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The Northern Fleet will go to the Arctic Ocean

On the eve of recent Naval Day Fleet fleet commanders of this type of the Armed Forces held several press conferences, during which they spoke about the latest achievements and plans for the future. Perhaps one of the most interesting from the point of view of the development of the fleet and its operational plans was the statement by the commander of the Northern Fleet, Admiral V. Korolev. According to him, in the very near future, the sailors of the Northern Fleet will make several major campaigns.

The Northern Fleet will go to the Arctic Ocean

For example, over the next few months, a group of ships of the Northern Fleet, headed by the heavy nuclear-powered missile cruiser Peter the Great, will go to the eastern regions of the Arctic Ocean, where it will carry out its combat training tasks. The second planned cruise of ships will be timed to the centenary of the expedition to the North Pole by G. Sedov. During this event, several ships of the Northern Fleet will go to Franz Josef Land, where they will also conduct all the necessary combat training operations.

It should be noted that the planned trips to different areas of the Arctic Ocean and its seas will not be the first in the newest stories. In October last year, a detachment of ships of the Northern Fleet had already made a similar expedition and conducted several training events. For example, for the first time in the history of the Russian Navy, a landing party was landed on the unequipped coast of the Kotelny Island (the Novosibirsk Islands). In the course of those exercises, naval sailors studied new areas, and the marines tested their skills in the landing area on an unfamiliar coast.

In this way, news last October and recent statements by the commander of the Northern Fleet clearly indicate the plans of the Russian Navy command for the future. Following the planned trips, we should expect the next such events, the purpose of which as a result could be the permanent duty of the ships of the Northern Fleet in the northern seas. Among other things, this suggests a change in the area of ​​responsibility of this operational-strategic alliance of the Navy. Previously, the Northern Fleet worked only west of the Barents Sea. Now the sailors of this fleet will have to patrol the waters of other seas washing the northern regions of Russia.

The presence of ships of the Northern Fleet in the seas of the Arctic Ocean can pursue several goals at once. First of all, it is, of course, a demonstration of the flag and strength. Russia has the longest maritime boundary beyond the Arctic Circle, which requires it to apply appropriate geopolitical and military measures. Another, more utilitarian, goal is to protect the country's economic interests in the northern regions. In this context, it is possible to recall both the mineral reserves of the Arctic shelf and merchant shipping. Due to the specific climate, the Arctic Ocean and its marginal seas are very difficult to develop, but in some cases the complexity of use is offset by potential benefits. An example of such a calculation is Chinese plans. At present, China intends to build an icebreaking fleet to transport various cargoes to Europe along the Northern Sea Route.

An equally important reason for the presence of ships in the seas of the Arctic Ocean is the issue of strategic security. It is the northern seas that are the most convenient area of ​​the planet in which NATO can deploy its ships with missile defense systems. Being in the waters of the Arctic Ocean, an American cruiser or a ABM destroyer can most effectively intercept Russian intercontinental ballistic missiles aimed at US facilities in the active leg of the flight. Thus, in the near future, the ships of the Northern Fleet may receive a new important task: assistance to strategic missile forces and counteraction to sea-based foreign missile defense systems.

The last task for Russian sailors, who will have to serve in the seas of the Arctic, will not be as noticeable as the previous ones, but no less important in military and economic terms. Part of the waters of the marginal seas of the Arctic Ocean is not sufficiently studied. In the case of some areas, there is even no information on the depth of the sea or ocean at one point or another. In the past, these data could not be collected for a number of climatic and organizational reasons. Now, thanks to the reduction in the amount of ice, it became possible to perform not only combat missions, but also help science, collecting the necessary information. Of course, not only warships, but also specialized scientific vessels will be engaged in a detailed study of the northern seas.

Of course, all the issues listed will be resolved not immediately, but gradually. Unfortunately, the state of the Russian Navy so far does not allow ships to be constantly on duty in a particular area. However, it should not be forgotten that any such large and important business begins with the first small steps. Last year's trip to the Novosibirsk islands with the landing of troops, as well as planned trips to the eastern regions of the Arctic Ocean and to Franz Josef Land are the very first steps in a big deal. Thus, for several years, the Northern Fleet will not only be able to make trips to the seas of the Arctic Ocean from time to time, but also be constantly on duty in these areas, representing the interests of Russia there and solving the assigned tasks.

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  1. poccinin
    poccinin 12 August 2013 09: 08 New
    North is OUR !!! And there is nothing for the Chinese to do.
    1. chunga-changa
      chunga-changa 12 August 2013 09: 23 New
      What does China have to do with it. Soon, you will really have to drive different AUGs, ADHs and other arliberki from the Franz Joseph land, and they will not be Chinese at all. It’s good if the islands are not controversial. Only the Norwegians officially recognized our border in the west of the Arctic, the rest did not care.
      1. alone
        alone 12 August 2013 09: 42 New
        Americans and Canadians just want to wield in the Arctic
    2. ivshubarin
      ivshubarin 12 August 2013 11: 42 New
      So far, only one icebreaker has been mastered by China, and we have about 30
  2. kind
    kind 12 August 2013 09: 09 New
    I am glad that articles about such events appear more and more often, which means that everything is not bad at all !!!
    1. donavi49
      donavi49 12 August 2013 09: 26 New
      Well 2013 year campaign will set a record for swimming. Since the beginning of the year, fleets have not left the seas. In addition to Aden, Syria was added (the same Yaroslav the Wise set a record for the duration of the campaign in recent history), 20380 began to leave the Baltic Sea (the premiere of Kiel Week and Brest for the Guardian and the Savvy), the Pacific Fleet is conducting the third major exercise in the 2 of the month (Sea Commonwealth with China, alarming as part of a combat readiness check with access to the islands and new exercises with live firing and 40 ships in the Sea of ​​Okhotsk), the Black Sea Fleet again sent Moscow to the Ocean (Cuba today), the Northern Fleet sent Kulakov to Syria, and then to the Ocean (Cuba).

      An extensive program is planned for Autumn:
      - A new naval group of Pacific Fleet in Aden;
      - rotation of the Mediterranean squadron;
      - the campaign of the aircraft-carrying cruiser Admiral Kuznetsov, together with guards in the Mediterranean Sea;
      - Arctic campaign of the Northern Fleet squadron (this is already a tradition, last year half of the NSR passed).
      1. Kibalchish
        Kibalchish 12 August 2013 10: 47 New
        It feels like a retro photo laughing wink
        1. Volkhov
          Volkhov 13 August 2013 03: 26 New
          Quote: Kibalchish
          retro photo

          Installation - line number 121, between the embankment and the cruiser a tugboat is tied, the bay is larger than Havana, people look to the side - they were blinded from what was.
      2. Zheka Varangian
        Zheka Varangian 13 August 2013 00: 07 New
        Quote: donavi49
        Well, the 2013 campaign will set a record for swimming.

        Teaching is good! Still, 2013 would be a record for the delivery of ships !!!
  3. LOCKS
    LOCKS 12 August 2013 09: 22 New
    The North is always shallow and will be of strategic importance. And even if it’s not a constant presence, but the demonstration of the flag should be constant. Otherwise, others will quickly take our place.
  4. Asan Ata
    Asan Ata 12 August 2013 09: 38 New
    It seems to me that Russia should begin to build bases on eternal ice, closer to the pole. To have points of stationary monitoring and counteraction at the pole - fuel economy and border marking and monitoring of neighbors.
    1. Col.
      Col. 12 August 2013 11: 07 New
      Quote: Asan Ata
      It seems to me that Russia should begin to build bases on eternal ice, closer to the pole.

      In the region of the pole, and indeed in the Arctic Ocean, there are no eternal ice. And our bases have been and have been successfully operating since the 40's - 50's, including on Svalbard, ZPI (as the polar explorers called Franz Joseph Land), Novaya Zemlya (naturally!), Not to mention the coast from Kola -You to Chukotka. Life was in full swing there! My father flew in Polar Aviation as a navigator in the early 60's and talked a lot about it. There were dozens of airdromes (Amderma, Tiksi, Dikson, Ust-Kara, Nagurskaya, Cape Kamenny, Tareya, etc.), hundreds of sites throughout the Arctic. Every day, dozens of flights were carried out to conduct ice reconnaissance, escort ship caravans, support bases and research stations, explore gas and oil fields, deliver cargo, mail, furs, ambulance flights, etc. etc. Now everything is abandoned and forgotten ... We have to start almost from scratch. And you have to start!
      1. Syrdon
        Syrdon 12 August 2013 15: 41 New
        Recently, a program was broadcast about researchers of the Arctic and to paralell as it is today. Everything is in terrible decline, everywhere we have left. we are not there and it is very bad, the coast is not covered, people are only in certain places and then on a rotational basis. The North must be ours and must be mastered as in the Soviet years.
  5. Kovrovsky
    Kovrovsky 12 August 2013 09: 54 New
    Good news!
  6. valokordin
    valokordin 12 August 2013 11: 08 New
    Quote: Kovrovsky
    Good news!

    The Northern Fleet should primarily work in the North and protect the Northern Sea Route about all kinds of partners.
  7. pensioner
    pensioner 12 August 2013 12: 00 New
    The Arctic is Russian! All "partners" must understand this for themselves. And the numerous Arctic islands should be settled as far as possible. First, for military and research purposes, and then with national economic goals. And settle in the Arctic FOREVER.
  8. abrakadabre
    abrakadabre 12 August 2013 12: 12 New
    Title: The Northern Fleet will go to the Arctic Ocean
    With all due respect. A strange title.
    And where is the Northern Fleet based? At the equator chtol? Al in the Caspian?
    If corrected, then everything will be in place.
  9. Peaceful military
    Peaceful military 12 August 2013 23: 59 New
    Without going into history, it is enough to understand that since the Anglo-Saxons / Germans rushed into this area and, since such battles between the USSR / RF and all "civilized" ones for this undoubtedly our part of the Earth, then this is a strategically important part.
  10. Vladya
    Vladya 13 August 2013 00: 36 New
    A trip to the eastern regions of the Arctic! May come to us, although unlikely