Russian Arms Expo-2013: exhibits and statements

The main event of the week was the international exhibition of arms and military equipment Russian Arms Expo-2013, which started on September 25 at the Prospector training ground near Nizhny Tagil. RAE-2013 deservedly bears the title of one of the world's largest military-technical salons. This year, the test site near Nizhny Tagil became a platform for demonstrating the products of more than 400 companies and organizations from several countries. The level of international interest in the exhibition is clearly shown by the fact that delegations from fifty foreign countries arrived at RAE-2013.

The Russian defense industry presented several new developments at the RAE-2013 exhibition, as well as modernization projects of existing equipment. An interesting feature of the current exhibition was a fairly large number of announcements: manufacturers of military equipment a few days before the event began to talk about their new products, the display of which is scheduled for RAE-2013. At the same time, information about one of the most interesting exhibits remained closed to the public until the salon opened.

A few days before the exhibition opened on the Internet, a photo of a wheeled armored vehicle with cannon armament appeared. In the photo, the sample was covered with a tarpaulin, which immediately led to a debate about what kind of car was preparing to be shown on RAE-2013. The answer to this question turned out to be much more interesting than some versions that have been expressed. As it turned out, the Russian enterprises "Uralvagonzavod" and the Central Research Institute "Burevestnik" together with the French companies Renault Trucks Defense and Nexter Systems are developing a promising wheeled infantry fighting vehicle of a heavy class. While the project is at the stage of working out the concept, but some of its features already now allow us to talk about fairly large prospects. On a conventional chassis with the 8 XX8 wheel formula, a turret with an automatic gun of the 57 caliber is installed. The capabilities of such a weapon are significantly higher than that of any other gun used on modern BTR or BMP. It is expected that the promising Russian-French infantry fighting vehicle will interest foreign customers.

Russian Arms Expo-2013: exhibits and statements

A few months ago, it became known that Uralvagonzavod was preparing its new development for RAE-2013, which is a further development of the already well-known car. During the exhibition, the first demonstration of the updated tank support combat vehicle, which received the BMPT-72 index, took place. The purpose of this modernization was to increase the combat characteristics of the machine "Object 199", as well as ensuring unification with the existing technology. The BMPT-72, as its name implies, is based on the chassis of the T-72 tank. The main features of the weapons complex remain the same, but some of its elements have been changed. Thus, the use of new electronic systems has reduced the crew of a combat vehicle to three people. Provided bullet and splinter protection of a number of units of the tower. It is assumed that the BMPT-72 vehicles will not only be built, but also converted from T-72 tanks. In the latter case, the base tank must undergo repairs, during which, at the request of the customer, it is possible to replace the power plant. Allegedly, BMPT-72 retained all the fighting qualities of the previous car of this class, and surpasses it in some parameters.

With the line of domestic tank support vehicles associated with a few more news. Vice Prime Minister D. Rogozin said that this class of military equipment will be improved and new models of BMPT will appear in the future. In the future, it is planned to create a machine with rocket-gun armament on the basis of a heavy armored Armata platform. Thus, all domestic BMPTs will use the chassis, unified with the tanks used in the troops. Due to the lack of a ready-made Armata production platform, the Nizhny Tagil Uralvagonzavod enterprise still has to make plans in accordance with the current state of industry and troops. The general director of Uralvagonzavod, O. Sienko, said that the production of BMPT-72 could be started soon. Specific dates were not called, which can be explained by the lack of orders of the Ministry of Defense. Nevertheless, rumors about the possible adoption of BMPT-72 into service have been circulating for quite some time.

A large number of T-72 tanks operating in the Russian armed forces and several foreign armies forces tank builders to create various options for upgrading this technology. At the RAE-2013 exhibition, Uralvagonzavod presented its version of a complex of additional protective equipment designed to ensure the survivability of the tank in the conditions of modern urban battles. To protect against various anti-tank weapons and explosive devices, it is proposed to equip the T-72 tank with several additional modules. Thus, it is proposed to install dynamic protection system modules on the frontal and onboard parts of the hull and turret. The stern of the hull and the turret are covered with anti-cummer grids. For protection against radio-controlled explosive devices, the T-72 tank with a set of protection equipment carries an electronic countermeasures system RP-377-VHM1-L. The task of this system is to suppress the frequencies used to command mines. The problem of protecting the tank commander, firing from a machine gun installed in front of his hatch, was solved in an original way. On the sides and back of the commander is closed flap complex shape, protecting from bullets and shrapnel. To monitor the situation, each of the five panels of the shield is equipped with bulletproof glass. In the event of movement through the rubble, a TBS-72 dozer blade is included in the security kit for the T-86 tank. With the help of this unit, you can make passes in obstacles, as well as dig trenches. After installing a set of protective equipment, the combat weight of the T-72 tank increases to 50 tons, which probably leads to a decrease in its mobility.

Another version of the modernization of the T-72 tank presented at RAE-2013 implies the installation of the Arena-E active defense system. This complex allows you to automatically monitor the situation around the tank and track the anti-tank missiles or grenades flying towards it. Arena-E independently detects threats and issues a command to launch protective ammunition. The active protection complex is capable of destroying anti-tank ammunition, flying up to the tank at speeds up to 1000 m / s from any direction in azimuth. The lesion sector in elevation is from -6 ° to + 20 °. High reliability of work is ensured by double redundancy of each direction.

Visitors to the RAE-2013 exhibition could not only see the developments presented at the stands and exhibition venues, but also observe their work. For example, during the demonstration performances of the technology, the updated Shilka-М23 anti-aircraft self-propelled gun ZSU-4-4М4 was shown. The new ZSU differs from the previous modifications in the composition of radio-electronic equipment and weapons. Instead of the old analog electronics on the Shilka-M4, modern digital devices are used. In addition, new night-vision devices that do not require illumination, new communications equipment, a system for monitoring radio electronic equipment, and an air conditioner are installed on the combat vehicle. The combat capabilities of the ZSU-23-4М4 are significantly increased due to the use of the Strelets anti-aircraft missile system. At the rear of the turret, two launchers with attachments for transport-launch containers of the Igla family of rocket launchers are installed. Through the use of guided missiles increases both the range and the probability of hitting targets.

It is noteworthy that in addition to the modernization of military vehicles, the domestic defense industry is actively engaged in projects for other purposes. Thus, at the Russian Arms Expo-2013 exhibition, a new fire extinguishing and rescue complex, based on the T-80 tank, was shown. The tank-based fire truck was developed at Uralvagonzavod by order of the Russian Ministry of Defense. The complex of facilities necessary for extinguishing fires in ammunition depots is installed on a significantly modified tank chassis. The armored vehicle is equipped with a water tank volume 25 cube. meters and, if necessary, can send a jet at a distance of up to 100 meters. The fire truck based on the T-80 is equipped with video cameras and remote control systems, thanks to which it is capable of operating without endangering the crew. Now they are undergoing the latest tests of the fire engine, and in the foreseeable future, the re-equipment of the remaining T-80 tanks will begin. In the future we plan to create a similar project in which the chassis of the T-72 tank will be used.

RAE-2013 has become a platform for various applications. Vice Prime Minister D. Rogozin spoke about the actions of the state aimed at optimizing the economic processes in the defense industry. In order to reduce the cost of re-equipment, a legal framework is now being created to resolve the issues of pricing for products of defense enterprises. First of all, emphasis will be placed on flexible prices. According to the deputy prime minister, this will be useful both for the Ministry of Defense and for enterprises. Such an approach will allow planning work on the creation of high-tech equipment with a production cycle for about 5-7 years. At the same time, Rogozin notes that the price of any contract must initially and guaranteedly be the profit of the contractor. The task of the state is not only the rearmament of the army, but also the development of industry. Therefore, it is necessary to take into account the interests of the latter.

In the future, industry and the military department will continue to conclude contracts involving not only the supply of weapons or equipment, but also full service during the entire service life. The military-industrial commission under the government has already made a decision, the number of such contracts will grow. According to D. Rogozin, full-cycle contracts are one of the main ways of implementing the current state program of rearmament of the army.

The exposition of the exhibition Russian Arms Expo-2013 was divided into two parts. One of them was opened for visitors, and only specialists and officials with special permission could get to the second. In the closed part of the exhibition were shown several new developments, which are still too early to demonstrate to the general public. According to some data, the leaders of the Ministry of Defense and the state showed a promising tank based on the Armat platform. Prime Minister D. Medvedev who visited the exhibition noted that there were many interesting things in the closed exposition. He did not rule out that at the Victory Parade in 2015, some samples may appear, which so far are shown only to a narrow circle of high-ranking officials of the government and the Ministry of Defense. Medvedev noted that a considerable part of the projects presented at the exhibition was not only developed, but also ready for an early start of mass production.

In the near future, the Prospector testing ground will undergo some changes, for many years it has been a platform for the exhibition of weapons and military equipment. The general director of Uralvagonzavod, O. Sienko, said that this year the salon organizers faced some problems and limitations of an infrastructural nature. In this regard, a government decree has already been issued, according to which the prospector will be expanded and updated. Thus, the RAE-2015 exhibition will be held at a new level.

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