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Active Denial System - the weapon of the future

The Active Denial System is one of the most interesting non-lethal weapons developed for the US military.

Active Denial System is designed to help cope with unrest. It is non-lethal, energetic weapon, which transmits invisible electromagnetic radiation, thereby creating a burning sensation on the skin of people. This causes pain in people and causes them to flee or leave the area where the Active Denial System is used. Military officials call this the "Goodbye Effect".

Because of its ability to cause burning on the skin of people, the Active Denial System was also called the "heat ray." Defense Dentheon Company is developing the Active Denial System for the US military. Modern models of the system are being tested for transmission of electromagnetic radiation at 95 GHz, which is significantly more than radiation at 2.45 GHz, which are transmitted using a microwave oven. Active Denial System can heat water molecules on human skin to 60-70 degrees from a distance of 500 meters.

Active Denial System - the weapon of the future

Active Denial System is being developed to help the military and law enforcement agencies to disperse evil and dangerous crowds of people. The system does not burn people, it affects only a small area of ​​the skin. However, it causes temporary pain in people. The controversy broke out over the Active Denial System. Critics claim that the long-term effects of the system are not known, and that these weapons can be used as an instrument of torture.

In addition, ADS can block the operation of bank cards by sending an electromagnetic wave to a magnetic tape or chip card. Thereby the person who gathered to receive interest on card balance, can be left without cash.

However, the Active Denial System has attracted a lot of interest from military and law enforcement personnel around the world. Many security experts expect the system to be used along with other crowd control methods, such as tear gas, water cannons and rubber bullets. The Active Denial System was featured on the Discovery Channel called “Weapons of the Future”.

Currently, the Active Denial System is available as a vehicle-mounted weapon. However, the US Marine Corps and US police forces are working to create portable versions of such devices. In June, the US military 2010 launched the Active Denial System in Afghanistan. However, after the media reported on the use of this system, it was removed from the territory of Afghanistan. The US military said they are still testing the Active Denial System.
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  1. homeland
    homeland 15 August 2013 10: 49
    Once I watched a plot about this weapon - they showed the results of its impact on the crew after its prolonged use. Many became disabled, having suffered a brain injury, accompanied by complete damage to the tissues of the face and neck.
  2. Sashkessss
    Sashkessss 16 August 2013 11: 04
    At one time in the 2003-2004 game C&C: Generals Zero Hour there was this indistinct delusional machine called "Microwave Tank". She knocked down the systems of other tanks with prolonged exposure. Now let's take a prototype of this system, which is in the news
    With an increase in range, this vehicle will be able to warm up the armor of tanks, thereby creating terrible discomfort. With prolonged exposure, the combat vehicle will turn into an oven and roast the crew alive, while the bodies will not be much harmed. The electronics in the car will burn out to hell, because the insulation of the cables will not withstand such loads. So this is not a "burning sensation on the skin", but a full-fledged combat vehicle, but again, the Americans do it. And they have no idea how to protect the crew, like Bradley. Therefore, we get the situation described by Comrade Vatan