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Small Russia remained defenseless


Kiev after the collapse of the Soviet Union received very good stocks of weapons for the ground forces, air forces and part of the Black Sea fleet THE USSR. In addition, in Ukraine, since the time of the Russian Empire (for example, a shipyard) and especially the Union, a powerful military-industrial complex was created - tank building, aircraft building, engine building, shipbuilding, etc.

But, over the 20 years of independence, Kiev practically didn’t put into service new equipment, a part of the Soviet legacy sold off, the military industrial complex degraded a lot, many enterprises closed down, or repurposed. The latest developments, or deep modernization of the Soviet technology, are mainly offered only for export, and not the Ukrainian army.

State of the land forces

The number is 73 thousand people. At the heart of tank and mechanized brigades, they are armed with: T-64B, T-64BM, T-72, T-84 "Oplot" tanks, infantry and assault vehicles BMP-1, BMP-2, BMP-3, BMD-2, BTR-60PB, BTR-70, BTR-80 armored personnel carriers, MTLB armored tractors, BRDM-2 combat reconnaissance and patrol vehicles. In total, Ukraine now has 774 tanks of all types.

Almost everything is a legacy of the USSR, T-64BM Bulat can be called new (56 units, 2009 was ordered in 29, 2010 was armed with a separate tank brigade in the Chernihiv region in the Chernigov region) and Ukrainian T-61 tanks "Stronghold" (84 units). But T-10 "Bulat", despite the advertisement, is a tank based on the development of the X-NUMX-ies of the T-64 tank. It replaced the 60TDF engine with an 64TDFM engine with 5 horsepower, installed a new air cleaner with increased air flow to power the engine, and finalize the exhaust system. Also installed a new fire control system and enhanced armor.

But the main thing is the prospects for their entry into the troops, Bulatov of all 6 dozens. The program of accepting "Strongholds", is due to lack of funds - the Ministry of Defense, even 10 tanks manufactured by the Malyshev Plant software, cannot be redeemed.

According to the draft Strategic Defense Bulletin for the period up to 2025, tanks are planned to leave 660 units. Other armored vehicles with 2332 units are planning to reduce to 1900. Here the situation is even worse than with tanks - all this technique of the USSR. The military-industrial complex of Ukraine has developed schemes for the modernization of all models of armored vehicles. So, KP "Kharkov Design Bureau for Mechanical Engineering. A.A. Morozova can change the BTR-60PB powerplant for new Ukrainian-made UTD-20 diesel engines instead of the GAZ-49B carburetor engines. On the BTR-70, instead of the ZMZ-4905 carburetor engines, it is proposed to install the UTD-20 diesel engine, and instead of the KPVT machine gun of 14,5 mm caliber - XBAUM 2 gun of mm caliber. The combat reconnaissance and patrol vehicles BRDM-30 offer to install the diesel engine SMD-2-21.

The modernization scheme for the MTLB was developed: a weapon module was developed, including an 30-mm cannon, a 7,62-mm machine gun, a 2 sight, as well as a smoke screen system. There is also the possibility of upgrading the BMP-1, the BMP-2, at Ukrainian enterprises, which would enable us to survive, and people will have jobs. But nothing is done in Kiev, politicians are busy with the division of power.

New Ukrainian BTR-4, ordered all 10 units, there is still a contract for 420 machines for Iraq, but it is delayed, the military industrial complex fails, 2 is affected by decades of downtime and collapse.

Land forces have missile units armed with the old systems “Tochka” and “Tochka-U” with a launch range of 70-120 km. Complexes 9K72 "Scuds", with weapons removed. In fact, Ukraine has almost lost "weapons deterrence ”, although the military industrial complex has developed a new multi-functional missile system“ Sapsan ”with a range of 280 km. According to the statements of the military, its development should be completed by 2016, and in 2020, the first battery will be in service. But there is no funding.

Ukrainian artillery is armed with guns are good and reliable, but also Soviet-made: it 122 mm self-propelled howitzer 2S1 "Carnation", self-propelled gun 120 mm 2S9 "Nona-C», 152 mm self-propelled howitzer 2S3 "Acacia", 152 mm self-propelled howitzer 2S19 "MSTA-S", 152 mm SAU 2C5 "Hyacinth", 203 mm SAU 2C7 "Peony", 152 mm howitzer D-20, 152-mm howitzer "Msta-B", 152-mm howitzer "chi-chi-chi-chi-chi-chi-chi-chi" mm mortars 120C2 "Sleigh" and 12 mm howitzer D-122. Anti-tank 30 mm guns T-100 and MT-12 "Rapier".

The only innovation for the BM-21 “Grad”, 9K57 “Uragan”, 9K58 “Smerch” salvo fire systems, is that the “Grads” are being reinstalled from the base of the “Ural” car to “KrAZ”.

Air Defense Systems: these are C-300B1 air defense systems, Thor air defense system, Kub-M3 air defense system, Buk-M air defense system, Osa-AK air defense system, Tungusk air defense missile system and Shilka air defense missile system, as well as portable Igla. All Soviet-made and requires modernization, but its prospects are not observed.

The situation with anti-tank missile systems (ATGM) is somewhat better, most of them are Soviet “Sturm-S”, “Konkurs”, “Fagot”, but there are already Ukrainian “Kombat”, “Skif” and “Corsair” weapons. In 2010, 10 complexes were ordered, from the Luch Kiev design bureau, 10-new Stugna-P anti-tank missile systems, after their testing, if they receive funding, they will go to the troops.

Armed with the army aviation Soviet helicopters: Mi-2, Mi-8, Mi-26, Mi-24. There are certain opportunities for its modernization, for example, on Mi-24 attack helicopters, new power plants TVZ-117VMA-SBM1V of the Motor Sec. Company can be used. In 2010, 19 Mi-24 and Mi-8 helicopters were repaired for UN peacekeeping operations in Africa. And so, Kiev has no money for a full-scale repair and modernization of the helicopter fleet.

Small Russia remained defenseless

Ukrainian Air Force

The number is about 48 thousand people. Armed: Sukhoi Su-24M, MiG-29 and MiG-29MU1, Su-27, 25-Su and Su-25M1, reconnaissance Su-24MR, combat-capable A-39, and L-39M1, transport An- 24, An-26, An-30, Tu-134, IL-76MD, Mi-8MT helicopters. All this technique is Soviet. Officially, An-2000 was adopted in the 70 year, but it was only seen in the military during the tests. There is an order for 10 aircraft, but when they go into service, it is not clear, according to official data, not earlier than 2012.

The list of the Air Force - 208 combat and 37 transport aircraft. According to data released by President V. Yushchenko, in 2008, 116 fighters were 31 fighter, 24 bomber 10, 12 reconnaissance planes 6, 36 8 attack aircraft 30 (about XNUMX% of military aviation personnel) Now the situation has not changed, apparently only became worse.

The military industrial complex is ready to repair and upgrade almost all types of aircraft, but there is no money and it probably won't be. Only modernization and repair of single aircraft takes place: in 2010, at the NARP plant in Nikolaev, the life of 2's Il-76 military transport aircraft was extended (work with another aircraft of this type is now ending), and at the Lviv aircraft repair plant - multipurpose MiG-29 fighters . Today, even the 3 and Su-27 aircraft are under repair, and the 5 aircraft L-29 are being upgraded at the aircraft repair facilities in Chuguev and Odessa. The General Staff promises to extend the resource or upgrade 2011-40 aircraft of various types throughout 45.

If Kiev does not repair and modernize its air force, in a few years, its air force will only be on the ground.

The air defenses as part of the Air Force are armed with: The Buk-М1 air defense system, С-300В1 air defense system, С-300ПС air defense system, С-200В air defense system. Also in the Air Force there are complexes of unmanned aerial reconnaissance BP-2 "Strizh" and BP-3 "Reis". As in the air defense of the Soviet Union all Soviet-made, requires deep modernization, its prospects are not observed. Almost no combat training.

The Ukrainian Navy

Here, perhaps the worst situation. After the division of the Black Sea Fleet of the USSR in 1997, Kiev received a rich inheritance - more than 70 ships and vessels. However, today, most of these transferred units are written off and disassembled “on needles”. Currently in service approximately 20 thousand people. The Ukrainian Navy has more than 30 warships and support vessels, 4 anti-submarine aircraft and 8 anti-submarine helicopters, 39 tanks, 178 combat armored vehicles and 66 artillery systems of a caliber over 100 mm, as well as coastal batteries PKRC. But no more than 20% Navy. The Ukrainian Navy is even unable to patrol the Red Sea to fight piracy, since The remaining ships, basically, are ships of the near zone, with autonomy of no more than 14 days. For example: a guard (according to the Ukrainian classification “frigate”) “Getman Sagaidachny” may reach the Gulf of Aden, but for further actions it is necessary to escort them with supply vessels for refueling, replenishment of food stocks and technical support. They were in Ukraine, but have long been "sawn" or sold

Kiev adopted a program for the construction of ships of the type "corvette" to protect its maritime border. But the question of financing, there is no money - the project is frozen.

Apparently, soon the level of the Ukrainian Navy will be lowered to the Georgian. It will receive free, or almost free, decommissioned boats and ships of Turkey, the United States and other NATO countries.

The general situation with the armed forces of Ukraine is very deplorable, according to military experts, it has almost lost the ability to protect its sovereignty. Even Romania, which has territorial claims against Ukraine, may well take away the disputed lands by force. The Navy and the Air Force are highly degraded and practically non-capable, the ground forces are also not in unsatisfactory condition, and without support from the air and the sea, they cannot defend the position of Kiev. The situation is worsened by the almost complete cessation of combat training - due to the crisis, it has almost not been conducted since 2009. Soon Kiev will have to ask to take under its protection from the countries of NATO or the Russian Federation.

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  1. Skills
    23 February 2011 10: 57
    Little Ros is a component of Russian civilization, its indigenous lands, to lose the Ukrainian lands - death is like. We will return, maybe not all at once, but in parts
  2. Wilno nasza
    Wilno nasza 23 February 2011 12: 34
    Gnawing at a bread place and no more. Look at the map, how many billions do you need for 2 Office of America? But what good did you spend money, all the secrets were stolen, Obama didn’t drip. Information was thrown out as unnecessary. Billions to the wind. It would be better to drink than water to stupa crush. This is how much space control? And how many reconnaissance satellites? And they are not able to distinguish a cruiser from an aircraft carrier. Serdyukov is right.
  3. Vaclav
    Vaclav 23 February 2011 12: 42
    Tell tales to yourself sworn brothers
    Comfort yourself with predictions and ratings.
    Ukraine Bula, буд і will be an independent power!
    Glory to Ukraine!!!
  4. Pіvdnyak
    Pіvdnyak 23 February 2011 14: 01
    And I walk around Moscow,
    I Bachu Monument to Bandera,
    Great trident on the Kremlin,
    I blue-zhovty banner in donkey.
    A great monument to Dontsov,
    Petrivka even without grati,
    Feel our mov everywhere
    I love all my machine.
    Everywhere garnі kraєvidi,
    On darts Muscovites hanging,
    I croc without look,
    Geto, de Zhids screaming.
    Silently in the community,
    Nemak lyakhiv, Moskaliv,
    Nemag Negro Chauvinist,
    All sorts of Putinov - goats.
    Silently in the Holy Mausoleum -
    Welcome to Solovki,
    They burned Lenina, the creature,
    And Kuchma is all the dust.
    Yaskravo make it clearer,
    І machіngver mіy u rutsі,
    Chervono-chorniy at vіkontsi,
    I am happy at Moscow.
  5. Skills
    23 February 2011 14: 24
    Rhymes Little Rosa does not protect
    1. vitya29111973
      vitya29111973 8 March 2013 13: 01
      Ros is a river in Ukraine. Dear, finish the first class - then write.
  6. Alexander
    Alexander 23 February 2011 15: 36
    Once Russia has already paid for the specific insanity of its elite (appanage princes), then for hundreds of years it crawled out of the yoke of "good" neighbors. Ordinary people are interested in living together, because an ordinary person has nothing to share. And a powerful state is a strong powerful protection of his interests, i.e. because he is his support, and the elite in such a state relies on him and does not depend on foreign influence. If this is not the case, as now, when the "elite" has accounts, property, relatives abroad, all talk about independence and patriotism is nothing more than cheap PR for Fools.
  7. Anti-scratch
    Anti-scratch 23 February 2011 19: 42
    Quote: Vaclav
    Tell tales to yourself, sworn brothers Comfort yourself with predictions and ratings. Ukraine Bula, є і will be an independent power! Glory to Ukraine !!!

    You prrezot =)
  8. Kostya
    Kostya 23 February 2011 22: 17
    Russians, think for a start how you will defend your Far East from China and Japan, when you defend your lands, then you will be clever about Ukraine and the Nazi "Russian civilization"
  9. anti-fascist
    anti-fascist 24 February 2011 11: 28
    Quote: Kostya
    Russians, think for a start how you will defend your Far East from China and Japan, when you defend your lands, then you will be clever about Ukraine and the Nazi "Russian civilization"

    hear, holostya, why do you hate Russia so much? give up Russian gas, be consistent until the end. tired of already unfinished Bandera like you
  10. Alexander
    Alexander 25 February 2011 20: 40
    so bring down your galicia and plant independence and independence (at the same time declare yourself the heirs of the Commonwealth), your Ukraine existed from 1918 to 1921 and now it’s not better.
  11. filosoff46
    filosoff46 27 February 2011 11: 33
    Yes, I agree someday to return their lands in the form of Little Russia. And the one who is our enemy will help to do this. For the successful implementation of this plan, it is necessary to connect the "hyena" of Europe, Poland, and the no less carnivorous vulture, eager to return "their "lands-Romania. One has only to promise Poland Galicia, this civilization, lost for the Russians and harmful to us. And Romania also to cede part of the territory to which it claims. At the same time, it is obligatory to return the Serpentine Island, Russia should not be scattered with its lands. Everything, and the process started.
    1. Oleksa
      Oleksa 18 May 2011 02: 18
      "For the successful implementation of this plan, it is necessary to connect" since filosoff46 is such a well-wisher, then it is probably worth promising the entire territory of Siberia to China, the Japanese not to take the two unfortunate islands, but to take everything, including Sakhalin, as well as all of Primorye. To the Germans to promise the return of Keniksberg, to return Karelia to Finland, to the Estonians to promise the Leningrad region. Chechnya, Ingushetia and Dagestan, promise the entire North Caucasus, Abkhazia to give Kuban, Belarusians return the Smolensk and Bryansk regions.
      Well, Ukraine does not need anything, well, just to align its eastern borders from Orel to Anapa.
      In general, you need less to drink, uncle!
  12. Igor
    Igor 3 March 2011 09: 01
    Maskavites calm down. You will not see Ukraine as your ears! They are making plans for a "return"!
    Your Raska is shrinking from all sides - think better how to improve your life and not screw up your territories in yellow and black. And we, on our own land, will somehow think about ourselves without your "persistent, unobtrusive recommendations."
  13. Alexander
    Alexander 4 March 2011 20: 33
    Really dear Russians restore order in their own country! you are with a handful of blackheads. you can’t cope; you are being cut and blown up in broad daylight!
  14. Sergei
    Sergei 8 March 2011 20: 01
    Ukrainians, I am a Ukrainian myself. Say this. You are so smart BUT. Why the hell are you - miserable victims of propaganda, consider Russia Raska? WHAT have YOU done for your homeland? Orete Glory to Ukraine and selling land for rapeseed to your enemies? What will your children eat? What will be their priority in life? You pathetic zombies, you don't know nichrome, you can't do nichrome, but you have ambition like the "jackals of Europe" - the Poles. Russia is either united, or it simply does not exist. Svidomi, for your information - until the 18th century there was no concept of UKRAINE !!! There were "Rusyns". Learn history, sick. "Kievan Rus"? Northern Russia was free, while Kiev was the outskirts of the Khazar Kaganate.
    You don’t even know your story - one pseudo pozreotichesky drive ... I do not even pity you.

    Alexander - what black-assed? Do you think that Chechen goys are buzzing there?
    ... Damn, in kind - every pipette dreams of becoming an enema ... It's so hard to be a Human ...

    Have you already protected your land from plunder and scolding?
    Boy, you did not see the faces of the amers when you dismantled 19 RD Strategic Rocket Forces in Khmelnitsky, 43 RD Strategic Rocket Forces in Pervomaisk, DBA regiment in Nizhyn.
    Do you know how to meditate logically ???
    Our country is doomed. There are no sane people left in it. This is not a people. This is a redneck.
    1. Oleksa
      Oleksa 18 May 2011 01: 28
      Ser_gey, who is "Ukrainian himself", Russia is already one and indivisible, Russia is Ukraine.
      And every Chud Zalesskaya, no matter how it calls itself, the Horde, Muscovy, the Russian Empire, the RSFSR or the Russian Federation, anyway - Chud, and the other Khanty - Mansi. tongue
      This Chud will be together with Chechnya and Buryatia, or all on their own, Ukraine-Rus, it does not concern, this is an internal matter of a foreign state, moreover, it is completely unfriendly.
  15. Kiev
    Kiev April 27 2011 23: 33
    Ukraine has always been unlucky with rulers. As well as good neighbors. Come on, Seryozha, with your brotherhood farther away and really without swearing. It is a pity that the Strategic Missile Forces were mediocre. By the way, it was necessary to look at the faces and Russians, our amers and dismantled, and warheads went to Russia.
    Something of brotherly love was not particularly observed when the money rustled. When back in 2004, Kuchma, in favor of Moscow, suddenly became sick of joining NATO, Russia imposed a restriction on the purchase of our sugar and bent awesome oil prices. Now they have already sold the Crimea Black Sea Fleet, so what? The price of gas is higher than in Italy, quotas for the supply of pipe rolling are lower than with orange. A trading port would have been there, the very Sevastopol could have risen quite well, see the example of Odessa, and the harbor there is not convenient as an example. But friendship is ...
    Oh, but father fell into the gums and climbed into an alliance with the Russian Federation, and he was bent gasoline crisis, now spits. So that we ourselves are better somehow. And you really, moderate your ardor to get into other people's affairs and deal with your non-Russian Russians. In Moscow, there are already significantly more non-Russians in total than Russians. How would you not be in the outskirts of some kind of kaganate in five years
  16. Vladimir
    Vladimir 3 May 2011 22: 53
    Svidomi, for your information - until the 18th century there was no concept of UKRAINE !!! There were "Rusyns". Learn history, sick. "Kievan Rus" Northern Rus was free, while Kiev was the outskirts of the Khazar Kaganate.

    So you then called Muscovy. Yes, the Ukrainian people have a difficult history, the more we are proud that we were able to maintain our culture, identity, and did not dissolve in the Polish or Russian, given the attitude to the Ukrainian nation from the Polish-Lithuanian Empire, the Russian Empire (tsar decrees prohibiting the use of the Ukrainian language), the Soviet empire .

    And with regard to history, not everything is as simple as it has been imposed on us all over the past centuries. Read the Constitution of Hetman Pylyp Orlik of 1709 (I think for Muscovy the word constitution was not relevant for 200 years), so there both Ukraine and Little Russia and Vitchizna (Motherland) are referred to as synonyms. And with regard to Little and Great Russia, our ancestors had no reason to consider themselves younger brothers. So the term Small is often used as a synonym for the words "root", "first", "initial". Russia as Russia was formed and went from the banks of the Dnieper, and already Prince Svyatoslav, having begun to tidy up new lands in his hands, expanded it, which expanded the borders of Great Russia. A similar association is Lesser Greece and Greater Greece (all where Hellenic culture spread). As confirmation: Small squad, Small council, and many other phrases traditionally mean not the secondary, but the main, the main thing.

    But you can’t rewrite history. We have suffered from neighbors (Russians, Poles, Turks). Thank God, we finally created our own state, and no matter how our eastern neighbors are grudging, we will not miss our chance. Well, we can’t build 200 new tanks a year or launch 20 ships each, nothing will be completed. Russia has 15000 tanks, and what's the point, a lot of problems with neighbors, contingents in dozens of hot spots, ethnic problems in the country itself. You yourself do not know how to live and do not give others. Everywhere where your bases are just problems: Moldova was split by its 14th Army, Georgia was split, we don’t let us live in Crimea with our imperial aibits.

    Kuchma was not the best president, but he correctly called his book "Ukraine is not Russia" ...
  17. Jury
    Jury 10 May 2011 23: 13
    Ehhh, they did not understand that we all do not need you for nothing. Maybe only a small part of Eastern Ukraine can be leveled to even the border, and your industrial industry cannot be bent, and even Crimea - there are good bases for the fleet.

    Although we will live without you. He will sell you gas, consumer goods (Chinese goes through us, etc.), receive money from you and not bother with any social programs, medical care, etc.

    Enough brotherhood, ate ... and fought, even for the "brothers of the Slavs" on the fucking Balkans and no one needed the Balkans in FIG. Great powers damn it. We are just dealing with our country and rebuilding it, rebuilding it. In general, deal with your problems yourself, and if anything, then think that you will be ready to sell for help. We will not just help, for a hundred years this has not fallen to us.
  18. Oleksiy
    Oleksiy 18 May 2011 01: 06
    The review is superficial and tendentious.
    It is clearly seen that the observer from Over Russia is an under-Ukrainian.
    The reasons are true, but conclusions are drawn - erroneous, if not stupid.
    The question is, why should the Ukrainian FMS patrol the Red Sea?
    What overseas colonies are there?
    Or do ships sail under the Ukrainian flag?
    Or extra money to voluntarily spend it on the protection of foreign private property?
    Just for the sake of farce?
    If the weapon is made in the USSR, and in working condition, what must be changed, just because it comes from the USSR?
    In the event of a war (God forbid) you will have to fight not with NATO, but with Russia, as the most aggressive and inadequate country in the world.
    Therefore, the Ukrainian army needs a strong air defense and air force, and the Navy only to patrol its sea borders, to drive tanks beyond the Volga and the Urals - it makes no sense, they will have to feed the prisoners, but they only dream about it.
    When Ukraine handed over the second nuclear arsenal in Europe, the countries of the "nuclear club" guaranteed it the inviolability of its borders, including Russia. But Russia, as always, quickly forgot about its obligations, but China did not. Therefore, let Chinese tanks iron the territories from the Urals to Chukotka.
  19. mitrich
    mitrich 18 May 2011 11: 05
    OLEKSIY (s), OLEKS (f), Nestor and other residents of the Ukrainian SSR.
    In principle, this comment of mine can be left on any material devoted to the Little Russian theme of the site. Stopped on this.
    I read the comments of the above figures and wonder: how much aggression and hatred, how much anger towards Russia, are directly Chechen in 1995 ...
    Colleagues, do not pay attention and do not boil when reading the "opinions" of these fuflogons. Ukraine is completely different, although there are also enough such idiots there.
    I'll tell you one case. A couple of years ago I was in Sevastopol, where I stayed with my friend, a local resident. His house and adjacent houses open onto the courtyard with their balconies, which forms the letter P. Leto. Heat. Naturally, the balconies of most apartments are open. I look, a healthy hooded hooded man with a donkey on his head (this is when a bunch of hair is left on the bald crown) is walking around the yard, wearing an "embroidered shirt", a mustache hanging down to his shoulders, just a character of a museum of folk crafts. With a friend in an embrace. Both gundosyat something of their own, "folk" ("ViaGru", presumably). What started here !!! Literally from every balcony, both in Russian and on the Move, they began to fire them, beer cans, cigarette butts and so on flew into the "embroidered shirt", which is not a pity ...
    Honestly, it's even ridiculous to read the reasoning of these inquisitive minds about the army and the navy. I saw both your "operetta" fleet, led by "Sagaidachny" (formerly "Kirov"), and your army. The form is beautiful, there are no words, there is a lot of "snot" on the uniforms, but what's the point? Recently I read that the Ukrainians tore a barge from the quay wall with crowbars and went on it to the Mediterranean Sea, to the coast of Libya. Spun around there under the ass of the Pindos, took some of the fellow countrymen, and back. We went on a campaign, in a word. That's all the "combat" work for many years.
    Aggressive Russia!
    Who needs you? You don’t even need yourself, judging by the number of your guest workers in the Russian cities in the afternoon and your women at night.
    We will come to you, of course, if you tearfully ask what to do with you, but not with machine guns, but with OMON truncheons to knock the dust out of the heads of some "commentators". And you will not become Oleksey, but a simple Alyoshka.
  20. maxRus
    maxRus 21 May 2011 12: 13
    This is all of course very not nice .. but the PATRIOT is right ..
    Che you (defenders of freedom of Ukraine) writhing all .. what kind of freedom do you still need ?? What, someone drives you for free work ??
    What grievances can be? Who didn’t let you live in the past ??
    Bandera, - it’s funny to say, you became a hero .. and in the furnaces they burned both Russians and Ukrainians together ..
    Yeah .. think you chtoli nothing more ..
    Well, you don’t have your own gas ..- buy! We buy cars in the west, since we don’t know how to do our own ..
  21. 13017
    13017 9 January 2012 19: 39
    Oh, we swear, we swear among ourselves, the country was blamed that Ukrainians are Russian and Pindos they want to do something