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"Semi-active armor"

Anatoly Ukhov, an inventor with a lot of experience, turned to the Red Star editorial board. He was twice offered to travel to the United States under the State Department’s program since 1987, and 5 years ago to Israel. But he refused to leave Russia. Unfortunately, in his native country, he has to make truly heroic efforts to pate and promote inventions. He told us about one of his significant inventions - “semi-active armor”.

There are no analogues to it, ”says Ukhov,“ and at the moment no such projectile or missile has been created that could hit a tank or an armored vehicle with such armor.

I offered this development to many defense enterprises. He said: "Sit in front of me the leading designers, and I will explain to them the principle of work, but I need guarantees." But no one under such conditions worked with me, everyone refers to the fact that they are FSUE, etc., which means that you need to go through a number of complex bureaucratic procedures.

True, in Nizhny Tagil, where they do TanksHaving delved into the essence of the problem, they immediately offered to work in the patent department from 9.00 to 18.00 and, except for the reservation, do nothing else. This proposal did not suit me, because I work in several directions. And they can just pick up inventions without paying for them, as for my patent “Automatic weapon»For number 96111106.

For "semi-active armor" I request not so much. Especially when you consider that at current prices in the defense industry М1А2- “Abrams” costs 4,3 million dollars, T-90 - approximately 70 million rubles.

According to my calculations, with the use of “semi-active armor” technology, the combat capability of armored vehicles increases at least 2-2,5 times.

Now our tanks or self-propelled guns are produced with 152 mm caliber guns. It is almost impossible to get one of them with the second projectile or rocket to the same place on the target. Recall that the first projectile pierces the active and dynamic armor, and the second - theoretically the main. But "the shell does not fall into the same funnel twice."

It is more reasonable to use the caliber of a projectile or missile from 175 mm to 203 mm. Even if the shell does not penetrate the armor, the crew will die from the force of the strike or detonate the ammunition.

It is also necessary to use "semi-active armor" - a new one, not a single projectile or rocket will penetrate such frontal armor, except for those with a nuclear warhead. By cost and weight, it is equal to the active armor. Also onboard and stern armor is provided, and it is necessary to retrofit a tank with two instruments, they have been used for decades and worked to perfection.

I guarantee that my 15-20 armor will allow the T-72 to withstand all foreign tanks, especially if you replace the cannon with a larger caliber cannon. "
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  1. Vlad
    Vlad 15 February 2011 10: 48
    annoying ... there are new ideas, but they are not applied
  2. Kopalhem
    Kopalhem 15 February 2011 11: 29
    I can be subjective, but: it was not worth the respected inventor to refuse the offer of the plant. It is necessary to use any opportunities - work from 9:00 to 18:00, and the rest to do in their free time. How else?
  3. Alexander
    Alexander 15 February 2011 11: 35
    There is also a "preliminary" armor, the meaning of which is that it destroys it by the energy of the projectile itself. Published in the collection of the Volga branch of the AVN No. 4 (39) for 2009. While we will look at inventors as weirdos, and at scientists as on second-class people, the country will continue to slide into the abyss and no Skolkovo will help.
  4. yurik200
    yurik200 15 February 2011 12: 16
    The respected inventor did not have to reject the proposal from the United States if there were any, but now it is not clear his whining ............. and were there these "proposals"? You can say anything. And what kind of armor, only his PR action. Now many different psychos are looking for a way to earn winked
  5. unbelieving
    unbelieving 15 February 2011 12: 25
    what tanks with a 152 mm gun? inventor, what are you talking about? serious people did not waste time listening to this nonsense.
    and penetration of armor depends not only on the caliber, but also on the weight of the projectile, its speed, etc. the slope of the armor and its thickness + its design (combined for example). How can I average ?!
    about the caliber in 203 smiled. put the tsar’s cannon on the tank right away.
  6. Lee
    Lee 15 February 2011 21: 07
    There was such a KV-2 tank with a 152 mm gun :) Seriously, the leading tank-building countries have long been trying to develop a 140 mm tank gun.
  7. Michael
    Michael 15 February 2011 21: 26
    The only question is one thing - on one side there is an inventor, and on the other there are a bunch of profane, ignorant, careerists and so on .... Well, well, it didn't "go" in one place, another, but according to all the canons of the genre it cannot be, who then it will catch on to the idea, find application.
    Or all the same, the author has the idea of ​​a perpetual motion machine and all the arguments against are perceived with hostility.
  8. sokol
    sokol 15 February 2011 21: 29
    there are rumors that there is a 150 mm gun on the "object", there is nothing surprising in this, but that charlatans in Russia have become a dime a dozen, carrying any b ... d, this is no secret for anyone!
  9. Sergei
    Sergei 17 February 2011 11: 58
    gentlemen, ill-wishers! If the author of the T-34 hadn’t come to Moscow on his own, to prove to eccentrics the letter M its advantages, then .... (conjecture yourself). And you are on the hands of a man. Are you on a stool for salary?

    I am a retired colonel of the medical service and do not understand the armor. But a similar situation, as they say in Odessa, was in Tambov. Do not YOU remember how Dr. Ilizarov introduced his apparatus into traumatology, so read V. Brumel, or do not remember To the author of the armor of health, patience and good luck!
  10. bean
    bean 17 February 2011 18: 07
    In general, the relevant structures of the Ministry of Defense should constantly monitor the status of developments in the field of development of military equipment, for which patents, articles, scientific reports, intelligence data, etc. are studied. This is the beginning of the introduction of innovative technology, which is now fashionable to talk about. If the inventions in Russia weren’t dead weight and worked for the country, she wouldn’t sit on a raw material needle. Everything would be different. Nothing will introduce this risk and unnecessary chores, after all, and live so well.
  11. SOLDIERru
    SOLDIERru 17 February 2011 20: 46
  12. Alester
    Alester 21 February 2011 18: 55
    Ukhov is a noble clown, he has been hovering around the Tm'ovskaya get-together for twenty years, he was an ufologist, a psychic, he was looking for a Bigfoot, now he moved to the gunsmiths.
  13. Gennady
    Gennady 22 February 2011 08: 21
    This meant apparently not 152 mm but 125 mm, a typo from the author.
  14. Eric
    Eric 8 March 2011 14: 57
    Bob is right!
  15. Honory
    Honory 20 September 2012 21: 04
    I wonder how he wants to install a 203 mm cannon on the T-72? And why is the tank such a gun, how much will this tank weigh and what kind of ammunition will it have?