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Assessment of professionalism - practical shooting championship


The Federal Security Service (FSB) is the most powerful special service of the Russian Federation. From 2003, the Border Guard Service of Russia has been transferred to the FSB. The task of the FSB is to ensure the security of the country, society, the state and each individual. The FSB is a federal executive body directly subordinate to the President of the Russian Federation. The FSB carries out its work in several areas: intelligence and counterintelligence activities, the fight against crime.

This year, the twentieth anniversary of the Grad division of the St. Petersburg Department of the Federal Security Service of Russia is celebrated. Therefore, not by chance, but as a sign of respect for his colleagues, the next FSB practical shooting championship weapons was held at the end of April 2013, in the village of Sertoletovo, located near St. Petersburg.

Championships, with the participation of officers of the combat units of the Russian special forces are held several times a year. It is always quite difficult for participants to perform the tasks of the organizers of the competition - after all, they have to work out combat techniques, in full protective gear and with military weapons. Experts prepare tasks for participants so that they can not only show their skills and professionalism, but also gain new experience in combat operations. Each trifle in the performance of tasks is important, because the experience gained can save, in a real situation, more than one human life.

The fact that the special forces of the FSB of Russia often organize such championships speaks of the importance of such training and competitive events. For example, in 2013, five such championships have already been held. All participants in the competitions of special-purpose combat groups recognize that this type of competitive training enables each unit to learn well-coordinated group work in combat operations, improve their professional level, exchange best practices with their colleagues, and improve their mastery of military weapons.

The organizers of the championships always strive to achieve in order to bring the conditions and complexity of the performance of competitive tasks closer to the real ones. The weapons used in competitions are the most modern: from pistols and rifles to grenade launchers. As the experience of conducting combat competitive training shows, participants prefer foreign types of weapons: American, German. Special Forces consider it more reliable, versatile and practical. Each of the participants should demonstrate their ability to handle these types of weapons as successfully as possible.

As a rule, participants demonstrate their skills in various types of exercises. Moreover, the goal of each competition is not only to show the skills of each fighter, but also the ability to effectively interact in a group.

The subjects are required to make concrete decisions in the shortest possible time. The championship rules provide for instructions before the start of the competition and discussion with the team members about the best ways to complete the tasks. To perform the exercises in any championship is not enough good fire training, requires good memory and attention. The most important task is always an exercise to free hostages in a vehicle. As a rule, the group receives an introductory task a few seconds before the start of the test assault. It is required to very quickly identify the people who took hostages among the passengers and destroy them. The rules of execution are very strict - when they are taken hostage, the participant is disqualified.

This year, the organizers of the championships have changed the rules of competitions of previous years. The main focus was not on assessing the individual skills of each participant, but on the skill of acting in a team. For approaching competitors to real conditions, the competition is held not only during the day, but also at night. Not many can pass all tests.

Most often, fighters from the Vympel and Alpha divisions become leaders of the spetsnaz squad championships. But this does not mean that fighters from territorial divisions are less professional. For example, this year the special forces officers from Nizhny Novgorod and Krasnodar proved themselves to be well tested.

The organizers of the spring championship tried another novelty - a civilian team consisting of masters of sports and champions in practical shooting participated in the competition. This allowed the military and civilian experts to exchange new methods of handling weapons, to test the new equipment, to test together new types of weapons.

But the special forces fighters participate not only in the all-Russian competitions. For example, the team of the Alpha division took part in the open world championship among special divisions in 2011 and won, beating even the hosts of the championship - the Americans. Alfovtsy in the 11 fighters won the first place in the overall standings, receiving the title of the best team. In the sniper shooting competition, the Alpha Special Forces ranked second.

Personally-team shooting competitions with a machine gun among the special purpose units of the FSB, dedicated to the memory of Colonel A.V. Volosnikova. The aim of these competitions is to improve the fire training, the exchange of best practices with the best shooters, as well as to stimulate the development of military-applied sports.

Conclusions that experts make after the completion of each competition, help to plan the further combat training of special forces units of Russia. Fighting units, like air, need combat training as close as possible to the actual combat situation.

But the real exam special forces will pass the life itself, which will test their professionalism in the course of real combat operations.

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  1. donchepano
    donchepano 13 June 2013 08: 51
    KGB of the USSR it was really state security (although they profiled such a country of the USSR)
    And the FSB, of course, so as not to offend ...
    But ordinary guys and FSB special forces are honest patriots who risk their lives. I applaud and drink for their health from the heart
    1. vladimirZ
      vladimirZ 13 June 2013 11: 33
      The KGB, after IV Stalin, according to the final results of its activities, "in vain ate its own piece of bread and butter." It is their fault that they allowed traitors into the leadership of the state and the CPSU - the "leading and guiding force" of Soviet society.
      Due to the dominance of pro-Western and pro-American "leaders" in the leadership of modern Russia, the FSB repeats the "mistakes" of its predecessors.
    2. chaushevski
      chaushevski 13 June 2013 12: 42
      "The FSB is the federal executive body" I beg you
      1. vladimirZ
        vladimirZ 13 June 2013 15: 26
        Ну и что?
        The state security organs are obliged to ensure the preservation of the state system, in spite of any state person, no matter what, this person does not hold a post and whoever he is. They are all temporary workers and must be legally responsible for their actions while in high positions.
        Unfortunately, in Russia everything turned out differently. The first persons of the state, in particular Gorbachev M., Yeltsin B., a number of prime ministers, committing crimes in their posts, remained unpunished.
        Only the people have the right, using the prescribed procedures, to change the state structure of the country, but not the person, no matter who he is.
  2. My address
    My address 13 June 2013 09: 41
    See the picture. And I shot with one hand and, like, not bad. As the older comrades have learned from two - this is when from Stechkin to 50-100 meters. If I see on TV as someone, with arms extended or raised up with a gun, he scampers around the rooms, bastard. You cannot hold your hands together in close combat, let mericos act like that. From the KGB met with the border guards. I respect you, as did the troops of Uncle Vasya.
    1. dmitreach
      dmitreach 13 June 2013 13: 41
      That's just the adversary came up with the sport of IPSC / IPDA, the ammunition burns in tons, in training ... and empirically came to the store reset button and other nishtyachki ... and we have the myths of the times of the Tsar-Father. (About shooting from one hand) And this article is like "the discovery of the Open secret". (although happy for the servicemen) And now, attention - the question: the best shooter is the one who "believes in the grip with one hand" or the one who often practiced with two?
    2. Suvorov000
      Suvorov000 13 June 2013 14: 53
      The pistol shooting technique was worked out thoroughly in SMERSHEI and they shot there with one hand in the second usually either a grenade, or a knife, or an empty hand ready to block a blow. The technique that was taught in the tornado was considered the best, because even the Germans recognized this, and they are very good prepared their saboteurs
      1. dmitreach
        dmitreach 15 June 2013 12: 34
        Not that 70 years have passed since those times? And by the 76th year, IPSC appeared, as a rethinking of the world experience of practical shooting? You would also mention the Flintlock Pistols. "They can hit each other on the head!" (Pirates of the Caribbean)
  3. _KM_
    _KM_ 13 June 2013 11: 02
    Getting from a gun with one hand is not so easy. Especially if it is not PM.
    1. Suvorov000
      Suvorov000 13 June 2013 15: 40
      you just need to train more often))) in the morning I got up I took a 3kg weight in my hand I extended my hand and stand, a month later the gun will not dance in our hands, it will be like a glove
  4. Vladimirets
    Vladimirets 13 June 2013 11: 11
    "And the special forces will pass the real exam to life itself"

    Already passed more than once, and continue to pass.
  5. Volkhov
    Volkhov 13 June 2013 12: 32
    The picture expresses the essence - the hands are not Russian, governing.
  6. uzer 13
    uzer 13 13 June 2013 19: 34
    [As experience in conducting competitive combat training shows, participants prefer foreign weapons: American, German. Special forces consider it more reliable, versatile and practical. ]

    Because at our arms factories PM will soon forget how to do it. The quality, compared to what it was in the USSR, has fallen dramatically. If they don’t sell weapons to the public, they will not make money and invest them in the development of production plants.
  7. crambol
    crambol 13 June 2013 22: 57
    The article, frankly, is pale, more like a handout. There is no description of specific exercises, the results of firing. But all the same, I put a plus in the hope of a solid report.