Military Review

Automatic as the most common weapon


Very often there is confusion when using the terms "automatic" and "assault rifle." In fact, we are talking about the same form weaponsOnly the first term is used in Russia, and the second is used abroad to describe foreign weapons. An automatic weapon, as the name suggests, is an automatic weapon, with the help of which the military is able to create a dense squally fire, akin to a thunderstorm, which requires similar lightning protection. By production of automatic machines special grades of composite plastic, and also light alloys, known all over the world for their qualities, are used. Such machines are able to withstand multiple trials of battle.

The first machines were designed and manufactured in Russia in the period from 1913 to 1916 year. They were in service in the detachments of the Red Army, used in wars with foreign countries. During World War II, automatic rifles were the main type of weapons among the infantry troops. In the postwar years, a light machine gun was created at the base of the machine gun, but this type of weapon is still used in the Russian army, albeit with significant changes.

Technical characteristics of a modern machine

Machines continue to be the most common weapon in the armies of almost all countries of the world. In Russia, currently the most widely used Kalashnikov (AK) machine of the fifth generation, which was designed recently. Military experts say that this type of weapon is most effective when the target is about half a kilometer. Its weight is slightly more than 3 kilograms, and its length is about one meter. The initial speed of the bullet is about 900 meters per second. This machine will ensure the safety of Russia as effectively as the safety of electrical installations of customers ensures. In addition, after testing AK, a special export line will be launched, producing weapons for foreign armies.