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Russia offered India to upgrade T-72 tanks


During the recent Defexpo 2014 exhibition, held in New Delhi (India), representatives of the Russian defense industry invited the Indian military to continue their cooperation in updating armored forces. Indian side proposed a modernization project tanks T-72, providing for the use of the modernized complex of active protection (KAZ) "Arena-E". The use of this system, it is alleged, will significantly increase the combat capabilities of existing armored vehicles.

In late January, ITAR-TASS, citing a representative of the corporation Uralvagonzavod, announced plans for the Russian defense industry regarding the upcoming Defexpo-2014 exhibition. The source said that the corporation "Uralvagonzavod" intends to offer the Indian Ministry of Defense just two options for upgrading the main tanks T-72. Currently, the Indian military exploits more than 2400 tanks of this model, which should accordingly affect the interest in the modernization projects of such equipment.

According to ITAR-TASS, the first modernization project of the T-72 tank, which India was supposed to offer, envisages equipping the tank with a number of additional means of protection. With these tools, the T-72 tank will be able to more effectively conduct combat operations in urban environments. Declared an increased level of protection against various anti-tank weapons, including against explosive devices. The second proposal is to equip the tanks with the active protection complex "Arena-E" in the new modified version.

KAZ "Arena-E" is designed to protect the tank from various means of destruction: anti-tank missiles and jet grenades. The equipment of the complex automatically monitors its surroundings and, if necessary, gives a command to shoot protective ammunition. The latter, undermining the right distance from the tank, strikes a grenade or a rocket with a directed stream of fragments. The Arena-E complex is widely known and regularly demonstrated at various exhibitions.

Last fall, at the Russian Arms Expo-2013 exhibition in Nizhny Tagil, Kolomna Engineering Design Bureau (KBM), which developed the Arena complex, demonstrated its new modification. Due to the use of the new element base and electronic components, this modification has smaller dimensions in comparison with the previous ones. This simplifies the installation of complex systems on tanks of various types of Russian production. In addition, the division of the complex into several modules of relatively small size allows them to equip not only tanks, but also armored vehicles of other classes. In the future, it is planned to create modifications suitable for mounting on any domestic armored vehicle.

Small dimensions and weight of the modernized complex were clearly demonstrated at the Nizhny Tagil exhibition. At the exhibition site was demonstrated tank T-72, equipped with the latest version of KAZ "Arena-E". According to representatives of the KBM, not all visitors to the exhibition were able to notice on the tank the blocks of the active protection complex. A considerable part of the specialists and amateurs of military equipment was surprised to learn about the presence of the Arena-E complex from an advertising tablet standing near the tank.

The equipment of KAZ Arena-E, independently and without operator participation, is able to observe a sector of 270 ° width in azimuth and track the appearance of potentially dangerous targets moving towards the protected tank. Target detection range - 50 meters. The performance of automation and the characteristics of protective ammunition can repel attacks of anti-tank weapons moving at speeds from 70 to 700 meters per second. Having such characteristics, the Arena-E active defense system is able to effectively counteract the vast majority of existing anti-tank missile systems, grenade launchers, etc. weapons.

Unfortunately, by now KAZ "Arena" has not received much distribution. Active procurement and use of this system is hindered by both the relatively high cost (which, however, may be much less damage from anti-tank weapons) and some features of its work. For the destruction of enemy projectiles, grenades or missiles, the complex uses special protective ammunition, creating a directional stream of fragments. Because of this, the accompanying infantry tank should not approach it less than 25-30 meters.

The Indian side has not yet responded to the Russian proposal. Apparently, at present, the Indian military is busy analyzing the documentation provided on the proposed modernization project and are not yet ready to make their decision. With regard to the proposal for a set of additional means of protection for the T-72 tanks, the latest information on this subject appeared in the media only at the end of January.

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  1. sapran
    sapran 13 February 2014 09: 32
    T-72 is probably the best car for modernization ...
    Everything can and must be modernized - there would be only money and desire ...
    1. supertiger21
      supertiger21 13 February 2014 14: 17
      Quote: sapran
      T-72 is probably the best car for modernization ...

      Definitely yes, because the T-90 is also essentially a deep modernization of the 72nd.
      1. tilovaykrisa
        tilovaykrisa 13 February 2014 23: 35
        The modernization only dragged on for 50 years ((T72 is it yy at the moment, what to do there? Saw the loot? Are we preparing to saw the BT7 again for the war? Once they have already died, this tank is only for regional conflicts and then with a stretch. Syria is an example, everything is better remake these tanks in TERMINATORS and fight T90.
        The problem of an ammunition depot, separate loading, modern electronics and a bunch of troubles have not been resolved yet, they’ll drive crap and then write off all non-generals.
        Enough, just don’t modernize it from a slingshot, but you won’t make a crossbow, we are waiting for the platform of Almaty, we have been patiently waiting for years.
    2. tilovaykrisa
      tilovaykrisa 13 February 2014 23: 31
      They will refuse, they will see how our people have modernized it and refuse, we have the pros out there, the tankers spit for 52 lamas shit, there’s an article here, there’s no fools sitting there + the joint T90 project works so that if they go on modern, it’s just according to your design.
      I catch yahi in kamenty))
  2. Aleks tv
    Aleks tv 13 February 2014 09: 52
    February 9 already discussed this at VO ...
    Will we go again?

    ps It would not hurt to match the photo material.
    In that article about the installation of the "Arena-E" on the T-72: a photo of the T-80UM1 Bars with a simple "Arena" shone, here in general the T-90 without any KAZ.
    This is me, by the way ...
  3. tank64rus
    tank64rus 13 February 2014 10: 20
    You just need to decide, or everything to Armata or to modernize existing MBTs. Now they just want to get Armata as soon as possible and extend the life of existing tanks, and from a similar task it would be difficult even for the USSR. Evidently there is not enough money for everything at once.
    1. Argon
      Argon 13 February 2014 11: 55
      The first KAZ mentioned in the media is "Drozd", but its effectiveness was assessed very ambiguously. "Arena" (in its first configuration) worked quite efficiently, but had one significant drawback - it did not protect the upper hemisphere of the vehicle, and therefore could not protect against ATGM third generation, for mass production it required to create a rather large cooperative chain, which increased the already not small cost of the sample. Obviously, the second configuration of the "Arena" is a step to reduce the cost of the complex by introducing foreign-made components, since all references to it are in the context of armament exhibitions. Afganit and Shtandart are considered promising KAZ for the Russian army, but there is practically no information about them (in the open media).
    2. Alekseev
      Alekseev 13 February 2014 22: 51
      Quote: tank64rus
      or all to Armata or to modernize existing MBT

      Not a fact.
      Reinforcing can, for economic reasons, only make two thousand, only for troops of constant readiness.
      But to upgrade the rest of our MBTs for a mobile reserve "cheap and cheerful":
      - the thermal imager, albeit not the coolest, is already hunters roaming with them
      -reinforce DZ, let "Contact", from RPG and it's not bad.
      - install additional screens, grilles, shields
      - replace very old aiming and surveillance devices (TKN-3, TPN-1)
      - install ZPU with electric drives
      -modern communication facilities
      - navigator
      - "curtains" type house-aerosol system
      Not so expensive, we live in the 21 century!
      Of course, all this must be done in factories, and not artisanally, as one comrade recently suggested here.
      And most of the tasks, especially in local conflicts, the tank modernized in this way will perform no worse than Almaty
      1. Aleks tv
        Aleks tv 13 February 2014 23: 03
        Quote: Alekseev
        Not so expensive, we live in the 21 century!

  4. badger1974
    badger1974 13 February 2014 13: 15
    In my opinion, the presence of the arena provides for a radar unit sticking out on the tower .. even pictures are not inserted
  5. supertiger21
    supertiger21 13 February 2014 14: 25
    I’m glad that our T-72, adopted in the distant 1973, is still very popular all over the world. In our troops, the 72nd also make up the majority. But as if the equipment was not good, it will become obsolete sooner or later. .This is to the fact that the bulk of our old tanks should be replaced with the T-90. For the United States and our NATO neighbors have long switched to modern tanks of the 3rd generation: Abrams, Leoprd-2, Leclerc, Challenger-2. hurry up too.
  6. wanderer_032
    wanderer_032 13 February 2014 15: 15
    Our tanks have not been equipped with the "Arena" until now, but in general such a proposal against this background looks like a mockery of our tankers.
    As well as the supply of T-72B3 to our tank forces with their constructive "jambs", from which our tankers are already sick to the point that a letter from the ZVO was sent to the Minister of Defense with a request to suspend the supply of T-72B3 to our tank units.
    1. Pinochet000
      Pinochet000 13 February 2014 16: 40
      Quote: wanderer_032
      Our tanks are not equipped with the "Arena" until now

      I agree, especially since the experience of the DB and ours in Chechnya and the Syrian army says that without KAZ in urban development, do not ... especially if the enemy is armed with modern PTS, for example, a "vampire" ..
    2. Alexander D.
      Alexander D. 13 February 2014 23: 29
      Quote: wanderer_032
      Our tanks have not been equipped with the "Arena" until now, but in general such a proposal against this background looks like a mockery of our tankers.
      As well as the supply of T-72B3 to our tank forces with their constructive "jambs", from which our tankers are already sick to the point that a letter from the ZVO was sent to the Minister of Defense with a request to suspend the supply of T-72B3 to our tank units.

      That which makes you sick is not terrible - at first you feel sick in the sea too. But the fact that young guys explode in tanks due to structural defects ... Explain to his mother why her son died? But he could marry, give birth to children and live to a very old age.
      1. Pinochet000
        Pinochet000 14 February 2014 00: 17
        Quote: Alexander D.
        But the fact that young guys explode in tanks due to structural defects ...

        And exactly explosions due to structural defects?
        Quote: wanderer_032
        from ZVO a letter to the Minister of Defense was sent with a request to suspend the supply of T-72B3 to our tank units.

        May I have more details?
  7. Krilion
    Krilion 13 February 2014 15: 57
    The Hindus are not up to it now .. They are now running around with their new tank "Yarzhun" ... The name is symbolic.
  8. AVV
    AVV 13 February 2014 16: 18
    The Hindus have a lot of offers, and they will dig to the last !!! They need to open a modernization center !!! Then maybe the proposal will interest them !!!
  9. Duke
    Duke 14 February 2014 16: 25
    T-72 with the "Arena-E" complex
  10. Peacemaker
    Peacemaker 24 February 2014 14: 38
    Dressed in a modern jacket, the elderly elder brother of the t 90 looks quite menacing and imposing ;-)