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Ukrainian modernization of the MLRS


The Ukrainian military-industrial complex offers a number of options for modernization of the Soviet MLRS: modernization of the BM-21 Grad to the option Bastion-1 (2), and 9К54 Uragan to the option Bastion-3.

Modernization of the above complexes is carried out by installing the artillery unit (guides) removed from the BM-21 which were in storage or removed from the air force of Ukraine to a new KrAZ chassis.

The overhaul of the BM-21 part art is made by the Shepetovo Repair Plant GP. In the modernized version of the BM-21 Bastion -1 (2), the combat characteristics of the complex are improved by using new ammunition - which allows shooting to 40 km

MLRS "Bastion-1"
Ukrainian modernization of the MLRS

"Bastion-1" in Africa:

"Bastion-1" in the Armed Forces of Iraq:

MLRS "Bastion-2":

"Bastion-2" at a military parade in Kiev. (you can see a box with two MANPADS under the board)

The "Bastion-2" differs from the version (1) in the elongated chassis base, on which additional ammunition is placed. The same feature of this option is to equip the combat vehicle with two MANPADS.

In this variant, new ammunition is also used, allowing to fire up to 40km.

MLRS "Bastion-3":

Option "Bastion-3" is an installation art.part of the MLRS "Uragan", mounted on the Kraz chassis. The replacement of the chassis was caused by the presence in Ukraine of its own chassis for this car - Kraz, the MAZ chassis (on which the Uragan complex was mounted) in Ukraine is not produced, but is only being repaired.

Ukrainian MLRS "BM-21K"

For the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, domestic enterprises have developed a version of the MLRS - BM-21K.

BM-21K is an improved version of the previously developed options for the modernization of the MLRS. The machine was developed by the state enterprise "Kharkiv Special Machines Plant" (formerly 101-y auto repair plant). In the creation of the took part the state enterprise "KMDB" and the new ammunition state enterprise "NPO im. Petrovsky"

Improvement in BM-21K:

- Chassis Kraz-260 (increased engine power and power reserve)
- Enlarged cabin (for the transport of the entire crew)
- Ability to control the fire from the cabin
- Ability to automatically receive and process target designation
- Increased firing range (up to 40 km)
- Increased shooting accuracy up to (90 m)
- Topography and navigation equipment

Separately, you should tell about the new rocket:
The new rocket projectile allows firing up to 40 km (in the base variant BM-21, the range 20 km). The projectile has a new design of the nozzle, reduced in 2 times due to the new material of the engine housing as well as an improved stabilization unit with increased wingspan, size and profile of the blade.
CU - warhead: high-explosive fragmentation (PF), detachable PF warhead and not detachable PF warhead

Features new ammunition for the MLRS:
- Firing range 40 km
- Accuracy of shooting 90
- Full impulse 6000 kg / s
- Weight 21,3 kg of warhead (there is an opportunity to increase the warhead to 30 kg
with a maximum range of up to 20 km)
- Weight of 12,8 kg shards
- high power warhead

Comparison of the performance characteristics of the Soviet MLRS BM-21 and BM-21K:

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  1. makarov
    makarov 14 November 2013 09: 10
    Who knows from the comments, and at what tabular distance is the option firing accuracy (dispersion) indicated? If at a distance of 20 m, then at 000 m., It will be full gozno.
    1. Lopatov
      Lopatov 14 November 2013 09: 55
      The "Grad" scatter in the direction to the maximum range of 1/200 D. 40 meters for a range of 20 km. this is already a good result.
      1. alex86
        alex86 14 November 2013 21: 42
        Correct me, but as far as I remember (long ago it was) for the BM-21 at a range of 20,4 km, the affected area was considered 400x400 m.
  2. Lyapis
    Lyapis 14 November 2013 09: 17
    Oh, good car "Bastion-2"! Both additional ammunition and MANPADS have a firing range twice that of the Grad. If, in addition, the entire crew could be transported on this machine, then in general it would not have been an MLRS, but a Dream! love
    1. Argon
      Argon 14 November 2013 14: 17
      I will refrain from speculations about the missile part, much is not clear, but replacing the chassis under the BM21 from the "Ural" with the KrAZ, it seems to me not entirely successful (it is clear that it was a forced) decision. the car becomes heavier, "larger", and therefore loses in mobility, and maneuverability in comparison with the "Ural" is worse. Most of the shortcomings could be neglected (within the subdivision) on "Bastion-2", but here some half measures. Why the second set of rounds is transported in bulk, and not in a transport-loading mechanism? With the provision of at least fragmentation protection? A cab with a "sleeper" is not much shorter than a "two-row", and the ability to transport the entire crew in relatively comfortable conditions on one car is expensive. At the same time, the transfer of the "hurricane" to an all-road chassis, it seems to me, is an extremely timely, successful decision , because it significantly increases mobility and reliability, given that even the "repair fund" of Russia is not able to maintain the ZIL-135 in good working order (only in working order). At the same time, foreign "operators" are considering replacing individual units of the original chassis with analogues, which is not fully a solution to the issue. In this regard, I think Bastion-3 is an extremely promising machine on the foreign market.
      1. smersh70
        smersh70 14 November 2013 17: 12
        Quote: Argon
        Refrain from reasoning

        and it’s a pity .... Ukrainians are excellent warriors ... and good constructors .. I won’t take it, as in other parts .. of the Soviet army ... in some, where I served, the Ukrainian officers were, if not the absolute majority, then at least half ... good and weapons manufactured by Ukraine .. high-quality ... simple ... good at least this one positive news in a series of cooling of Ukraine .... Glory to Ukraine drinks
    2. Akim
      Akim 15 November 2013 13: 06
      Quote: Lyapis
      If also the whole calculation on this machine could be transported,

      The cabin is one-and-a-half, so that the whole calculation interferes. On "Bastion-02M" they installed another chambering mechanism. Loading goes straight on board.
  3. Walking
    Walking 14 November 2013 09: 47
    The whole upgrade, is it just reinstalling to another chassis?
    1. Lopatov
      Lopatov 14 November 2013 10: 10
      And informatization.
      1. Lyapis
        Lyapis 14 November 2013 10: 46
        Perhaps I am mistaken, but in the article I did not see a word about the computerization of the system ...
        And so, in addition to the chassis, the Grad was given a new ammunition, and the line-up changes depending on the modification.
        1. Lopatov
          Lopatov 14 November 2013 11: 47
          The ability to automatically receive and process target designation
          Topographic and navigation equipment
          1. Lyapis
            Lyapis 14 November 2013 12: 45
            Thank you for poking your nose, otherwise this information almost passed by my mind. repeat
            1. Lopatov
              Lopatov 14 November 2013 13: 05
              They have one drawback - the lack of a remote input system for fuses. Modern MLRS must have them.

              The rest is quite normal. Bastion-2 is, of course, somewhat stupid. but suddenly someone will bite ...

              Bastion-1, as I understand it, is just a change of base.
              "Bastion-2" - half measures. Could have done like Belarusians in "BelGrad"
              "Bastion-3" - categorically welcome. The right decision. A simple change of base already gives a lot
              "BM-21K" is almost a modern MLRS. I would like to know more about her. Especially on PC. To improve accuracy, ours have created new in-flight corrected RS (like a "tornado"). Therefore, they were forced to install a remote data entry system on the Tornado-G. There is no such thing here.
              1. Akim
                Akim 14 November 2013 13: 16
                Quote: Spade
                They have one drawback - the lack of a remote input system for fuses. Modern MLRS must have them.

                And which countries in the world are armed with electronic fuse tubes? It must also be taken into account that this is mainly exported to third world countries.
                1. Lopatov
                  Lopatov 14 November 2013 13: 54
                  Missiles flying 40 km. with an airborne force of 90 meters, the trains should be adjustable in flight. And to enter data through a connector into 40 missiles is a very long matter.
  4. Akim
    Akim 14 November 2013 10: 49
    In Ukraine, the regulated shelf life of 300 mm shells is coming to an end, and another 10 mm have 220 mm. And I would generally switch to the Serbian caliber instead of them (262 mm)
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 14 November 2013 10: 58
      Quote: Akim
      And I would generally switch to the Serbian caliber instead of them (262 mm)

      Where does the money come from? The economy is tempting on both legs, at least something to save in such a situation.
      1. Akim
        Akim 14 November 2013 11: 20
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        Where does the money come from?

        I am not saying that it should be straight tomorrow. But it’s cheaper to make one large caliber than two.
        1. Kars
          Kars 14 November 2013 12: 53
          It’s cheaper to do it. But it’s not comparable to using availability.
          Yes, and more.

          After the Prosecutor General’s sudden recognition of the “absolutely legal” arms deal, the arms party is awaiting its shipment to Ukraine and Armenia. This was reported to OMEGA by a source in the government chancellery.

          According to the source, "after the hype raised in the media about the sale of weapons and the conclusion of the parliamentary commission of inquiry, supplies were suspended, and the remaining weapons were stored in military depots."

          The source emphasized that the recently announced verdict of the Prosecutor General’s Office that the deal was “clean” allows us to continue shipping the remaining weapons, “which will be done after Prime Minister Filat’s instructions.”

          “The following are to be shipped: 11-9П140 combat vehicles equipped with the 220-mm Uragan MLRS; 12 of transport-loading machines 9Т452 "Hurricane"; 27 self-propelled launchers 9П149 complex "Sturm-S"; 1344 missiles type C-8 KOM; 219 anti-tank guided missiles 9М114 "Sturm-S"; one control and testing machine 9В868 "Storm". All equipment, except for almost one and a half thousand S-8 missiles, is subject to shipment to Ukraine. Missiles will go to Armenia, ”the source concluded.

          A criminal case on the sale of a batch of weapons of mass destruction to Armenia, which is at war with Azerbaijan, was opened on April 25 2012 of the year, after the Parliament adopted an appropriate resolution on April 5 on 2012 on the basis of the report of the parliamentary commission of inquiry. The commission noted that numerous violations were committed during the conclusion and implementation of the arms sales transaction.

          The arms deal scandal arose after materials appeared in the press about a secret arms deal concluded by the Moldovan Ministry of Defense with the Latvian company Latspeceksports, which did not have any permits for the arms trade.

          Then, at the beginning of September 2011, in the conditions of maximum secrecy, the Filat government sold 60 tons of Moldovan missile weapons to Armenia.
          1. Lopatov
            Lopatov 14 November 2013 13: 56
            Fair ... However, it is not surprising.
  5. Megatron
    Megatron 14 November 2013 16: 57
    I agree that the KRAZ "laptezhnik" chassis has already outlived its usefulness and should not be used in modern conditions.
    1. Akim
      Akim 14 November 2013 19: 18
      Quote: Megatron
      I join the opinion that the KRAZ "laptezhnik" chassis has already outlived its

      Just the opposite. He was much better than Natasha (4320) and much better than Ruslan (375). There, not only because of the specific power and power reserve, but because of the average axle load. Although, of course, you can put a rocking chair on anything. In Ukraine there is KrAZ - from here there is a choice. Poland puts Czech Republic on Jelczy on TATRs, Romania on RIMs, well, etc.
  6. vovkaVV
    vovkaVV 15 December 2013 23: 01
    Where are the firewoods on the performance characteristics of the BM-21K?) To improve accuracy, ours created new in-flight corrected RS (like a "tornado"). Therefore, they were forced to install a remote data entry system on the Tornado-G. There is no such thing here. How is the stated indicator achieved?