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Russian tank T-90C caused a sensation on extreme tests in an Arab country

Russian tank T-90C caused a sensation on extreme tests in an Arab country

The Russian-made tank T-90С “Vladimir” during testing in one Arab country turned out to be more viable than its counterparts made in other states. This was stated on Tuesday by the head of the Rosobronexport delegation N. Dimidyuk at the international IDEX-2011 exhibition, which is being held in Abu Dhabi. The tests took place in the 2009 year, but they were reported only now. The name of the country where the tests took place is not yet advertised.

N. Dimidyuk said: "Two years ago, in one of the Arab countries, tests of the main combat tanks a number of states in really severe climatic conditions. "

In his words, the tests of the domestic tank began quite curiously: the receiving party wondered why the Russians brought only one tank, because according to their conviction, one machine must surely break down during the tests. But our tank did not fail.

N. Dimidyuk said: “For two days we taught their driver — it was a unique professional. During 10 days, the tank passed 1300 km, and it was not just in the sand, but in the flying dust, in the mountains at night…. the tank was closed at night so that we didn’t repair and tilt anything. After the tests, they asked to remove the engine. When it was removed, there was not a single oil leak in the pan "

T-90 made shooting various ammunition. During use weapons at a distance that, at the request of the host representatives, exceeded the limit per 3 kilometer, sixty percent of the targets were hit.

According to Dimidyuk, Leclerc (France), Leopard (Germany) and Abrams (USA) tanks took part in these tests, but they did not pass such tests. To the question of journalists why the Arabs have so far not purchased Russian tanks, Dimidyuk replied: "Next is politics."

At the same time, it is necessary to ascertain that along with the existing advantages, some parameters of the T-90C are already outdated. So, it uses the Otor protection complex "Curtain", which is able to withstand the 2 generation missiles. On the newer missiles 3-th generation "Curtain" can not influence. There is hope for the active protection of the Arena, but it cannot fight the attack cores and armor-piercing projectiles (BPS) and, in addition, it is exposed to microwave weapons.

But the main drawback of the tank is its practical insecurity from above, which makes it incapable of warfare. So, at present, high-precision cluster guided combat elements have been created that can be delivered in various ways (aviation, missiles and artillery) and can effectively hit armored vehicles from above.
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  1. Alexander
    Alexander 24 February 2011 08: 22
    The T-90 is an excellent machine, because of the shortcomings, they are also inherent in ALL the rest of the world’s tanks. Most can be eliminated now by introducing RUSSIAN inventions and the development of military scientists and designers. With the installation of only the WTO reconnaissance and fire system on it, we get a ground-air weapon system, and this is a new stage in the development of BTV. There is only one problem, which throughout Russia, who will develop and implement all this.
  2. Kudeyar
    Kudeyar 24 February 2011 09: 30
    And Serdyuk will say that our tanks are morally outdated and will start buying leklerki.
  3. Eugene
    Eugene 24 February 2011 09: 47
    What a one-sided game, it's just not serious, claiming your advantage without presenting any real evidence. And what if the representative of the USA, Germany and France announces that their tank was the best? Where is the objectivity? However, "some parameters" are outdated! And the parameters are the most important, what is the use of a tank that will be destroyed before it comes into contact with the enemy?
  4. sokol
    sokol 24 February 2011 21: 08
    If only one specialist spoke on this matter, otherwise this "analogs do not exist" tired of hearing, and the empty chatter of the townsfolk, too.
  5. Kudeyar
    Kudeyar 24 February 2011 22: 17
    I read one fantastic story, there they went through all possible types of armor to no avail. And in order to no longer play the race between the armor and the shell, they taught the tank to calculate the path of the projectile and automatically escape from the fire. That would be the way to do it for our tanks and not bathe anymore with armor especially.
    And then they’ll already put 150 caliber, and there it’s not too far up to 190, and if it doesn’t break, then all living things will die from detonation.
  6. Skills
    Skills 24 February 2011 23: 00
    The Pentagon has recently admitted that in the war everything is not decided by supernovae, including tanks, but by the quantity of good technology and the ability of the industry to quickly stamp out the replacement of the decreasing technology. All that was in the Red Empire, and to what is China.
  7. SOLDIERru
    SOLDIERru 25 February 2011 21: 20
    Firstly, the production of the T-90 tank, and its export version of the T-90S, was curtailed. At UVZ in N. Tagil, the tank production workshop is closed. T-90S is currently manufactured only in India.
    Secondly, the T-90, it is just a hybrid of the T-72 and T-80.
    In the third, the T-90 is weak not only in the upper sphere. It is a tank building world-wide, generally a lightly armored tank. But the Achilles heel of the T-90, zero survivability in cases of armor beating. Caused by the design features of the carousel.
    PS The hero of this article, of course, in addition to its shortcomings, has strengths. But it is definitely not the best fighting vehicle. In other words. T-90 is a worthy (but rapidly aging) representative of tank construction. But no more than that.

    I almost forgot, "Shtora" is not included in the standard equipment of the T-90.
  8. bean
    bean 3 March 2011 18: 21
    Kharkiv residents have already made Oplot on a similar basis and are exhibiting it at exhibitions, they have other developments. If there is no such thing then what is happening at Uralvagonzavod and who is to blame.
  9. MichaelVl
    MichaelVl 14 June 2011 22: 16
    But can the crew think of something if an enemy tank shell hits the tank? The crew will survive in general, even if the shell does not break through the armor ?? Can someone say that? Based on such considerations, in my opinion, it makes no sense to work out on creating super-armor ... We need to develop the armament of the tank so that the enemy could not come to a distance from which he could inflict defeat. If I'm wrong, correct it. Very interesting.
  10. svvaulsh
    svvaulsh 21 July 2011 11: 48
    And in my opinion, so all these newfangled high-tech, electronic gadgets and robots will be disabled and destroyed in the first months of the war. And there will remain the good old T-55s, AKs and other simple and reliable things that will ultimately decide the outcome of the confrontation
  11. cVM
    cVM 27 July 2011 13: 37
    Lord T-90 is twice as expensive as Leclerc, and this means that she’s twice as good as I generally am silent about Lopard, but the T-90 is inferior to a number of characteristics to Abrams M1A2, after the fight in Iraq, the Americans improved M1A2 more and it became much more viable. Abramss's M1A2 was destroyed by conventional missiles in Iraq

    Yes A stronghold is power, I think it is necessary to introduce it to the Arab countries
    1. protopop avvakum
      protopop avvakum 8 March 2012 12: 12
      So can you tell me how much Leclerc is worth? Postnikov himself said that it was twice as expensive as a Leopard, but that was misinformation. vice versa Leopard is three times more expensive than t-90
  12. Yves762
    Yves762 31 October 2011 09: 21
    We’re burning a little hole from the other end! fellow
    In principle, for such grandmas it would be better to develop new RPGs, ATGMs, turntables and an aircraft body kit. Armored vehicles do not live long in the city (the example of Grozny, the first Chechen one), but it is easily carried out by aircraft in the field (Arab-Israeli war). it's time to admit: tank (heavily armored) wedges no longer steer ...
  13. trojan768
    trojan768 19 December 2011 14: 04
    They sold the country, destroyed the army ... Something strange is going on with the Uralvagonzavod, is it really possible that they will let it go around the world?! ... And even worse they will force them to stamp spoons ... sad
  14. Sergey1512
    Sergey1512 2 March 2012 14: 21
    I believe that all these tanks, planes, guns, this is the last century, with any modification. For the past twenty years, Russia has been trying to catch up with other countries precisely in the old types of weapons. Maybe this is good at the moment, but we should not look into the future and create 5th generation airplanes, but flying vehicles on completely different construction principles (as an example of something like flying saucers), not tanks that shoot farthest and are better protected, and such installations, which in one gulp all these armored armada scatter to smithereens. Not ordinary ships with a maximum speed of 40 knots, but those that can move at a speed of 400 km per hour or more. We need to break the stereotypes in conventional weapons, only then we will be invincible.
  15. kov
    kov 30 September 2012 17: 38
    Transmission about Russian tanks (including T90S) -