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Pistols Arcus 98DA and Arcus 98DAC

In previous articles, three Bulgarian-made pistols were considered. This article proposes to complete the series, talking about another version of the short-barreled weapons a native of Bulgaria, especially since he has a direct relationship to the Bulgarian version of High Power, as it is, in fact, its further development, well, or a copy of one of the options. In general, we can consider this weapon in different ways, but I propose to look at this model of the pistol as the result of the development of the weapon case in Bulgaria. This is an Arcus pistol with the designation 98DA and its various variants.

As is clear from the name of the weapon, this is the further development of the Arcus 94, to which a double-action firing mechanism was added, which was good for the weapon. Also, the automatic firing pin safety device was added, which does not allow the weapon to shoot if the trigger is not pressed. If we take external changes, the upper part of the housing-bolt has become more rounded, and the so-called “beaver tail” has appeared on the back side of the frame. The base model was fed from a magazine with a capacity of 15 cartridges, had a weight of 950 grams, a length of 203 millimeters with a barrel length of 118,5 millimeters.

In addition to this sample, a compact version was created a bit later, although the reduction in dimensions was insignificant. This gun received another letter in the title, namely "C". The total length of the weapon has decreased to 186 millimeters, barrel length to 101,5 millimeters. The height of the weapon was also less, because the store began to hold 13 cartridges. The weight of the weapon decreased by just 50 grams. For the civilian market, both models of weapons are available with magazines with a capacity of 10 cartridges.

The layout of the controls and their shape completely repeat the previous pattern, as well as the 94 model, the Arcus 98 can be equipped with a two-way fuse switch, but in its basic version it has only a switch on the left side of the weapon. Considering that the weapon was supplied not only to the army and police of Bulgaria, where, by the way, it is in service, but also for the civilian market, the execution of the pistol can be very diverse, we should pay attention to the fact that the company went towards the potential buyer and could Order weapons with a stainless steel frame or a chrome-shiny toy in advance; artistic decoration was also available. In general, "every whim for your money."

Automation weapons naturally remained the same - the automation system with a short barrel and locking the barrel bore due to the protrusions on the barrel, entering the grooves on the inner surface of the housing-bolt. Pistols Arcus 98DA and Arcus 98DACIn its normal position, the barrel and the casing of the bolt are engaged with each other, but as soon as a shot occurs, the powder gases not only pushed the bullet along the barrel, but also forced the barrel and bolt to move back, as they also pressed on the sleeve that was supported by the bolt. As a result, the barrel and bolt moved together backwards, since the barrel had a tide under the chamber, which had a figure cut, through which the axis of the slide gate lever passed, the breech block was lowered. Accordingly, the protrusions above the outer side of the barrel came out of the coupling with the casing-bolt. As a result, the barrel stopped, and the shutter casing moved back, removing the cartridge case and cocking the trigger. On the way back of the casing-bolt, a new cartridge was sent, the bolt rested against the chamber and pushed the barrel. Conversely, due to the interaction of the axis of the bolt lag lever and the figure cutout in the tide under the chamber, the breech breech rose and the protrusions on the barrel entered into engagement with the gate casing. In general, inside the weapon nothing has changed except USM.

In general, the weapon has established itself as a reliable and unpretentious sample, easy to maintain and accurate enough for a short-barreled sample. As proof of this, one can mention the fact that the gun is in service with the army and the police of Bulgaria, and also enjoys a fairly large popularity in the civilian arms market. It remains only to wait for the further development of this weapon, although it seems that there is nothing better to improve, except to make the barrel adhesion to the casing - a lock for the window for ejection of spent cartridges in order to simplify production, but the gain will be insignificant.

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  1. bazilio
    bazilio 28 May 2013 08: 46
    A good trunk, it looks nice, and if you remember which design is taken as a basis, then there are no particular questions about the reliability. Bulgarians did the right thing.

    "In this article, I propose to complete the series by talking about another variant of short-barreled weapons from Bulgaria"

    Cyril, how about going through Italian pistols. About Beretta already wrote on this site, but about Tanfoglio (especially interesting sports. Option with a bunch of lotions), Bernardelli and Benelli were left without attention. Well, I’ll repeat my suggestion about the article on top gun 10 delta- a pistol with unusual automation, there was little information on it
    Thank you!
    1. scrabler
      28 May 2013 10: 46
      Let's walk on italian women smile I will alternate so that it does not work so that some PP or pistols go one by one.
      1. Timeout
        Timeout 28 May 2013 11: 39
        Offset final review!
  2. stoqn477
    stoqn477 28 May 2013 12: 17
    "Considering that weapons were supplied not only to the army and police of Bulgaria"
    This is not entirely true. The Bulgarian army is widely used Makarov pistol. For new systems, as always, there is not enough money.
    The possible existence of systems with a caliber of 9 mm Luger in some departments, like the military police, does not count.
    I apologize if I ruined something in writing, although I do not write every day in Russian. smile
  3. smershspy
    smershspy 28 May 2013 15: 14
    Cannon is good, but I love my Glock17! How many people, so many tastes! The taste and color ... you know who is not! lol
    1. Ch0sen1
      Ch0sen1 28 May 2013 16: 42
      All markers are different in taste and color. wink
      But High Power definitely earned a place in the top ten best pistols of all time good
      1. Raphael_83
        Raphael_83 28 May 2013 17: 08
        HP et yes. And I still really liked the ChZ-85. Of course, I am generally not indifferent to Czech weapons fellow , but I really liked the "eighty-five". It lies amazingly in the hand, it is easy to control, the workmanship is of the highest quality.
        The week has not appeared, so belatedly thank you for the articles on PGM and FR-F propellers.
        Author! Please write something informative about the Spanish "Asters" and "Stara". It is clear that this is by and large just a rehash of proven designs like Browning, Smith-Wesson or Walter, but still ... hi
        Or about the "Scout Shooting Knife", not a pistol, really ... winked
      2. albanech
        albanech 10 June 2013 17: 06
        Of course you +! I agree!
    2. agrindler
      agrindler 5 June 2013 14: 46
      And I like the 911 Beretta! But High Power deserved as it was already written a place in the top ten best pistols ....
  4. datur
    datur 28 May 2013 20: 55
    author keep it up -give us more articles -There are so many weapons in the world !!!!! good
  5. Ilya Mikhalych
    Ilya Mikhalych 29 May 2013 19: 07
    Handsome ...