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Polygon Kapustin Yar will receive new equipment

Polygon Kapustin Yar is considered to be the cradle of the national rocket and space technology. It was discovered in the late forties, and is still actively used to test new types of missiles of various classes. As it became known a few weeks ago, the effectiveness of the landfill by the end of this year will increase significantly. The Ministry of Defense intends to modernize a number of landfill systems.

Altimeter PRV-13

In mid-August, it was announced that, according to the plans of the military department, by the end of 2013, the works on updating the telemetric information reception facilities would be performed at the Kapustin Yar range (the official name of the 4 State Central Interspecific Test Site) 4 GTSMP. As part of the work, the landfill will receive a new data transmission and reception system based on modern digital systems, including satellite communications. At the same time, as noted in August, 20 units of electronic equipment by the time they were delivered to the landfill and another 10 is planned to be brought in the coming months. The upgrade program of the 4-GCSM equipment implies the installation of new receiving-transmitting stations, receiving information processing complexes, radio relay stations, etc.

Until the beginning of the next year, it is planned to completely update the complex of facilities for receiving and transmitting data. After performing these works, the modernization of the Kapustin Yar polygon will continue. At 2014, the year is scheduled for completion of the re-equipment of the polygon with antenna complexes and systems of a single time. As a result of all the work on upgrading the radio-electronic equipment of the 4 th GSMP, it will be able to significantly improve its ability to test rocket technology. In particular, the new systems will be able not only to collect information automatically, but also to independently evaluate the characteristics or effectiveness of the tested products. Thus, for the next few decades, Kapustin Yar with updated equipment will remain one of the main test sites for rocket technology.

During the first works on the re-equipment of the 4-th State Central Interspecific testing ground was tested by the Commission of the Command of the Strategic Missile Forces. From 9 to 14 September, representatives of the command of the Strategic Missile Forces inspected various objects of the Kapustin Yar test site. The purpose of the test was to assess the capabilities of the test site and military personnel, as well as preparation for the testing of promising rocket technology, which will be held in the near future.

Work on updating the electronic systems of Kapustin Yar, as well as checking facilities and personnel clearly show how important this test site is for the Russian armed forces and the defense industry. In the past few years alone, dozens of missiles of various classes and types have been launched on it. In the future, the tests will continue, and, as follows from the statements of representatives of the Ministry of Defense, in the near future it is planned to carry out several particularly important tests.

At the beginning of June of this year, the fourth test launch of the advanced Rubezh intercontinental ballistic missile took place at the Kapustin Yar test site. The launch and flight of the rocket went well, the training warheads hit conditional targets at the Sary-Shagan test site (Kazakhstan). Shortly thereafter, the head of the Main Operational Directorate of the General Staff, Colonel-General V. Zarudnitsky said that another test launch would be held before the end of this year in the Rubezh missile tests. After that, the new missile system will be adopted. Deliveries of serial missiles to combat units of strategic missile forces and the deployment of the first regiment armed with them will begin next year.

To date, four launches have been carried out in the framework of the Rubezh intercontinental missile tests, three of which have been completed with success. Half of the missile launches were conducted at the Kapustin Yar test site. The last of the planned test launches will also be held at the 4-GCMP. Thus, the Kapustin Yar test site, not Plesetsk, where only the first two launches were carried out, can be considered the main test site for the Rubezh ICBM.

Completion of tests of the Rubezh missile is currently a priority goal for the military personnel of the 4 State Central Interspecific testing range. However, other tests are being conducted at the Kapustin Yar test site. Currently in our country there are several projects of missiles for various purposes. In this regard, the planned upgrade of electronic systems will preserve and improve the capabilities of the unique test complex.

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  1. Ivan79
    Ivan79 17 September 2013 07: 37
    It is very good. Great news.
    1. astra
      astra 17 September 2013 09: 20
      The landfill is good, the terrain is flat and the climate is okay. When modernizing, landfills must first be modernized and equipped with the latest equipment, otherwise it is problematic to unleash the potential of new weapons being tested on old equipment.
      1. NEMO
        NEMO 17 September 2013 17: 24
        Quote: astra
        The landfill is good, the terrain is flat and the climate is okay. When modernizing, landfills must first be modernized and equipped with the latest equipment, otherwise it is problematic to unleash the potential of new weapons being tested on old equipment.

        The landfill is very promising, but in addition to updating Kapustin Yara’s electronic systems, it is especially necessary to improve living conditions and nutrition for those arriving at combat training. In 2009 after firing at this firing range, almost all of our personnel ozrdn suffered from dysentery, and struggled with lice for another half a year
    2. AVV
      AVV 18 September 2013 16: 20
      The latest types of missile technology for the Strategic Missile Forces is to strengthen the Russian Nuclear Shield so that Abama and McCain discourage the desire to promote gay democracy around the world with their exceptionalism!
  2. Anatole Klim
    Anatole Klim 17 September 2013 08: 08
    If the landfills are being modernized, then the construction of new equipment continues at full speed, we will wait for news about new tests.
  3. Ruslan
    Ruslan 17 September 2013 08: 17
    it pleases, no doubt.
  4. Postovoi
    Postovoi 17 September 2013 08: 40
    Great news, the army is on its feet in full: sudden training alarms, upgrades, adopting new equipment into service ... This is not all, I hope to keep it up! :)
  5. avt
    avt 17 September 2013 08: 44
    If so, then happy for Kapyar! The place for Russia is simply historical.
  6. waisson
    waisson 17 September 2013 09: 42
    but in the photo I see 60 years
  7. Asan Ata
    Asan Ata 17 September 2013 11: 58
    Yes, no, then the posts were just khaki.
  8. Alex-m0use
    Alex-m0use 17 September 2013 12: 41
    PRV -13 (a mobile radio altimeter, I don’t remember the serial number exactly, but I think 13). An altimeter is located on the hill, a diesel engine and a control cabin are at the bottom. He served an urgent one in 1989. At that time it was no longer considered new.
    1. Ka-52
      Ka-52 17 September 2013 13: 37
      I agree with you!

      The modernization of the landfill is long overdue. Yes, all (money) hands did not reach. Now we have reached the "planned order" laughing Because the old equipment (60-70 years) can no longer cope with the new requirements. Only present it as some kind of breakthrough. At one time, even under Yeltsin, they wanted to close it altogether and give it to people fool And this is the place where they conducted 11 air nuclear explosions.
      The fact that they are modernizing is pleasing, but I would like more specifics. When we demolish and build a house, we don’t say that we are upgrading the old one!

      All of the above is my personal opinion.
      If there are other facts, I will be glad to read. hi
  9. Was mammoth
    Was mammoth 17 September 2013 14: 18
    Was at the shooting in 1974 at the range. C25th. Previously, the regiments were assessed by year based on the results of real shooting at targets. It turned out beautifully! It looks very cool when the rockets start. Not to be compared with movie shots. By the way, combat work was stopped when American satellites floated over the training ground. I remember. Some "smart guy" decided to arrange a chemical day in a residential town during breakfast. The officer who threw a can of smoke into our crew was almost killed. There was practically no water in the town. One could wash at three in the morning. Interesting, has anything changed? They also announced the singers for five days of arrest (we sang a song about Fantomas in the ranks. And this is "glory" to the whole USSR) Partly true. when they returned, they were amnestied. winkFive brought.
  10. Gur
    Gur 17 September 2013 17: 35
    Another good news
  11. andrei332809
    andrei332809 18 September 2013 16: 23
    hi Kapyaru greetings from Orenburg
  12. xomaNN
    xomaNN 18 September 2013 18: 19
    Certainly, ground telemetry launcher equipment should be in "digital" and at least this 21st century release winked