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Pepelas of Air Group

During the International Salon "Integrated Safety-2013", many of its visitors unwittingly stopped at the sight of a device of an unusual shape that looks like a fantastic flying machine from the movie "Kin-dza-dza!". As explained “Weapons Of Russia, Alexei Aravin, CEO of Air Group, on whose stand this device was presented, is often also called the “flying pot”.

Pepelas of Air Group

The main activity of Air Group is the development and production of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) of the fan type. According to the head of the company, “in comparison with other UAVs of the aircraft and helicopter type, these devices of the new generation currently have the highest efficiency.” The most important difference between these devices, Aravin considers a large, 3-4-x power reserve, directly affecting their operational reliability, maneuverability and other characteristics.

Such indicators, he explained that in order to achieve similar indicators of thrust in other UAVs, it is necessary to increase the diameter and size of the propeller blades. “In a fan-type UAV, the annular body around the screw is its protection and wing, which increases the aerodynamic characteristics of the device. All this is calculated and tested in TsAGI wind tunnels, ”said the director of the company.

He explained that the fan-type UAVs with vertical takeoff and landing at the speed of 70 km / h fall sideways and carry out horizontal flight for a long time. This is due to the fact that in the vertical position the resource of the apparatus is spent on maintaining its own weight, and in the horizontal - significant savings occur and the resource lasts for several hours of flight.

“Given the large power reserve, all the characteristics of our UAVs are given obviously with a large margin. Similar data of other types of devices are announced, as a rule, at the limit, ”the head of the company emphasized. Such a difference is explained by the fact that “when creating our devices, with the exception of individual electronic components, we use only domestic materials, including and engines.

All this allows "to create UAVs under load and tasks to be solved, and not vice versa," stressed Aravin. Today, according to him, the company’s specialists have developed and offer customers a variety of devices, both in terms of frame sizes and aerodynamic configuration. BLA - fan has high maneuverability. Unlike devices of other designs, the Pepelats, without any difficulty, is able to hover over any point, drop or return to refine and detail the data.

UAV Air 250 ("pepelats", "flying pot") is an aircraft of increased maneuverability of the fan type with a whole set of distinctive features. It can be used from limited sites and vehicles, does not require additional devices for takeoff and landing, can be used in buildings and forest areas, in mountain gorges and caves.

The propeller of the BLAH in the form of a fan is located inside the annular body-wing and provides vertical take-off and landing, horizontal flight, as well as high safety of its operation. The 5 kg unit is capable of carrying an optical gyro-stabilized photo-video system (270 review hail, weight up to 2 kg) and carry out horizontal flight with a maximum (cruising) speed of 160 (120) km / h. The duration of a UAV flight with an internal combustion engine (electric motor) can be 3-4 hours (up to 30 minutes).

Air 170X - OperA is structurally different from the previous one by the presence of 8 fan-type engines. The device version "A" ("B") with its own weight 8 (11) kg and carrying capacity 1-2 (2-4) kg is able to fly during 30-40 (20-30) min. Able to solve problems using an optical gyro-stabilized photo-video system with an 270 review. Noting these UAVs as the most advanced in the lightweight class, the general director said that at present the company “developed and began to produce middle-class vehicles,” including tethered ones with unlimited operation time.

According to Aravin, the company already has an 2 order - “for a UAV repeater and a vehicle with shipborne radar equipment.” Fastened UAVs with 6 and 8 engines, with a maximum thrust of 95 and 128 kg, are capable of carrying an unlimited payload of 20 and 25 kg, respectively. The tethered UAV repeater was created for use in the structure of the Ministry of Defense, and for Rosatom a tethered UAV based on a self-propelled robot designed for conducting radiation reconnaissance. Autonomous UAVs are used by the mobile headquarters of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the FSB.

UAV Air - Q8 is a tethered unmanned carrier of the middle class fan type with vertical takeoff and landing. It is designed to relay signals and monitor the environment.

Able to carry payloads from 25 to 60 kg. and rise to a height of 50 m. The device can be operated at wind speeds up to 15 m / s for 24 hours when powered from a ground control station. Depending on the layout, the BLAH can be executed in the Q4 and Q6 variants.

Alexander Aravin noted that the company, along with the development and production of UAVs, creates a payload for them. According to him, today the company can offer potential customers a payload in the form of single and dual optical heads, designed to monitor the surrounding space. The latter ensures efficient operation in the visible and infrared ranges.
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  1. mark1
    mark1 21 June 2013 09: 44
    Maybe this is our breakthrough in drones? More "pepelatsev" good and different! ...
  2. atos_kin
    atos_kin 21 June 2013 09: 52
    Serious approach, good prospects. Good luck.
  3. mabuta
    mabuta 21 June 2013 10: 19
    Here is the over-the-horizon wire vision for the fleet and false targets to protect objects from the CD - this is a lope he can raise the "microwaves" by half a hundred meters laughing good
  4. Rider
    Rider 21 June 2013 10: 36
    Now it’s clear what design was taken for the prototype of these Pepelians

  5. The comment was deleted.
  6. Aryan
    Aryan 21 June 2013 11: 35
    From childhood, we suspected that adult uncles didn’t agree on something.
  7. shush007
    shush007 21 June 2013 13: 14
    Wow, flying! breathtaking, the main thing that flew!
  8. spirit
    spirit 21 June 2013 13: 48
    FAN! -This is not disruptive technology.
    For me, this is a dead end branch. You need to develop the movement on new physical principles.
  9. Constantine
    Constantine 21 June 2013 13: 52
    That's what it means not to catch up, but looking around to offer your own. Well done, an interesting method.
    1. Garysit
      Garysit 21 June 2013 18: 44
      To catch up, the Italian company engaged in Avionics showed UAVs of a fan type with a gyro-stabilized platform 2 years ago.
  10. Mister X
    Mister X 21 June 2013 14: 13
    Quote: Constantine
    That's what it means not to catch up, but looking around to offer your own.

    Everything is stolen before us ...

    First Generation RC Quadcopter: Parrot AR.DRONE
    The price of the device is about 300 dollars.
    Can be controlled from a smartphone running Android or iPhone

    Second Generation RC Quadcopter: Parrot AR.DRONE 2.0

    Honeywell Campaign UAV

    Ghost Recon: Alpha Movie Shots
    "Strike" quadcopter

    "Strike" quadrocopter from a Russian craftsman
    1. Corsair
      Corsair 21 June 2013 14: 58
      And why is this on a video target dummies, SO picture explode? Is this not an imitation of a hit, in the absence of one?
      1. Mister X
        Mister X 21 June 2013 15: 23
        Probably, for entertainment, he put a little explosive in his underwear pocket for each dummy.
    2. abc_alex
      abc_alex 21 June 2013 16: 55
      Yeah. A helicopter is a plane with an inverted propeller. :) First, you would have figured out the physics of the flight of "pepelats".
    3. TS3sta3
      TS3sta3 21 June 2013 20: 01
      this is not a "Russian craftsman", but a merikos, mowing under the Russian with the help of an accent. For while "our" liberals are getting into fanaticism from the rotten West, at this time in the US (oh horror!) Ordinary Merikos are getting into fanaticism from the Russian theme.
      1. Mister X
        Mister X 22 June 2013 13: 19
        Quote: TS3sta3
        this is not a "Russian craftsman", but a merikos, mowing under the Russian with the help of an accent.

        What difference does it make, what is his nationality or what is his name:
        Kyle Lamar Myers or Dmitry Potapoff.
        He wants to call himself Russian - please.
        Look at the number of likes on his website

        We are discussing an article on drones, rather than finding fault with the commas in the comments.
  11. a.hamster55
    a.hamster55 21 June 2013 16: 20
    The Etsilopp Pepelats is equipped with a gravitsapa and an increased stock of Luce (military version)
  12. gregor6549
    gregor6549 21 June 2013 17: 02
    If such "pepelatsy" are crossed with nuclear submarines like "Akula" and some of the "pepelatsy" are charged with monitoring the air situation and coordinating the actions of other "pepelatsy" equipped with high-precision weapons, then a completely asymmetric response from the US and other AUG looms. By the way, the Chinese have been working on similar projects for a long time. over submarine aircraft carriers on which both manned aircraft and UAVs can be based. I'm not sure about the manned, although this option is not excluded, but compact UAVs with the possibility of vertical take-off and landing on the nuclear submarine may be what the doctor ordered. The entire plain will not be able to keep up with the United States in terms of aircraft carriers in the foreseeable future, and these surface machines have already outlived their days. In the event of a big war, they will be drowned like kittens. Already, in Kitrai and other countries, the development of ballistic missiles capable of independently detecting and hitting aircraft carriers is in full swing. And then no AUG and Aegis fighters can fight back.
    1. iSpoiler
      iSpoiler 21 June 2013 18: 46
      Yeah, and if you put 40 pieces of jet engines on the design you described, then torpedoes can be launched directly from orbit)) This is a supersonic orbital submarine. For fantasy + smiled)
      1. gregor6549
        gregor6549 21 June 2013 19: 59
        Why not fantasize? Moreover, such fantasies are already in development. In 10 years and in metal will be. But why drag nuclear submarines into orbit? It was Nikita Khrushchev who thought to combine a submarine with an aircraft in one bottle. And where am I to Nikita? I am a simple person. I do not propose to combine, but only to "cross". Feel the difference. Yes, and the nuclear submarine from under the water can do much more, and if you're lucky, then survive. And in orbit, where can you hide her fool? They will knock them down in the first hours, if not minutes.
        1. avdkrd
          avdkrd 21 June 2013 20: 41
          to cross in the sense of "tie"? Are you hoping for viable offspring?
  13. Evrepid
    Evrepid 21 June 2013 17: 34
    the direction of thought described in the article was pleasant.
    God help the creators of the devices.
    In the penultimate picture, the device is very reminiscent of scooters from Star Wars :) Association. :)
  14. Letterksi
    Letterksi 22 June 2013 23: 21
    Interestingly, what else can this pot do, besides peeping into our windows? Not seriously! exhibitions of all kinds of integrated security are held constantly and everywhere where all sorts of "flying pots", video surveillance, ballpoint pens with cameras and so on, that is watching, for the most part, us, ordinary citizens. All these things do not protect us from someone, but someone from us. Even 23 years ago, there was not much sense in massively protecting someone from something inside the country, and there were no exhibitions on integrated security. And today every firm acquires a private guard, and soon it will acquire such pots to look into OUR PRIVATE LIFE. I really would not want such a "pot" to fly behind my back and look over my shoulder.
  15. gregor6549
    gregor6549 23 June 2013 06: 53
    These "pots" are already able not only to observe, but also to destroy with a very high accuracy, while those who control them can be thousands of kilometers from the "Pots" working in comfortable and most importantly safe conditions.
  16. Kurtshaar
    Kurtshaar 23 June 2013 07: 51
    At the cottage so good, to the neighbors through the fence to peep)))