Military Review

Cable technology

Cable technology is widely used in various fields of activity. No military vessel can do without the use of conductive elements, which include various forks of cables, for example wwgng-lsand conductors. The use of cable technology allows you to solve various electrical problems.

In addition to the usual conductive cables, there are special groups of conductors necessary for transmitting, first of all, the information signal. This type of cable can be attributed to the cable necessary to connect computers to a network. In this case, the special connector 8P8С is used, which recently many have mistakenly called RJ-45. There is a special technology that allows you to create a cable with a signal conductor that will be used to integrate computer devices into one local network. One of the devices that will be needed to obtain the appropriate cable with contacts is a crimping device called a crimper.

This tool is used in various types of electrical installation work, and its use is in no way connected with the soldering of conductors or welding of conductors. Its main task is to connect the conductors between themselves or with a contact base on the basis of a certain pressure. That is why the crimper is most often referred to as a crimping device, which, indeed, crimps the wires for the connection - presses them. It is in the pressing and is its main technological feature. There is a special type of crimper that is automatic. It allows you to protect the conductors, clean their contacts, integrate with tips for input into the corresponding sockets fully automatically.

If you go back to cable technology under the label RJ-45, then this very name refers to the name of the interface for telecommunications. This is a modular connector, which is quite often used recently, but is losing its popularity due to the advent of wireless networks. On the other hand, its popularity will never fall to low limits, because in a cable network the level of information protection is much higher than in a wireless network.