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Low water quality as a factor reducing the combat readiness of the Russian troops


Water is a substance vital to man. To begin with, to maintain the health of the body, it is necessary to drink in sufficient quantity. In addition, it is used during basic hygiene procedures. This is washing, brushing your teeth, washing your hands, etc. Also, washing is impossible without it. In short, there is hardly a substance that plays a more important role in a person’s life.

Therefore, it is especially unpleasant to realize that the military in a number of garrisons, on fleets are not fully provided with water. In addition, even the liquid they receive is not of good quality. In some regions of Russia, it is delivered in strict accordance with a certain schedule. In some places, up to 50% of the volume of liquid is not enough to meet the basic needs of the military.

Low water quality as a factor reducing the combat readiness of the Russian troops

Meanwhile, it is incredibly important not only to provide moisture to the garrisons, the fleet, but also to ensure that the liquid is of sufficient quality, i.e. did not bear in itself harm. As a result of the research, it was found that in 85% of cases the cause of epidemics in the army is improper use of sewage and waterworks. In 21% of cases in the Far Eastern District, the water quality does not meet the standards of SanPin. The same situation in the fleet. Moreover, the situation is noticeably worse in the summer-autumn period.

Moisture is able to tolerate a huge number of dangerous serious diseases, such as cholera, dysentery, typhoid fever, paratyphoid fever, etc. On the territory of Russia there are cases when the liquid became the cause of entire epidemics of the aforementioned ailments. It is proved that the low quality of moisture is one of the main factors that reduce the combat capability of the army. Therefore, this issue can never be ignored.

Quality is required water purification its disinfection for cooking, washing dishes, hands, face. But, despite the obviousness of the problem, the harm that it does until it is completely resolved. Certain measures are being taken, such as, for example, water chlorination, the use of a drug such as Pantotsid, the use of moisture from underground sources, etc. by the military. Capacities with high-quality life-giving moisture are regularly delivered to war zones. Constantly monitored for its compliance with the norms SanPin. The result of all these activities is, but not the same as needed.

The reason for this - including the human factor. Chlorination is sometimes not done properly. The drug "Pantotsid" people do not want to use, because he makes the water tasteless. Often, the military remembers that you need to drink clean liquid, and brush your teeth infected. Therefore, the likelihood of epidemics is still quite large.