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War is a matter of psychopaths


In July, 2005, the National Geographic television channel, showed viewers a new project - a multiseries documentary about a person’s ability to kill a person. Much of this project turned out to be a real discovery for the public. The facts presented by the authors of the film are truly shocking, and the results of scientific research on this issue make us look differently at the man himself and at the war.

This radically changes our ideas, which seemed well-established and unshakable. Why is a normal person, even drafted into the army and fighting for their homeland, still does not want to kill? Science has found a biological explanation for this.

Denial of murder

The texture of the film is shocking, and at first it is even difficult to believe in it. In 1947, the US General Marshall organized a survey of World War II veterans from combat infantry units in order to determine the behavior of a soldier and officer in actual combat. The results were unexpected.

Only less than 25% of soldiers and officers of combat infantry units of the US Army during the battle shot towards the enemy. And only 2% deliberately aimed at the enemy. A similar picture was in the Air Force: more than 50% of enemy aircraft shot down by American pilots accounted for 1% of pilots. It turned out that in those types of battles where the enemy is perceived as a person and a person (these are infantry battles, aviation fighter duel, etc.), the army is ineffective, and almost all the damage caused to the enemy is created by only 2% of the personnel, and 98% are not able to kill.

A completely different picture is where the military does not see the enemy in the face. Efficiency tanks and artillery here is an order of magnitude higher, and the maximum efficiency of bomber aircraft. It was she who during the Second World War caused the maximum damage to the enemy’s manpower (approximately 70% of all military and civilian losses of the enemy). As for the infantry fighting "face to face", their effectiveness is the lowest among other military branches.

The reason - the soldiers can not kill. Since this is a very serious question of the effectiveness of the armed forces, the Pentagon involved a group of military psychologists in the research. It turned out amazing things. It turned out that 25% of soldiers and officers urinate or defecate with fear before each battle. In the US Army, it was generally the norm. As an example, "National Geographic" brings the memories of a veteran of World War II.
A veteran soldier says that he had wet himself before the first battle in Germany, but his commander showed himself wet, and said that this is a normal phenomenon before every battle: "As soon as I do, the fear disappears and I can control myself." Surveys showed that this is a mass phenomenon in the army, and even in the war with Iraq, too, about 25% of US soldiers and officers urinated or defecated before each battle for fear.
Emptying the bowel and bladder before the fear of death is a normal animal instinct inherited from animals by humans: it is easier to escape and escape with a bowel and bladder empty. But another psychologists could not immediately explain. About 25% of soldiers and officers experienced temporary paralysis of either the arm or the index finger. Moreover, if he is left-handed and must shoot with his left hand, then paralysis touched his left hand.

That is, precisely the hand and the finger that are needed for shooting. After the defeat of fascist Germany, the archives of the Reich showed that this same attack haunted German soldiers. On the eastern front there was a constant epidemic of "frostbite" of a hand or finger, which had to be fired. Also about 25% composition. As it turned out, the reasons lie deep in the psychology of a man sent to the force by force.

In this search, researchers first of all found that 95% of all violent crimes are committed by men, and only 5% are committed by women. Which once again confirmed the well-known truth that women are generally not suitable for sending them to the war by the state to kill other people. Studies have also shown that man is not an aggressive creature at all. For example, chimpanzees show monstrous aggressiveness in their behavior towards their relatives, which is evolutionarily absent in humans, since, according to scientists, aggressive individuals of the human race during human stories inevitably died, and only those who were inclined to compromise survived.

Analysis of the behavior of dogs showed that the instinct forbids dogs to kill their own kind. They have clear biological restraints of similar behavior, leading the dog into a state of stupor, if it begins to injure another dog, threatening its life. It turned out that a normal person in such situations becomes like dogs. Pentagon scientists, investigating the soldier’s stress during the battle, found that the soldier completely “turned off the forebrain” responsible for conscious behavior and included the brain lobes controlling the body and mind with the help of animal instincts.

It is this that explains the paralysis of the hands and fingers of the soldiers - by the instinctive prohibition on killing their own kind. That is, these are not mental or social factors at all, not pacifism or, on the contrary, fascism of a person’s ideas. When it comes to killing one’s own kind, biological resistance mechanisms are activated that the human mind cannot control at all. As one of the examples of "National Geographic", Himmler’s trip to the newly captured Minsk, where the Nazis of Germany and Belarus massively massacred Jews, leads him.

When, in front of Himmler, the ideologue and organizer of the extermination of the Jews, the Minsk Jew was shot, the head of the SS began to vomit and faint. It is one thing to write orders in the office far away about killing "abstract" millions of people, and another thing is to see the death of a very specific person sentenced to death by this order. The largest American psychologists Sveng and Marchand, who worked on the order of the Pentagon, found out in general amazing.

The results of their research were shocking: if the combat unit conducts continuous combat operations for 60 days, then 98% of the personnel go crazy. Who are the remaining 2%, which during the fighting is the main fighting force of the unit, its heroes? Psychologists clearly and convincingly show that these 2% are psychopaths. These 2% had serious mental problems before being drafted into the army.
The answer of the Pentagon scientists was as follows: the effectiveness of the actions of the armed forces of close combat contact is achieved only by the presence of psychopaths, and therefore the intelligence or strike breakthrough units must be formed only from psychopaths. However, in these 2% there are a small proportion of people who are not attributed to psychopaths, but can be attributed to the "leaders."

These are people who usually go to the police or similar bodies after military service. They do not show aggressiveness, but their difference from normal people is the same as that of psychopaths: they can easily kill a person - and not experience any feelings from it.

Wholesale murder

The essence of American research: the very biology, the instincts themselves prohibit a person to kill a person. And it was, in fact, known for a long time. For example, in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in the XVII century, conducted similar studies. A regiment of soldiers at the shooting range struck during the inspection of 500 targets.

And then in a battle in a few days, the entire shooting of this regiment struck only three enemy soldiers. This fact also leads National Geographic. A person cannot biologically kill a person. And the psychopaths that make up the war are 2%, but are the 100% of the entire strike force of the army in close battles, as US psychologists report, in civilian life they are also murderers and, as a rule, are in prison.

The psychopath is the psychopath: what is in a war, where is he a hero, what is in civilian life, where is his place in prison. Against this background, any war itself seems to be in a completely different light: where 2% of the psychopaths of the Fatherland fight with the same 2% of the enemy's psychopaths, destroying the mass of people who do not want to kill a person. The war makes 2% of psychopaths who do not care for the sake of killing someone. The main thing for them is the signal of political leadership for reprisals. This is where the psychopath's soul finds its happiness, its finest hour. Studies of American scientists concerned only the behavior of the US Army during the Second World War.

Our domestic military historians, already foreseeing, are ready to argue that "the Americans are bad warriors, but our army showed the heights of courage and heroism." Why are articles published everywhere that we supposedly "did not give up, but died". This is a bluff. How many Americans surrendered to Hitler? Sheer trifle.

But the USSR showed a record, not surpassed by anyone (and never sure,) how to surrender to the aggressor. Hitler attacked the USSR with an army of only something in 3,5 million. And this army surrendered to 1941, 4, a million soldiers and officers of the personnel of the Red Army.

Here, of course, it was not the desire to kill anyone who worked, but another was an attempt to get rid of the hated USSR, when in 1941, Hitler was seen as a “liberator” from the Jewish Bolshevism, of the accursed Stalin, who was in the people’s livers.

Veterans of the United States of the Second World War and Vietnam, Iraq, and Russian veterans of the wars in Afghanistan and Chechnya — all agree on the same opinion: if at least one such psychopath appeared in a platoon or company, the unit survived. If it was not - the unit died.

Such a psychopath almost always solved the combat mission of the entire unit. For example, one of the veterans of the American landing in France said that a single soldier had decided the whole success of the battle: while everyone was hiding in a shelter on the coast, he climbed to the fascist dota, fired an automaton horn into his embrasure, and then threw grenades at him all

Then he ran over to the second dota, where, fearing death, he alone! - All thirty German DotA soldiers surrendered. Then he took the third pillbox alone ... The veteran recalls: "It looks like a normal person, and in communication he seems quite normal, but those who lived closely with him, including me, know that he is a mentally ill person, complete psycho. "

In search of psychopaths

The Pentagon drew two main conclusions. First, it is necessary to build the fighting in such a way that the soldier does not see the enemy that he is killing. For this, it is necessary to develop remote war technologies as much as possible and to focus on bombing and shelling. And secondly, those units that inevitably come into direct close combat contact with the enemy must be formed from psychopaths.

Under this program, "recommendations" for the selection of contract servicemen appeared. Most of all, psychopaths have become desirable. Moreover, the search for people for contract service ceased to be passive (selecting from those who applied), and became active: The Pentagon began to search purposefully for psychopaths in the US society, in all its layers, including the very bottom, offering them military service. This was the realization of a scientific approach: armies need psychopaths.

Namely - in close combat contact units, which in the USA today are formed only from psychopaths. The United States is a big country, and its population is twice the size of the population of the same Russia. And psychopaths there for military service can be found for 20 years of "scientific approach" incredibly much. This is probably the source of the victories of the US Army in current wars. Not a single army in the world today can stand up to the US Army not only because of technology, but primarily because the United States is the first in the world to understand the science of murder and form shock units only from psychopaths.

Today, one professional soldier of the US Army is worth hundreds of soldiers of other armies, because it is found and selected as a psychopath. As a result, the armies of other countries still suffer from the same disease - in close combat only about 2% are able to actually fight, and 98% cannot kill. And only the United States here significantly changed the effectiveness of the contact battle of its troops, bringing it from 2% in World War II to 60-70% today.
In a normal society, we treat psychopaths. Is it not time for us to recover from war itself, if, according to the research of scientists, a person does not want to fight, cannot fight, is not intended by Nature or God to fight. A man should not fight. This is the norm. And everything else - psychopathy, illness.
"Secret Research"
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  1. Klibanophoros
    Klibanophoros 3 January 2012 15: 54
    Apparently therefore, the Zapadents never understand what mass heroism is ...
  2. Crang
    Crang 30 September 2013 21: 19
    The article is incomprehensible. Reminds me of "British scientists have figured it out." Well of course all this "Only less than 25% of the soldiers and officers of the combat infantry units of the US Army during the battle fired towards the enemy. And only 2% deliberately aimed at the enemy." nothing more than nonsense. In battle, any normal person aims directly at the enemy and there is nothing of the sort. These are those who cannot "kill a person" 2%, and not vice versa, as is told here. In addition, with modern weapons, there is no need to cut, strangle, etc. I pressed the button and done. On the roads, they kill for petty reasons, and even then in war. As for the exceptional endurance of delirium: "Today, one professional US soldier is worth hundreds of other armies." here and comment on something sickening. Memories of Otto Carius, who actually fought with the Americans - "in the end, thirty Americans are hardly worth five Russians ..." To destroy the enemy you don't have to be a psychopath. There is really little that psychopaths can do: