets
    Kornilovets 17 March 2014 16: 16
    Keep up the good work .... !!!
  22. Sonyman
    Sonyman 17 March 2014 16: 17
    I can only congratulate the guys !!!
    Shoigu well done!
  23. Neo1982
    Neo1982 17 March 2014 16: 30
    Russia in the Arctic must protect that part of the territory that relies on it on the grounds that it is a continuation of the Russian continental massif - and this is an essential piece. The United States did not join this agreement - that is, they do not support this principle of separation, which means that we need to defend ourselves.
    HACTABHuK 17 March 2014 20: 18
    The Arctic has always been, is and will be OUR! And the fuss over oil and gas reserves will start pretty soon, despite skeptical views. The fall in production among the Saudis and Co. is just around the corner.
  25. kplayer
    kplayer 17 March 2014 21: 00
    4) Landing with such a landing does not take place on a convenient ground for landing or a rolling field, but on polynyas, hummocks and divorces.

    Why risk people like that? Well, okay, the Arctic is an Arctic desert, it is easier to control from the air (as well as to destroy an invading enemy), it is not clear why there are units and units of ground forces (or airborne forces, not the point). For successful actions in the Arctic, it is first of all necessary to increase the orbital constellation of navigation and communication satellites and develop the infrastructure beyond the Arctic Circle and the construction of airfields. Parts prepared for arctic conditions will come in handy on the mainland (on the continental part), otherwise it’s just a dispersal of resources.
  26. capex1
    capex1 17 March 2014 21: 32
    Thank God that our country has begun to revive! Periodically, our western partners who is the boss in the house.
  27. russkijbelarus
    russkijbelarus 17 March 2014 21: 33
    From the report of the Minister of Defense to the Supreme Commander-in-Chief on the results of the exercises in the Kaliningrad region:
    The exercises were attended by about 700 Baltic Fleet servicemen, 150 units of military equipment. Spent: 17 shells for "Hyacinth", 5 shells for "Akatsiya", 3 rounds for tracer for AK-74 ml. Sergeant Pupkin. And also 1 blank shot was fired by Private Sidorov, who had just returned from a city layoff while drunk.
    According to the results of two-day exercises, territories were liberated from the enemy: 1 thousand square meters. km west of the Kaliningrad region; all of eastern and southern Poland, the eastern lands of Slovakia and Hungary, the entire territory of Romania. Also, the Russian Federation includes: Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. The resistance was weak, except for the fact that the advancement of our troops was hindered by equipment thrown by the enemy.
    Captured parts of the armed forces of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Romania. Only about 1,5 million people. Local residents did not show any active resistance - they met with bread and salt.
    It is also worthwhile, action is a number. Sidorova: Being drunk (as mentioned above), row. Sidorov dropped a blank cartridge of 5.45 caliber into the fire, on which, together with his colleagues, he was grilling a barbecue (as the row himself explained later. Sidorov "in honor of the birth of his daughter"). As a result of the explosion of the indicated cartridge, the Lithuanian Air Force was completely destroyed, as well as the US Navy destroyer "gayman", which was monitoring the exercise, was sunk. All the necessary assistance was provided to the sleeping sailors. As a sign of apology, condoms were presented to all servicemen of this destroyer.
    On our side, there are no losses, except for a small cut on the left finger row. Sidorov, at the opening of a can of stewed meat factory "Krasny Pischevik". Row. Sidorov received medical assistance, nothing threatens his life and health.
    Due to the fact that the adjacent territory of Zap. Ukraine is occupied by our troops, I petition:
    1) to conduct unscheduled exercises in the adjacent territory using engineering troops to suppress the Nazis in Ukraine;
    2) for the valor shown, award a number. Sidorov's extraordinary dismissal for three days.
  28. waisson
    waisson 17 March 2014 21: 52
    Glory Airborne !!!! soldier soldier soldier drinks WHO WILL COME TO US WITH A SWORD FROM US AND angry
  29. Pukanpein
    Pukanpein 17 March 2014 22: 30
    For me, these actions show: Russian Airborne Forces can separate Alaska from the United States within a day.
    And it’s really beautiful.
  30. denis02135
    denis02135 17 March 2014 22: 37
    It is certainly good that they train in all climatic points and increase combat readiness. I have a question about photos from these exercises or from others.
    The 26th region is Stavropol, and Ivanovo 37 or all paratroopers have one region so as not to violate military secrets. smile
  31. Al_lexx
    Al_lexx 17 March 2014 22: 39
    Damn what cool guys! I just look at the pictures and it's already cold. And how it was at a height when they fell out of the hatch of an airplane, I can’t even imagine.
    I don’t know, I would give medals to everyone who landed for such exercises.

    Bravo! soldier
  32. Pukanpein
    Pukanpein 17 March 2014 22: 41
    And at the expense of uselessness, 30–40% of Russian gas is now being produced outside the Arctic Circle, and other minerals are also present here.
    The territory of the Northern Sea Route, and other usefulness of the Arctic is proved more than once in history.
  33. smurnoi
    smurnoi 17 March 2014 23: 15
    If the Arctic is not needed by anyone, then why ... there are English ya.ts.y. freeze, and the Americans introduce a special position.
  34. Igool
    Igool 18 March 2014 03: 05
    There are no lands in this world that no one needs. It’s time to understand this already. Nothing that comes out for nothing and should not be given. Well, if there is a well-known Guinness book of records in which records cannot be recognized as achievements, then in this case the capabilities of our troops say a lot to specialists.
    Here, except, well done, men, there is nothing to say.
  35. Pukanpein
    Pukanpein 18 March 2014 08: 43
    We still need to conduct exercises in the Kuril Islands, and Japan will immediately abandon sanctions.
  36. servant.
    servant. 8 May 2020 08: 22
    And whose equipment for the landing?