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Why “Kalashnikov” “Tral”?

The “trawl” was named the mine-stretch mine clearance system developed in the student's design bureau at the “Shooting-cannon armament” department of Tula State University. Its main advantage is that with this effective, simple and cheap device you can quickly equip any joint stock company, thus equipping each soldier with a “trawl”.

Currently, the Russian army uses kits for manual demining of the KR-I, KR-O, KR-95, KR-97 Blesna. However, they are quite complex, require special training, and there is not every motorized rifle unit. In addition, they have a number of specific drawbacks, which can be shown by the example of a four-legged cat for trawling from the CR-I kit. It is characterized, in particular, by the low reliability of trawling stretch marks and mines with tension sensors of the target, and especially mines like POM-2. When trawling under conditions of bushes and light forest, there are quite frequent cases of complete or partial cat getting stuck, which leads to its loss or to the formation of untested areas due to the cat "jumping". In addition, the range of her hand throwing does not exceed 14-18 m.

In the framework of the “Regional Research Laboratory of Schoolchildren and Students” at Tula State University, in the student design bureau (SLE) at the department of “Shooting and Cannon Armament” (SST) they decided to create a simple, cheap, effective and accessible device for each soldier. stretch marks.

After the initial study, it was decided to focus on two versions of the device, which was called the “Tral”. Both designs are designed to remove stretch marks at distances up to 100 m using standard AK.

The principle of mine clearance consists in throwing a certain range of a demining device and further attracting it (trawling) to yourself. In the process of pulling up the demining device, gliding along the ground, will tear all the stretch marks in its path, causing the detonation of all the installed mines. The result is a completely safe passage through mined areas.

The difference between the two devices is that one uses the grenade launcher GP-25 or GP-30 for throwing the demining element, and the second - the energy of the standard automatic bullet. In both versions, a zero-inertia reel is used for the pull-up.

In the first version, the trawl missile element can be either a regular profiled metal bar or a rather complex structure with a weight up to 350 g. VOG-25P. An inertialess coil is mounted on the barrel itself (with a large distance it is possible to install a motorized coil). On it is wound a thin metal cable with a diameter of 30 mm that withstands tension up to 25 kg. The device works something like this. The fighter points the barrel toward the intended trawling at the required angle (the angle depends on the desired throwing distance) and pulls the trigger of the grenade launcher. There is a shot, a grenade passes through the barrel and picks up a pig with a muzzle cut. Since at the moment of contact the VOG-0,1P has a small initial speed, and the structure of the pig follows the contour of the head part of the shot, then there is a smooth touch with the demining device. VOG-78P delivers the disc to the working distance. After she landed, the fighter using the inertia-free coil pulls the missile to itself. He, gliding on the ground, when meeting with a banner, tears it off at the expense of its mass and cable tension.

Kalashnikov assault rifle with the installation "Tral", which uses a regular sub-barrel rocket launcher to throw a demining element

General view of the AK equipped with the device "Tral"

VOG-25P and throwing device in flight

Approach of a pig with VOG-25P to a mine trap

The calculations showed that a regular shot of the VOG-25P has enough energy to cast a very large trawller in terms of weight and dimensions. Therefore, it is quite possible to mount a removable unit with an electromagnetic wave generator inside the throwing element to undermine the masked mines. In this case, the system "Tral" will be a universal means of mine clearance.

Today in SLE continues to improve the device "Tral". In particular, an option for the elimination of anti-personnel mines is being developed. In the cast element, which is a removable cylinder, there is a network for the propagation of electromagnetic waves. To open the grid when hitting the ground, hollow cylinders are used (resembling a foldable antenna from a radio receiver) containing a spring. The opening of the membrane occurs under pressure from the antenna.

In the second version of the “Tral” device, the throwing of the cat onto the place of the intended placement of the stretch marks is supposed to be carried out with the help of a shot from the combat patron of AK-74. To do this, the cat, with the help of a special modular device, is placed directly in front of the barrel. After the bullet leaves the bore, it enters the cat's internal cavity, picks it up and pulls it forward. To increase the distance of the throwing of a sapper cat, the cord is placed directly on the outer surface of the cat, with the possibility of successive descent of cord sections when it is thrown.

Due to this placement of the cord in the process of movement, the inhibiting inertial effect on the cat from the side of the initially resting sections of the cord that are sequentially drawn into motion is eliminated.

The device for trawling mines with tension sensors of the target contains a cat, a cord and an inertia-free coil. The cord is wound on the outer surface of the cat, and the coil is used only for pulling the cat. To repeat the cycles of trawling, the cord is wound on the cat again.

Both modifications of the device "Tral" allow the removal of stretch marks at a distance exceeding the cat's range of throwing manually, which allows you to save the lives of fighters, and is a reliable, reusable, and most importantly - inexpensive device.

AK with the system "Tral" of two types: with a reflux of a demining element using a grenade launcher and using a standard assault rifle cartridge

The device Tral "with a throw of a cat by means of the automatic cartridge

The appearance of the trawl

Cat Ejection Scheme

An example of undermining stretching, using the trawl

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  1. avt
    avt 1 June 2013 09: 49 New
    Cool good tastefully invented. + Normal spinning laughing good guys think!
    1. Joker
      Joker 1 June 2013 10: 58 New
      Well, for starters, the GP needs to be purchased, the last time I saw it was with our soldiers 10 years ago, and almost everyone has the M-203 among the Americans. When will our infantry arm there?
      1. Rider
        Rider 1 June 2013 13: 36 New
        Quote: Joker
        When will ours arm the infantry there?

        I will express my opinion.
        grenade launchers are, and in the required quantity.
        they simply lie in arms and warehouses, since soldiers do not have to carry extra useless (in non-combat conditions) mass.
        they and AK then only in the hands of the exercises take.
        And you can learn how to shoot from the GP from 1,2 barrels.

        and in combat units, the grenade launcher is quite common.
        just look at the chronicle of the Chechen and Georgian war.

        and by the way, personally, I do not consider this situation normal.
        since the soldier must be able to shoot from all the full-time weapons of the squad (you never know how it turns)

        but alas, we always have it, flies, agglomerates, bumblebees, etc., lie in warehouses for years, and then it turns out that one does not shoot from three pipes.
        I heard the same thing about ATGMs and arrows.

        I hope with the departure of the stool, the situation has changed
        1. fartfraer
          fartfraer 1 June 2013 14: 06 New
          There are enough grenade launchers. The piece is interesting and at least one is needed for the department. Moreover, as I understand it, the price is not "space". Yes, and these trawls for the extreme can be replenished in field workshops (or whatever they are called there)
          1. bazilio
            bazilio 1 June 2013 14: 50 New
            grenade launchers may be enough, but the Thrall variant for these grenade launchers is in doubt, in the photo where Tral is loaded into the grenade launcher, it can be seen that the fired part of Trawl is already very close to the mount point of the ramrod. I’m not sure, but what if the trawl hooks on this element when firing from a grenade launcher. By the way, in the same photo AK without a ramrod. And for some reason it seems to me that the ramrod also interferes with the use of Tral from the grenade launcher. But this is my opinion
            1. fartfraer
              fartfraer 1 June 2013 15: 29 New
              Well, you have to finish it) just the idea itself is quite normal. the truth is a cat is cheaper, easier and more affordable)
      2. Explore
        Explore 1 June 2013 16: 58 New
        GP-25 rely on the Officer, sergeant and corporal commander (senior shooters MSO, senior intelligence officers of the RO). In our 7th WB they were abundant. In MSO, as a rule, 2 pieces (KO and SS). in intelligence, depending on the number of corporal posts (there are several more, with a slightly smaller number of departments themselves).
      3. PiP
        PiP 1 June 2013 21: 53 New
        According to the staff schedule, everything was enough ... 91-93. I think there is everything in the "rouge-parks". Example: before DMB, I learned that we had "training" samples, even TOZ-8 (small).
    2. scliss
      scliss 3 June 2013 06: 47 New
      Run, crawl, perform UUS (UKS) when there is such a "weight" under the forearm. In my opinion - completely unnecessary.
      Using the energy of powder gases for throwing a "cat" is a good idea, but not new.
      Using inertia instead of a simple spindle is a mistake. A rope on the spindle and you can manually wind it.
    3. Andrey77
      Andrey77 3 June 2013 12: 29 New
      The main purpose of the device is to entertain personnel with fishing. :)
  2. Jeber
    Jeber 1 June 2013 10: 16 New
    if the hunt has failed, then you can go fishing!
  3. omsbon
    omsbon 1 June 2013 10: 26 New
    Invented great. The soldier will come in handy and help to survive.
    1. Andrey77
      Andrey77 3 June 2013 12: 31 New
      Teachings. Motorized rifle platoon on the banks of the river ...
  4. fisherman
    fisherman 1 June 2013 10: 53 New
    And now I know what new spinning I need !!!! laughing only now instead of spinners now cling wassat
    1. Rider
      Rider 1 June 2013 13: 38 New
      Quote: fisherman
      only now instead of spinners now cling

      I just drive and leave

  5. soaring
    soaring 1 June 2013 10: 56 New
    Well done, our students !!! Well, who else will come up with such a simple device assembled from "nothing" and having such enviable characteristics !? GOOD MEN !!!!!!!! good drinks hi
    1. Roll
      Roll 2 June 2013 10: 30 New
      angry And what students have come up with so much value, ordinary folding spinning is both cheaper and better, the trawl on the machine has a drawback, the sound of a shot can be detected, and the soldier winding spinning is a good target for the shooter, but spinning can be thrown for 50 meters with high accuracy with high accuracy and zero noise, and where the conditions do not allow you can make a light rocket to spinner, or another option,
      1. skeptic
        skeptic 2 June 2013 11: 17 New
        Quote: Rolm
        And what students have come up with so much value, ordinary folding spinning is both cheaper and better, the trawl on the machine has a drawback, the sound of a shot can be detected, and the soldier winding spinning is a good target for the shooter, but spinning can be thrown for 50 meters with high accuracy with high accuracy and zero noise, and where the conditions do not allow you can make a light rocket to spinner, or another option,

        The most valuable thing is the idea. So you began to think in this direction, only learning about it.
        A little nuance. Folding spinning rod for every soldier? Of course, the enemy will suffer losses, laughing, even during the period of the "spinningists" actions. But a well thought-out attachment, with a small cat (the coil is an unnecessary thing here) attached to the machine gun, can be very useful, especially if there are no sappers or there is no time for traditional mine clearance. As for the visibility for the enemy, these measures will be done during shelling or distracting fire.
      2. vladsolo56
        vladsolo56 3 June 2013 06: 53 New
        if the trawl catches a stretch in your opinion there will be no sound of an explosion? have you tried lying throwing spin and throw far?
  6. fisherman
    fisherman 1 June 2013 10: 59 New
    Quote: fisherman
    And now I know what new spinning I need !!!! laughing only now instead of spinners now cling wassat

    otherwise my method is outdated
    1. pensioner
      pensioner 1 June 2013 12: 19 New
      Extra bow. Hands enough. Trust the professionals.
  7. family tree
    family tree 1 June 2013 12: 05 New
    The idea is good. It remains to wait until the Germans carry out the tests and eliminate the flaws, and then buy ... from the Chinese.
  8. pensioner
    pensioner 1 June 2013 12: 18 New
    The thing may be necessary, but I haven't laughed so heartily for a long time! What in the world does not happen ... I imagined something: I will go ashore with such a spinning rod and ask the competitors "well, what, biting?" ... It looks like I'll get good trophies after that ...
  9. Ilya Mikhalych
    Ilya Mikhalych 1 June 2013 13: 11 New
    And in the butt, you can build a shovel to quickly dig up worms laughing
    1. pensioner
      pensioner 1 June 2013 13: 37 New
      Worms. On a spinning ... Orriginal .. And let there be a shovel! -
      1. Rider
        Rider 1 June 2013 13: 52 New
        Quote: retired
        Orriginally .. And let the shovel be! -

        instead of a magazine, attach a tool box
        1. Rider
          Rider 1 June 2013 13: 53 New

  10. Rider
    Rider 1 June 2013 13: 48 New
    from the article it is not clear how the shot of the Gp and the "spinning" blank will be separated?
    after all, if they reach the "destination" together, the cable can be torn from the explosion of the grenade.
    it is possible that the disc will be dumped by air pressure as the shells of sub-cyber shells.
    but then where is the guarantee that the disc will reach the right place?
    there is no such problem with the bullet method of "throwing".

    and more
    This prodigy is certainly a necessary thing. but not applicable everywhere.
    for example, in a dense forest or in an urban setting, it will probably be useless.
    and also it is not suitable for scouts and other raiders, because there is a need for secrecy.
    1. dropout
      dropout 1 June 2013 16: 49 New
      Quote: Rider
      not suitable for scouts and other raiders, because there requires stealth.

      He is very interested in how to secretly mine a mine.
      1. tuts
        tuts 1 June 2013 18: 22 New
        why should scouts destroy mines?
      2. skeptic
        skeptic 2 June 2013 11: 23 New
        Quote: dropout
        He is very interested in how to secretly mine a mine.

        Nothing, the guys will soon come up with a cap that will be used to cover mines (for silence) lol
    2. dropout
      dropout 1 June 2013 16: 54 New
      Quote: Rider
      not suitable for scouts and other raiders, because there requires stealth

      Very interestingly, it is interesting how it is secretive, invisible and most importantly silently blow a mine.
    3. wave
      wave 1 June 2013 23: 05 New
      The shot is inert, there is no b / h, there will be no explosion, the cable will not break =)
  11. EDW
    EDW 1 June 2013 17: 12 New
    In general, a useful device, albeit a noisy one, would be nice to give it to some RF for development with the following conclusions.
    It’s not entirely true, though, it’s clear what kind of EM wave generator it is proposed to throw, and instead of omnidirectional antennas, to screen the mine with a mesh or something ...
    I would suggest trying an impact piezoelectric generator with an open radiating circuit; for a couple of meters around the electronics will disable, but no longer need.

    The main thing is that the inventors do not go any further) ... you look, they will offer to put the winches on the self-propelled guns and pull up the enemy equipment for capture, (like boarding) =)

    In general, looking at such a spinning rod, I remembered the magazine "technology of youth" of the early 70s, there was an article on how to adapt a hunting rifle for throwing cats and even knocking down cedar cones laughing
  12. Svyatoslav72
    Svyatoslav72 1 June 2013 20: 40 New
    AND! where will you put your smartphone and DVD?))) Such units should be either separate, or use the "cat" the old fashioned way. Such a "combine" will cling to and make the weapon heavier, interfere with its movement.
  13. SIBIR38RUS
    SIBIR38RUS 1 June 2013 21: 27 New
    In combat conditions with the risk of engaging in close combat with the enemy, this tool is absolutely useless !!! Our commandos and intelligence will understand me ... Detection is worse than death! Well, if you lit up yourself, but you can at that pace and substitute the entire group for destruction ...
  14. SIBIR38RUS
    SIBIR38RUS 1 June 2013 21: 30 New
    PS I’m silent about the failure of the task, the 200s and 300s ... This prodigy can be used to put the whole unit under the barrels ..
    1. skeptic
      skeptic 2 June 2013 11: 32 New
      Quote: SIBIR38RUS
      PS I’m silent about the failure of the task, the 200s and 300s ... This prodigy can be used to put the whole unit under the barrels ..

      This thing is not for special forces, but for simple infantry, and only under certain conditions, when there is no talk of secrecy, there is no possibility of preliminary clearance, an urgent passage through the minefield is required.
  15. DuraLexSedLex.
    DuraLexSedLex. 2 June 2013 00: 10 New
    I saw similar 2 years ago at the Interolitech exhibition))) There was also a cat))
  16. uzer 13
    uzer 13 2 June 2013 15: 27 New
    It’s a hoax for inventing cunning. Laughter, laughter, but if such a trawl would be of real use, why not? It’s not so bad. I was surprised to learn that the grenade launcher is not a standard attribute of every infantryman and is not installed on every machine gun. in poverty?
  17. Owl
    Owl 2 June 2013 20: 10 New
    If you try to "trawl" the neutral zone before your attack, then it should be understood that in addition to OZM-72 and their analogues, PMM-4 (and their analogues), TM-62 and the like are exhibited, therefore, it becomes clear why this product remained student coursework. Before the "front end" URs will work. To perform other tasks, eyes, intelligence and engineer training are needed (intelligence will not "secretly" bang, the special forces, all the more so).
  18. crambol
    crambol 2 June 2013 20: 16 New
    It is not known whether this construct is viable. But very pleased that the students are THINKING! And this inspires some optimism.
    1. Andrey77
      Andrey77 3 June 2013 14: 00 New
      They do not think, but give out other people's ideas as their own.
  19. Day 11
    Day 11 3 June 2013 01: 18 New
    What attacked the youth? This exam acts!
    1. Andrey77
      Andrey77 3 June 2013 14: 03 New
      The exam is just an exam. And what did young people do during 10 years of school?
  20. poquello
    poquello 3 June 2013 02: 12 New
    Well done polytech. We noticed a narrow moment, throwing shitty hands.
    It's the same as an option grenade launcher. Silence is needed - a crossbow or a spring throw. Forest and bushes - paws with dynamically adjustable springs. IMHO and the coil shape will change during revision.
  21. scliss
    scliss 3 June 2013 06: 44 New
    Arctic fox. Bezinertsionku to "shovel" to cling. Someone has nothing to do.
    Run, tinker. Shoot from a prone position. Just wondering how the UUS (UKS) perform when such a "thing" is under the barrel.
    To use the energy of powder gases for throwing a "cat" is a useful thing. But using a bulky coil instead of a regular spindle is a mistake.
    And you can wind the rope onto the spindle manually.
    1. Andrey77
      Andrey77 3 June 2013 13: 54 New
      Quietly remove the mine will not work. So it is not necessary to hang the trawl, but a portable detector. You can use a ramrod as a probe. Well, an introductory course. Every soldier is a sapper!
  22. Andrey77
    Andrey77 3 June 2013 12: 39 New
    On a standard level AK for optics it is necessary to stir up the echo sounder. Fishing will be more successful.
  23. Killy_error
    Killy_error 14 August 2013 14: 02 New
    I think development is useless. Just a promoted dissertation or a thesis of Pentagon graduates, usually normal developments are kept secret and for a very long time they are not heard about, they either gather dust in the archives, or are taken into development.
    A cat is cheaper to manufacture, more compact, lighter (can be made from improvised materials, no way finished). And then grind a blank, supply it with a powder charge, a flow net, go to a hunting and fishing store and buy a reel.
    It can be argued that lying a cat far from throwing, well, yes, and the grenade launcher will give sniper accuracy in such conditions.