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Russian air force will increase its presence in three directions

In the last few weeks a number Newsrelating to the further development of the air force. The Russian military department intends to strengthen air force bases in several directions, as well as to continue the development of air bases located outside the country. According to the media, all such intentions of the Ministry of Defense will be carried out in accordance with the amended National Defense Plan.

Russian air force will increase its presence in three directions

According to Nezavisimaya Gazeta, the military department has completed work on changing the Defense Plan and is ready to present its updated version to the country's leadership. According to a source in the Ministry of Defense, Russian President V. Putin will sign a new plan in the near future. Changes in the documents concerning the country's defense capability are due to a number of the latest decisions. Updated Defense Plan involves creating or strengthening aviation bases in the western, northern and Central Asian directions. Some work within the existing plans has already begun.

Not so long ago, it became known that Moscow and Minsk are preparing to sign an agreement, in accordance with which a Russian fighter aviation regiment will be located at the airfield of the city of Lida. The document is not yet ready, since the parties are discussing its last nuances, but already now Belarusian specialists have begun preparations for fulfilling their obligations. According to the latest statements by the military leaders of the two countries, the first fighters of the Russian Air Force will go to serve a new base until the end of 2013.

It should be noted that the strengthening of the air forces of Russia in the western direction is carried out as part of the creation of a unified air defense system. A few years ago, the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus signed relevant agreements and are now continuing to build a common air defense system. In particular, in the foreseeable future, the Russian military should help their Belarusian colleagues with equipment. Belarus’s air defense will receive four C-300 anti-aircraft missile systems free of charge, which will affect the defense potential of the whole country accordingly.

One of the air bases, whose task will be to cover the northern frontiers of the country, will be the reconstructed Temp airfield on Kotelny Island (the Novosibirsk Islands archipelago). Now military builders are working on the reconstruction of the basic infrastructure of the airfield. By the end of October, the formation of the aviation commandant's office was completed. In addition, October 29 for the first time after the 30-year recess, a military transport aircraft landed at the Temp airport. An-72 delivered to the airfield a group of specialists who will continue work on the reconstruction of the runway and auxiliary facilities.

The main objective of the reconstruction of the airfield "Temp", as stated in early autumn, is to resume air traffic in the Arctic in general and in the Northern Sea Route in particular. In the future, it is planned to improve the runway. As Deputy Minister of Defense General of the Army A. Bakhin said, in the foreseeable future it is planned to lengthen the runway, which will allow heavy transport aircraft such as Il-76 or An-22 to take off and land on it.

At the end of October, celebrations took place dedicated to the tenth anniversary of the Russian Kant air base. In honor of the anniversary, the participants of the events planted a birch alley of Russian-Kyrgyz friendship, and also opened a commemorative stele. In addition, at the festival, Russian military leaders announced their plans for the future of the air base in Kyrgyzstan. The commander of the 2 troops of the Central Military District Air Force and Air Defense Command Lieutenant General V. Sevostyanov stated that the Ministry of Defense intends to double the number of aircraft on the Kant base. In addition, the runway and taxiways will be renovated in the near future.

On the basis of "Kant" constantly deployed compounds using attack aircraft Su-25 and multi-purpose helicopters Mi-8. In addition, not so long ago several strategic Tu-95MS missile carriers flew to the airfield in Kyrgyzstan. The redeployment of these aircraft is associated with exercises and is temporary. It is not yet known whether Kant will become a permanent base for strategic aviation.

The Russian Ministry of Defense has not yet announced the details of its plans regarding the exact composition of the air units of the new and updated bases. It is known that a fighter regiment will be located at the Belarusian aerodrome of the city of Lida, however, such information about the airfield "Temp" or strengthening the base "Kant" is not yet available. In this regard, you can make a variety of assumptions. Thus, the statement of General Bakhin on the future of the aerodrome in the Arctic or information regarding the repair of the runway at the Kant base suggests that these aerodromes in the future will ensure the operation of not only light and medium aircraft. It is more fully possible that in the foreseeable future the updated bases will be able to become airfields for strategic aviation.

Already, we can say that fighter units will necessarily serve at the air bases being reinforced. The fact is that Russia has already signed an agreement on the creation of a unified air defense system with Belarus and Kazakhstan, and similar agreements with other CIS countries may appear in the near future. The result of these agreements should be a unified air defense system that protects the airspace of the entire Commonwealth of Independent States. Its structure will include both anti-aircraft missile units and fighter aircraft.

The increase in the number of airfields used, as well as the expansion of the territories that can be controlled from them, requires corresponding changes in the governing documents. In this regard, according to the press, the National Defense Plan was amended to take into account the combat work of military aviation on the created and updated air bases.

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  1. aszzz888
    aszzz888 6 November 2013 09: 04 New
    Only in a military community, in the presence of "remote" bases, will there be an effective confrontation with all NATO missile defense systems and their bases.
    1. Arberes
      Arberes 6 November 2013 09: 51 New
      Quote: aszzz888
      Only in a military community, in the presence of "remote" bases, will there be an effective confrontation

      The Commonwealth itself, it is necessary to restore the entire airdrome system in our country as soon as possible. We all understand perfectly well, as long as the sky above our MOTHERLAND is reliably covered, not a single one will snoop on us! We need to increase the production of combat aircraft and increase the enrollment in the flight schools of our future falcons!
    2. Bronis
      Bronis 6 November 2013 10: 23 New
      Quote: aszzz888
      only in the presence of "remote" bases will there be an effective confrontation with all NATO missile defense systems and their bases.

      With the current balance of power, no in both cases. Fighters and bombers, by themselves, cannot be the answer of a missile defense - guaranteed suicide. In our realities, the answer to missile defense can only be the development of strategic nuclear weapons delivery systems and the improvement of the missile attack early warning system (both in ICBMs and missile defense) and elements of our own missile defense.
      Such bases may have other purposes: in the Central Asian region - political and military presence + one should not forget about regional conflicts; in the West - again political + element of the air defense of the commonwealth - no wonder the emphasis on fighters (otherwise in Belarus they like to throw Teddy-beers); In the North - counteraction to possible CD and other "stray joys", and most importantly - presence in the polar latitudes (again, politics in mind ripening redistribution of the Arctic).
      The problem lies elsewhere. How to increase presence? 1. Machines (qty). 2. (but actually No. 1) - people (pilots).
      1. Versed
        Versed 7 November 2013 01: 21 New
        Russia is in ruins, millions of unemployed, beggarly pensions, no health care, no science - the country is turning into a caliphate.
        But some are still thinking about SNF lol
        1. smile
          smile 7 November 2013 03: 33 New
          Prala! Only a complete rejection of the strategic nuclear forces and the armed forces in general can ensure the security of the country! Oh, let's live! Yeah, it’s still advisable to make the country compact (within the framework of the Moscow Principality) and European ... oh, no, European is impossible - there the population problem is even worse than ours, the caliphate arises an order of magnitude faster, and unemployment is higher, for free admission to the therapist has to record on average for six months, and in some places for TWO YEARS ....
          That's interesting, what are you thinking about, caring your suggestions? Or are you joking like that? :)))
          On purpose, apparently, write comments at a time when no one is reading them so that you are not spread across the entire branch? :))) Then this is not humor, but petty petty dirty tricks, inherent only in absolute insignificance ... :)))
          1. ssergn
            ssergn 7 November 2013 12: 00 New
            Yes, it’s just a robotic robot. Thinks (I’m not lying, I need a Mosk to think), broadcasts with patterns. laughing
        2. Bronis
          Bronis 7 November 2013 08: 13 New
          Quote: Versed
          Russia is in ruins, millions of unemployed, beggarly pensions, no health care, no science - the country is turning into a caliphate.
          But some are still thinking about SNF

          Yeah, and some are also trying to cheaply troll wassat
        3. ssergn
          ssergn 7 November 2013 11: 57 New
          Sorry, but the ruins seem to be in your head.
    3. mirag2
      mirag2 7 November 2013 08: 06 New
      This is great!
      Well, let's wait for new accusations of "undemocratic", "anti-gay", and other inhumanity ...
  2. Ols76
    Ols76 6 November 2013 09: 17 New
    For a long time it was necessary to develop air bases outside the country. Good news!
    1. bif
      bif 6 November 2013 22: 25 New
      Two strategic missile carriers Tu-160 flew to Venezuela. The An-124 Ruslan transport aircraft and the Il-96-300 aircraft from the Rossiya special flight squad also arrived there.

      In general, this event is not trivial. All kinds of friendly visits to other countries are a common thing for the ships of the Navy. For example, not so long ago the flagship of the Black Sea Fleet, the cruiser Moskva, paid a short business visit to Venezuela. But aircraft carrying nuclear weapons rarely land on foreign airfields. Our strategic aviation flies over the North Atlantic, the Arctic and Pacific oceans. But the transatlantic route, with a landing in South America, is a fairly new combat mission. The Western Hemisphere has not yet become accustomed to the presence of our air missile carriers "close by".

      Venezuela is a friendly state washed by the Caribbean Sea. Using Venezuelan airfields for refueling and maintenance of long-range aviation is very convenient. If we are going to continue to bother the probable enemy with our presence at its borders. That is why, along with two Tu-160, transport and passenger aircraft also arrived at the Maiketia airfield. We do not yet have our own military base in South America, and we have to carry everything we need to ensure such long-range combat patrols (including maintaining secure communications).

      The next point on the American route was the Managua airfield in Nicaragua. There "White Swans" (as the Tu-160 is called) landed after completing combat training missions in the Caribbean.
      1. bif
        bif 6 November 2013 22: 26 New
        Nicaragua is a very interesting landing point. In 2008, this country became the second after us, which recognized the independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Russia will participate in the reconstruction of the Panchito airport (a former military airfield built during the Soviet era). But most importantly, we will participate with China in the construction of the Great Nicaraguan Canal. This transport artery will perform the same function that the Panama Canal now performs - it will connect the Atlantic with the Pacific Ocean. Both Russia and China are interested in making the alternative to the Panama Canal a truly independent and safe transport route. This is another reason why our military strength should be present in Central and South America.

        And finally, about the time chosen for the transatlantic flight. Yesterday the nuclear deterrent forces were tested. In other words, a rehearsal for a nuclear war. The strategic submarine missile carriers Bryansk and St. George the Victorious fired back from the waters of the Barents and Okhotsk seas. From the continental part of Russia rockets of the Topol mobile complexes and the Voevoda mine complexes took off. At the Sary-Shagan test site (Kazakhstan), a training nuclear strike was repelled by an anti-missile system. And the air component of the nuclear triad - long-range aviation - has successfully completed its tasks.
      2. poquello
        poquello 6 November 2013 23: 12 New
        "Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos said that the country's airspace was violated by two Russian Tu-160 bombers, which flew over the territory of the state without obtaining appropriate permission.

        Santos also said that two Kfir fighters were launched to intercept Russian aircraft. The Colombian government intends to send a note of protest to Moscow. "

        This is different local fun, to intercept fly.
    2. AVV
      AVV 6 November 2013 23: 03 New
      And the Temp airfield will also be able to take Ruslana! the need to transfer bulky cargo in this direction is huge !!! And the Belarusian airfield would be nice for strategists to prepare !!! It is necessary that all these designated airfields would be multifunctional !!!
  3. Oberst_71
    Oberst_71 6 November 2013 09: 26 New
    Do not forget China! this is also a dangerous direction. that many airfields were closed.
    1. Bongo
      Bongo 6 November 2013 10: 57 New
      Not only the airfields were closed, but also the air units were reduced. For example, the Su-24 drums from all over the Far East were assembled at the Khurba airfield near Komsomolsk, eliminating two air regiments.
      1. Ruslan
        Ruslan 6 November 2013 15: 04 New
        about 33 aircraft all over the Far East? rather they were written off. no longer fits here. just one aviation regiment. See Google’s photographic map. there you can count them =)
        1. Bongo
          Bongo 6 November 2013 15: 36 New
          I vkurse events, I witnessed when the regiment with Pereyaslovki relocated.
      2. Oberst_71
        Oberst_71 7 November 2013 07: 54 New
        and the Jews transferred to Chelyabinsk the Su-24. in the blast furnace (Chita) collected all the Transbaikal aviation. complete nonsense.
  4. 0251
    0251 6 November 2013 09: 53 New
    In the community is our strength. Not only a military air base is needed, but also naval and ground in all CIS countries, including Vietnam, North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba, etc. This would be a good NATO response.
  5. slavik_gross
    slavik_gross 6 November 2013 09: 56 New
    Everything is done correctly by our Minister of Defense "you cannot store all eggs in one basket" ... And it is advisable to constantly change their location !!!
    1. Oberst_71
      Oberst_71 6 November 2013 10: 46 New
      TABURETKIN then put it all together. That it was and whose calculation does not interest anyone!
  6. Rinat 1
    Rinat 1 6 November 2013 10: 34 New
    The good news is that the CIS must be strengthened and united. And then soon all sorts of preachers and other heresies will trample from Afghanistan and we must get ready to fight them back
  7. Janis SU
    Janis SU 6 November 2013 11: 17 New
    Our MIGs will sit in Riga! It is pleasant to realize that the real army and the Russian air force are located next to us, which is not an example to our essentially nationalist gangs whose purpose of existence is to portray vigorous activity in the next adventures of the overseas boss.
    1. samoletil18
      samoletil18 6 November 2013 16: 48 New
      You seem to have even one tank! And other "powerful technique". I watched the parade in U-tube.
  8. Wiruz
    Wiruz 6 November 2013 11: 57 New
    Not so long ago, somewhere on the Internet, I read that the Russian Air Force base is planned for deployment in Cyprus. Nobody knows anything about this?
    1. Bongo
      Bongo 6 November 2013 12: 37 New
      Most likely idle talk ... Especially since the withdrawal from Cuba and Vietnam.
      1. Wiruz
        Wiruz 6 November 2013 14: 20 New
        Maybe, but I would like
        1. Dmitriy1975
          Dmitriy1975 6 November 2013 19: 20 New
          The base will be in Cyprus by the Air Force, they are now resolving the maritime issue in case the Egyptians merge
  9. Tektor
    Tektor 6 November 2013 12: 24 New
    Can anyone tell us the approximate composition and volume of armament of an air regiment using the example of the Belarusian Lida? And also the composition and capabilities of the first salvo?
    1. aviamed90
      aviamed90 6 November 2013 12: 50 New
      There are currently no air regiments in the Russian Air Force.
      There are air bases of various ranks.

      Therefore, about how many planes the author writes is difficult to say.

      Air bases are divided into three categories: 1-I is equivalent to the previous aviation division, 2-I - the former aviation regiment, 3-I - a separate squadron.

      By the end of 2010, there remained: 8 airbases of 1 category and 7 - 2 category.
  10. aviamed90
    aviamed90 6 November 2013 13: 35 New
    In addition, after reading the article, there are "misunderstandings" with the terminology.

    For example, the author writes:
    "It should be noted that the strengthening of the Russian air force (the author writes for some reason with a small letter) in the western direction is carried out within the framework of the creation unified air defense systems. "

    Which implies a single center for decision-making and system management (apparently from the Russian Federation). Technical problems will immediately arise here (they have already been written about in other articles).

    And right there:
    "The Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus signed relevant agreements several years ago and are now continuing construction a common air defense systems. "

    The term "common" only implies cooperation towards a common goal.

    Many may say that, they say, there is no need to find fault with words. Maybe.
    But still! What air defense system are we building? Common or single?

    The idea is certainly useful. But let's decide what we actually want to build.
  11. samoletil18
    samoletil18 6 November 2013 16: 41 New
    in the foreseeable future, it is planned to lengthen the runway, which will allow heavy transport aircraft such as the Il-76 or An-22 to take off and land on it.

    And I did not know that the An-22 was still flying.
    1. fzr1000
      fzr1000 6 November 2013 17: 37 New
      It seems like about 7 are in operation. There is also an option - "are in storage".
  12. samoletil18
    samoletil18 6 November 2013 16: 42 New
    in the foreseeable future, it is planned to lengthen the runway, which will allow heavy transport aircraft such as the Il-76 or An-22 to take off and land on it.

    And I did not know that the An-22 was still flying.
  13. Stasi
    Stasi 6 November 2013 19: 13 New
    It's nice to read such news, often they write the exact opposite: about reducing the combat effectiveness of the army and other things related to this. It is also necessary to pay attention to the bases in our country, because we need attention to our military towns and garrisons. During the years of the collapse of the USSR and the period of any reduction of the armed forces, many military camps and bases became worthless and desolate. Also lost many military training grounds and test facilities. As for foreign bases, it is necessary to return the bases in Cuba and Kamran in Vietnam.
  14. Berserker
    Berserker 16 December 2013 13: 57 New
    I sincerely do not understand ... Recently Cuba has forgiven a multi-billion dollar debt! Why not place a couple of military bases and airfields there due to this? Let the Americans get nervous, maybe sober up a bit !?