Domestic weapons: personal opinion. Special Notes

“The dagger is good for the one who has it, and it is bad for the one who does not have it at the right moment”
(Abdullah, "White Sun of the Desert")

Gunshot weapon - an essential attribute of civilization. Since ancient times, weapons served as a tool to protect, obtain food, conquer territories. And always a weapon is a tool that fulfills the will of its master, criminal or servant of the law, invader or defender of the Fatherland.

For eighteen years, small arms have been my constant companion. In the heat and cold, day and night, on different parts of the terrain, in different regions, in the shooting range, on the range, in battle, in everyday life - it is always with me. Over the years many samples of domestic military weapons and quite a few foreign weapons have passed through my hands. I know what each sample is capable of, what to expect from it, what to hope for and what to fear.

And, of course, each one has its own opinion, which often does not coincide with the widespread one. Not without my active participation in combat situations. And about weapons I can judge, perhaps, with a greater right than other "experts" on the Internet and some "weapon" magazines, who extensively describe the advantages and disadvantages of this or that type of weapon. The main misfortune of domestic small arms is mediocre, and sometimes simply terrible ergonomics, and, of course, low quality workmanship (this does not apply to the Soviet period).

But, as they say, how many people - so many opinions. So, let's begin…

Self-loading small-sized PSM gun

It can be deciphered as “Gun for Complacency. Maybe lucky. There is a known case when a wounded man, with five bullets in his stomach, fired from a PSM, independently walked to a medical facility located one and a half kilometers away.

5,45-mm PSM self-loading pistol

And the addition he was slender. Very accurate pistol, at the level of sports small-caliber pistols. Very compact. James Bond would be pleased with him. On a combat pistol would not prevent the spur on the lid of one of the shops. Suitable as a spare pistol, but not as the main weapon. Plus the problem with a shortage of ammunition.

Makarov pistol PM

Legendary, without a doubt, a gun. Reliability standard, relatively compact, always ready for battle. Even despite the venerable age, it still remains in service, and is actively used both in the shooting range and in the battle. Classic pistol for civil and police use. Of course, this is not a gun for target or speed shooting, but putting three bullets in the center of a standard target (a circle with a diameter of 10 cm) with 25 is not a problem for this “old man”. He is capable of more. Some of our PMs allow you to put five holes in the 6 circle. See As for the small stopping effect of a bullet, I can say that people say that, at best, kill paper targets and never shoot in a combat situation. It is important to get into the vital organs of the "target", otherwise even a rifle bullet will not guarantee a reliable defeat.

9-mm self-loading pistol PM

Some problems are created by steel core bullets, which sometimes rebound from solid obstacles. In recent years, the situation with ammunition for the PM has changed, there were cartridges with bullets with increased stopping power and increased penetrating ability of PBM (7НХNUMX). For example, the cartridge for law enforcement agencies PPO allows you to use weapons (pistols and submachine guns) in enclosed spaces, in populated areas, with a low probability of dangerous ricochets, due to the absence of a solid core in the bullet. There is information about the poor quality of PPO cartridges, unstable characteristics, but cartridges supplied to our unit are not presented with unpleasant surprises and the weapon works with them like a clock.

Makarov pistol modernized PMM-12

Modernization of PM for increased power cartridge. Improved ergonomics of the handle, store increased capacity. It is used with chuck and Pst, and PPO, as standard cartridges 7H16 - very rare and have not been made for a long time.

9-mm PMM self-loading pistol

Springs in stores work with overvoltage, so they quickly lose elasticity, which leads to delays when shooting. Poor-quality plastics from which the feeder is made cause cracks and wear or breakage of the feeder's teeth.

Pistol Tula Tokarev TT

Another weapon legend. Much has been said about him, you can add quite a bit. More suitable for military use when it is on alert. For its relatively small size, one of the most powerful pistols in the world.

7,62-mm TT self-loading pistols

And it is much more pleasant to the touch, for example, PJ and any "Glokov". Completely unsuitable for urban skirmishes and self-defense. A large bullet punching ability and the absence of a self-platoon can lead to a prison (right through to a passer-by) or to the cemetery (you need to have time to pull the trigger).

Stechkin APS automatic pistol

Same age PM, even more popular. Gun with a capital letter. Reliable, powerful, accurate, with a large ammunition and the possibility of automatic fire. Often used as the main weapon in operations in cramped spaces, when using bullet-proof shields, when only one hand is free. Auto mode is used when shooting at close distances to create a high density of fire and a greater likelihood of defeat.

Pistols APS with standard holsters-butts and pouches

APS pistols in a converted thigh holster with a rubber handle grip and twisted pistol strap

The favorite of employees of special divisions, demanded and now. Even before the pistol entered the unit, a real “hunt” was already taking place. Some, having tasted the “delights” of the PJ, prefer to exchange them for old, sometimes dismantled APS. The gun has a streamlined shape, does not cling to anything when quickly removed from the holster. Some problems with the retention creates a pistol grip, over the years polished with palms and clothes. In the heat and cold, the pistol tends to "slip" out of the hands. But this minor annoyance is eliminated by putting a bicycle chamber or a lining on the handle, for example, from Uncle Mike's.

A rather big gun, but with proper skill and experience it can be carried covertly, like all pistols. I usually wear it in my own, made into a strap-on holster, without any fasteners, for its quick retrieval, and with a twisted pistol strap, or in a bag that fits the size over the shoulder.

I never use a fuse, even if there is a cartridge in the chamber, no one is indignant at the lack of fuses on most revolvers, and a loaded self-cocking pistol is as safe as a charged revolver. When working in urban environments, carry a pistol in a converted thigh holster, and not buttoned - the design of the holster allows you to hold the pistol even in an inverted position. I carry spare stores on my left thigh in a makeshift pouch. One store always with an open valve for quick removal.

Pistol Yarygin PYa

Miracle of national weapon thought. Although, undoubtedly, the long-awaited type of army pistol. Powerful, moderately ergonomic, with a capacious store. But ... I doubt that in Soviet times it would be adopted. Pistol frankly "raw." Angular, with protruding parts, as if cut down with an ax. Workmanship is appropriate. When ten new pistols were fired off with sporting cartridges issued for firing practice, two pistols had their sleeves attached, one misfire, and a shot after repeated firing. When equipping the stores, the sharp edges of the jaws cut the fingers and in order not to die from periodic bleeding, you have to pick up the file. With an increase in store capacity by one cartridge, you would have to move the holes to control the number of cartridges (an 18-charging pistol was adopted in the MOI). The holes themselves are located on the right side, and in order to visually determine the number of rounds, the magazine must be completely pulled out of the handle or left-handed. It was probably not possible to move the holes to the left or the rear wall of the store.

Latch store is not protected by anything, accidental pressing while wearing - not uncommon. At best, you can lose the store, at worst - to remain in the face of danger with an empty chamber, because if you accidentally press the store latch button, it moves down from the spreading line and the bolt slips past the cartridge. And the store is sort of in the handle, pressed down by the latch. The store itself should have been made according to the type of the APS store, with large windows, or the type of the PSM store, in order to facilitate ammunition equipment. The slide stop lever is located close to the fuse and when you press one of the levers, the other falls under the finger, which requires additional effort. On some relatively new pistols, the bolt spontaneously falls from the bolt delay. The back of the shutter - downright openwork design. Probably specially made for collecting various debris. (Unlike PM and APS).

9-mm automatic pistols APS

The notch at the front of the bolt is probably a tribute to fashion and nothing more. When using this notch, your fingers will bump into the sharp edges of the front of the frame. Maybe it is used to check the presence of the cartridge in the chamber, as they do on foreign pistols? But for this there is a pointer to the presence of a cartridge in the chamber.

Double-sided safety lever. Good decision. But if there is only a right-sided standard holster, this solution remains unclaimed. The same can be said about the fuse with the cocked trigger. Absolutely superfluous function. When removing the pistol from the holster at the same time, cocking the trigger is not a problem. Moreover, the self-cocking on the PU is mild and does not affect strongly the accuracy of the first shot.

Domestic weapons: personal opinion. Special Notes
9 mm self-loading pistol

What the PJ doesn’t take away is a smooth descent and a quick return to the aiming line after the shot. For high-speed shooting, he is more fit. The similarity of USM PT and PSM is obvious and noticeable even to a non-specialist. Why not make the fuse the same as on the PSM design and place it on the gate, ensuring simultaneous disengagement and cocking of the trigger. And at the same time to close the back of the shutter from possible contamination by foreign objects. The protrusion on the front of the trigger guard for the index finger. Maybe he improves shooting accuracy - I did not notice much difference. A pistol tosses the same way as with a normal grip. And with such a wide bracket, for a normal grip one must have not an index finger, but a tentacle. The sighting devices had to be streamlined in order to prevent engagement with clothes or an operational holster.

The gun has only one spare magazine included. Regular cartridges with Pst bullet differ from the 9x19 Luger sport cartridges used during training firing, the level of acoustic impact on the shooter, greater recoil force and a strong flash when fired. As a result, the shooter learns about these features only when using a pistol in combat conditions. When using cartridges with a Pst bullet in enclosed spaces, dangerous ricochets were observed, which can be corrected by replacing half of the wearable ammunition with cartridges with lead core bullets. In general, such things with this gun. Complete analogy with domestic and foreign cars. It looks like, but something in ours is not that ...

Self-loading Special MSS Pistol

It is possible to say about him with complete confidence that the phrase that is abused in our country - “has no analogues”. Compact gun, flat enough for concealed carrying. Accurate, unpretentious, always ready for battle - no need to attach a silencer.

7,62-mm PSS special self-loading pistol

Used as a second or third weapon. Rarely, but if necessary - he is ready at your service. A pistol is not uncommon for those who put it. There are no problems with patrons either.

Knife NPC-2, glasses PN14K, pistol MSS, cartridges SP4 and 7Н36

Revolver TKB-0216

Substantially degraded version of Smith and Wesson revolvers. Its only advantage is smooth and soft descent. Given its large size, it would be possible to use more powerful ammunition, for example SP10, SP11.

9-mm revolver TKB-0216 (OTs-01 Cobalt

Poorly fitted cheek handles. Often the axis of the drum is unscrewed spontaneously.

Submachine gun PP-93

Compact submachine gun with good fire capabilities. With some experience, you can “plant” the entire store in the target. Good accuracy and when shooting automatic fire with one hand. In the modification of the APB has a set of CBE and a powerful laser pointer LP93. Unfortunately, it is possible to simultaneously attach either PBS or LCC to the barrel. Fastening is carried out using a latch and has a large backlash. The shoulder rest is still a masterpiece. Due to the small recoil, it is still possible to cope with the back-up embryo, but due to the poor fixation of the shoulder rest in the fighting position, the bullets do not always go in the desired direction. And over time, this site even more loose.

9-mm automatic pistol submachine guns (modification PP-93) with installed CB (above) or LCC (below)

Store latch button is very good. No complaints, which can not be said about the handle of the platoon, located in a very interesting place. In order to quickly bring up the bolt, you need to train for a long time, since you need not just to pull the handle, but before that you should also drown it and do not forget to return it back, like on a PC. Otherwise, during the shot, you can shake the handle that comes back together with the shutter on your fingers. Translator-fuse is located on the "right" side, but the flat form does not always allow you to quickly rearrange the modes of fire, especially in winter, with gloves.

9 mm submachine gun CP-2M "Heather"

Powerful submachine gun, accurate, with a large ammunition. The samples purchased for the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation do not have a standard collimator sight - one of the main attributes of this weapon. Instead of a standard case, there is a cover from the AKS-74U machine and a bag for AK-74 stores. Apparently, the Ministry of Internal Affairs did not have enough money, or the responsible officials did not consider it necessary to purchase weapons in the standard configuration.

9 mm CP-2M submachine gun with 30-charging magazine. Nearby is the 20 charging shop.

Submachine gun CP-2M - fuse and reloading handle located on the right side

At the very first communication, the ill-conceived arrangement of controls is surprising. The fuse is located on the right side, although if you place it on the left side, under the thumb, you could quickly bring the weapon to combat readiness, and also quickly translate into a safe state. And all this - with one hand. The translator of fire modes is opposite - it is used most often once, and quick access to it is not necessary. For fast reloading, the bolt handle should be moved to the other side or made double-sided. With a folded butt, on some samples, the right thrust overlaps the folded cocking handle by a couple of millimeters, and the handle has to be picked out from under the butt.

When entering "Vereskov" in the division, everyone who took their hands paid attention to the too long shoulder rest. When shooting in a bulletproof vest, it is very noticeable, especially when held by the front grip.

By the way, about the handle. The thing, of course, necessary. When using the handle lock, sooner or later it pinches the skin on the index finger. The handle itself is located close to the muzzle, which with intense firing is very hot and does not add comfort to the hand. It would be nice to install a plastic cover at the bottom of the muzzle. Would not hurt the muzzle with compensating holes. When holding the weapon by the front handle, the sharp edges of the lower part of the forearm cut into the brush. Tolerant, but unpleasant. More recently, during the operation, I attempted to silently send a cartridge into the chamber. That is, to accompany the slide frame with your hand, avoiding the impact of moving parts in the forward position. I did it out of habit, since this focus "rolls" on 9-91.

The bolt pushed the upper cartridge, which along the way pulled the lower one along with it. As a result, the upper cartridge was buried in the breech section of the barrel, the lower cartridge half crawled out of the store, propped up the upper cartridge from below and jammed the magazine, which it was impossible to extract. I had to hold the slide frame with my left hand, pick out the upper cartridge with my right finger, and push the lower cartridge back into the magazine. In the manual, this delay is due to a shop malfunction. And this is - on the new software with several shots. In general, in terms of size, ease of use and power, the CP-2М is inferior to the tested and reliable 9А-91 machine.

Kalashnikov rifles

As for any "authoritative" statements about the best machine in the world, the most reliable, the strongest, which you can not clean, throw from any height, and so on, I will say the following. Kalashnikov assault rifles, I think, are not the best in the world. Otherwise they would have armed the whole world and the nearest inhabited planets. In the eighties, the Belgian FN FAL was the most common rifle in the world. This speaks of her fighting qualities, since Belgium is a small country and cannot afford, like the United States and the USSR, to give, sell for cheap, or use weapons as a reward for loyalty to itself.

7,62-mm AKMS and AK 1954 automatic machines of release

In this position, in addition to the price being arranged, quality plays a decisive role. Many materials appeared in the press about the developed weapon models, which at one time were superior to the AK family in many respects, but it turns out that at that time the fighting qualities of these samples were not decisive in choosing the best one. And it’s difficult to call Kalashnikov (I personally respect him very much) as the sole author of the design, because, again, according to the media, dozens of institutes and enterprises participated in the creation of the AK family and its fine-tuning. Undoubtedly, the Kalashnikov rifle is both beautiful and reliable and convenient for someone, but it turned out to be not very suitable for my work.

In my work I often have to carry loaded weapons. The situation is interesting: on the one hand, one must be prepared for the immediate opening of fire - therefore the fuse is removed, the cartridge in the chamber. On the other hand, there is no obvious threat, around are citizens of the Russian Federation, you have to move around, do some manipulations with your hands, and therefore it is better to keep the weapon on the guard. To open fire, one motion is desirable, and preferably a shooting hand. Kalashnikov assault rifle - not the weapon that can instantly open fire. To do this, I need to either keep the fuse off (and constantly shaking at the thought of a random shot). Or take the machine gun in your left hand, remove your right hand from the pistol grip and remove the machine gun from the fuse. A lot of time and a lot of manipulation. The reloading handle is also on the right side and again makes you remove your hand from the trigger. A short low butt, an uncomfortable pistol grip, the junction of which with the receiver rubs the skin between the thumb and forefinger.

7,62-mm assault rifle L1A1 —English modification of the Belgian FN FAL

Butts of the machines AKS-74 and AKS-74U also do not deliver special joy to the hand. I understand that the right location of the butt-hip butt is very convenient when the butt is folded, but the weapon is mostly worn in a firing position, and such a hut-position for me personally is not very convenient, especially if you wear it with the barrel down. The store has many protruding parts that prevent you from removing the magazine from the equipment and insert a blank back. I do not understand the reluctance of the people responsible for the supply (at least of the police) to adopt the stores of increased capacity. Four-row and drum shops are used all over the world, except for our hearty ones. Paired stores are not used from a good life. If you do not go to the mountains or do not shoot at targets, all the "authoritative" statements about the imbalance and weighting of the weapon are forgotten during a shootout at close range. When cleaning the premises, when it is necessary to create a high density of fire and the enemy is so close that any normal person has a natural desire to have as many cartridges as possible in the store (it is desirable that they do not end). And no one remembers the imbalance and excess weight.

If any factory or firm would have taken and released drum shops or couplers for mating AK-74 stores, I think that not only I would have bought such shops for reasonable money.

7,62-mm AKM machine gun (with installed PBS-1 and GP-25) and 5,45-mm shortened machine gun AKS-74U

Reliability AK and M16

The most important "chip" AK (compared with the family M16) in reliability. No questions - AK can not be cleaned, raped, as you wish, but he will shoot and shoot. Well, firstly, the weapons still need to be cleaned - any. Secondly, the reliability of AK is based on the high speed of rollback of moving parts and a large gap between them. Hence the main drawback - the increase in dispersion during automatic shooting. Personally, I think that for the army or for those who use weapons, mostly carrying them on their shoulders or firing a few rounds at a shooting range, the Kalashnikov rifle is even too good. This weapon is unpretentious, allowing to some extent barbarous attitude. I think the AK fully complies with the requirements for mass weapons.

5,45-mm AK-74M machine gun, improved by the owner

And for my work needs automatic caliber 5,45 mm, thickened trunk 30 cm long, with the store large capacity, the device low noise shooting, slide stop, two-way fuse, automatic safety on the trigger, adjustable butt and Picatinny rail - for front handles, collimators, optics, flashlights and target designators. The ideal version of such a weapon is the presence of interchangeable barrels (standard and compact length for actions in rooms). The presence of a replaceable barrel will lead to more complex designs and increased cost. But it is cheaper to have one machine with two trunks than two machines of different dimensions. We sometimes have situations where we are forced to take with us operations other than the standard AK-74M, and small-sized weapons such as 9А-91, and silent, depending on the situation, which often changes during a single operation.

5,56-mm American assault rifle M16

As for reliability ... Designer Korobov said that he wanted to create a machine gun that would help the soldier survive in the trench, and not survive all the soldiers in the trench ... Comments, as they say, are superfluous. Personally, I do not need 200% reliability. 100% reliability and 100% ergonomics are enough for me. Now about the eternal dispute AKM and AK74. Without any doubts. Only 5,45 mm! (During military service, I had many weapons in my hands. There was AKMS with PBS-1 and GP-25. There was AK-74. And after the army there were many different samples, including AK-74M, and AKS-74U.) First, ammunition. I can take a lot more 7H10 cartridges (5,45 mm), carry them further, and shoot them off before the overheating of the barrel more than the PS rounds. 1943 g. (7,62 mm). Secondly, the AK-74’s bullet trajectory is much more plausible, which is of great importance in battle, and the bullets are no less penetrable and damaging. Thirdly, the accuracy of the AK-74 is no worse than that of the AKM. As for the bounce and annoying discussions about shooting through the branches, all the pointed bullets will ricochet - these are the laws of physics. And through the branches you need to aim better. And in general, there is an old principle: I don’t see - I don’t shoot.

Once we conducted a spontaneous experiment. At the range, they made several shots at random, with a high rate at breast targets located on different sides of the shooter, which is similar to life. It turned out that the AK-74M (5,45 mm) returns to the aiming line much faster than the AKMS machine gun (7,62 mm). If you give a long line of AKMS, which is often done by normal people in a difficult situation, then most of the bullets just pierce the sky. But AK-74 allows such liberties, including shooting with it. Putting a big plus AKM for having a silencer is not serious. Even in my office, far from Moscow and the supply bases, 100% of personnel have noiseless weapons, with various modifications. And cartridges to him in abundance. And the fact that AKM shoots US and PS ammunition is also not a special plus. Practically any of the silent weapons is better than the AKM machine gun with PBS-1 - cooler, lighter, more compact. And the gross bullets PAB-9 and BP break through the fact that AKM with cartridges of PS and US is not under force. Not to mention the 5,45-mm cartridges of PP and BP, which we shaft, and they are not inferior to the cartridge BRS and the like. So here AKM is not a leader. Yes, and the knock of moving parts on AKM with PBS, and the same on the OTs-14, is not muffled by PBS cotton.

And again about the rebound when firing AK-74. I read and hear about it all the time. It seems that all the shooters fall only into the branches, they run out of ammunition, and in impotence they throw their AK-74 to the ground and look with envy at the happy AKM owner. And he mows bushes with hooligans hiding behind them, like a machine gunner with the Minigun mows the jungle in Predator. By the way, in the movies it is issued for the truth. In fact, no one on earth can do this, because this machine gun has no sighting devices, is powered by batteries, such as automobiles, has a return of more than 100 kg, and spits out as much ammunition in a short line as many people cannot carry. Once again. Ricochet all pointed bullets. AKM has no advantages. Really ricochets are so strong that they don’t even touch the target from one store. Or maybe find a gap? Or maybe it is better to aim?

From any machine ...

Finally, the simplest example. You have AKM, and other ignoramuses AK-74. Ammunition - only those that are with you. Sometimes ammo runs out. However, not all. AK-74 owners can easily share ammunition with each other. And you? I have AK-74M 1992 release. With a butt that does not fold out the first time, with a gas piston, on which a layer of chromium is thinner than a children's hair, with a pistol grip from the Saiga and a pirated copy of the forearm with a handle, with a Cobra sight, which does not stand next to the grenade launcher, and the main advantage of this machine is that it is.
Automatic special AS "Val"

Very comfortable, applied. So he asks in his hands. The butt itself finds the point of emphasis in the shoulder, the cheek to go to the right place on the butt. Of the domestic folding butts, the butt speakers are the best. The rough surface allows you to firmly hold the fire control handle, which is also facilitated by the shape of the handle itself. The relatively long sighting line has a positive effect on the accuracy of shooting. Convenient, despite its small size, the forearm has the same non-slip surface as the handle. The handguard is completely blocked by the folded butt and in such a position to shoot, for example, in a tight space, holding the weapon securely, is difficult. To fix this flaw, I installed the handle on the muffler housing. Virtually every detail in the machine helps to improve accuracy and reduce noise when shooting. By these parameters, it surpasses all similar domestic automata. I, for example, at a distance of 100 m, lying with an optical sight, fell into the bottom of an inert VOG-25 shot. Of course, not the first shot.

9-mm automaton speaker with an additional installed front handle and a lantern.

Spare shops and clips with cartridges for their equipment.

The automatic machine gives a lot to its owner, but also requires special attention. This applies to service, or rather cleaning. Anyone who has dealt with cleaning the AU and VSS after the shooting will understand what I mean. Gunpowder P-45, used in regular cartridges, gives a rich carbon deposits, which after some time hardens, you have to sweat to get rid of it. The lion's share of time is taken by cleaning the separator and the inner surface of the muffler as the most susceptible to the destructive action of powder gases. Here in the course are various powders and gels for cleaning dishes. But, despite all these little things, the machine is very good. Although it requires a delicate handling. I love this machine, and it reciprocates me.

Rifle Sniper Special ARIA "Vintorez"

Great rifle. Compact, soft, accurate. In our division, it is used with automaton shops.

9-mm sniper rifle BCC. The silencer is equipped with a place to install additional equipment.

The standard SP-5 and SPP cartridges have, to a small extent, different ballistics, so our snipers, depending on preferences, lead their rifles to a normal battle under the type of cartridge they like. Only the absence of a cheek on the butt is depressing, which, apparently, was done in favor of a quick transition, when firing, to mechanical sights.

Compact machine 9А-91

This "workhorse". Compact, powerful machine. Streamlined shape. In the dashing nineties, it was widely used as a weapon of concealed carrying, with the capture of criminals who are in the cabin of a vehicle or in a dwelling. Due to its small thickness, weight, folding loader handle, it was often transferred covertly, under a jacket, behind a belt or on its side on a belt loop over its shoulder. Butt in the folded position does not exceed the dimensions of the machine. It is easily and quickly transferred from the traveling position to the combat position and back. Super Reliable. It shoots at any degree of pollution. The sighting devices are very clearly “outlined”, but due to the small length of the sighting line, it is unrealistic to shoot more than 50 m, and more than 100 m.

Upgraded 9A-91 with collimator sight

The machine has several modifications: The first one is equipped with a compensator, it has a fuse-translator on the left side. The second is completed with a muffler and a translator of reduced sizes. Compensator is missing. The third (1995) is completed with a silencer, a bracket for mounting optical sights. In this regard, the translator-fuse box is moved to the right side. There is a variation of this modification, in which there is no bracket for mounting optics. The last modification has a larger scale. Moving the fuse box to the right side made it difficult to manipulate. Low store capacity. Would not hurt the bundled store increased capacity or coupling for the two stores. The difficulty of replacing it. Availability of one spare shop. Shops of some automata are not fixed in the necks of other automata due to the excess of the size of the thickness of some stores and the mismatch of the windows for the store latch with the latches of some automata.

Shops were produced with feeders of different designs and different arrangement of openings to control the presence of cartridges. First produced feeders with the right location of the upper cartridge. Then they released the feeders with the left top chuck position. Shops with second type feeders have an opening for controlling the number of cartridges, made one thickness higher than with the first type. As a result of poor quality control at the factory, stores began to arrive with the first type of feeders with the late model shops. When such stores are filled with cartridges, the cartridge case is visible in the hole, which signals that the magazine is fully equipped with 20 cartridges. Actually in the 19 cartridges shop. All this leads to problems in obtaining and surrendering weapons and ammunition.

There are no guides on the forearm for fixing the flashlight and the front handle. After the abolition of the compensator, the front handle would not be superfluous. The handle of the bolt carrier is poorly fixed in the combat position, spontaneously folded, which creates difficulties when reloading in a combat situation and when using gloves. When firing cartridges SP5, PUB-9, BP in the ground and solid obstacles at an angle almost one hundred percent ricochets are observed.

Gun-grenade complex OTs-14-4A "Thunderstorm"

The impossibility of shooting from the left shoulder. The shooter's face is located above the hole for ejection of spent cartridges and, accordingly, outgoing powder gases. The inconvenience of store replacement.

9 / 40-mm gun-launcher complex OTs-14-4A

Option OTs-14-4A silent sniper rifle

Just one spare shop. Translator-fuse does not allow them to quickly use. When shooting in a helmet and body armor, it is normal to “attach” normally. After shooting you will find a tedious cleaning. It turns out, after several shops, to clean the “Thunderstorm” is even more dreary than the AU machine gun and the BCC rifle because of the many hard-to-reach places in the receiver.

Sniper rifle Dragunov SVD

There is nothing bad to say. Excellent rifle, proven. When using plastic linings of the forearm, it was not possible to achieve a tight fit to the forearm knot, which slightly distorts the elegant look of this beauty. To mitigate recoil, the back plate of the GP-25 grenade launcher is often used. The standard sight basically meets the requirements of the rifle.

7,62-mm sniper rifle SVD

7,62-mm sniper rifle SVD-S with folding stock

Sniper rifle Dragunov SVD-S

Compact version of the SVD. Thickened barrel gives more stable results. The shape of the fire control handle does not contribute to its firm hold. The rifle when firing sensitively "kicks."

SVU-AS sniper rifle

Dimensions and accuracy - better than the SVD. My SVU-AS factory shooting - 2,5 cm 100 m, LPS bullet, 4 shot. When shooting, you can stand side by side, in contrast to the SVD, the recoil is not strong compared to the SVD. Weight - 5,5 kg, but not very heavy. Due to the fact that the trigger pull is a long, thin plate, and hidden under a high, poorly fixed lid, when the trigger is pressed, it bends, rests against the lid. And then passes the effort to the trigger. Therefore, the descent is long and unpredictable. When shooting, especially from a bipod, the power of the compensator is such that it blows the rifle a few centimeters to the side, the target is lost in sight. Without optics, with a mechanical sight - very accurate, convenient type FG42, especially since the sight and the front sight are copied from it and the front sight is added. It is strange that nowhere and no one is mentioned.

7,62-mm sniper rifle shortened SVU-AS

Sniper rifle CB-98

Dubin, but shoots well. In the passport - the best group of 10 shots - 8,8 cm on 300 m. The assembly is in the best national traditions. When assembling the valve in the factory, pins were inserted into the holes from the bottom, and a guide bar was attached on top, which should be attached to the valve with these pins. When attaching the bolt to the rifle, the bar fell down and jammed the bolt. Barely dismantled it. Then he wondered how this strap is attached. Bulky shops, clearly overdeveloped design. Unified sports case included - long only for a rifle, but does not contain a rifle with a silencer. With sights for this rifle there was a whole epic. They entered the unit only with night sights. So they stood idle. Then one good man gave the unit an expensive Zeiss sight - Diavari 2.5-10-50T. A year later, received the PPO 5-15х50.

7,62 mm sniper rifle CB-98

Then, after a considerable period of time, we got the Belarusian sight POSP 4x12-42W with mounts under the Weaver bar. Although the rifle worth rail Picatinny. The locking pins on the sight bracket preventing longitudinal displacement did not fit the guide on the rifle, which was corrected by a file. It turns out that for a couple of years the rifles were not used as intended. Due to the lack of scopes. The rifle is bulky and, due to its maneuverable qualities, loses the SVD. In practice, the accuracy of the SVD is quite at the level corresponding to the conditions of its use. In the highlands, the weight of the CB-98 is a tangible burden.

Reliability unchecked by time and operation forces the sniper to take on the operation SVD, SVD-S or VSS, VSK-94. They are proven and reliable. And CB-98 is often assigned the role of a rifle for competition.

Sniper rifle CB-99

I think the reason for its appearance in service is as follows. Izhevsk had to sell something. And then someone from the responsible ranks who had read or heard from their surroundings about the use of small-caliber rifles in the United States as "dog-killers" and "light-destroyers", came up with the idea to purchase such things. And Izhevsk is right there. Rifle pupa, but practically suitable only for sports and entertainment shooting. A powerful cartridge “Groundhog”, I think, will not stand it, and you will not fall down anyone at once with weaker cartridges. Since it is in service as a sniper, ammunition for firing is released at the rates corresponding to rifles of normal caliber. That is, there is no difference from what to shoot - from CB-99 or from SVD and CB-98. So it is better to shoot rifles of normal caliber. The telescope bracket does not have a locking pin and after removing the sight, it is impossible to install it exactly in the same place.

§ 5,6 mm sniper rifle CB-99

Kalashnikov light machine gun Modernized RPK-203

It has sufficient fire power at close range. Put the shank as on the "Vepr-12", bipod on the bar, front handle, collimator, drum magazine. If you go deep, USM should be done both on the American IAR with "front and rear sear." If desired, the conditions for the application of the PKK can be found. In the melee, in the city, to create a fire curtain, if the PC machine gun is too lazy to carry. In general, we need a machine gun for automatic cartridges, with tape feed, with interchangeable barrels of different lengths and a folding butt. At one time there was a very good machine gun RPD-44. The prototype of all of today's machine guns chambered, less powerful than rifle. Compared with the machine gun, the PC is more compact, allowing the machine gunner to carry more ammunition. Modern conditions of warfare, for example, in settlements, and the tactics of special units provide this type of machine gun with the right to exist. A small upgrade by installing a new plastic forend more length, the system of slats for the front handle and bipod, lightweight butt (can skeletal design).

7,62-mm light machine gun RPK-203

It is a pity, because of the presence of a return spring in the butt will not work to make it foldable. Bring the pit closer to the breech breech, to facilitate the transfer of the direction of fire. And be sure to place the bar for sight on the receiver cover. That's it - the mini PC is ready.

Kalashnikov machine gun modernized machine gun PKMS

Powerful machine gun. Does not like bending back the tape when shooting - the possibility of a delay is likely. The lack of a folding stock and high-grade forearm. And from this machine gun often shoot with it. Includes all boxes of 200 ammo. And is used, as a rule, without a machine. Large size, with a long wear loosened carrying handle. The best way to rework is like the Americans, like SPW. You can put a muzzle brake compensator, and then when shooting from a hard surface, it jumps. And the box for ammunition is more compact. Under-barrel grenade launchers: GP-25. Still remains the best in its class.

7,62-mm machine gun PKMS

Compact and quick-fire. Equally important is the ability to fire at a distance less than 100 m. Sight this allows. Over time, the node connecting the trunk with the body trigger is loose. On some often operated rocket launchers, clamps weakened from rust. When fired, they broke, and the grenade launchers flew from the machine guns. Features self-cocked trigger negatively affect the accuracy of shooting.


My favorite rocket launcher. Comfortable sight, almost “pistol” descent, smooth and relatively soft. Convenient fuse. There is no installation on the sight for shooting at a distance of 50 m. When shooting at close distances, when you press against the butt you can shlopot blow.

5,45-mm AK-74 machine gun with grenade launcher GP-25

5,45 mm AK-103 assault rifles with grenade launchers GP-30 and GP-34М

5.45-mm AK-103 machine gun with grenade launcher GP-30M


Almost the same. No fuse, than I am very disappointed. Extractor, playing the role of a ramrod. In traveling position does not understand. The high-pressure chamber is now tightly attached to the trunk of the GP-34. Descent like a water gun. Do not compare with GP-30. The sight is more difficult to handle. When installing the 50 m sight, you have to press your cheek against the crest of the butt, and after the shot you wake up. Like a blow to the jaw. The butt plate is twice as thick as the old one, and it is almost impossible to shoot in a bulletproof vest and unloading vest. And most importantly, when installing the ramrod is removed, and the assembly is assembled, just put it nowhere.

Manual Grenade Launcher Special RGS-50M

Multipurpose weapons, with appropriate ammunition. No straps for mounting the belt. Have to carry in the bag. In the course of the application, repeated cases of discrepancy between the trajectories of the shots with the installations of the sight were revealed.

50-mm hand grenade launcher special RGS-50M

Manual Anti-personnel Grenade Launcher WG-6

The high density of fire is reduced to no time spent on loading. Together with the 20 rounds of ammunition, the shots represent a greater load on the shooter, especially in individual body armor. Moreover, a normal grenade launcher, in his right mind, will never give up a machine gun with ammunition. With the folded shoulder rest, the butt plate prevents the control handle from being gripped normally and opened fire. Although such situations are taking place. It would be possible to make another hole in the base of the grenade launcher to push the shoulder support centimeters by five. Antabka on the left side, as on GM-94, would not hurt. On the right side of the arrow is the machine. On the left - a grenade launcher as an additional weapon.

40-mm hand-held anti-personnel grenade launcher RG-6

Grenade Magazine GM-94

It can successfully replace WG-6 and WGS-50. Very ergonomic. Fully double sided. There is an indicator of the presence of a shot in a grenade launcher. Allows you to shoot at a distance closer than 50 m. At one time, the US Navy SEAL fighters would have given a lot for GM-94, since they had to use heavy (more than 8 kg without shots), uncomfortable EX-41 grenade launcher during combat operations in South Vietnam .

43-mm hand magazine grenade launcher GM-94

Carabiner Special 18.5 KS-K

At one time, the KS-23 carbine was developed as a weapon that allows you to deliver a projectile of greater volume and mass to the target than a 12 caliber weapon. Weapons are now being commissioned for a reason which is clearly the opposite of the one that was the reason for switching to 23 mm weapons. And often the weapon 12-th caliber is presented as the ideal weapon for operations at close range. Apparently, not without regard to foreign experience. But there criminals usually use pistols, revolvers, and guns. And the use of smooth-bore weapons to neutralize them is quite adequate. In addition, the urban buildings they are made of less thick and durable material than ours. We have a different situation. The criminals are armed, most often with automatic weapons, and the doors in the apartments are mostly iron. Our smooth-bore weapons are an inadequate response to a threat.

Special 18.5 KS-K 12 caliber carabiner

Bulky weapon. Dimensions, even with a folded butt, do not allow working with him in a tight space. The design of the weapon does not allow you to install the forearm with straps for the front handle and attachments, as in the regular forearm there is a butt clamp spring in the folded position. And with a quick pace of shooting or shooting with a folded butt, the front handle is not at all a superfluous detail. The rubber butt plate is designed in such a way that it is possible to fix the butt in the folded position after a couple of strokes with the palm, due to the fact that the rubber does not allow the retainer to engage with the butt. When a magazine is equipped with eight cartridges, it cannot be fixed in a weapon. To attach even an empty magazine to the carabiner, again, a palm strike from the bottom is necessary to fix it.

In conclusion, I can say that all of the above is not only my personal opinion, it is the opinion of my colleagues and colleagues from other departments. We work with weapons not only on the range or in the dash. Very often it is necessary to use weapons according to their main and historical purpose. These are the realities of our life. It may seem that I am too critical of some samples. Or too pampered and I want a "comfortable" weapon. But in my work there are no trifles. Especially related to weapons. Any little thing, a hitch with manipulations, uncomfortable application is even worse - the delay in shooting can adversely affect the integrity of my skin. And I trust only those weapons that I personally checked at the range or in battle.
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