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Workhorse named GAZ-66

Perhaps, there is no better-known military vehicle in Russia than GAZ-66 or, in common people, “Shishiga” (“Sheshiga”). Although the car was designed in the distant sixties, its use is justified to this day. If we talk about the fleets of military units, in the overwhelming number of 66-GAZ there is, and in good condition, ready to perform certain tasks.

GAZ-66 in various modifications can be used as a vehicle for transporting personnel, as an ambulance vehicle, as a shift bus or as a vehicle designed for such a procedure as water well drilling. The car can be equipped with additional devices (winch, drilling rig, equipment for communication).

With the production of this workhorse of the Soviet and Russian armies was removed in 1999 year, but this does not prevent the use of "Shishigu" in the troops with a fair amount of intensity. Specifications of this car, which can be called one of the most successful design achievements, the following.

GAZ-66 carrying capacity is up to 4 tons. However, in reality, Soviet drivers transported on this “horse” and one and a half times more payload. The course at the same time was difficult, but the car withstood the load, often really saving the lives of wounded soldiers. 66-I wonderfully manifested itself on the mountain roads of Afghanistan, but it was discovered that it had a significant flaw in this country. The cab of the car was located directly above the front wheelset, which reduced the probability of crew survival to a minimum if the car drove on a mine. It was for this reason that GAZ-66 had to be withdrawn from Afghanistan, although individual units of this vehicle continued to serve there until the withdrawal of Soviet troops.

The car's power is 120 horses with a working volume of 4,25 engine l. Fuel consumption by today's standards can be considered large: at speeds up to 80 km / h, the engine eats 20 liters of fuel for every 100 km. However, in the attitude of the Soviet army to automobile fuel (approximately as water), nobody paid special attention to these consumption indicators.

Of all the amenities for the driver in the "Shishiga" was provided a hammock made of tarpaulin, which could be hung right in the cab.
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  1. Chicot 1
    Chicot 1 18 July 2013 12: 06
    This car can be odes with high calmness! Of course, not without flaws, and the conditions for a carrier with passengers are more than Spartan, but their off-road qualities are beyond praise! The current "Kamazyuks" in this to "shishigi" oh how far! ..
    It is also simple, unpretentious and maintainable. And most importantly, "soldier-resistant" ... In a word - a real army vehicle! ..
    1. Vadivak
      Vadivak 18 July 2013 14: 52
      Quote: Chicot 1
      This car can be composed ode high calm! Of course, not without flaws

      Passability is higher than the roof, but when the wind starts in winter, it blows from all the cracks, the gear lever is just awful ....
      1. Chicot 1
        Chicot 1 18 July 2013 16: 40
        Alas, Vadim, in this sublunar world there is no absolute ideal ... wink And in the case of the GAZ-66, the advantages nevertheless outweighed all its shortcomings ...
        And as for the gear lever, I agree one hundred percent ... True, you get used to it over time ...

        By the way, there was also a three-axle (three-axle) version of the "shishiga". It was called GAZ-34. True, she never went into the series, and remained an experimental one ...
        1. Vadivak
          Vadivak 18 July 2013 22: 01
          Quote: Chicot 1
          in the case of the GAZ-66, the advantages still outweighed all its shortcomings ...

          given its specifics 100%, but he still plowed in the national economy, and you understand the civilian person to endure the hardships of military service
      2. valerei
        valerei 6 August 2013 11: 12
        Vadivak, as a former designer and motorist engineer, I cannot understand the feasibility of this technical solution. The only thing that comes to mind is an order from the superiors to the designer not to remake the gearbox cover for control through the wings. For the manufacture of a new cover and backstage at the plant, it would be necessary to open a new production, and this, perhaps, there was no desire or opportunity. Here KAMAZ was immediately designed with a rocker gearbox control. And at GAZ they simply took a regular checkpoint and attached a long lever: a purely Russian solution. And what about the cracks and all other "pleasures", then for comparison there was KrAZ, and even with a pneumatic power steering !. Those who drove it will understand. Although this Kraz is now something like a T-34. And there were no cars left and the drivers after it quickly "bent", often not working even to retirement.
  2. lilit.193
    lilit.193 18 July 2013 14: 40
    I heard that the designer of the GAZ-66 was a woman. Is this true or is it a bike on the ears? winked
    1. Chicot 1
      Chicot 1 18 July 2013 16: 49
      Quote: lilit.193
      I heard that the designer of the GAZ-66 was a woman

      Yes, there are such stubborn rumors ...
      Quote: lilit.193
      Is this true or is it a bike on the ears?

      ... but it's just a bike ...

      The designer of the GAZ-66 (as well as many other cars produced in Gorky) is Alexander Dmitrievich Prosvirnin (1914-2005) ...

      So the woman as a lead designer was not here. Although in the design bureau it is possible that there were probably representatives of the fair sex. And therefore, to some extent, this bike is also true in part ... wink

      Alexander Dmitrievich Prosvirnin
      1. lilit.193
        lilit.193 18 July 2013 19: 07
        Of course it is sad. But thanks anyway, Vasily! yes Now I know.
    2. Vadivak
      Vadivak 18 July 2013 22: 04
      Quote: lilit.193
      I heard that the designer of the GAZ-66 was a woman. Is this true or is it a bike on the ears?

      This evil men came up with. The development of the GAZ-66 off-road truck began at the Gorky Automobile Plant in the early 60s. It was intended to replace the GAZ-63. R.G. Zavorotny was appointed the lead designer (later he was replaced by O. Obraztsov). General management was provided by A.D. Prosvirin.

      In the Russian version of the Top Gear TV show, a test was carried out on the strength of the car: the Oka car was dropped on the body, the interior was broken by a construction weight and burned, the car was also drowned in water. After all these tests, he started up and continued to move.
      1. smersh70
        smersh70 18 July 2013 23: 59
        Quote: Vadivak
        After all these tests, he started up and continued to move.

        the brakes flew in my battalion near the Gas-66 and the car flew into a small abyss ... so zampotil so that the authorities did not recognize, found the next day in the neighboring village a body and frame .... so 2 conscript drivers took off in a day they put one car and put it on a new frame and body .. started and the Gas-66 itself left the abyss and got into the car park ...... super excellent car ... !!!!! only diesel URAL can compete ... hi
    3. alex86
      alex86 23 July 2013 20: 49
      Quote: lilit.193
      I heard that the designer of the GAZ-66 was a woman

      I heard the version in the version - the designer of GAZ-SAZ 66 was a woman. It was such a civilian (conversion) version of the GAZ-66 with a tipper body and twin ramps on the rear axle. At the same time, patency decreased, the body was easily overloaded and could not rise, when unloading by a dump truck, the car easily fell to one side - it turned out pretty stupid. Therefore, the woman ...
      1. pilot8878
        pilot8878 24 July 2013 00: 58
        I have experience in operating this model for 10 years. Of the above disadvantages, only one is real - with a pair, and even that is relative to the operating conditions. In agriculture, the machine did not take root for low payloads (read - low economic efficiency).
  3. awg75
    awg75 18 July 2013 16: 20
    passable yes, but it has a small payload, the most petrified gasoline engine (they joked 20 liters of course) and it constantly breaks. I think nothing better for the army than the diesel URALs could have come up with (they would have seen them rowing with 10 tons of shells in a half-meter mud porridge ...) - even KAMAZs with a greater carrying capacity lose them in cross-country ability. and don’t forget that the hood in military conditions is two meters of life for the driver
    1. Vadivak
      Vadivak 18 July 2013 22: 11
      Quote: awg75
      I think nothing better for the army than diesel URALs

      Of course, the diesel Ural is cooler but the GAZ 66 is a car for the Airborne Forces, that is, it drops, and the Urals weren’t somehow
      1. Lopatov
        Lopatov 18 July 2013 22: 24
        Kamaz workers were able to reduce their KamAZ-43501 to 10 kg and begin to supply them to the Airborne Forces. Why did Ural specialists stop at 300 kg on their Ural-12150?
  4. Starover_Z
    Starover_Z 18 July 2013 17: 17
    In our unit (town of Tiksi) there was such a "Gazonchik", but most of the cars were based on ZIL-157. But no, I'm lying, there was also a ZIL-131. But GAZ-66 (I'm not a driver) in my opinion is quite nimble and passable. Good car!
  5. ramsi
    ramsi 18 July 2013 19: 14
    Well, if you feel so nostalgic, then "cleaver" is better
  6. family tree
    family tree 18 July 2013 19: 22
    GAZ-66 passability was achieved due to self-locking cam interwheel differentials. At the expense of stories about a woman designer, we still added about her sadistic inclinations laughing, the ergonomics of the controls and the driver's seat gave a lot of "pleasure".
    1. Vadivak
      Vadivak 18 July 2013 22: 13
      Quote: perepilka
      the ergonomics of the controls and the driver's seat gave a lot of "pleasure".

      Impossible to forget
  7. Witold
    Witold 19 July 2013 11: 15
    Amazing car. Served me well in Naryan-Mar on winter roads and off-road. An excellent stove for warming up the engine, but the masochistic gearshift is here.
  8. Alf
    Alf 19 July 2013 11: 47
    The carriers joked that for those who steered on Shishig for a long time, a new joint appears in their hand.
  9. gregor6549
    gregor6549 21 July 2013 14: 46
    It was a wonderful horse, although it was not easy to drive it.
    At the end of the 60s, our company even managed to make a mobile automated processing station for radar control based on GAZ 66, which, although it did not go into production, became the basis for more modern PORI P2 and PORI P1 made on the Ural chassis, which are now widely used in Russian aircraft. ... Moreover, their predecessor, the GAZ66 base, was in many respects better than the heirs in the Urals
  10. Druid
    Druid 1 August 2013 01: 36
    We had three things, the mountainous terrain, dirt roads, a little rain and nothing goes except the cone, but I just got the box lid on two, drove the box with the box, as the bookkeepers with the bills, if it’s standing, then it scatters everything again.
  11. svp67
    svp67 27 August 2013 18: 44
    "Shisharik" is a soldier car and that says it all ...
  12. Rjn
    Rjn 29 September 2013 18: 53
    In the early PAZ-652, the shift lever was initially brought out under the steering wheel, but it was necessary to see how, after a certain time of operation, the driver tried to catch the gear, so they returned to the lever behind the back, similar to the GAZ-66. I emphasize that we are talking about the early PAZ-652, maybe not everyone remembers them, the 672 has a different lever arrangement.
  13. Fedya
    Fedya 6 October 2013 19: 11
    In our EU, so to speak, still hashs with drilling rigs go!