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The main events of 2013 of the year in astronautics

The outgoing 2013 was a year for world cosmonautics remembered by the launches of the Chinese lunar rover, the Indian Martian probe and the first satellite of South Korea. In addition, a landmark event was the first flight of the American private cargo ship Cygnus (Swan) to the ISS. For the Russian cosmonautics year can hardly be called successful. He remembered the next emergency launches - talking about the Zenit and Proton-M missiles. The consequence of these accidents was the resignation of the head of Roscosmos, Vladimir Popovkin, he was replaced by Oleg Ostapenko, who previously served as deputy defense minister of Russia for science. It was also announced about the reform of Roskosmos, in particular, it was signed a decree on the creation in Russia of the Ordinary Space Control Complex - the United Rocket and Space Corporation. A positive event for the Russian cosmonautics is the first manned launch on the ISS, which was carried out according to a “short” six-hour scheme.

Roscosmos reform and the new head of the agency

Vladimir Popovkin, who headed Roscosmos since October 2011, replaced Oleg Ostapenko, who was appointed to this post in October 2013. After the appointment of Ostapenko, Roskosmos departed Alexander Lopatin, deputy head of the agency, first deputy head of Roskosmos, Oleg Frolov, and also Anna Vedischeva, who held the post of press secretary Popovkin. In addition, according to media reports, the new head of Roscosmos dismissed Nikolai Vaganov, who served as deputy director of the Center for the Operation of Ground and Space Infrastructure (TsENKI).

The main events of 2013 of the year in astronautics
New head of Roscosmos Oleg Ostapenko

Oleg Ostapenko chose Igor Komarov, who had previously served as president of AvtoVAZ, as his deputy. It is reported that in the future, Igor Komarov may head the ORKK. The order for the establishment of an Orlava Conservatory was signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin at the beginning of December 2013. The announced reform assumes the formation of the United Rocket and Space Corporation, it is planned to create it on the basis of the JSC "Research Institute of Space Instrument Making". It is assumed that the structure of the new corporation will include all enterprises of the space industry, while the organizations of the ground infrastructure and branch scientific institutes will remain as part of Roskosmos. In addition, Roscosmos will retain the status of a state customer in the rocket and space industry. Before the formation of the ORCC, the state will have to bring the stake in OAO NII KP to 100%. After that, according to the presidential decree, the shares of space enterprises will be transferred to the authorized capital of ORKK, some of which will have to be converted into joint stock companies. 2 is assigned to all these conversions.

The first flight of astronauts on the ISS, conducted according to the “short” scheme

29 March 2013, the first flight to the International Space Station was made using a “short” pattern. The flight was carried out in 6 hours, until this point all manned "Unions" flew to the ISS in a two-day scheme. Prior to this, the “short circuit” was successfully worked out during the flights of Progress cargo ships to the ISS. Currently, all astronaut launches to the ISS are carried out precisely according to the “short” scheme.

Such an astronaut delivery scheme has its advantages. The cosmonauts themselves note that the implementation of the flight according to the “short” scheme does not allow the astronauts aboard the Soyuz TMA spacecraft to immediately feel weightless, this is an advantage of the launch, as it provides a greater level of physical comfort for the astronauts. Even more obvious advantage is the reduction of the time of delivery to the station of various scientific objects, for example, various biological products, which is of great importance for scientists and science in general.

Olympic flame has been in space

For the first time in stories Olympic torch traveled to space. The symbol of the Olympiad, unlit for the sake of safety, was delivered onboard the International Space Station aboard the Soyuz TMA-11M manned spacecraft. This ship delivered to the station Russian cosmonaut Mikhail Tyurin, Japanese astronaut Koichi Vikatu and NASA astronaut Richard Mastrakkio. It was the Russian cosmonaut who brought the torch to the ISS. Inside the station, a kind of Olympic torch relay took place, the torch was carried through to all the internal space of the ISS by its crew. Later, Russian cosmonauts Sergei Ryazantsev and Oleg Kotov for the first time carried the torch into open space, where they held a kind of relay stage, transferring the Olympics symbol to each other and videotaping the process. Oleg Kotov, in particular, greeted the inhabitants of the Earth, waving a torch, and noting that from space a great view of our planet opens.

Another space crash

1 February 2013, the launch of the Zenit-3SL launch vehicle with Intelsat-27 satellite aboard ended with an accident. The launch was carried out under the Sea Launch program. Launch vehicle and satellite fell in the Pacific. The cause of the accident was the failure of the onboard power source, which is produced in Ukraine. A much greater resonance in our country was caused by the unsuccessful launch of the Proton-M launch vehicle with three Glonass-M navigation satellites on board. The launch was broadcast live on Russian federal channels. 2 July 2013, the Proton-M rocket fell on the territory of the Baikonur cosmodrome - already at the very first minute of launch. To investigate the accident Roskosmos created a special commission.

As a result of the investigation, members of the commission determined that the accidental cause of the Proton-M rocket was the abnormal operation of three of the six angular velocity sensors at once. The release of these sensors is engaged in the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Scientific Production Center for Automation and Instrumentation named after Academician Pilyugin", while the sensors were installed on the "Proton-M" directly at the Center. Khrunichev (manufacturer of rockets). According to the information of the emergency commission, those angular velocity sensors that did not work correctly, just before launch, passed all the tests without recording comments. After this accident, a system of film and photo documentation was introduced at all enterprises of the rocket and space industry in Russia, which should track all the processes of assembling products. Organizational conclusions were made. The deputy director for quality of the center Khrunicheva Alexander Kobzar, the head of the technical control department Mikhail Lebedev, as well as the head of the final assembly department Valery Grekov lost their posts.

Cygnus made the first flight to the ISS

18 September 2013, the cargo spacecraft Cygnus, created by the American company Orbital Sciences, was successfully launched into space from the Wallops space center and headed for the ISS. Cygnus ("Swan") - this is the second commercial cargo ship created in the USA that makes flights to the ISS. NASA television broadcast the launch live. The cargo ship Cygnus delivered to the ISS about 700 kg of various cargoes, including water, food, clothing and other useful materials. In its first flight, the cargo ship took only 1 / 3 from its maximum carrying capacity. The Swan was docked to the station for about a month, after which the ship was loaded with debris and undocked from the station, after some time it entered the dense layers of the earth's atmosphere and burned.

Cygnus cargo spacecraft

Currently, NASA has already signed a contract with Orbital Sciences for a total of 1,9 billion dollars. In accordance with this agreement, it is planned to carry out 2016 flights of the spacecraft Cygnus to the ISS by the end of 8. It is planned that during this time about 10 tons of various payloads will be delivered to the ISS.

Manned spacecraft private companies

Currently, the US space agency is implementing a program in which private companies can offer their own projects to deliver astronauts to orbit. It is assumed that the first manned launch will take place in 2017 year. This program involves the creation of ships for the delivery and return of astronauts to Earth (low earth orbit and back), as well as the development of a new generation of rockets. Currently, Sierra Nevada, SpaceX and Boeing are developing their own manned spacecraft under this program.

South Korea launched its first satellite into space

In 2013, South Korea joined the space powers and became the 13 country in the world, which managed to launch an artificial Earth satellite into space from its territory. The Republic of Korea has a space grouping that numbers several dozen satellites, but all of them were launched into space with the use of foreign launch vehicles. 30 On January 2013, the KSLV-1 rocket was launched, the rocket was launched from the territory of the Naro space center, which is located in 485 km south of the Korean capital.

The launch would not take place without Russian help. Back in 2004, South Korea and Russia signed a contract to develop a lightweight class KSLV-1 launch vehicle. From the Russian side, the Center named after him. Khrunichev (development of the complex as a whole), NPO Energomash (the creator and manufacturers of first-stage engines), and the Transport Engineering Design Bureau (creation of a ground-based complex). From the Korean side, the Korean Aerospace Research Institute - KARI participated in the project.

China launched its first lunar rover

At the beginning of December 2013, China sent its first moonwalker, “Yuytu” (the Jade hare), to the moon. Lunokhod got its name in honor of the mythological hare, which belonged to the goddess Chang'e (the goddess of the Moon). The launch of the lunar rover in China was a national event, the Central Television of China broadcast the launch live. The launch was carried out from the Sichan Cosmodrome, located in the southeastern part of the PRC near 1: 30 local time (21: 30, 1 December in Moscow). The tasks of the Chinese lunar rover, which can move across the moon at speeds up to 200 m / h, include conducting research on the geological structure of various substances and the surface of the natural satellite of the Earth. According to the plans, the lunar rover will work on the moon 3 of the month. 14 December 2013 of the Year “The Jade Bunny” successfully sunk around the crater of the Rainbow Bay, in 30 minutes the lunar rover left the landing module and began work.

Chinese lunar rover "Jade hare"

India launched its first probe to mars

The launch vehicle PSLV-C25, which carried the first probe in the history of India for Mars exploration, was successfully launched from the Shriharikot cosmodrome 5 November 2013. The research module "Mangalyan" contains a number of scientific instruments: a pressure analyzer, a probe for detecting methane, a spectrometer and a color camera. After 43 minutes after launch, the Martian probe separated from the rocket and went into Earth orbit. 30 November 2013, he began his long journey to the red planet. According to the Indian Space Research Organization, having covered hundreds of millions of kilometers, the Indian probe will reach Mars, approximately this will happen in September 2014 of the year. In September, the probe should reach the Martian elliptical orbit with the nearest point located at an altitude of 500 km from the surface. The mass of the scientific probe is 1350 kg, and its estimated cost 24 million dollars.

The main goal of this Martian mission is to test technologies that are necessary for “designing, managing, planning and conducting interplanetary missions”, as well as the study of Mars, its atmosphere, mineralogy, the search for traces of methane and signs of life. The mission pursues both scientific and technological goals. One of the objectives of this program is to demonstrate to the world that the Indian space program is on the rise and is not lagging behind global trends. The lifetime of the Martian probe will be from 6 to 10 months.

Mars One Project: One-Way Flight

Mars One is a private project headed by Bas Landdorp, it involves a flight to Mars, followed by a base on the surface of the planet of the colony and the broadcast of everything that happens on TV. This project was supported by the Nobel Prize in Physics (1999) Gerard Hooft. According to the project manager, this will be one of the biggest events in the history of mankind. This is the largest media event that is much more important than landing a man on the moon or the Olympic Games.

Mars One Mars Project

The Mars One project, which invites everyone to make an irrevocable expedition to Mars, is gaining momentum. Currently, the acceptance of online applications from potential colonizers of Mars has been completed. In total, more than 200 thousand people from 140 countries of the world ignited this idea. Most of the applications from those wishing to take part in the project came from residents of the United States (24%) and India (10%), the number of applications from Russia was 4%. Now the Mars One project team will have to select the lucky ones who will go to the 2nd round of the program. Earlier, the non-profit organization Mars One has already announced that by 2023 it is going to send a team of 4 people to the red planet, by 2033, 20 people should already live in an earthly colony on Mars. The first colonists will have to live in the settlement, which will be built robots, the return of crews to Earth is not expected.

By July 2015, the organizers of this program plan to select the 24 candidate who will be preparing for the next flight in the 7 team for the next 4 years. It is assumed that the first expedition to Mars will cost 6 billion dollars, the next will cost 4 billion dollars each. The organizers expect to finance the work of the program through the sale of television rights to broadcast this very unusual "reality show", which will begin at the stage of selecting participants in a flight to Mars.

The first Martian manned ship in the history of mankind that will send Mars One members to Mars is likely to be developed by Thales Alenia Space, a European company. To launch a manned spacecraft into orbit, it is planned to use the Falcon Heavy launch vehicle, which is currently being created by the US company SpaceX.

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  1. slavik_gross
    slavik_gross 31 December 2013 09: 27
    God forbid, accident-free 2014 for our cosmonautics !!! And rejoice at new victories !!!
    1. ShturmKGB
      ShturmKGB 1 January 2014 16: 32
      Russia must set the goal of the first to land a man on Mars and return! Because we can and we are the first!
      1. Alex Nick
        Alex Nick 2 January 2014 11: 53
        What is Mars? At least the second to visit the moon, otherwise we will be the last.
        1. SRC P-15
          SRC P-15 2 January 2014 12: 18
          Quote: Alex Nick
          At least the second to visit the moon, otherwise we will be the last

          And who were the first, Americans? The Chinese lunar rover sent a video in which the lunar soil is brown. And they proved to us that he is gray. What to do with this? Or was it a duck?
          1. Petrix
            Petrix 3 January 2014 17: 54
            Quote: СРЦ П-15
            brown lunar soil. And they proved to us that he is gray

            Do you not believe your eyes when you look at the moon? Why do you need Chinese or Americans?
        2. The comment was deleted.
      2. cdrt
        cdrt 2 January 2014 15: 26
        Russia must set the goal of the first to land a man on Mars and return! Because we can and we are the first!

        Hmm ... we could not fly to the moon.
        First you probably need to go there, and only then chase PR
  2. Ptah
    Ptah 31 December 2013 09: 49
    With regret, I must admit that for the "world cosmonautics" the outgoing year may have been to some extent a breakthrough.
    But for the Russian 2013 he was extremely unsuccessful.
    I can’t imagine the WORLD'S astronautics without the RUSSIAN, SOVIET follower!
    And so that in the coming year, headlines like "RUSSIAN COSMONAUTICS AHEAD OF THE ALL PLANET !!!" appeared more often - you need to wrestle a lot and make thoughtful decisions.
    Maybe not everyone understands and pleases not to everyone either.
    Happy New Year!!! Happy New SPACE!
    1. Ascetic
      Ascetic 31 December 2013 11: 48
      Quote: Ptah
      And so that in the coming year, headlines like "RUSSIAN COSMONAUTICS AHEAD OF THE ALL PLANET !!!" appeared more often - you need to wrestle a lot and make thoughtful decisions.

      The enthusiasts and dreamers left space and were replaced by cynical and covetous “effective managers” (though not only into space). Sadly, yet another drank of the budget bubble continues.
      Federal Space Agency of the Russian Federation (Roscosmos) announces an open tender for development concepts for the development of space activities in Russia. The corresponding application appeared on the public procurement website. The initial contract price is 883 million rubles.According to the terms of the application, the "conceptual documents" should be developed "on the basis of systemic studies of the problems of the study and exploration of outer space in the country and abroad for the period up to 2030". This research work received the code "Magistral" (Strategy-2). It is planned to sum up the results of the competition on February 13, 2014.

      This is understandably a billion for ideas is not so much, when an urgent need to master 30 billion rubles. out of 170 that were allocated in 2013 for the development of the space industry. If the funds are not spent, they will be burned. Here is the result of the "effective"
      1. Sakmagon
        Sakmagon 31 December 2013 12: 10
        Enthusiasts dreamers left space ...

        Not in the eyebrow, but in the eye!
        This is what we need to start with (don’t wait when it comes !!!!! and will do everything), but we must start it ourselves! From your children, from your yard!
        That's out of interest, who remembers THIS?
        1. Kir
          Kir 31 December 2013 16: 02
          Remembering well, I also remember a postcard where instead of the three horses of the sleigh of Santa Claus, three hard spaceships are being pulled, if I find today I will try to throw it off.
        2. Greenwood
          Greenwood 4 January 2014 12: 18
          Quote: Sacmagon
          This is where we need to start
          And sobsno what to start?
    2. Justme
      Justme 1 January 2014 20: 58
      The space industry is ruined by irresponsibility for having an actual result.
      Well, what the hell was the Renaissance program, for example?
      What is she like. It was necessary to imitate the work and imitate the result. Really, nobody asked for results ..
      How it was done in practice ( NIIIFI ..)
      The results of research works were taken (first in the 80s) and presented as new .. Later it turned out that ideas from the 70s look much fresher (and less hackneyed). A certain number of practical but aimless projects essentially did not change anything.
      This game had rather bad consequences. The fact is, the structure of mature specialists and management at such enterprises consists of a mixture of truly capable specialists and dullness (here it should be said in more contrast ..). Dullness prevails there numerically, flockingly and hierarchically .. but they are dependent on competent ones .. And when the money just goes - the dependence disappears ..
      About 4-5 years ago, in the space industry, a steep dough mix took place ..
      The illusion that it was possible to solve something simply by creating organizational bubbles was created.
      Here you can savor the details for a long time - but first of all it was a serious loss of time.
      This is very important because there is a change of generations and the "product" of the new education system is coming to the fore. Much has been said about its quality, it is better to say here that they are different. When I was studying in Baumank - the theoretical foundations, mathematics of technical disciplines - were essentially the same as now, .. but if the project had to dig seriously and practically, it was necessary to go essentially into "hand-to-hand" .. and we were taught this .. and we ourselves learned to do it ..
      Now the dominant approach is that you just need to put the problem into the computer and .. get an answer .. There is also a lot to tell, for example, at many modeling and strength conferences in the 2000s they could quietly exclusively show you - see how beautiful it is in modeling Mace starts ...
      I do not deny this approach, I myself use it massively, but I would like to emphasize that the correctness of the result here depends on the quality and understanding of mathematical models. From my experience, these systems work reliably, if at their "withers" they "feel a hard hand", those who understand what the correct result should be ... And here we come to the main thing - we have a very serious generation gap ...
      1. Kir
        Kir 1 January 2014 21: 31
        At that time, was it not by chance that the Cosmonaut Eliseev was the rector? It's just that you, no matter how many, should understand that a lot depends on who is leading.
        1. Justme
          Justme 2 January 2014 14: 04
          I studied a little earlier - 1977-1983, rector - Nikolaev
      2. cdrt
        cdrt 2 January 2014 15: 33
        In my opinion, what is happening is what happened in the ordinary defense industry 5-8 years ago - the collapse of technology in enterprises.
        The outer margin of safety was initially higher - and the technologies were smoothed out more strongly, and a certain conservatism in the constructions helped.
        And now - personnel aging and technological collapse at the peak.
        In the defense industry, it’s slowly overcoming, sort of.
        There are hopes that with the creation of a state corporation, stable orders for 5-10 years in advance, after 8 years the situation may and will improve.
        But until then - will fall often, especially the next 2-3 years
  3. AK-47
    AK-47 31 December 2013 10: 23
    The Mars One project .... an irrevocable expedition to Mars, is gaining momentum ...

    Is that a kind of euthanasia?
    Euthanasia (Greek ευ- “good” + θάνατος “death”) - the practice of ending a person’s life ... accelerating death ...
    1. Cat
      Cat 31 December 2013 14: 37
      Quote: AK-47
      Is that a kind of euthanasia?

      Probably similar comments were accompanied by the actions of people who were the first to build a raft, a balloon and a glider laughing
      Yes, and the cons are not mine hi
      1. AK-47
        AK-47 31 December 2013 22: 25
        Quote: Gato
        Probably similar comments were accompanied by the actions of people who were the first to build a raft, a balloon and a glider

        The people you are talking about have always believed in returning, they had no thought to leave their homeland, family, friends. I believe that among these 200 thousand people from 140 countries of the world, half are sentenced to life, the rest are people who have lost their meaning in life.
        Mars is not an uninhabited island, where life support is possible if necessary, Mars is the complete absence of the life style necessary for a person for the rest of his life, complete dependence on external supply, which may suddenly cease due to lack of funding, possible cataclysms on Earth, in space, on Mars . A disease, a possible negative impact of unknown factors on the human body, an accident, in the end. This is how one should not love life in order to go on an irrevocable expedition to Mars. In a month, this immigrant will have an understanding that any most severe prison is paradise in comparison with what it has.
        1. Raven
          Raven 1 January 2014 13: 31
          + the complexity of the possible delivery of supplies to Mars. Because of its orbit, Mars happens to be in the closest to a point to the Earth once every 3 years. The flight itself will last several years. Cosmic radiation protection 0. Ancology, tissue destruction, genome mutations, anomalies in children, etc.

          Those who applied for flight without education and thirst for life.
        2. Current 72
          Current 72 2 January 2014 00: 01
          Yes, I agree with you that people, whoever it is, this is not a consumable item, this is the most valuable thing on earth! We must do everything possible and impossible, so that the flight is not there without returning, but with guaranteed return ! And do not rush, because people say: hurry, make people laugh! And they also say: HURRY-SLOWLY, ALWAYS SUCCESS!
        3. cdrt
          cdrt 2 January 2014 15: 34
          Quote: AK-47
          Quote: Gato
          Probably similar comments were accompanied by the actions of people who were the first to build a raft, a balloon and a glider

          The people you are talking about have always believed in returning, they had no thought to leave their homeland, family, friends. I believe that among these 200 thousand people from 140 countries of the world, half are sentenced to life, the rest are people who have lost their meaning in life.
          Mars is not an uninhabited island, where life support is possible if necessary, Mars is the complete absence of the life style necessary for a person for the rest of his life, complete dependence on external supply, which may suddenly cease due to lack of funding, possible cataclysms on Earth, in space, on Mars . A disease, a possible negative impact of unknown factors on the human body, an accident, in the end. This is how one should not love life in order to go on an irrevocable expedition to Mars. In a month, this immigrant will have an understanding that any most severe prison is paradise in comparison with what it has.

          From the expeditions to America in the 15-16 centuries, every tenth came back alive ...
          1. AK-47
            AK-47 2 January 2014 17: 15
            Quote: cdrt
            From the expeditions to America in the 15-16 centuries, every tenth came back alive ...

            These were mainly runaway criminals, the dregs of society, but they had a way back, their goal was to get rich, and they drove on Wednesday, where there was air, water, food, and normal communication. In short, nowhere.
            1. Kir
              Kir 2 January 2014 17: 35
              By the way, as far as I remember, the colonists on Mars will arrive at the prepared places, so it’s not going nowhere, then most likely at the time of the actual creation of the colony (s) on Mars, spacecraft will fly at different speeds, and there’s a lot more that’s now in either in the first place, or in the form of projects will already be in reality, even if only part of the prototypes. Then forgive them that they are forcibly straightened there ?, no ?, so what is the problem then they themselves signed up and go.
              1. ankh-andrej
                ankh-andrej 5 January 2014 12: 52
                In order to prepare the infrastructure working in the conditions of the planet, it will take so much time that these contestants will already die with their death on their home planet. Therefore, I consider all these plans a simple deception with an incomprehensible task. Although if you send this Indian, then he can do something and succeed

                1. Kir
                  Kir 5 January 2014 16: 33
                  And what is actually incomprehensible then? The United States for all the time of their existence there were so many all kinds of projects (you should read the pyramids) that !!! Well, here’s one more thing, the main thing is to pull it out by the ear so that the organizers of this have sunk to the Sun and punish it so that the other wish stations are reduced.
                  With regard to the construction of the Martian base in general, it will most likely be in several stages: the Moon, near-Martian space bases, posts, stations similar to the ISS and beyond.
                  About Yogis, well, how many of them are there in the whole World? Well, he will sit in a samadhi position, so what? objects like the power of thought will be erected well, well ...
  4. saag
    saag 31 December 2013 10: 49
    make a lunar rover in the form of arachnids :-)
    1. Cat
      Cat 31 December 2013 14: 40
      Quote: saag
      make a lunar rover in the form of arachnids :-)

      What would he then scare future colonists? laughing
      1. Kir
        Kir 31 December 2013 16: 07
        By the way, at one time, we developed very interesting devices that could even climb "over the ceiling" and were by no means weighing on "flies", they, like the Author of these Masterpieces back in Soviet times, were included in the program of the late Blessed Memory of Kapitsa "Obvious incredible" showed, that's interesting what has become of them now.
  5. La-5
    La-5 31 December 2013 12: 47
    Sometimes you want to fly somewhere to Mars and set up a colony there, to explore new lands.
    1. Cat
      Cat 31 December 2013 19: 33
      Quote: La-5
      Sometimes you want to fly somewhere to Mars

      Sometimes it would be desirable for Wars, LGBT, Anglo-Saxons, tax officials, and even mother-in-law to fly away to Mars (or even better - somewhere to Pluto, or even to a distant galaxy and a black hole). laughing
      Happy New Year! drinks
    2. cdrt
      cdrt 2 January 2014 15: 35
      Quote: La-5
      Sometimes you want to fly somewhere to Mars and set up a colony there, to explore new lands.

      ... and on a boat, to hell laughing
      I really understand you laughing
    3. AK-47
      AK-47 4 January 2014 01: 32
      Quote: La-5
      I want to fly somewhere to Mars and set up a colony there, explore new lands.

      Have you tried a camping trip?
      Here's something about Mars:
      Trees on Mars! This photograph clearly shows something similar to trees growing among the Martian dunes. Unfortunately, this is an optical illusion. In fact, these are dark deposits on the leeward side of the dunes, resulting from the evaporation of dry ice.
  6. chunga-changa
    chunga-changa 31 December 2013 13: 07
    The settlement on Mars is incredible. The presence of a settlement on Mars will change a lot on the earth. That would be where to invest all the money, but it’s necessary in weapons.
    1. Kir
      Kir 31 December 2013 16: 09
      Are you sure that Mars and its satellites will avoid the fate of the Earth? While it will prevail the trash with the mentality of traders good Do not wait.
      1. Cat
        Cat 31 December 2013 19: 36
        Quote: Kir
        while the trash will prevail with the mentality of traders good Don't wait

        "Yeah .." (C) Kisa Vorobyaninov
        I would not want to survive the wars with the Martian colonies.
        1. Kir
          Kir 31 December 2013 22: 02
          Yes, not sooner they will fly away with all their servants to Mars, although they initially arranged it with someone else's hands, and they will lead from there, something like the plot "The Tale of the Three" by the Strugatsky brothers, only on a planetary scale and voluntarily retire themselves.
    2. Raven
      Raven 1 January 2014 13: 33
      Steep will be a cemetery on Mars.
      The colony on Mars will be real, but not in the next 3 decades for sure
      1. Kir
        Kir 1 January 2014 16: 28
        Well, given that in all seriousness they offer to make dust out of the dust, almost Diamonds, and another commercial offer is to launch the ashes into Space, and by the time of the Real development the funeral service will offer something for the wealthy, not the fact that there will be a cemetery.
      2. SRC P-15
        SRC P-15 2 January 2014 12: 33
        Quote: Raiven
        Steep will be a cemetery on Mars

        Yes, I think the participants of the future flight to Mars will kill each other on Earth, while they will be preparing for the flight here. Because (correctly written here) either criminals (suicide bombers) or sick people in the full sense of the word could sign up for a flight. This is how one must hate life and the world in order to agree to this. Glory, I think, has nothing to do with it, why is it if you cannot use it. Yes, and in such ideological, I do not believe.
        1. Kir
          Kir 3 January 2014 18: 20
          In vain you don’t believe in Ideykh, but how many of them are there all over the world? and how are they distributed over it? I would not be surprised if the lowest density of them will be in the country that won ... and some of their satellites. But the fact that this is a talk show, then ......., not that it smells much, but it smells like another financial pyramid, but the so-called volunteers, with the exception of some, are simply hired extras for plausibility, well, just like ours at one time "winning" in caps and similar attractions.
      3. The comment was deleted.
  7. Tron
    Tron 31 December 2013 14: 27
    Quote: Ascetic
    The dreamer enthusiasts left space and were replaced by cynical and covetous "effective managers"

    These "effective managers" have managed to destroy the once advanced industry in 20 years. Astronautics lost its scientific and industrial base, which in the USSR was "ahead of the rest of the planet." This results in an unusually high failure rate. And the warranty period for the operation of satellites in orbit is the lowest in the world. Even the Chinese are overtaking us in this parameter.
    Now we "deservedly" can only be proud of the fact that the FIRST IN THE WORLD launched the Olympic torch into orbit. An unusually high achievement, well, something like that.
  8. kaktus
    kaktus 31 December 2013 16: 46
    Happy New Year! New successful starts! drinks
  9. I think so
    I think so 31 December 2013 18: 22
    We have to admit that the "Russian cosmonautics", like no one else, brings mostly failures to the "world cosmonautics" ... Well, this was to be expected when incompetent people were put on all levels of government in the state ... from the very top to the janitors. .. It's amazing how quickly the country is SELF-DESTROYING under the control of mediocrity ...
    1. Cat
      Cat 31 December 2013 19: 40
      Quote: I think so
      FROM THE TOP and ending with the wipers ... It is simply amazing how quickly the self-destructed country under the control of mediocrity

      Come to us in Ukraine. Our janitors are still of Slavic nationality, but the opposition and the authorities are definitely "worse than the Tatars" (no offense will be told to the Tatars)
      1. I think so
        I think so 1 January 2014 16: 34
        In your Ukraine, the stupidity of the authorities is mixed with the stupidity of a huge mass of people with clouded media and poverty of brains ... Well, OPEN ENEMIES YOU feel calm in Ukraine ... It’s not surprising that you are even worse than in Russia. ONLY ITS CALLING RESOURCES Saves Russia ...
  10. Saburo
    Saburo 31 December 2013 19: 49
    The space industry every year more and more passes into private hands. For example, this year the private Dragon once again flew to the ISS. Moreover, its Falcon 9 booster is also made by a private company. Of course, Falcon, for example, does not reach the same Proton in payload, but at the same time, one launch of Falcon costs about 30 million, and one launch of Proton 80-100 million dollars is over. Think about it, a rocket and a spacecraft created by a private company, not just a state corporation, but the most ordinary private traders, is a direct competitor to Proton. And no one controls them, no one holds a gun at his temple.
    There is nothing to say about any Spase Ship One.
  11. family tree
    family tree 31 December 2013 21: 13
    But I like this thing:
  12. givargi
    givargi 1 January 2014 00: 25
    Soyuz 2-1v? New Russian rocket ?! SUCCESS!
  13. Tron
    Tron 1 January 2014 04: 46
    Quote: perepilka
    But I like this thing:

    Ja, ja! Das ist fantastisch!
    1. family tree
      family tree 1 January 2014 20: 18
      The complex is designed to deliver payloads to various near-Earth orbits, including geostationary.
      A two-stage rocket with an accelerating block is placed in a transport and launch container on an AN-124-100BC carrier aircraft and uses environmentally friendly fuel: liquid oxygen and kerosene.
      A rocket weighing 100 tons provides the launch of a spacecraft weighing up to 3900 kg into low orbit, weighing 1500 kg into geo-transition orbit and 650 kg into geostationary orbit.
      The payload is located under the head fairing with a total volume of ~ 30 m3.
      Aircraft carrier AN-124-100BC provides the full range of non-stop flights to the launch area and returns to the landing airport up to 4500 km, which allows launching from specified areas to orbits of various inclinations.
      The choice of a launch point and a safe flight path is carried out taking into account the safety of launch and the trajectories of the fall of the detached missile parts.
      The selection of such technical solutions for the complex allows for satellite launches in a wide range of altitudes and inclinations of the orbits without the construction of expensive ground-based launch facilities. At the same time, due to the launch of the rocket in the discharged layers of the atmosphere and the additional speed of the aircraft, the rocket launches into space 30 ... 40% more payload than when launched from Earth.
  14. Sadikoff
    Sadikoff 1 January 2014 11: 53
    As for the flight to Mars, it’s funny, rather a scam. Since serious people know that they couldn’t even fix themselves on the moon. So this project is similar to the project of flying to the neighboring Galaxy. Besides the peeling and scam, I don’t see a reasonable excuse. You give the truth about the moon !
    1. Oleg Kharkov
      Oleg Kharkov 1 January 2014 22: 32
      And this is a scam. The fact that this reality show should already be alarming. Plus, sending 4 people to Mars, with a flight cost of 5 billion each flight, is a serious amount. And if by some miracle the company gathers for the first flight, then such flights must be regular in order to supply the colonists with everything. I’m silent about technical aspects.
      1. Cat
        Cat 2 January 2014 17: 20
        Quote: Oleg Kharkov
        And this is a scam. The fact that this reality show should already be alarming.

        This is a commercial enterprise, nothing more. You can imagine the excitement in the media about the implementation of this project, or at least the cost of advertising time even when selecting candidates - not to mention live broadcasts. I think they will "beat off" both 5 and 15 billion.
        And the lives of the "colonists" - who is interested in them against the background of such income?
  15. majorserg1978
    majorserg1978 1 January 2014 17: 46
    The main achievement in astronautics is that no matter what - what we have - we have it. Try to argue.
  16. Current 72
    Current 72 2 January 2014 00: 18
    Happy New Year! Happiness to ALL and SUCCESSES in all YOUR affairs! Cosmos does not forgive mistakes and no improvements! Therefore, you don’t have to run ahead of the horse. As the people say: QUIET FURTHER, FURTHER NEXT, and they also say: HURRY UP SLOWLY, ALWAYS SUCCESSFULLY. No need to look for the guilty - just need to work and work tirelessly!
  17. FlyEngine
    FlyEngine 2 January 2014 03: 00
    Take a look at the photo of the Chinese lunar rover - on the red circle.
  18. oops
    oops 2 January 2014 06: 52
    The Cygnus tin can is launched into orbit by the Antares rocket with the Russian Kuznetsov (NK-33) engine, produced sixty years ago. However, the sixty-year-old "old man" still holds the record for engine thrust / weight.

    SpaceX with their Dragon is an attempt to repeat the Russian program "Rus" closed by Medvedev. The Americans even bought a batch of RD-180 engines created for "Rus", but the Musk guys could not copy anything. The Falcon9 rocket flies on wretched crafts. They can't go up to RD-180!

    Korean rocket - prototype of the Angara rocket
  19. blizart
    blizart 2 January 2014 11: 17
    Russia must set the goal of the first to land a man on Mars and return! Because we can and we are the first!
    Look at your youth, before whom to set a goal, they also want to blame one over the hill so that’s clarification. They could and they are our first ancestors.
  20. Alexander Kopot
    Alexander Kopot 4 January 2014 12: 52
    Russia is obliged to develop space technologies in all directions. We must do business and research, everything must be done sequentially, not one-sidedly. It's time to think about studying the solar system and deep space. To bring space technology to a new level in all directions. This will revive production. NASA well done , and we must become cooler - we can and will do it.
  21. Oh no no no
    Oh no no no 4 January 2014 20: 46
    If the Martian project is successful, English will most likely become a means of interplanetary communication, and Mars will become a new colony of Anglo-Saxons. Then other colonists will catch up, and in 100 years they will begin to ramp up beyond the territory - Mars is so small. Everything will happen again.
    1. Kir
      Kir 4 January 2014 22: 57
      What you have deigned to assume is not a repetition, but the situation is exactly the opposite, since the filthy Anglo-Saxons have already conquered what they have conquered. simultaneously rewriting the history of discoveries, by attributing someone else's glory to their own (see the biography of J. Cook and "his discoveries"), so if you continue, we may still see such states. like New France, New Russian Alaska and others !!!
  22. Power
    Power 5 January 2014 14: 18
    Piles of garbage rotate in the orbit of the earth. All and sundry, even the most backward countries, are launching their satellites into space. And who will clean? Uzbeks
    they don’t give a ride here. It's time to do something about it. And if tomorrow is a war, we must quickly and guaranteedly cleanse space from enemy and other debris.
    After the article, it became a little sad, because we were ahead of all these Papuans, Americans and jade hares for ages. Only a couple of dozen effective managers and the country is not able to produce even flashlights.
    1. Alwizard
      Alwizard 12 January 2014 19: 48
      Is it only at the turn of the 50-60s.