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The main combat equipment of the Airborne Forces will be BMD-4M, "Tigers" and "Kamaz"

The main task facing the command of the Airborne Forces of Russia, as a military command body, is a multi-purpose re-equipment of the airborne troops in the shortest possible time (the next 3-5 years). Colonel-General Vladimir Shamanov, Commander-in-Chief of the Airborne Forces of Russia, told journalists about this. This, in particular, reports the Office of the press service and information of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation on its official website. The emphasis in rearmament will be placed on the purchase of Russian equipment: BMD-4М, Tiger-M armored vehicles and KamAZ armored vehicles.

According to Vladimir Shamanov, in the development of new armored tracked vehicles for paratroopers, the ideology that was laid down by the legendary Vasily Margelov should be maintained - the 3 BMD (platoon) should be paratrooped and transported using the 1 transport plane. At the same time, the characteristics of the armament and the armor-proofness of the assault vehicles must now meet the most stringent modern requirements.

The Commander-in-Chief of the Airborne Forces believes that all these requirements are met by the new BMD-4M. According to him, this is not an ideal combat vehicle, but it has enormous potential for modernization and further improvement. At the same time, this applies both to the base chassis of the vehicle and to its armament module. According to the colonel-general, the first 5 of the new airborne assault vehicles for the final stage of the airborne state tests will be received before the end of the 2013 of the year. Another 5 new BMD-4М, as well as 10 multipurpose shell armored personnel carriers, the Paratroopers, should receive in the first half of next year.

At the same time, Vladimir Shamanov said that the Airborne Command is considering options for adopting special, reconnaissance and support units for lightly armored paratroopers. In particular, the Russian Tiger armored car proved to be quite good at the Airborne Forces, but for the final decision on taking this vehicle into service it is necessary that it undergo a complete and comprehensive set of tests in the troops, including the need to test its landing from Russian military aircraft transport aviation, noted the general.

The main combat equipment of the Airborne Forces will be BMD-4M, "Tigers" and "Kamaz"

In this regard, the paratroopers have already established close cooperation with the management of "KamAZ", there are good developments. According to Shamanov, in September-October 2013, the first samples of military equipment that meets all the requirements of the Airborne Forces will begin to flow to the troops. A unified ideology and a multi-purpose approach to re-equipping the troops are embedded in the Russian state armaments program and are reflected in the plans for re-equipping and re-equipping the airborne forces in the year to 2020.


BMD-4M or "Gardener" airborne combat vehicle, which is a modernization of the previous version (BMD-4). It differs from its predecessor by the new engine, body, chassis and other nodes. This combat machine is a model of airborne, floating military equipment on a tracked platform. BMD-4M can be parachuted at a given point by parachute or landing method, either without personnel or with personnel inside the vehicle. This model of armored vehicles allows you to conduct maneuverable offensive and defensive actions in an autonomous mode, as well as in cooperation with other types and types of weapons.

BMD-4M has a unique degree of protection and a powerful weapon system. The new Russian development on 80% is unified in units and assemblies with BMP-3, which significantly simplifies the process of its production, operation and maintenance. With a weight of 13,5 tons, the BMD-4M has more powerful weapons, improved buoyancy, while the armor is thinner than the BMD-4. On the new machine uses a special heavy-duty aluminum alloy, which provides the best protection for the crew. According to the creators of the car, the BMD-4M armor has properties that exclude the appearance of fragments inside the habitable compartment of an armored vehicle in the event that it is hit by projectiles or large-caliber cartridges.

The new airborne combat vehicle is equipped with the Bahcha-U combat module, which was created in the famous Tula Instrument Design Bureau. This module has previously been used on BMD-4, which eliminates the need for retraining of personnel, as well as the replacement of simulators installed in military schools. Moreover, this combat module is almost 100% unified with the armament of the domestic BMP-3. These machines use the same weapons, ammunition and sighting and computing systems. Compared with the BMD-3 armament, the new combat compartment in firepower is at least 2,5 times, and in some combat characteristics, an order of magnitude higher and allows paratroopers to confidently solve various combat missions without fire support from artillery and tanks not only in offensive operations, but also in defense operations.

The BMD-4M armament consists of 100-mm 270 (34 high-explosive fragmentation ammunition) 30-mm 272 automatic cannon (500 ammunition of the shots), paired with 7,62-mm gun, paired with 2000-mm gun, paired with 5,45-mm guns, paired with 74-mm gun, paired with the XYNXX mm gun, paired with the 4-mm gun, paired with 4-mm gun, paired with them, 4-mm gun, and the master of the art program, which is connected to the X-gun and the 6-gun 81-gun -mm RPKS-3 machine gun. Also BMD-6М is armed with 3 ATGM "Arkan", capable of hitting almost any target. In addition, the BMD-6M arsenal includes 4хXNUMX-mm smoke grenades XNUMXDXNUMX (XNUMXDXNUMXМ) "Cloud", which can provide a combat vehicle with a safe escape from enemy fire. For convenience of shooting, the machine has night vision devices, a thermal imager, a laser rangefinder, and a target tracking device. According to experts, the set of equipment installed on the BMD-XNUMXМ virtually eliminates the possibility of a miss.

The crew of the BMD-4M includes the 3 man, she can also take aboard up to the 5 man. In the forward part of the BMD there is a driver’s office, then there is a tower with gunner, commander and main armament. Behind the tower is a squad of troops, designed for 5 people. For their dismounting from the machine, a special aft hatch is used. In the aft BMD-4М is located the engine-transmission compartment, in which the 2ВХNUMX-06 diesel engine is installed with an integrated gas turbine supercharging. Engine power - 2 HP Cruising BMD-450М - up to 4 km, fuel supply - 500 l. When driving on the road, the car can accelerate to 450 km / h, speed afloat - 70 km / h. To move the machine afloat, the 10 is equipped with special hydro jet propulsion units.

Armored car "Tigr-M"

It is assumed that the special armored car "Tigr-M" will be adopted by the Russian armed forces in the 2013 year. This was previously stated by the press secretary of the industrial company (MIC) Sergei Suvorov. According to him, the Tigr armored car in an improved version was supposed to be adopted by the Russian army in the first half of 2013. According to Suvorov, Tigr-M has fully completed a series of state tests and is currently being finalized according to customer requirements. In particular, work is underway to increase its mine protection.

Sergei Suvorov noted that despite the fact that the Tigr-M armored car had not yet been officially adopted by the Russian army, it was mass-produced at the Arzamas engineering plant, including for export supplies. Currently, Tigr armored vehicles are delivered to Brazil, Republic of the Congo, Guinea and Uruguay. A new diesel engine YMZ 5347-10 of increased power is installed on the Tigr-M armored car, the filtering unit, the new armored hood, the number of seats was increased to 9, the turntable equipped with a double hatch was replaced with a single hinge square shape.

The special armored car GAZ-233114 "Tigr-M" has the 5-th class of ballistic protection. In the cabin "Tigra-M" equipped with a place to accommodate the driver, the commander of the machine and 7 man landing. It also provides space for the placement of ammunition, rocket anti-tank grenades (like the RPG-26), the installation of a lock of radio-controlled explosive devices and a radio station. The car is made on the wheel formula 4х4, its carrying capacity is up to 1500 kg. Tigra’s curb weight is 7800 kg, the maximum speed on the highway is 120-125 km / h. Machine can be equipped with 5-speed automatic transmission or 6-speed mechanics.

Military equipment "KamAZ"

It is impossible to speak with complete certainty about what kind of KamAZ combat vehicles interested the airborne troops. However, the Airborne Forces could arrange at least 3 models that are manufactured in Naberezhnye Chelny. We are talking about the Italian Iveco armored car, which in Russia was called the “Lynx” (but this option is unlikely, since the airborne forces are going to acquire the Tigr-M armored cars adapted for their purposes), the Tayfun-K and the Vystrel- M.

In particular, not so long ago, the Commander-in-Chief of the Airborne Forces said that airborne assault units could be armed with Typhoon-K armored vehicles. In this case, most likely, we are talking about the version of this machine with the wheel formula 4х4. Work on the creation of this model are in full swing at KamAZ. At the same time, the serial version of the machine has a wheel formula 6х6 and is unlikely to suit paratroopers by weight. According to available information, the total mass of the modular "Typhoon" - 21 ton, hull - 17 tons. At the same time, the “Shot-M” armored car may also be of interest to paratroopers, since it has a smaller mass - up to 14 tons. In this case, an armored car “Shot-M” is a transitional model to armored cars of the “Typhoon” family with the wheel formula 4х4.

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  1. aszzz888
    aszzz888 16 May 2013 07: 31
    It's time.
    Good luck to the Airborne Forces!
  2. Landwarrior
    Landwarrior 16 May 2013 08: 06
    "Tiger" is good. But "Shot", even "M" - I don't know ... No.
    I read in the "Soldier of Fortune" once the review of those who rode it in Chechnya, they did not praise the car very much, to be honest. It's cramped, not comfortable ... And in general, it looks very much like the old BTR-40 after the now fashionable "facelift".
    1. bask
      bask 16 May 2013 12: 09
      By order of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, the first armored car, Tiger-6A, was manufactured at the Arzamas Engineering Plant (AMZ), the plant’s press service said. And why did the GAZ2330, Tiger M armored car be taken into service without mine protection. Where is the mine protected GAZ 2330., Tiger ,, 6A.
      ,, Tiger-6A ,, differs from Tiger-M. Improved ballistic protection. An additional reservation was installed, and above all, the bottom, which is reinforced.
      The cabin is equipped with mine seats. In the cabin, anti-shatter lining.
      And they don’t buy such a car, WHY ??? What will the Airborne Forces fight in a territory where there will be no land mines and IEDs?

      1. Pimply
        Pimply 16 May 2013 13: 54
        Because 6A has already been mentioned a hundred times, the car two years ago had to pass a demolition test, which never happened. And the car itself exists only in layouts.
        1. bask
          bask 16 May 2013 21: 37
          Quote: Pimply
          the fact that about 6A has already been said a hundred times, the car two years ago had to pass an explosion test, which never happened. And the car itself exists only in layouts.

          A SMP-2M ,, Tiger ,, generally without mine protection. Conduct tests and weapons.
          Then they would take SMP-3, Medved, he passed all the tests, including undermining. The bottom is multi-layered, moreover, not only it has a V-shape, but also the floor of an armored capsule, anti-mine seats. And in terms of security: Ballistic - with armor-piercing bullets from an SVD sniper rifle, 200 meters. Sixth class of protection according to GOST. Mine action - undermining of 7 kg in tep under a wheel or underbody. + Anti-fragmentation interior saloon.
          1. Landwarrior
            Landwarrior 16 May 2013 23: 50
            "Bear" is adopted by the Interior Ministry troops, if not confused.
  3. Prapor Afonya
    Prapor Afonya 16 May 2013 08: 11
    God bless you guys, I would like for the new equipment to fully meet the requirements of modern paratroopers!
  4. yanus
    yanus 16 May 2013 09: 18
    According to Vladimir Shamanov, in the development of new armored tracked vehicles for paratroopers, the ideology that was laid down by the legendary Vasily Margelov should be maintained - 3 BMD (platoon) should be landed and transported using the 1st transport aircraft.

    More than 50 years have passed since then ...
  5. Reserve buildbat
    Reserve buildbat 16 May 2013 09: 56
    Finally chosen. And then, according to the stories of the guys, the BMD-1 still ride in some places in the Airborne Forces.
  6. Wolland
    Wolland 16 May 2013 10: 19
    Desant is a very necessary part of the army, with such means that the article will greatly harden it, only the most important thing is to adopt these things and mass production of 1000+ copies, no less.
  7. seller trucks
    seller trucks 16 May 2013 12: 27
    This I understand when a man is in his place and no one bothers him. tell me why Shamanov is not a candidate for the Minister of Defense.
    1. cyclist
      cyclist 16 May 2013 12: 35
      they’re recruiting people in the Ministry of Defense, and they can give advantage to someone who can compromise competently. Shamanov is not the right person
      1. YuDDP
        YuDDP 16 May 2013 18: 31
        Quote: cyclist
        the advantage is given to someone who can compromise competently

        This can not be said about Shoigu. By acquaintance - yes.
  8. _KM_
    _KM_ 16 May 2013 13: 11
    "Tiger" and KAMAZ vehicles are not floating, and the Airborne Forces must be mobile and autonomous. What's the point?
    1. seller trucks
      seller trucks 16 May 2013 13: 53
      by the way, the Hummer is also "not floating", it's enough that they are "flying"
    2. Vanek
      Vanek 16 May 2013 13: 57
      Quote: _KM_
      What's the point?

      And then all the equipment from the army tries, and leave the towed artillery.
    3. Bore
      Bore 29 May 2013 12: 31
      Did the GAZ-66 swim too?
  9. Svyatoslavovich
    Svyatoslavovich 16 May 2013 14: 15
    I was very surprised by the 5,45 mm RPKS-74 machine gun as a course machine, why not the PKT?
    1. Landwarrior
      Landwarrior 16 May 2013 16: 10
      Maybe due to the fact that it is more mobile and in which case it can be removed and it does not have an electric start? wink
    2. Bore
      Bore 29 May 2013 12: 34
      This is not a machine gun at all, but a machine with an elongated barrel. Even RPD is more profitable.
  10. smershspy
    smershspy 16 May 2013 15: 52
    So I want the officers and soldiers to get such equipment, and not fed them with promises ...!
  11. ed1968
    ed1968 16 May 2013 15: 58
    can not but rejoice but deliveries to the troops, despite the jump in the price of some equipment, should still be larger request otherwise with 10th 15th BMD per year we will still be 10 years old if not more switch to them
  12. Praetorian
    Praetorian 16 May 2013 17: 37
    Hmm, IMHO, but only the name is left of the airborne troops. There tanks are needed, armored personnel carriers, KAMAZ for personnel. Where are we going to land? On whom? It is strange that they do not understand this. Now the airborne is used as ordinary infantry. So give normal protected equipment, not tin cans.
  13. uzer 13
    uzer 13 16 May 2013 17: 58
    Fighting vehicles will always come in handy, the bigger they are, the better. Domestic samples are made quite well, and, of course, should become the main form of military transport, it’s also a sin to be offended by their weapons. But in small quantities you can buy foreign vehicles, for comparison and exchange of experience, so to speak. They may contain interesting technical solutions, and if something is done better, then you should not consider it shameful to learn from colleagues and competitors.
  14. _KM_
    _KM_ 16 May 2013 18: 18
    Quote: Vanek
    Quote: _KM_
    What's the point?

    And then all the equipment from the army tries, and leave the towed artillery.

    Is towed artillery floating?
  15. Pilat2009
    Pilat2009 16 May 2013 18: 51
    What caliber does the Aluminum Armor hold?
  16. shurup
    shurup 16 May 2013 19: 25
    Shamanov’s opinion has long been outdated.
    Three types of helicopters should be the basis of military equipment of the airborne forces. If three ordinary or two shock or transport are placed on the plane, then the goal is achieved.
    Everything else - additional funds, up to ordinary tanks and Kamaz-fuel trucks.
  17. bublic82009
    bublic82009 16 May 2013 22: 50
    I don’t understand why such a vehicle? wheeled vehicles are weak off-road
  18. _KM_
    _KM_ 16 May 2013 23: 28
    Quote: Pilat2009
    What caliber does the Aluminum Armor hold?

    5,56, although in the frontal projection it may be 12,7x99.

    Quote: bublic82009
    wheeled vehicles are weak off-road

    Is not a fact. BTR-80 on flat tires gets into places where not every tracked vehicle will climb. Well, with a mine blast there is a chance that he will remain mobile.
  19. Cheloveck
    Cheloveck 17 May 2013 01: 19
    All is well, only Kamaz vehicles are still "a chicken in the nest ..."
    It's strange somehow, the ready-made "Tiger" is being adopted with a terrible creak, and the Kamaz technique, according to which work on the creation of this model is in full swing at KamAZ so immediately to the troops ...
    1. Bore
      Bore 29 May 2013 12: 37
      Lobby. Obviously the same.
  20. Gardamir
    Gardamir 20 May 2013 21: 49
    Who is the specialist? What is the difference between a Russian tiger and an Italian trot? In the photo are similar.
  21. 7 August 2013 22: 26
    BMP should be protected as well as the main battle tank and weigh accordingly. otherwise it’s a coffin.