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China showed a model of a new bomber

Over the past years, China has constantly published information on its new developments in the field of fighter aircraft, but long-range bomber aviation did not receive the same attention. Only a few days ago, the Chinese military announced the current modernization of the Xian H-6 bombers (a copy of the Soviet Tu-16). A number of these aircraft received new equipment, an updated power plant, etc. Available information does not accurately assess the potential of the updated H-6K bombers, but the age of the aircraft is striking. The base Tu-16 was created back in the fifties of the last century, which accordingly affects the capabilities of all the machines based on it. H-6s require replacement and so far China has no equipment suitable for this.

Until recently, all information about Chinese long-range bombers projects was limited to only a few small the news and one rather large publication on the creation of two promising aircraft at once: H-8 and H-10. The other day, Chinese, and after them, the Western media published a photo of a model of a new Chinese aircraft. The model depicted on it was allegedly made in accordance with the new project. The name of the promising car remains unknown. The same goes for the technical part of the project and the expected characteristics of the new aircraft.

Xian H-6 (copy of the Soviet Tu-16)

Now at the disposal of experts and people interested in aviation there is only one photo of a certain model, and not in a very convenient perspective. However, such an image was sufficient for the appearance of several options for the appearance of the new aircraft. And some of its characteristic details are noticeable in the existing perspective. First of all, it should be noted that the alleged Chinese-made long-range bomber resembles modern fighters created using stealth technology. The outer surface of the bomber consists of smoothly mated straight and curved surfaces.

Another pair of features of the model's appearance brings to mind the American projects of fifth-generation fighter jets. Air intakes on the upper surface of the fuselage and the characteristic tail, consisting of two inclined surfaces, were used on an experimental Northrop / McDonnell Douglas YF-23 Black Widow II aircraft two decades ago. However, despite such similarities, a promising Chinese aircraft cannot be called a copy of an American one. The Chinese bomber will be considerably larger and equipped with a swept wing.

No characteristics of the aircraft have not yet been announced, but there are already some estimates. For example, a version of the following bomber geometry data was made on the Stealth Machines forum: length is about 30 meters and a wingspan is about 21 m. With such dimensions, it should have takeoff weight at 50 tons and needs two afterburner engines less than 15-17 thousand kgf. The aircraft's payload, which can be estimated at 8-10 tons, is expected to be placed in the fuselage's cargo compartment. The dimensions of the bomber allow you to enter inside the fuselage is a long enough compartment for weapons. From some schemes, it follows that its dimensions can reach the 10x2,5x1,5 meter. However, with such dimensions, the cargo compartments are able to take up most of the available volume and do not leave room for other structural elements, for example, for fuselage fuel tanks.

Quite quickly on the Chinese Internet forums appeared assumptions and speculations regarding weapons. According to different versions, rockets and bombs of different types, unguided and “smart” can be placed on the internal and external suspensions. In addition, there are suggestions about the possibility of equipping a bomber with air-to-air missiles for self-defense. For example, in one of the proposed options, the aircraft carries three anti-ship missiles based on the Russian Mosquito P-270, four air-to-surface missiles and six medium-to-short range air-to-air missiles. Naturally, this is only an assumption and the actual combat load of a promising bomber may differ significantly from that described.

Worth noting accommodation weapons on the external sling will significantly increase the likelihood of aircraft detection by radar stations. In addition, information about a similar method of suspension of bombs and missiles on the new aircraft appeared a few years ago, and so far could be outdated due to the improvement of the project. Advanced combat aircraft concepts now involve the internal deployment of weapons to reduce visibility. Judging by the general appearance of the promising Chinese bomber, under normal loading, it will also carry all the weapons inside the fuselage, and the external suspension, if any, will become a means of increasing the load beyond normal.

Big questions are caused by the power plant of the aircraft. The fuselage contours and wing configuration can speak about the possibility of flying at supersonic speeds. In combination with the estimated take-off weight of about 50 tons, this allows to draw appropriate conclusions about the required engines. Need motors with a burden above 15000 kgf. Such a power plant will allow a promising bomber to accelerate to supersonic speeds, but the current state of the Chinese engine building does not allow us to confidently talk about fuel consumption and, as a result, flight range. Most likely, the last parameter will not exceed 3,5-4 thousands of kilometers, although with sufficiently economical engines it can be higher.

Along with the possible technical appearance of the new Chinese aircraft, the political implications of implementing such a project are discussed. Even with a combat radius of no more than two thousand kilometers, a sufficiently large region around the territory of China will fall into the range of the new bomber. Naturally, such a range is not enough to deliver ammunition across the ocean, but in the current situation this will be enough for an inconspicuous aircraft with modern equipment and weapons. Thus, a promising aircraft will become an instrument of pressure and deterrence, aimed primarily at small neighboring countries.

Previously, the Chinese media published information according to which the armament of new long-range bombers would allow destroying targets at ranges up to 2,5-3 thousand kilometers from the launch point. Such statements looked bold, but the projects of such missiles have long been not mentioned anywhere. From this we can conclude about the problems with the implementation of relevant projects or to abandon them. Anyway, so far nothing is known about the presence of China’s aviation missiles with a range of several thousand kilometers. If China can create ammunition with such characteristics, then the American military bases on the island of Guam could be under attack.

At present, a promising Chinese long-range bomber — provided that such a project does exist — is one big mystery. All available data can be listed by fingers, and the total number of reasonable assumptions on this topic does not allow to establish with confidence at least an approximate appearance of the aircraft. In such a situation, it remains only to build new theories, think over possible options for the design and wait for official information. And only the prerequisites for the creation of a new bomber will be simple and clear: China needs an early update of long-range aviation.

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  1. klimpopov
    klimpopov 19 June 2013 09: 18
    The layout and appearance is a cross between the B-1 and F-117.

    this range is not enough to deliver ammunition across the ocean,

    And they don’t need it, they have a different goal - in the north.
    One thing is good that they will not have such an engine for a long time if ours is not sold ...
    1. djon77
      djon77 19 June 2013 11: 55
      muzzle from B-1, flat nozzles of raptor and keels from YF-23. a kind of hodgepodge of parts of American aircraft. but it turned out beautiful.
      1. Dart weyder
        Dart weyder 19 June 2013 12: 09
        looks more like nozzles and forms and kilmi on the YF-23, only the wing in sweep is similar to the F-117, and the air intakes on top of the fuselage, and even those on the pictures of a possible PAK YES, or rather a possible version of the Su-34 - are molded from everything- that will turn up by the arm ...... wassat

        1. crazyrom
          crazyrom 21 June 2013 06: 27
          What the Chinese have shown is not a model or even a render, but a pencil sketch. We have here half of the people on this site will draw better.
      2. 101
        101 19 June 2013 19: 38
        Quote: djon77
        but it turned out beautiful.

        It turned out ???
    2. Retx
      Retx 20 June 2013 20: 47
      Their goal is to protect the sea routes, respectively, coastal cities and a single China, but there is no question about the North. Do not make up.
  2. mark1
    mark1 19 June 2013 09: 21
    Really didn’t steal anything! All your own, native, Chinese? Then, well done!
    1. Day 11
      Day 11 19 June 2013 09: 35
      Klim is right, bit off from different projects. Probably from his only avionics, which is also good
      1. mark1
        mark1 19 June 2013 09: 42
        Most likely, the fact that certain developments are being carried out is reliable, the appearance is probably not detailed yet and can differ greatly from the picture. The Chinese love to make confusion in their minds.
        1. Grenader
          Grenader 19 June 2013 12: 53
          From the forest, from the mountains
          The guy showed the ax
          Yes, not just shown
          He tied him to ...
  3. pensioner
    pensioner 19 June 2013 09: 31
    But the Tu - 16 still looks cool. And you can’t say that they started to develop it 60 years ago. Beautiful plane. We (like) already have no flying.
  4. Wedmak
    Wedmak 19 June 2013 09: 32
    Layout? It reminds me of a model in the 3D editor, which is of disgusting quality. And on the basis of THIS are assumptions made about its performance characteristics? It’s ridiculous.
  5. JonnyT
    JonnyT 19 June 2013 09: 33
    Yeah ..... it was recently infa that China stole all the info from the Pentagon!

    Most likely this aircraft is a product of processing and combining information of American aircraft
  6. Scandinavian
    Scandinavian 19 June 2013 09: 52
    Futuristic look ...
  7. avt
    avt 19 June 2013 09: 55
    Quote: Scandinavian
    Futuristic look ...

    In TsAGI, not such models are blown and they are handed over to the warehouse, so wait and see. Here to the strategist as to the moon on foot.
    1. Argon
      Argon 19 June 2013 11: 27
      All the talk about China's creation of a strategic bomber is a sign of at least incompetence. The Chinese have long had all the necessary technologies (including engines) to build a copy of the Tu-95, for example (a dispute about a "strategist" in a class of about 50 tons, generally humor) The absence of strategic aviation is the principled position of China. It is a completely different matter that the issue of national security, for the Chinese, is closely related to the American AUG (given China's geopolitical interests in the southeast). Obviously, they need a tool that can be GUARANTEED to destroy them. , optimally this problem can be solved by an aviation complex deploying anti-ship missiles with a speed of 3,5-4,5M, the carrier of which will be the machine, one of the prototypes of which is presented in the article.
    2. Mhpv
      Mhpv 19 June 2013 12: 18
      By the way, last night, a Zhukovsky-like Tu-160 came into Zhukovsky, they are experiencing something again, it circled over the floodplain of the Moskva River, so TsAGI is being reborn little by little. And the T50 can’t observe at all to see only the sound is driven high alone all day.
  8. ded10041948
    ded10041948 19 June 2013 10: 12
    The impression is that they drew some kind of hybrid B-1 and F-117, and then enlarged it (inflated like a balloon!). The takeoff weight of this "long-range" will surely run away for 60 tons, And how can it be dispersed to supersonic? And all the engines that the Chinese have compiled to date are devouring - Mom, don't worry! No upgrade will save you! Although, if, according to the Chinese classification, "distant" is everything that can fly 5000 km (then the radius of combat use is somewhere around 2200 - 2300 km), then yes ... But! On the street, not 41 years old, but 13 (next century!). Or are they going to refuel it every thousand miles? Then what do they have on the role of "cow"? Or is it just another "misinformation"? In short, solid questions. Although the SVR will add this "gift" to the headache, and it will drive the GRU completely crazy!
  9. Cynic
    Cynic 19 June 2013 10: 17
    Quote: avt
    In TsAGI and not such models are purged and handed over to the warehouse

    Interestingly, a complete inventory has been done there for a long time? Is everything in place.
    Not an aviator, but something painfully familiar in forms, probably somewhere in the illustration to old seen fiction.
    1. Mhpv
      Mhpv 19 June 2013 12: 28
      And what is there to invert to go to the cards and you will see everything in the palm of your hand the truth is that what I need is hidden in hangars.
  10. Constantine
    Constantine 19 June 2013 10: 25
    The back of the F-22) So there are 3 aircraft)
  11. svskor80
    svskor80 19 June 2013 10: 30
    Now they’ll talk - they’ll talk, they’ll shock the mock-ups. And then you look at a plane stolen from someone else, the Chinese are stamped serially. And stands out for the original Chinese know-how. I just wish that now our plane wasn’t stolen.
  12. Dejavu
    Dejavu 19 June 2013 10: 36
    Somewhere I already saw it ... what
  13. Evgeniy46
    Evgeniy46 19 June 2013 11: 01
    IT really can fly? I thought irons only fly with a throw ...
    1. Day 11
      Day 11 19 June 2013 11: 05
      B-2 "Spirit" somehow flies (did it fly?). Iron-iron (in the opinion of Yankee pilots)
  14. Roll
    Roll 19 June 2013 11: 10
    wassat And why do you need a bomber now? Su 30 carries 8 tons, the radius is not bad with refueling, it’s enough for the Chinese, in principle, they can put 4 engines, like on b-2 or that 160, only in accordance with the size. Then they have operating time for JI 20, it’s been flying for 3 years already, JI 20 has an original system for launching air-to-air missiles from side bomb bombs. In general, let’s see, as for that 95 ms, the aircraft is also very old, the Chinese n-6 is at least jet, and our screw, although economical.
  15. pensioner
    pensioner 19 June 2013 11: 38
    Quote: dejavu
    Somewhere I already saw it ...

    No wonder ...
  16. wave
    wave 19 June 2013 13: 07
    Draw - painted, well done! Half done.
  17. WIN969
    WIN969 19 June 2013 13: 08
    Amers stole, especially on the engines can be seen smile
  18. uzer 13
    uzer 13 19 June 2013 19: 13
    Another Chinese project, drawn by a pitchfork on water. Recently they showed the same 5th generation fighter made of plywood and coated with plasticine. As long as it's just a bluff, the Chinese are playing some strange game with these new planes.
  19. Russ69
    Russ69 19 June 2013 20: 47
    Quote: retired
    But the Tu - 16 still looks cool. And you can’t say that they started to develop it 60 years ago. Beautiful plane. We (like) already have no flying.

    Pretty boy!!! Urgent passed in the regiment with the Tu-16.
    In the mid-90s they were removed from service. And so he served for 50 years, hard worker.
  20. sergey158-29
    sergey158-29 19 June 2013 21: 07
    I won’t be surprised if the Chinese soon roll out a flying saucer wassat
  21. 0255
    0255 19 June 2013 21: 53
    C'mon, the PAK FA is also very reminiscent of the F-22, but everyone in the comments praises it. And what the J-20 and J-10 remind MFIs is, we are outraged and laugh that the Chinese cannot come up with their own.
    In order to bomb the Far East on occasion, in the absence of a sufficient number of fighter jets and anti-aircraft missiles in Russia, this bomber will do quite well.
  22. G_sl
    G_sl 22 June 2013 11: 41
    I dug up more photos
  23. Tot-enot
    Tot-enot 23 June 2013 23: 55
    While this is not even a model but just a drawing, in this case there is nothing to copy, no one sold the strategists to them, but they themselves will continue to develop sooooo long.
    The Chinese have learned to make copies well, but they have never been able to develop a modern combat aircraft from scratch. That’s why they want to buy the SU-35 and were able to copy the SU-27 but how to develop it further? need a sample)