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China launched its longest space mission

China launched the Long March 2F launch vehicle with the Shenzhou-10 apparatus (Shenzhou-10) on board, which will have to dock with the Tiangong-1 orbital scientific module. The launch was carried out on June 11 from the Jiuquan Chinese cosmodrome, which is located in Gansu Province on the edge of the Badan-Jilin Desert in the lower reaches of the Heihe River. At the launch of the spacecraft, the PRC Chairman Xi Jinping personally attended. Prior to that, he addressed the cosmonauts with a speech, wished them good luck and noted that they are "the pride of the Chinese people, and their mission is sacred and brilliant."

The PRC space exploration program originates in October 8 1956. In April, 1970 of the year, China put into orbit its first artificial Earth satellite, called Dunfanhun-1 (Aley East-1). But the first space flight of the Chinese astronaut took place only in the XXI century. In October 2003, the launch of the manned ship "Shenzhou-5" took place. The first spacewalk of a Chinese cosmonaut took place at the end of September 2008, as part of the mission of the Shenzhou-6 spacecraft. The first female cosmonaut appeared in China in 2012 year. She was 33-year-old Chinese Air Force major Liu Yang, who flew into space aboard the Shenzhou-9. Before 2020, China plans to build its own habitable space station in Earth orbit and design a space laboratory.

The Shenzhou-10 spacecraft carries 3 cosmonauts into space: 48-year-old mission commander Nie Haisheng, 47-year-old Zhang Xiaoguang, and 33-year-old Wang Yaping (Wang Yaping), who will chinese girl astronaut. After about 10 minutes after launch, the spacecraft separated from the rocket and went to a predetermined trajectory of the preliminary orbit. Within the next 40 hours, the spacecraft will dock with the scientific orbiter Tiangong-1.

China launched its longest space mission

The Chinese space mission envisages a number of tasks for conducting docking in manual and automatic flight modes, as well as conducting various scientific experiments that will help China in the development of near-Earth space. The successful launch was already 5-th in the manned program of the Middle Kingdom. The mission of the spacecraft "Shenzhou-10" is designed for 15 days. Currently, this is the longest period for the Chinese manned space program.

The primary tasks of the Tiangong-1 scientific orbital module are to test docking with spacecraft, as well as to ensure the safety and normal functioning of astronauts during their short-term stay in the module. Sending the Shenzhou-10 spacecraft to the Tiangong-1 orbital module is part of China’s comprehensive program to deploy a space station with a long stay of astronauts. It is assumed that it will be launched in 2020 year. The orbital station will consist of several modules, in size and weight it will be approximately 6 times inferior to the ISS.

The National Space Administration of China stressed that the successful implementation of the Tiangong-1 docking with Shenzhou-10 will be an important step towards one of the immediate goals of the Chinese space program - building in-orbit its own space station. It is reported that the Chinese space station will include the 3 compartment. 2 manned and 1 cargo spacecraft can dock to it. It is assumed that the entire system will weigh about 90 tons. At the same time, the space station will be designed to stay on it 3 Taykonavtov who can work on it for 6 months. If necessary, various new modules can always be docked to the space station.

In Russian, the name of the spacecraft "Shenzhou" translates as "magic boat." A ship made in China is in many ways similar to the Russian Soyuz spacecraft, in particular, it has similar dimensions and a similar layout of modules. As of today, China is still lagging behind Russia and the United States, the world leaders in the space industry, but the launch of Shenzhou-10 was already the fifth manned start of China, starting with 2003, when the first tiecoat Yang Liwei went into space.

The entire program of space manned flights in China is implemented in the 3 phase. The first one included launching 2-x spacecraft with astronauts aboard - “Shenzhou-5” and “Shenzhou-6” in 2003 and 2005 respectively. At the second stage of the program, which is currently being implemented, China is working on the technology of docking spacecraft in Earth orbit. In the third stage of the program, China plans to launch its own space station into space. Moreover, China is not going to turn it into an international space "house". Beijing is going to use a manned orbital station exclusively for its own needs.

For the first time in stories China’s manual docking of the satellite to the Tiangong-1 orbital station was also performed by the crew of the Shenzhou-9 spacecraft, which consisted of 3's Taekonavts. The first Chinese female cosmonaut Lee Young took part in that historic flight. Soon, China will become the third country after Russia and the United States, which alone will launch into space and will maintain its own space station there. China’s progress in the space field is obvious, and the Celestial Empire gradually became one of the leading space powers. In 2011, China was ahead of the US in the number of launches of space rockets: 19 launches against 18, while Russia still remains the undisputed leader: launched 36 rockets into orbit. At the same time, a series of emergency launches with the loss of satellites had a negative impact on Russia's image.

The Tiangong-1, with which the Shenzhou-10 apparatus is to dock, will soon be replaced in orbit with the more spacious Tiangong-2 module. And in the 2015 year, China plans to launch into the Earth’s orbit an even larger scientific module “Tiangun-3”. This module should become the core of the future Chinese inhabited space station.

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  1. MilaPhone
    MilaPhone 14 June 2013 08: 29
    Take a look - everywhere in Africa and in space they have time! What can we say about the Arctic?
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. chaushevski
      chaushevski 14 June 2013 12: 53
      because there are so many of them there. Yab wanted those astronauts in a photo in space to be forgotten, and after a hundred years they were found and skeletons in he spacesuits heh))
      1. chaushevski
        chaushevski 14 June 2013 21: 28
        minus the Chinese)))))))
        1. Dovmont
          Dovmont 16 June 2013 14: 25
          I plusanul!)
    3. Dovmont
      Dovmont 16 June 2013 14: 24
      These successes were made possible thanks to the tacit technical support from Russia - everything from China's spacesuits to spaceships was ripped off by the Chinese. But that's why our rulers do this - I can’t imagine! Looks like history does not teach them anything!
  2. Dima190579
    Dima190579 14 June 2013 08: 44
    The road will be overpowered by a walker. I am happy for the Chinese. The higher the success in China, the more headache the United States. If only our head would not get sick from these Chinese heights. But in general, why is it surprising that the factory for the production of gadgets does not fly into space. The Americans themselves gave everything to China.
    1. rolik
      rolik 14 June 2013 12: 11
      Quote: Dima190579
      The Americans themselves gave everything to China.

      China in space was not helped by mattresses, but by us. It seems that we owe something to the Chinese for something. Gave, betrayed, helped. And what do they help us with? The fact that they dirtied the land in the Far East (where they were given allotments for farming) was so dirtied that nothing would grow there. And then these nitrate tomatoes, which do not rot for a year, are again sold to us. Very interesting policy. But everyone has long known that the policy of concessions and conciliation did not lead to anything good, never when.
    2. Jurkovs
      Jurkovs 14 June 2013 16: 44
      1. The suits are obviously sewn in Russia.
      2. The ship is the second, rejected by the Royal, the layout of the Union. Aggregate, household, descent compartments, but not aggregate, descent, household as in the Union. It was repeatedly written that they received drawings for this layout in Russia.
      3. Sevastyanova after a 16-day flight, carried out of the ship in her arms and placed in intensive care. Nobody knew about the negative factors of a long space flight. The Chinese, having planned a 15-day flight, obviously got our technologies (pharmacopoeia, special training before the start, suits like Chibis and so on).
      When they do something of their own, then we will be afraid.
      1. gribnik777
        gribnik777 14 June 2013 22: 10
        When they do something of their own, then we will be afraid.

        An ancient joke, since Brezhnev’s times:
        We transmit the TASS message.
        In China, an unsuccessful launch of a spacecraft.
        Three astronauts and ten thousand stokers died.

      2. Bear52
        Bear52 15 June 2013 03: 06
        Recently it flashed: "technology transmitters" - on bunks!
        1. Justme
          Justme 15 June 2013 09: 50
          In our research institutes in the early 2000s, the Chinese officially trained and adopted technology ..
          And obviously the decision about them was made at the level at which they didn’t put them on the bunks (.. unfortunately, it was more convincing if they were shot at that level ..)
      3. Dovmont
        Dovmont 16 June 2013 14: 28
        You have not indicated all the points of "cooperation" yet!
      4. Gromily4
        Gromily4 17 June 2013 08: 39
        The request is more detailed on item 2. I did not understand anything in what you wrote.
  3. Marconi41
    Marconi41 14 June 2013 09: 02
    It seems that the photos from Baikonur. And the suits are the same and the rocket is the same. In general, I propose to help the Chinese in space affairs and relocate two-thirds of their population somewhere on the moon!
    1. Yozhas
      Yozhas 14 June 2013 12: 08
      Of course they are similar ... In the 90s and until 2007, they almost lived in Samara at the aerospace university and at the Progress plant (where rockets are built). They lured people to China with big money so that they would lecture to their students and "give advice" on conquering space and building rockets. So much for the similarity.
    2. The comment was deleted.
  4. Forget
    Forget 14 June 2013 09: 14
    What can I say, the Chinese began the expansion of space. Soon all the planets will be inhabited by the Chinese .... what
  5. Barabas
    Barabas 14 June 2013 10: 08
    everything is very simple! among the Chinese, such as Chubais, Serdyukov, ..., well, you all know them for a long time dug in a dunghill! that is why they have time everywhere!
  6. pav-pon1972
    pav-pon1972 14 June 2013 10: 09
    China silent glancing forward! They need their own ISS, control of the near-Earth orbit will be theirs. The International ISS belongs to a group of states and in the event of global cataclysms, it will be incapable of solving tasks in space in full. we also need our own ISS, at least in mothballed mode, just in case ....
    1. Roll
      Roll 14 June 2013 10: 31
      wassat I agree, even if it’s smaller, you can send your own and space weapons to it quietly, for example, a laser with a power supply on plutonium, and it’s convenient to detect enemy satellites, nevertheless, man is still strong in space. But interesting Amerov b-2 or f35 f -22 from near space are visible.
  7. spirit
    spirit 14 June 2013 12: 22
    Waiting for rice fields on Mars laughing
  8. uzer 13
    uzer 13 14 June 2013 17: 08
    As you can see, China is practically inferior to Russia in the field of space and military technologies, and even superior to it in the production of electronic and optical components. The Chinese army is superior to the Russian army in terms of numbers and saturation with military equipment, and quite modern. The Chinese army is better prepared to conduct combat action-both morally and physically. In Russia, contract troops have not been fully created, and military service has already been limited to one year. In the case of a real large-scale war, there seems to be no one to fight.
    This is me about the fact that some comrades claim that a war with China is impossible.
    1. Dovmont
      Dovmont 16 June 2013 14: 38
      I agree with almost everything except the high morale of the PLA. This spirit is reinforced in hostilities and rich military traditions, including victories! Tell me the victories of the Chinese army over the past 50 years. In addition to the occupation of defenseless Tibet, nothing comes to mind. The border conflicts between China and its neighbors indicate a low morale and fighting spirit of the soldiers, which, however, does not exclude mass fanaticism among the rank and file. Although after the Cultural Revolution, a lot of time has passed and the dumb fanatics there seem to have diminished.
  9. Internal combustion engine
    Internal combustion engine 14 June 2013 17: 46
    Yes, the author says this is true, it was Putin who drowned the WORLD, and then gave all our space developments to "our brothers" the Anglo-Saxons and the Chinese. And all for the money. And to myself and friends. Now, soon, the Americans will launch their station into orbit, and they will show us the back of the body.
  10. Justme
    Justme 14 June 2013 19: 12
    In the space industry, it is high time to put things in order.
    And now it is a "reserve airfield" for thieves' sons and relatives for the non-dusty role of top managers (until recently, I saw examples of this every day).
    What is the continuity now? - The men from the workshop complain - they scored an open punks on the role of lower-level management.
    If there was a problem before - our research institute resembled a nursing home, but now it is openly sculpted from kindergarten.
    There is much to discuss about but
    - technocrats should lead the matter, and not junk (how to check - let me solve a simple problem - 3-4 course - this is more than a real proposal - and now without question you can drive out the entire top of the leadership of our research institute ..)
    - what is the Renaissance program, for example. This program made it possible to "eat" a lot of money without any return. But this is not necessary - irresponsibility is very corrupt.
    After all, if it was worth clamping in an dark place and adequately explaining to some elderly managerial blockhead in the 2000s, he will answer, there aren’t any problems in creating a new one, this and that problem can be solved by that and that, and without any problems and monetary interference .. And if you do not explain rudely - this audience comes first - their selfish interests and their games ..
    But now what to do with the kindergarten - I don’t know ..
  11. pavelk
    pavelk 14 June 2013 19: 35
    All right, they have to spend their money. This is an image and no more. Manned flights are of little use. So far, no one has recaptured money for space exploration.
  12. sprut
    sprut 14 June 2013 21: 06
    We must not miss achievements in space. It is necessary to create a Russian permanent station in orbit of the moon.
  13. Ar4ii
    Ar4ii 14 June 2013 21: 17
    Well done! And we are all proud of the successes of the USSR and are in some kind of delirium,
    the country as an alcoholic stuck to the pipe and everything is fine marquise
  14. The comment was deleted.