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Eyskaya thread from Kiev will lead?

Last week, behind all the hype about various court decisions, the news of large-scale military exercises, events related to Edward Snowden, information about the first flights taking place at the test and training complex under construction in Yeysk was barely noticeable. The first aircraft that flew up to the sky from its complex was the Su-25UTG. After a couple of days, the YSK version of NITKA (ground test aviation training complex) took several ship Mig-29KUB at once. Thus, in Yeysk, the founding day of the Russian maritime aviation.

Eyskaya thread from Kiev will lead?

The events that took place in Yeisk are not ordinary. Why? The reason is not so much the fact that military construction in Russia is not just being resumed, but it also brings the first tangible results, but rather because its complex allows Russian naval aviation pilots to improve their skills regardless of the mood of their neighbors.

The fact is that until recently, representatives of naval aviation had the opportunity to carry out training activities either directly on the Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier, which remained, in fact, the only aircraft carrier ship in Russia, or on NITKA, which was located near the Crimean town of Saki. For obvious reasons, you won’t fully train at the aircraft carrier, therefore the main emphasis was placed on the Ukrainian training complex. Kiev, which is on its aircraft carrier navy He put an end to it in the early nineties, realized that dismantling the bricks and cinder block NITK in Novonefyodovka (near the mentioned city of Saki) is not worth it, because it cannot be uninteresting for Moscow. And if it cannot be such for Moscow, then from this it is quite possible to have certain profits. Market, you know ... Nothing personal ...

In the end, Moscow after a long break associated with the total underfunding of its own defense industry and the euphoria of the beginning of 90-s under the slogan “There are no opponents of new Russia,” really paid close attention to the complex in the Ukrainian Novonefyodovka. The initial amount of the annual rent, which was set by the official Ukrainian authorities, clearly could not be called draconian. It was about 500 thousands of dollars, with the bulk of this amount was "natural products": spare parts for aircraft, which remained on the Ukrainian airfields, sets of technical documentation and more in this spirit.

In general, in the second half of the 90-s, Kiev and Moscow shook hands, and NITKA in the Crimea, at the very least, Russian pilots began to use deck aircraft. At the very least, not only because at this point the skills of take-off and landing in the conditions of the aircraft-carrying cruiser were significantly confused, but also because Kiev often tried to use NITKA in Novonefyodovka as a trump card in hydrocarbon disputes. However, all the "nitty" friction between the Russian and Ukrainian authorities was overcome: somewhere through negotiations, somewhere due to an increase in rent. It was possible until Mr. Yushchenko was brought to power in Ukraine. This same gentleman, demonstrating his solidarity with the Georgian “Napoleon” Mikhail Saakashvili during the Tbilisi aggression in South Ossetia, decided to close the Novonefyodovsky training complex for the Russian military. Like, Misha, do not drift, Victor is with you - I am doing everything I can ...

Moscow had no choice but to abandon plans to use the Crimean training complex. But as they say, every cloud has a silver lining. Less than two years after the Yushchenko’s demarche in Russia, it is decided to build its own NITKA under Yeisk. As they say: all the stars for such a decision came together. First, the ban by the Ukrainian leadership in terms of using Russian pilots NITKA in the Crimea, secondly, the emergence of sufficient funds for the construction of its own counterpart, and thirdly, the policy of modernizing the Russian army (and fleet, respectively).

In February, 2010 in Yeisk had already begun to begin the formation of the Center for Combat Use of Naval Aviation. Two years later (that is, literally the other day) the complex passed the first tests using combat aircraft, and these tests were successful.

NITKA in Yeisk is a multifunctional airfield, one of the clusters of which imitates the deck of an aircraft carrier. The airfield of this cluster is equipped with aerostreaters, which were created at the Vyborg Shipyard, and a special springboard. The other cluster is two runways, each of which has a length of about 3500 meters. The main purpose of the complex will be the development of naval aviation pilots skills to take off from the deck of an aircraft carrier, as well as landing skills on it.

The first training exercises concerned the verification of lighting equipment from naval aviation aircraft MIG-29KUB. Verification was successful.

In the near future, it is planned to carry out installation work on the platform in the Sea of ​​Azov (not far from Yeisk) of a platform on which Russian helicopter pilots will take off their skills for landing (landing). The site will be equipped with special systems that can imitate the excitement of the sea of ​​a certain force, which will contribute to the better development of skills for taking off and landing naval aviation helicopters.

In Ukraine, back in the 2011 year, as soon as plans for the construction of the Russian version of the THREAD began to be realized, this construction was considered an unfriendly step.

An interesting thing turns out: a constant change in the terms of the rental of NITKA in Novonefyodovka from Kiev, or even a complete ban on the use of this complex is a step, you know, friendly, That variant suspiciously resembling a dog in the manger: I myself will not give it to others!

Now, the Ukrainian authorities and representatives of the military corps decided to move away from such an argument as an “unfriendly gesture” (obviously, realizing the strangeness of their own statements), but at the same time they found another way in trying to defend their interests (if they exist at all). This way: to prove to Moscow that construction near Yeysk is a waste of time and money. They say that the money spent on the construction of the NITKA in the Krasnodar Territory would have been enough to lease the NITKA in Novonefyodovka for at least another century.

Well, no one here, in principle, does not argue. Building such a complex is a costly business. But ... A country like Russia cannot afford to keep its security components constantly used as objects of bargaining. After all, Yushchenko was already in power in Ukraine, which prevents another “Yushchenko” from coming to power in the fraternal state, who will again engage in blatant blackmail, using any opportunity that came to hand. In the end, no one knows what to expect from Yanukovych darting from side to side ...

Of course, Ukrainian stakeholders would continue to subject obstruction to the construction of a naval aviation complex near Yeisk if not for the Black Sea Fleet. With thoughts: “to hell with her with NITKoy - we will focus on using the factor of the stay of the Russian Black Sea Fleet in the Crimea for our own purposes” and calmed down. They calmed down - well, they would not calm down - this is also the tenth matter: NITKA is almost ready under Yeisk, and therefore all the concerns of foreign authorities can be ignored. Themselves, by and large, and provoked ...

The case of the Russian military leadership is to pay less attention to such concerns and to bend one’s own line. And this line must be utterly simple: to improve the defense capability of Russia. Today, it seems, this line is being maintained. Well: keep it up!
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  1. Ivan79
    Ivan79 22 July 2013 07: 28
    Guys let's be friends! (WITH)
    1. Rustam
      Rustam 22 July 2013 08: 34
      Finally it was completed, and now our ship pilots will not depend on the whim and bad mood of the Ukrainian authorities (we will want to fly and train, but we will not)

      ps-The problem is that with the introduction of the simulator in Russia, the need for the same complex in Ukraine disappears, the trouble is that the Nitka complex in Crimea can disappear like a dream, and all because the previous leadership of Ukraine and the bureaucrats constantly torpedoed and disrupted the training of our ship pilots.
      1. MstislavHrabr
        MstislavHrabr 22 July 2013 08: 52
        As if the Ukrainians did not lease it to the Chinas or 3,14ndos. And they can host their base. Multi-vector - nothing personal - money ... Much can be changed both in the economy and in politics ... A more flexible policy must be pursued with regard to Ukraine. This may be our weakest point. After all, you don’t expect a stab in the back from your brother ... But, unfortunately, the wrong people rule there ...
        1. Rustam
          Rustam 22 July 2013 08: 58
          did not rent it to the Chinas or 3,14ndos

          Will provide? This is not necessary for China and India, since the construction of their analogs such as Thread is ending there, there is no need for a Ukrainian simulator
          1. Misantrop
            Misantrop 22 July 2013 10: 36
            Quote: Rustam
            the need for a Ukrainian simulator

            The simulator is Soviet, Ukrainian is not there. And the garrison is called Novofedorovka wink
            1. viktorR
              viktorR 22 July 2013 12: 28
              Well, you can’t say that Ukrainian is not there, Ukraine is still part of the USSR, and NIUTK was built by the whole union. But Novoukrainsky there is definitely nothing there, they grabbed onto it like parasites wanted to suck out more, but it turned out that they did not suck but sucked ...
              PS The grandmother and father still live in Saki, as a child there often spent summer vacations at sea, just near Novofedorovka, then they flew (the second half of the 80s) a lot and not only at NIUTK. There was still an assault regiment in my mine.
              1. Misantrop
                Misantrop 22 July 2013 12: 59
                There was a regiment of Tu-22
                1. viktorR
                  viktorR 22 July 2013 13: 36
                  Yes, there were still those old not third emoks, but the SU-25 was definitely there, a lot of naval aviation.
                  1. Misantrop
                    Misantrop 22 July 2013 22: 40
                    This is later. And the Tu-22M3 were in Veseloy and Oktyabrsky. And the Novofedorovsky regiment was on a clean Tu-22 (this is a completely different machine)
        2. mogus
          mogus 22 July 2013 09: 05

          "China copied
          unique Crimean
          complex THREAD | Updated 22.04.2013 "

          April 18 in Chinese
          photos appeared on the Internet
          taking off from the ground
          deck jump
          J-15 fighter. By
          some reports this pilot training center
          carrier-based aircraft located
          near the city of Wuhan
          (Hubei Province,
          central part of China). Judging by the photos, you can
          to conclude that
          Chinese landfill
          landing systems with
          ship means
          shortened takeoff and landing of aircraft
          reminiscent of Ukrainian
          thread complex on
          Saki airfield. Not exactly known accepted
          whether participation ukrainian
          specialists in the process
          building chinese
          complex or chinese
          the party independently erected it. Earlier China
          expressed interest
          in training their pilots
          carrier-based aviation on
          Ukrainian training ground. AND
          official delegations visited the complex more than once

          There is a photo ...
          1. fedorovith
            fedorovith 22 July 2013 17: 58
            Long ago sold everything .. what will we sell next?
        3. Wedmak
          Wedmak 22 July 2013 09: 36
          The multi-vector nature of Ukraine has already come back with several frustrated treaties and contracts with Russia. Well, if this continues further, this same multi-vector system will tear Ukraine apart like a tusik heating pad!
          Although I do not want it to come to that. All the same, brotherly people.
          1. PROXOR
            PROXOR 22 July 2013 10: 03
            Quote: Wedmak
            The multi-vector nature of Ukraine has already come back with several frustrated treaties and contracts with Russia. Well, if this continues further, this same multi-vector system will tear Ukraine apart like a tusik heating pad!
            Although I do not want it to come to that. All the same, brotherly people.

            Well tear and tear. The eastern part with Crimea and Kiev itself will go into the customs union. Western will lick ... Opu Romania, NATO and Geyrope!
            1. old man54
              old man54 22 July 2013 16: 11
              Quote: PROXOR
              Well tear and tear. The eastern part with Crimea and Kiev itself will go into the customs union. Western will lick ... Opu Romania, NATO and Geyrope!

              Theoretically, yes, true, but practically ... Zapadentsy, without central and, most importantly, post-mortem and southern Ukraine, neither need anyone, nor the geyrope or NATE! And they, Benederovites, those who are in power today, understand this no worse than others! There they do not have fertile land (neither there grows anything), nor industry of any value whatsoever, NOTHING !!! Only their ambition and desire to rule the rest of Ukraine!
          2. AVV
            AVV 22 July 2013 10: 58
            To be a thread! If the Chinese and Indians are building, then God himself ordered us to have our own !!! And we will build aircraft carriers!
          3. Dimy4
            Dimy4 22 July 2013 22: 17
            Brotherly, he is of course brotherly, only this brother only looks as though to spoil. And he has less and less options for foulness.
          4. Rakti-kali
            Rakti-kali 22 July 2013 22: 54
            Quote: Wedmak
            The multi-vector nature of Ukraine has already come back with several frustrated treaties and contracts with Russia. Well, if this continues further, this same multi-vector system will tear Ukraine apart like a tusik heating pad!

            And all why? Yes, because, as the poet said, that: - "You cannot sit with the same booty in two oncoming fast trains."
            The Ukrainian leadership should have decided for a long time with whom they are, and not engage in hiding fat.
      DEMENTIY 22 July 2013 09: 15
      Guys let's be friends!

      Just the guys live together and do not refuse at all.

      It’s up to the well-known political whores — I advise you to drop a cigarette butt when you leave (as the rules noted gentlemen below, it will go to China).
      1. Thunderbolt
        Thunderbolt 22 July 2013 12: 24
        Quote: DEMENTIY
        will go to China
        Yes, they were there at the time, all that needed to be copied. If only in the form of scrap metal.
    3. tambourine 2012
      tambourine 2012 22 July 2013 10: 52
      Quote: Ivan79
      Guys let's be friends! (WITH)

      What is the comment for this article? Why is this slogan not like May 1 or November 7? You can also write "Guys, let's live richly. Guys, let's live beautifully!" laughing
    4. sashka
      sashka 22 July 2013 15: 35
      Quote: Ivan79
      Guys let's be friends! (WITH)

      How do you "amicably" imagine this? Every day to expect a new "Yaitsky quirk", and then long and painfully looking for a way out? Maybe they'd better get mad, come to their senses and start thinking. Already so much on the fan ... "sketched" now they have to wash for a hundred years .. It is necessary to squeeze to the end, so that all the nonsense would be knocked out of the head, if such exists.
      1. DEMENTIY
        DEMENTIY 22 July 2013 18: 46
        Sasha - clarify the situation. And you do not happen to be a troll from Engelsk?
    5. starshina78
      starshina78 22 July 2013 20: 41
      With Ukraine does not work! She is like a weather vane, wherever the wind is, there she is. Europe threw - it is to Russia. Europe beckoned a little, Ukraine half-bent there, and booty to Russia. Here one more comparison begs, but it is already indecent, connected with a street girl.
  2. Terrible ensign
    Terrible ensign 22 July 2013 07: 59
    Significant event! .. Article plus. Alex, thank you for following such events.
    Friendship is friendship, and the training of pilots of their Navy is a matter of paramount importance and should not depend on an unpredictable, proud neighbor to maintain the necessary level of defense capability, in training pilots. What else could the Ukrainian president have in mind? .. Or, again, the course change will happen ...
  3. valokordin
    valokordin 22 July 2013 08: 10
    Alexei plus, please accept from me the most grateful words for your real articles, imbued with the state approach. The leadership in Ukraine is not a friend to us, it’s a pity that voters choose this crap.
    1. Dilshat
      Dilshat 22 July 2013 18: 05
      Yanukovych represents the interests of the Ukrainian oligarchy. She wants to eat fish in Europe as well. That’s why she’s rushing around. People don’t have anything to do with it.
  4. Valery Neonov
    Valery Neonov 22 July 2013 09: 16
    Oh don’t give .... that hiand Poland as an ally .... And ourselves with Usaaaaaaami .... we can. Remember ...
  5. KazaK Bo
    KazaK Bo 22 July 2013 09: 21
    Yes, this is a momentous event! By this, Russia indirectly confirmed that the course was taken.
    --- they wouldn’t invest in the creation of an aircraft carrier strike group ... for one ship (Admiral Kuznetsov) ... which, if we continue to pull the logical chain, means
    --- Creation of an ocean fleet .... and it is needed to protect its interests RUSSIA not only in the Baltic or Black Sea ... from here
    --- Russia begins to position itself as a world power !!!
    And this already means that everything begins to fall into place ....
    Good Luck!
    PROXOR 22 July 2013 09: 24

    Ukraine when fat comes out of your brain? Who needs you except Russia !!!!
    Regrettable guys, very regrettable. Moreover, the people of Ukraine for the most part already have integration with Russia. Neither Geyrope nor Mattresses need Ukraine as a country. So, the territory for expansion to Russia.
  7. Kosatka
    Kosatka 22 July 2013 09: 26
    Ukraine will most likely dismantle its "Thread", which can be sold off, and will decommission the entire complex with the landfill from the Ministry of Defense. Ukrainian voivode Pashka (Grachev almost wrote) Lebedev, the chief court builder. and rare BARYGA. In Sevastopol, this irrepressible developer is not remembered with a kind word. As a matter of fact, he was appointed as a "guarantor" for this position, for the seizure of property and objects of the Dill Ministry. Not only the launch of the Yeisk "Thread", but also other events remained unnoticed on the site.
    July 21, 1774 - The Kuchuk-Kainardzhi peace treaty was signed, which completed the victorious Russian-Turkish war of 1768–1774 for Russia. This agreement was a great success for Russia. He significantly reduced the danger of Tatar-Turkish aggression from the Crimea, prepared the conditions for its inclusion in 1783 in Russia. The security of the southern borders was strengthened, the opportunity was created for the economic development of the border areas adjacent to the Black Sea. Russia has strengthened its political influence in the Caucasus and the Balkan Peninsula. The Kuchuk-Kaynardzhi Treaty created more favorable conditions for the struggle of the Balkan and Caucasian peoples for liberation from the Turkish yoke.

    July 21, 1910 - V.A. was born Kasatonov (Peterhof), Fleet Admiral (1965), Hero of the Soviet Union (1966). At the Navy since 1927. In 1932-1939. in command positions in the Pacific Fleet. In 1941, the chief of staff of a separate submarine division of the Baltic Fleet participated in the hostilities. Then at the headquarters work at the Main Naval Headquarters. In 1949-1954 Chief of Staff of the 5th Navy, then Pacific Fleet. In 1954–1964 sequentially commanded the 8th Navy, Black Sea Fleet, Northern Fleet. In 1964–1974 1st deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Navy. He died on June 9, 1989.
    July 21, 1992 - New flags of the Russian Navy (stern, official, postal and pennants) with new symbols were introduced.
    July 21, 1893 the emblem of Sevastopol was highly approved:

    “In the scarlet shield is a silver neck with scarlet eyes and tongue. In the free part, the emblem of the Tauride province. The shield is crowned by the ancient royal crown, on which the Imperial eagle stands. Behind the shield are two crossed gold anchors, and on the sides of the shield are two scarlet banners connected by a ribbon of the Order of St. Great Martyr and Victorious George. On the right banner is the golden monogram in Bose of the deceased Emperor Nicholas I, and on the left is the same monogram in Bose of the deceased Emperor Alexander II; both monograms are decorated with the Imperial crown and the chain of the Order of St. Apostle Andrew the First-Called. ”

    Griffin, as one of the symbols of ancient Chersonesos, on the site of which Sevastopol was erected, has been considered a symbol of a talisman since ancient times, and as such it symbolizes a city, one of whose main tasks is to protect the borders of the country.
    The row of the Tauride province in the free part reflects the territorial affiliation of the city in accordance with the reform of 1857. The semantics of the coat of arms of the Tauride province tells of a fateful event in the history of Kievan Rus - the baptism of Grand Duke Vladimir Svyatoslavovich in Khersones and the subsequent conversion of Russia to Christianity, which came from Byzantium. The shield is crowned with a crown of city government, indicating the special status of the city, and a double-headed eagle above it, symbolizing the fortified city.
    Two red banners with gold fringe, monograms of emperors and the St. George ribbon symbolize the glory of the defenders of the fortress city, which was especially distinguished during the defense. Two gold anchors symbolize the port city
  8. Bearb
    Bearb 22 July 2013 09: 30
    Of course, I am glad for both Russia and China that they learned how to build ski jumps, but the uniqueness of NITK is that it is not exactly ground-based. This is essentially a floating offshore, final, securely fastened deck of an aircraft-carrying cruiser, with all similar equipment, as well as telemetry systems and so on. So the fact that one springboard was built should not be very happy. It is not one year to build a similar complex.
    1. seller trucks
      seller trucks 22 July 2013 09: 56
      Quote: BearB
      but the uniqueness of NITK is that it is still not quite terrestrial.

      it doesn’t matter anymore, and the situation resembles the situation with the Ukrainian gas transportation system, it’s either a complex that regularly brings money to the treasury, with which the non-depository constantly has problems, or a piece of useless iron. But it’s more annoying that the Ukrainian authorities always use such occasions as outright blackmail of Russia.
      1. Bearb
        Bearb 22 July 2013 10: 31
        Totally agree with you. When choosing regions, they believed that something would change for the better, but now there was only hope
    2. Zabvo
      Zabvo 22 July 2013 13: 34
      Ha ha ha !!! Monsieur You probably think that the Ukrainian SSR has built NIUTKA on its own? In fact, they built the whole Union, the main design bureau was in Russia. And where did you get the idea that Russia is not able to build this complex - (money + brains + DESIRE)? I am more worried about one very important point: the catapult ... Is it in the construction plans or has a place reserved for it? If it is not even in the plans, it is generally sad. News +!
    3. abc_alex
      abc_alex 22 July 2013 16: 03
      Well, the news is about the beginning of trial operation. And not about the completion of construction and commissioning. While there is a deck simulator with a diving board. Construction is not finished.

      And you confused something. Nothing floats on Ukrainian NITK. The same ground concrete runway.

    4. helix
      helix 22 July 2013 17: 06
      What kind of thread are you talking about? The one near Saki? You were there? If you weren’t, then look at her from the satellite. Google maps allow. Definitely not her. Or do you know the one you write about? Where? Whose?
      1. abc_alex
        abc_alex 23 July 2013 15: 43
        And on the stuck photo, it was she and it was from Google maps.

        Here is the link,+Crimea&oe=utf-8&rls=org.mozilla:ru:official&cl
        ient = firefox-a & gws_rd = cr & um = 1 & ie = UTF-8 & hl = ru & sa = N & tab = wl

        You can check it yourself.
  9. smart ass
    smart ass 22 July 2013 09: 34
    Well, do not talk, Putin poured the country, destroyed the army ??
    1. old man54
      old man54 22 July 2013 16: 28
      Of course he is, and those who are with him and those whom he has set and whom he is still excusing! And now, just understanding him and they came that in the West they are all, in which case, including Putin, they are waiting at best as a rooster for soup. Got it. finally, that acre as in Russia they are everywhere unnecessarily, so they rushed at all costs to restore their defenses! But not because the greatness of the country was taken care of, and not more than as the safety of its feeder, where the money is being pumped from!
      1. old man54
        old man54 23 July 2013 01: 39
        Minus the little girl? Minus, minus, if there is nothing to say! From your powerless anger and lack of organization, minus! laughing I watch many more fools in Russia, and even among members of the forum, which is very sad! Exactly Fools!!
        The film is attached for those who still have drunk their brains completely!
  10. kind
    kind 22 July 2013 09: 48
    And if it cannot be such for Moscow, then from this it is quite possible to have certain profits. Market, you know ... Nothing personal ...

    The Ukrainian leaders of the last bottling need partnership with Russia in all areas, but they stupidly cut the loot and at the same time the branch on which they sit. The policy of the authorities is "SELL EVERYTHING, and after us, even a flood."
  11. user
    user 22 July 2013 10: 12
    All comments emphasize relations between countries.
    But if we want to have our own deck aircraft, then such a complex is necessary.
    Again asks for the language. Russia has two allies, the Army and Navy.
  12. borisjdin1957
    borisjdin1957 22 July 2013 10: 16
    from the Don.
    The author pleased! - + A country like Russia needs to have everything of its own for defense! And to the rulers: Square: -Flag in hand!
    1. fokino1980
      fokino1980 22 July 2013 12: 33
      We offer two flags !!! Better yet, three !!! (EU US Ukraine) The dream of the modern Ukrainian "intelligentsia" !!!
      1. shark
        shark 22 July 2013 13: 45
        Yes, unfortunately, not only urainskoy. Ours is also, no matter what, ready to take the amerovskoy flag into the hands. If only their ambitions are satisfied. As they say, "we are in power here." As if this "power" didn’t reach the real power. Then I’ll go into the woods with a sawn-off shotgun.
  13. Dwarfik
    Dwarfik 22 July 2013 11: 07
    Kind! Why compare complexes in Ukraine and newly built in our country? One thing is important: our pilots of carrier-based aviation can hone their skills in any weather, even with a 10-point "storm", both at sea and in politics! And on my own behalf, I would personally wish Ukraine not to show off and is proud of neither its threads nor its GTS (which, in fact, is also being replaced in the process), but to take a course towards rapprochement with the Russian Federation on all fronts. Yes, it is true that the people are fraternal, but for some reason Ukraine often does not act like a brother.
    1. old man54
      old man54 22 July 2013 16: 29
      very rightly written! You "+"! hi
    2. berimor
      berimor 22 July 2013 16: 32
      I was and I remain for the unity of our peoples, but the farther the more distinctly great-power Russian chauvinism is seen in our relations (constant trade in arms twisting, ignoring Ukraine’s opinions, provocative actions and statements of Russian politicians, often pouring water on the mill with fucked-up Western Nazis). Actually, one does not have to be surprised. I, and many of my friends have always been for our unity, but right now, unfortunately, more and more people are inclined to think that the more Russia talks about friendship, the more it develops an appetite by any righteous and not righteous ways to absorb Ukraine. This is the whole essence of the modern Russian government We can clearly see from the outside !!
      1. Wedmak
        Wedmak 22 July 2013 17: 39
        What are some examples of hand twisting? Or examples of an adequate opinion of Ukraine? For the most part, this is all twisted so that it is beneficial to Ukraine. Let's remember the gas showdown ... Let's remember the constant obstacles to our Black Sea Fleet ... Let's recall the recent surprise of Ukraine that the WTO, it turns out, has not only obligations, but also rights. And that Russia applied these rights without asking the permission of the great hetman of Ukraine ...
        We would be glad to cooperate, but something does not work out.
      2. kozakgb
        kozakgb 22 July 2013 21: 15
        Ukraine is talking more about friendship, especially when it needs something from Russia.
  14. Gomunkul
    Gomunkul 22 July 2013 11: 15
    It is a pity, of course, that the foreign policy of an independent is directed along a destructive path of development of relations with Russia, and the situation did not improve even with the arrival of the "Regions", but there were hopes. hi
  15. Zhenya
    Zhenya 22 July 2013 11: 35
    Great article !!
    And our countries are farther apart, despite the joint state border.
  16. 30143
    30143 22 July 2013 12: 02
    There will be nothing good in Ukraine until the oligarchs and bandits finish off the country. And then ...
    It has long been necessary to make your own simulator. Ironically, it’s not a pity that it will turn into scrap metal.
    1. Gomunkul
      Gomunkul 22 July 2013 12: 18
      It is a pity that the peoples who have lived together in the same state for more than one century and have eaten more than one pood of salt are pitted against each other. Immediately I remember the proverb: "Pans fight, but the forelocks of slaves crack!" hi
      1. Rider
        Rider 22 July 2013 12: 52
        Quote: Gomunkul
        It is a pity that the peoples who have lived together in one state for more than one century and have eaten more than one pound of salt are poisoned with each other.

        actually for the sake of this and created the project "independent Ukraine"

        in a different capacity, neither the West nor the Ukrainian chief officials need him.

        and the people of Ukraine?

        and who asked him.
        1. itkul
          itkul 22 July 2013 13: 12
          Quote: Rider
          and the people of Ukraine?

          and who asked him.

          Why do you think so, those Ukrainians with whom I had the opportunity to work in the merchant fleet directly say that they want to Europe and they need Eurosport. So, do not entertain yourself with the illusions that they say Ukrainians want to the TS, they decided everything for themselves a long time ago and they mriya europe
          1. Gomunkul
            Gomunkul 22 July 2013 13: 59
            Free - Will, saved paradise! hi
          2. old man54
            old man54 22 July 2013 16: 37
            Quote: itkul
            So you don’t need to comfort yourself with the illusions that they say Ukrainians want to be in the TS, they have long decided everything for themselves and their mriya Europe

            well, insight for them, for those of whom you write, will be very painful and harsh. But without this, no where!
          3. RoTTor
            RoTTor 25 July 2013 22: 24
            Nezalezhniki in record time plundered and asked ... a huge sea merchant fleet of the Black Sea, Azov, Danube shipping companies, Ukrrichflot, ocean fishing fleet. Ukraine is now a country by the sea, not a maritime country. Shipbuilding has been killed irrevocably. The failed flagship of the "Ukrainian Air Fleet", the heavy cruiser "Ukraine", is rotting in Nikolaev, suggesting that "as you name the ship, the ship will sail." But the seamen of Ukraine churns out more than in the union. There are already more of them abroad than there are Ukrainian prostitutes. That's just that no crash, or scandal, so the current crew coming out.
    2. old man54
      old man54 22 July 2013 16: 35
      Quote: 30143
      There will be nothing good in Ukraine until the oligarchs and bandits finish off the country. And then ...

      the most interesting thing is that Russia must go through the same thing, that most of its residents today, to whom it takes a very long time and hard to reach, finally realized who they are in power today and where they are leading the country in fact. But Russia will need much more time for this than Ukraine, for obvious reasons ...
  17. Sochi
    Sochi 22 July 2013 12: 35
    Well done !!! That's just interesting, is it all based on new developments, or just copied the old kmpleks?
  18. Starover_Z
    Starover_Z 22 July 2013 12: 39
    The Chinese and Indians may not fly to the Ukrainian "Thread", but NATO countries can easily find a job there, for rent ...
    1. Sochi
      Sochi 22 July 2013 14: 10
      Why on earth? they don’t have aircraft carriers with a springboard ...
      1. helix
        helix 22 July 2013 17: 11
        The British, for example. "Invisible" type. They have "Harriers" taking off from the springboard.
    DRUG DRUG 22 July 2013 15: 30
    When there is no honor and conscience in the soul, when relations between brothers are built on the principles of profit and depend on political guidelines, this leads to the degradation and oblivion of the laws of the righteous life of our fathers and grandfathers. We must think about our own security, about preparing our personnel in complete confidence that no one and nothing will block this process. Therefore, it is correct that they launched the Yeisk training complex. Now we will be independent in the preparation of our combat pilots and will be able to prepare a worthy flight crew in the required quantity.
  20. Dim btv
    Dim btv 22 July 2013 15: 32
    Who knows what the prospects are for the Yeisk civil airport? Previously, the unpaved part of the airfield was used for take-off and landing of the AN-24, one of the GDP for the TU154. After the reconstruction, the airport was promised to open the GDP for all types of passenger aircraft. Are flights of civil aircraft expected?
  21. Imigrantt
    Imigrantt 22 July 2013 15: 36
    Such a thread should be in every fleet, well, at least still at least in the Pacific !!! And not tokma in Yeysk!
  22. Dim btv
    Dim btv 22 July 2013 15: 50
    Will the Yeisk civil airport be closed now? Or will the military and civilian parts of the airfield work in parallel? Who is in the subject, please share.
    1. helix
      helix 22 July 2013 17: 09
      Yeysk Civil Airport is already (or so far) not working. Work at the airport is not yet completed.
  23. fedorovith
    fedorovith 22 July 2013 16: 01
    The Chinese have completely copied, improved, torn off the aerofinisher who installed it on their own, and now why do they need it, and now for us.
  24. Master Taiga
    Master Taiga 22 July 2013 18: 24
    Well, our Yandex friends flew over again, which I congratulate them on.
  25. xomaNN
    xomaNN 22 July 2013 18: 32
    Well, NITKA will repeat the fate of the now abandoned airfields of DA in Priluki and Uzin. Unfortunately. Also in a couple of years, cunning ensigns will be taken away, and so on. service people, which is more valuable. And then the Crimean population in the country ...
  26. EdwardTich68
    EdwardTich68 22 July 2013 20: 09
    But Ukrainians now have a place to dance hopak in kumachovyh trousers. wassat
  27. malikszh
    malikszh 22 July 2013 20: 28
    how much money Ukraine just lost two early warning radars stopped, they lost the thread, even in the future they will lose the pipe when Russia ends the south stream. Not the right policy !!!
    1. itkul
      itkul 22 July 2013 20: 52
      Quote: malikszh
      how much money Ukraine just lost two early warning radars stopped, they lost the thread, even in the future they will lose the pipe when Russia ends the south stream.

      This is surprising, in the process of working with Ukrainians, I noticed that Ukrainians are a very greedy nation for money, that is, they are ready to strangle a penny. But here the money passes by them, and they do worse for themselves, they manage them from abroad otherwise I don’t see another explanation
  28. bublic82009
    bublic82009 22 July 2013 21: 39
    in place of the fact that the Russian authorities to take their (CRIMEA) it is building a thread in Yeysk. they gave Sevastopol and Crimea for nepanyuh tobacco and almost gave the KChF.
    1. malikszh
      malikszh 22 July 2013 22: 23
      and what do you want a war? with a little Chechens so many people lost ?!
  29. saturn.mmm
    saturn.mmm 22 July 2013 23: 14
    A remarkable event is that Russia has its own thread and now, regardless of any circumstances, the pilots will train. Only the author of the article put a minus for raising a wave of the national question. Ukraine is an independent state and has the right to lease objects on its own terms, and Russia, as an independent state, can agree or refuse to them.
    1. Andrey77
      Andrey77 25 July 2013 13: 48
      What is the national issue? Ukraine can lease THREAD to anyone. A similar and more modern complex has appeared in Russia. Ukraine will lose money if it does not find Nitka landlords.
  30. Vital 33
    Vital 33 22 July 2013 23: 30
    Well, what is the actual question ?, or not even a question, but the meaning of the article? Built, well done !!!, congratulations !!! Disaster for Ukraine? So there is no disaster, this complex is unnecessary for Ukraine as such. It’s unnecessary for you, it’s unnecessary for us, well, they’re dismantling it, and so what? Of course it is sad...
    And an article written in such a tone that it is not clear why, gloating ???
  31. egsp
    egsp 22 July 2013 23: 32
    This makes me happy. It’s good to have your own bottle, and not run after it to a neighbor. And something VAF is silent, say your respected word.

    Regarding the Crimea, my grandmother (the kingdom of heaven to her) said, "We won Germany, we conquered it, so it is ours" (I meant the territory of the GDR). And whoever says what, and the right of the strong has not been canceled. Our ancestors in the 18th century, at the cost of incredible efforts, annexed Crimea to Russia, thereby resolving, in many respects, not selfish interests, but put an end to the gangster Crimean Khanate and the influence of their masters, Turkey. Therefore - Crimea is OUR. And everything will return to square one in a peaceful political way (God grant strength and courage to our leaders). Well, if not peaceful, then how will it turn out ... I think so.
  32. Landwarrior
    Landwarrior 23 July 2013 00: 00
    I never understood why objects that are important for Russia's defense capability are located on the territory of other countries? Okay, Belarus- Old Man is absolutely consistent, minor frictions are only those exceptions that confirm the main thesis ... The Ukrainian authorities are worse off than my laptop in 1996, guys, you have an aircraft carrier fleet, eh? Why do you need a child-bearing object that you can't even really use, huh? The only "client" was Russia, and it was driven away, and what now? For scrap metal? Well, that's right, it's better for scrap metal than for rent to "swear mockals" ...
    PS: Admins, I'm sorry, and also consider this exit wink
    1. Andrey77
      Andrey77 25 July 2013 13: 53
      Ukraine has long ago put on metal / money all the former objects of the Black Sea Fleet of the USSR. All that remains is the property of Russia.
  33. vanderhaas
    vanderhaas 23 July 2013 04: 05
    I have a somewhat unexpected question for the Ukrainian regulars of the forum: Design Bureau "Yuzhnoye", despite 20 years of fun life, still exists and is even trying to implement some plans. In the Soviet Union, despite the premature outcome, everything was quite logical: design and experimental development in Dnepropetrovsk, but materials (alloys, etc.) from the Russian hinterland, and the development of all kinds of alloys for Dnepropetrovsk products is so generally in Moscow. How do they get out of the situation now, given the direct competition between the Yuzhnoye Design Bureau and Russian aerospace firms? Or is it a secret with seven seals?
    1. Gorchilin
      Gorchilin 23 July 2013 10: 25
      UMZ and KBYu are alive, healthy, working. True, they pay lousy, but the technology has been preserved.

      When he explained to some citizens the heavy idiocy of the orientation toward poplar, they were directly raging. Today, the Russian leadership has begun to take steps in this regard. Namely, they wanted their car with a rocket engine.

      True, another stupid thing - instead of resuming production of the 36th, they began to try to make the 18th (hundredth) in the modern version. Stupidity. There will be another crazy unfinished, today it’s purely technically impossible to concentrate such a volume of brains, to conduct such a volume of R&D. The main advantage is that the developer in Russia, the car is much worse.

      According to the mind, it would be necessary to agree on the resumption of production of the best Soviet machine. Politics by politics, and technology by technology, it is impossible to create anything like this today. It is necessary to at least repeat what happened, without spoiling the original too much.
  34. Gorchilin
    Gorchilin 23 July 2013 10: 29
    By the way, such complexes would be curious in any way - during the war the enemy would try to destroy airfields. Dolbanuli strip in the middle, the war is over.

    Actually, a springboard with an aerofinisher is not such an expensive thing, it is cheaper and less than 3 kilometers of concrete strip. Accordingly, there can be dozens of such airfields. Moreover, you can place them even in mountainous areas, where there is simply no place for a regular airfield. It could even be a system of alternate aerodromes.

    Accordingly, on land to use ship options aircraft. Vitality will increase several times.
    1. Andrey77
      Andrey77 25 July 2013 13: 56
      Ship version of aircraft is 2 times more expensive than land. Or do you think there is an excess of naval aviation in Russia?
      1. Gorchilin
        Gorchilin 26 July 2013 13: 26
        Given the fact that conventional aircraft in the event of a major war simply cannot be operated properly, this is inexpensive. By the way, over the Yak-38, the same arguments. The car is kind of frail, but takes off from taxiing, even if the entire runway is plowed. That is, a clumsy car, but in the air. Beautiful, but on the ground.

        And it is not necessary to completely bring land vehicles to ship options. Chassis, landing gear (hook, electronics) - and count everything.

        By the way, during the Second World War quite often land aircraft were used on aircraft carriers. Suffice it to recall Doolittle's raid and the transfer of fighters to Malta. Land vehicles started at sea and landed at a regular airfield.

        So that some sea features land cars will not mess
  35. Drakk
    Drakk 26 July 2013 19: 39
    As a resident of Crimea, I think the less weapons on the peninsula, especially the Russian (outdated and unreliable), the better for the population of the peninsula. This time.
    As for the thread, you already decide, in one article you need aircraft carriers, in another it describes what a vulnerable and unnecessary thing it is - an aircraft carrier.
    Well, to build from scratch a ground-based test complex with all the infrastructure because of one single, outdated aircraft carrier .... no comments, most likely this is another money laundering by the Ministry of Defense.
    Someone managed to prove that it is cost-effective)))). You tell me how many pilots at the moment and on how many planes can really take off in conditions of a sea voyage and most importantly board an aircraft carrier ??
  36. Drakk
    Drakk 26 July 2013 19: 52
    -v-2013-g.html "I really hope that in the near future. This year it is planned to receive two MiG 29K and two MiG-29KUB aircraft, next year - 8 MiG-29K aircraft and two MiG-29 KUB aircraft, in 2015 - 10 MiG-29K aircraft ", - said Chirkov, answering the question when the first fighters for Kuznetsov will arrive.
    I cried how many years the ship has been in service, and when "VERY HOPE" the FIRST aircraft will be built for it. There are no words. It seems to me all the time that Russia is at war with itself.