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By the end of the year, the army will receive new mobile hospitals

Work is continuing on updating the equipment of the Russian armed forces. Together with weapons and military equipment, new models of the unit receive other equipment. According to Izvestia, by the end of this year, military doctors will also upgrade their special equipment. The Defense Ministry will acquire four mobile hospitals, according to the number of military districts.

By the end of the year, the army will receive new mobile hospitals

According to Izvestia, in the development of a mobile hospital for the armed forces, the project’s groundwork was used, according to which similar systems were manufactured for the Ministry of Emergency Situations. According to an unnamed source "Izvestia" in the Main Military Medical Directorate, the development of a new airmobile hospital for the needs of the army is currently being completed. The general features of the complex are already defined and it remains only to complete the selection of specific equipment. After that, in the near future, a contract for construction and supply will be signed.

For the time being it is planned to order four such hospitals. They will be assigned to four military districts and will be taken to the right place. It is also assumed that mobility will allow, if appropriate, to send hospitals to the territory of another military district, where they will help local doctors.

The decision to purchase new mobile hospitals suitable for use in the armed forces was made in the past 2012 year, but the main work in this direction began only relatively recently. Previously, various options for equipping military medics with new equipment were considered, including those purchased abroad. Thus, the possible purchase of a German mobile hospital manufactured by Zeppelin was mentioned. However, in the future, the leadership of the military department decided to get by with the help of domestic industry. Both tents and medical equipment of new hospitals will be manufactured in Russia.

According to "Izvestia", the basis for the new army hospitals took a similar complex used by the Emergency Situations Ministry "Centrospas". At the same time, during the study of the appearance of the hospital for the armed forces, the military doctors expressed their wishes related to the specifics of their work. Because of this, promising hospitals for the armed forces will be less suitable for helping the civilian population, but at the same time they will have great opportunities in the field of surgery, blood transfusion and assistance to the wounded. The exact composition of the equipment and units of the mobile hospital has not yet been announced.

Despite this, some conclusions can be drawn on the basis of the appearance of the Emergencies Ministry hospitals. So, the Centrospas doctors can in the shortest possible time arrive at the crash site and deploy a full-fledged field medical institution with a consultation and diagnostic unit, operating rooms, resuscitation, X-ray unit, ultrasound and ECG units, as well as its own blood laboratory, wards, and a residential unit for medical the staff. The capacity of the hospital complex allows it to work offline for two weeks and take up to one hundred people per day. The basis of the airmobile hospital of the Ministry of Emergency Situations is tent modules, which accommodate all the necessary medical equipment. The complex also includes heaters and air conditioners that allow medical staff to work in different climatic conditions. The efficiency of all hospital systems is ensured by an energy module with diesel generators.

The mobility of the hospital is provided by its architecture. The basis of the complex are tents, which during transportation occupy a relatively small volume. All elements of the hospital are packed in several containers before transportation. Dimensions of the latter allow them to be transported on any suitable transport, from trucks to aircraft. Thanks to this, the hospital of the “Centrospas” detachment can be promptly delivered to a given area and deployed there. It is worth noting that the deployment time on the spot is one of the strengths of the Emergency Situations Hospital. In this parameter, rescue equipment is significantly ahead of similar systems used by military doctors.

Currently, military doctors operate mobile medical assistance complexes (PCVP). Elements of this complex are located on the KAMAZ or Ural truck chassis and can be redeployed to the required area as soon as possible. The PCVP, like the Airmobile Hospital of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, is equipped with all the necessary medical equipment, but at the same time it differs from its counterpart in a number of characteristics. In particular, existing hospitals in the army are able to serve up to 250 people per day. However, greater opportunities for receiving the wounded are compensated for by lower mobility due to the nature of the marching configuration of the complex.

The reasons for choosing a new mobile hospital for the needs of the armed forces have not yet been announced. Probably, the mobile qualities of the hospital, built according to the scheme already used by rescuers, affected. There is also a version according to which the cause of future deliveries of new hospitals was some aspects of the previous work of the Minister of Defense S. Shoigu. However, there is no official information about the specific reasons for choosing such airmobile complexes.

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  1. Grenz
    Grenz 23 July 2013 08: 47
    But who will work in them?
    In this case, I want to swear with such obscenity that I am already breaking my teeth. First you recall how they cut classroom doctors, closed the hospital, and even wanted to slam the medical academy.
    They were fired: a surgeon performed several unique operations, doctors - those who were on business trips to "hot spots" in shifts, nurses - with experience in caring for wounded soldiers.
    All were either fired, or transferred to civilian jobs and left, or the salaries and rates were changed so that it became impossible to work.
    So, excuse me, who will work in your hospitals?
    I would not want anyone to go to such a hospital, the equipment is good, but the only way out is to God.
    You first claim that you have created a powerful system for the training and life support of medical staff, and only then boast about hospitals. They again rolled in the money (apparently not small), and not there. A good, but hungry doctor will not work in them anyway. They will stand idle in the backyard of extinct hospitals, as a reproach to our reformers.
    1. Constantine
      Constantine 23 July 2013 08: 54
      I would not judge so unambiguously. Burdenko, for example, has excellent doctors. Those who took an oath and were ready to sacrifice themselves for the sake of saving the soldiers, in hot spots, to return to service if conditions are satisfactory, or if the "X" hour comes. Such people are out of politics. Offended or not, they are doing their duty.

      Not everything in this world is measured in money, no matter how they would like to impose this measure.
      1. Grenz
        Grenz 23 July 2013 12: 29
        I agree with you that not everything is measured in money. In Burdenko, of course, there are and will be excellent doctors. But how would you say softer - Burdenko is Burdenko. There, not only soldiers are treated.
        But my fellow doctors, whom I know from service in the southern republic, repeat the well-known words: "I would be glad to serve, it is sickening to serve ...". The head of the department is asked to become a civilian. Moreover, business trips are not canceled. And the payment for the hotel is 550 rubles. those. go, but at your own expense. Therefore, I do not accept your last phrase. There is no need to defend the Motherland for free today. You just need basic common sense in making decisions. The film "Officers": "The commander must think and not just wave a sword !!!" This is useful, by the way, at all levels.
    2. seller trucks
      seller trucks 23 July 2013 13: 23
      Quote: grenz
      But who will work in them?

      Of course, I understand that military field medicine has a certain specificity, but as far as I know, all doctors, without exception, are liable for military service, and if God forbid, why "under the scalpel" you can put a lot of medical personnel, it's another matter where and in what conditions to carry out medical -preventive actions. My daughter enters a medical school, so there is a 1: 3 competition so there are a lot of specialists and there is where to call.
      1. Grenz
        Grenz 23 July 2013 20: 42
        Here are just a daughter, before she can conduct a surgical operation to extract from the body of a soldier an unexploded grenade from a grenade launcher (the name of the surgeon is Vorobyov), oh how much experience will first be gained. And this time and not saved human lives. Such specialists are not made at a time. That is what I would like to speak about. And what if the Motherland calls. Well then of course - let's go. But still I trust my former military doctors more.
  2. Russ69
    Russ69 23 July 2013 09: 42
    Quote: grenz
    But who will work in them?

    Of course, Taburetkin did things. But during the time they caught on and stopped the reform of military medicine. The Academy is functioning, recently someone from Shoigu's deputies gave an interview on this matter and it seems like they promised to fix everything within two years. In any case, these issues are resolved, and we will see what happens.
  3. Starover_Z
    Starover_Z 23 July 2013 14: 25
    We've got some positive news lately. Well, if this is not only "newspaper ducks", but also a reflection of real updates in the army!
    Let's hope for this and that the army will become fully combat-ready really.
  4. datur
    datur 23 July 2013 14: 40
    Apparently Serdyukovsky was moved away from this order and the suit went !!! wink
  5. Dazdranagon
    Dazdranagon 23 July 2013 16: 45
    The main thing is that they are not made in China ... smile
    1. El13
      El13 23 July 2013 18: 12
      This is just not the main thing. bully
      1. Grenz
        Grenz 23 July 2013 20: 47
        Guys, I don’t understand something, but where are you?
        As in China - there is no concept changed - there is a concept mixed up! Plus for nick
        1. El13
          El13 24 July 2013 01: 12
          Incubator we will ...
  6. sso-xnumx
    sso-xnumx 23 July 2013 22: 42
    again the master poked a finger - I want the same, and everyone said bu sde.
    That akamedia, that no one really can justify anything to the Main Military Medical University, that’s why they mold every kind of mnum. Excluding destination at the stages of evacuation. In crimping everything through ..opu ..........
  7. bublic82009
    bublic82009 23 July 2013 23: 23
    and who will work there? the army has so reduced medicine that military personnel from Podolsk are taken for tests to Krasnoznamensk. and doctors have such salaries in the suburbs that grannies and lady dandelions work blind and inactive. nor what good can be if the beggars treat millionaires.
  8. RoTTor
    RoTTor 24 July 2013 00: 58
    some next unfortunate defense minister from furniture makers, who knows the army from paintball videos, will again disperse the military medical service. Will mobile bars for generals or field brothels be arranged in these hospitals? Moreover, not seeing stability, no one will rush into military doctors.
  9. Dazdranagon
    Dazdranagon 24 July 2013 08: 11
    Quote: El13
    This is just not the main thing.

    Yes, the main thing! Let our industry raise! It's a shame just that we even order such trifles in China ...
    PS I’m doing repairs, I needed a trowel ... So even they are being taken from China ...
  10. wk-083
    wk-083 11 August 2013 00: 48
    It's time.
  11. albanech
    albanech 30 August 2013 12: 03
    Where have they been before? It's too late again! Everything is as always - "missed * li"!