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The younger sister of the machine gun "Cord" 6С8 or ASVK

For most people, the Cord is associated with a heavy machine gun. However, not only the machine gun was created by the Degtyarev Kovrov Orozheyniki, in addition to it there is also a large-caliber sniper rifle known as ASVK DIA "Kord" or simply 6X8. Let's try to get to know this. weapons in more detail, well, comparable with the fact that there is a potential opponent.

The basis for the large-caliber sniper rifle of ASVK was the previous work of the designers Zhuravlev, Kuchin, Negrulenko and Ovchinnikov, namely, the SWR-SVN-98 CWS. This rifle is made in the layout of bullpup to reduce the overall length of the weapon, it is powered from a detachable box magazine with a capacity of 5 cartridges. Constructed a weapon with a sliding bolt locking the barrel when turning. A distinctive feature of this CWS was the high rack, on which the open sights were installed, it also serves as a handle for carrying weapons. The optical sight is mounted on the side mounting plate, while the handle with open sights is folded, which indicates a low efficiency of the rear sight and front sight. In addition, the length of the stand is very short, because the distance between the whole and the front sight is small, which makes it very difficult to use a weapon without optics at distances over 400-500 meters, but this is better than nothing, because optics are fragile and when damaged it is a weapon that does not have other aiming weapons. fixtures, just become useless.

The younger sister of the machine gun "Cord" 6С8 or ASVKIn addition to the high-quality barrel and good quality ammunition for accurate shooting, the recoil of the weapon is also an important point. Agree, it is difficult to shoot normally when the shooter at the subconscious level is afraid that the weapon will kick him during the shot. It was decided to fight recoil when shooting with already proven methods, without introducing complex recoil damping systems into the design. So provides comfortable shooting muzzle brake-recoil compensator and the back of the foam rubber. It is the muzzle brake of the weapon that is the main distinguishing feature of the SVN-98 from ASVK. The muzzle brake is cylindrical, has many holes directed at an angle away from the target, which ensures braking of the weapon during a shot and, as a result, reduces recoil when firing.

As a result of the work of the designers, a weapon with a barrel of a meter length, a total length of 1350 millimeters and a weight in 11 a kilogram without an optical sight and cartridges, turned out. However, some points in the weapon could be improved, so that the weapon continued to develop.

First of all, it was decided to abandon the open sights on the folding arm. To increase the effective fire of the weapon, the front sight and the rear sight were smashed to a far distance and they began to be attached to the muzzle brake and on the receiver, and the front sight was folded back. Separately, it is worth noting the completely redesigned muzzle brake-compensator of recoil, but more importantly, the barrel of the Kord machine gun and the sniper rifle were now made from the same blanks and the same technological process, which significantly reduced production costs, however, to assert that trunks are the same in any case impossible.
The length of the rifle barrel remained the same - 1000 millimeters, but the total length has grown to 1400 millimeters. Accordingly, the weight of the weapon has increased to 12 kilogram. The rifle feeds all of the same box-shaped single-row magazines with a capacity of 5 cartridges. The initial bullet speed is 850 meters per second. Dispersion over a distance of 300 meters when using machine-gun cartridges is 16 centimeters, at least, the manufacturer claims.

It is rather difficult to give a characteristic to domestic weapons without prejudice, but in this case one cannot fail to note that the CWS under consideration somewhat loses to foreign counterparts in its accuracy, even when using high-quality ammunition. But at the same time, you shouldn’t forget what goal was set before the designers, because no one planned to create high-precision weapons. This large-caliber rifle is designed to apply it where the use of large-caliber machine guns is impossible because of its size and weight. In other words, this SWR is designed to defeat opponents in personal protective equipment and behind coverings at distances of a maximum of 1500 meters with good luck, and not to shoot a squirrel in the eye for 2000 meters. After all, domestic sniper 12,7 is far from such sniper, as we would like, that also should be considered.

Summarizing everything written above, it should be noted that when considering this large-caliber rifle separately from the machine gun it can hardly stand out from the total mass of such weapons, but when we consider both the CWS and the Kord machine gun together, then there is already something to boast about. You can say that a rifle and a machine gun are a kind of complex complementing and partially replacing each other, because wherever you can’t carry a heavy machine gun, you can easily deliver a light CWS behind your back. In addition, the rifle can also be used as a weapon for specifying targets for machine gun design. In general, the weapon turned out really necessary and claimed. Let the rifle is not as accurate as we would like, but it copes with its tasks perfectly. Well, the fact that no one puts records on the enemy’s distance from it is not necessary in most cases such extreme range of firing, and nobody measures the tape measure with the enemy with a successful hit, and it’s good. In other words, this large-caliber sniper rifle is the simplest weapon that is relatively cheap in production so that the state can pull it, and at the same time is quite effective and convenient.
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  1. svp67
    svp67 14 May 2013 07: 40
    In other words, this large-caliber sniper rifle is the simplest weapon, which is relatively cheap to manufacture, so that the state can pull it, and at the same time quite effective and convenient.
    12,7 mm is a very serious "argument". thanks to our designers who do not stop creating in the most difficult conditions ...
  2. bazilio
    bazilio 14 May 2013 07: 43
    Definitely an anti-material rifle.
    "Dispersion at a distance of 300 meters when using machine gun cartridges is 16 centimeters"And this is 300 meters. What will be the dispersion at a distance of a kilometer? I think about half a meter.

    But as an ASVK anti-material rifle is quite good. A kind of AK among poltiynikov
    1. Timeout
      Timeout 14 May 2013 08: 15
      2.1 MOA per 100 meters is 53 mm and multiply by 10, then the dispersion is obtained from about 53 to 60 cm. This is if you do not take into account the ballistics of the bullet. Ideally, multiply still by 2!
      1. bazilio
        bazilio 14 May 2013 12: 04
        Quote: Timeout
        It turns out from about 53 to 60 cm.

        Well, here I am about the same thing - naughty for a kilometer or more even for a growth target it will be very problematic.
        1. Timeout
          Timeout 15 May 2013 10: 40
          That's why there are ballistic tables, a grid in the sight. Correction is made for distance and wind.
    2. Argon
      Argon 14 May 2013 20: 18
      For machine-gun cartridges, the result is very, very sorry, the respected author does not give other data on accuracy, with the corresponding ammunition.
  3. Timeout
    Timeout 14 May 2013 08: 09
    I had to see how they work both from the "Cracker" and from the SVN-98. And I have never seen that of them missed, despite the fact that the distances were clearly not 500 meters. 2 MOA machine gun rounds, this is an excellent result. The same Barrett M90, when fired with a gross machine gun cartridge, gives an accuracy of 3,5 MOA at 300 yards. And if the manufacturer himself declares an accuracy of 2 MOA with a gross cartridge, then one has only to applaud. Many are ready to sing praises to western barrels, they especially press on the old SVD woman, but not everyone knows that more than one semi-automatic has not achieved the accuracy and reliability of the Soviet rifle. M21 sniper replica M14 in service in the United States is a complete guano compared to SVD. And if suddenly in the Russian Federation they master high-quality barrels and cartridges for sniper rifles, then Westerners can calmly fall into the sediment. The sniper school of the USSR was the best in the world, right up to the collapse of the country, this fact is confirmed even by the Americans, especially those who met with the students of military instructors from the USSR in different hot spots. But now, for almost 20 years, it has simply been lost. Sad but true ...
    1. fzr1000
      fzr1000 14 May 2013 08: 52
      After the 1st Chechen, they thought better of it ...
      1. Timeout
        Timeout 14 May 2013 09: 07
        Late thought again ... Almost all the specialists went west or went for free bread. Normal snipers who can convey their experience remain units and work for them is an endless land. I hope they can handle it.
    2. Hon
      Hon 14 May 2013 18: 06
      Barrett M82 has an accuracy of 2 MOA, this rifle was developed back in the early 80s when large-caliber sniper rifles had just begun to appear. M90 fits in one minute.
      1. anomalocaris
        anomalocaris 14 May 2013 19: 45
        Special cartridge. Do not confuse the warm with the soft. I am sure that if we had specially developed cartridges, then this unit was quite confident in the M90.
        1. Hon
          Hon 15 May 2013 07: 58
          A sniper weapon is always seen in a pair of rifle cartridge. What is the use of weapons without ammunition?
      2. The comment was deleted.
    3. anomalocaris
      anomalocaris 14 May 2013 19: 43
      I totally agree.
  4. avt
    avt 14 May 2013 10: 22
    Pure Russian design good without designer refinements, but effective, army weapons.
    Quote: Timeout
    I had to see how they work both from "Cracker" and from SVN-98. And I have never seen that of them missed, despite the fact that the distances were clearly not 500 meters. 2 MOA machine gun rounds, this is an excellent result. The same Barrett M90, when fired with a gross machine gun cartridge, gives an accuracy of 3,5 MOA at 300 yards.

    Here is the confirmation.
    1. Timeout
      Timeout 14 May 2013 10: 28
      To adjust the quality and ergonomics, generally there will be no price! Well, if there will still be match ammunition, then in general the Western ones are just in the same ... even physically our cartridge is simply more powerful.
      1. anomalocaris
        anomalocaris 14 May 2013 19: 48
        There is no sadder story in the world than our army (and not only) cartridges ...
        In general, I sometimes wonder at the quality of our ammunition.
  5. report4
    report4 14 May 2013 13: 42
    It is inconvenient to shoot from a bipod and an emphasis when the rear is so heavy. In general, the bullpup scheme for sniper and especially large-caliber sniper rifles is a very controversial thing - very inconvenient to carry, poor weight distribution. On the one hand, it reduces the length of the weapon, but on the other hand, what are these saved 300mm for a rifle with a total length of 1400+? Is it worth it - xs.
  6. Mister X
    Mister X 14 May 2013 14: 01
    Let's try to get acquainted with these weapons in more detail,
    well, and compare with what a probable opponent has.

    Maybe I read inattentively and missed something?
    What foreign samples were they compared to?
    1. Raphael_83
      Raphael_83 14 May 2013 19: 35
      Let's compare, I hope not in real life, but in the continuation of the article. In the meantime, we are waiting for a series from the author: "The Barrett-McMillan Duet Strikes Back" winked
      1. Argon
        Argon 14 May 2013 20: 25
        Then we will be objective let the prices also indicate.
        1. med262
          med262 16 May 2013 09: 57
          well, at prices ... I think it makes no sense))) here ours are ahead of the rest ... or in this case it’s better to say behind)))))))
  7. alex-cn
    alex-cn 14 May 2013 16: 35
    A cartridge is needed - a cartridge. we compared the mosquito standard and Extra - the difference is more than half
  8. Raphael_83
    Raphael_83 14 May 2013 19: 41
    Such a good working "hole punch". And the layout, although thirty-three times controversial, is more convenient in a city or in the mountains purely in terms of dimensions.
    Author! Since we’ve gone for snipers, please write something about the PGM Precision UR family of French rifles, so that all together with a mention of facts from real life (preferably informative, respectful, but it’s possible critically-dirty) hi
  9. Strezhevchanin
    Strezhevchanin 14 May 2013 20: 06
    Somewhere in the 3rd year, hung on the desktop! Until now it seems that this oooh miracle can break through anything fellow cool thing soldier
  10. Argon
    Argon 14 May 2013 20: 32
    Sorry, I don’t know, but aren’t 12,7mm sniper ammunition manufactured in erefiya?
    1. Timeout
      Timeout 15 May 2013 10: 37
      Release, but in scanty amounts. Igman cartridges are also used.
  11. ed1968
    ed1968 14 May 2013 20: 44
    a rifle for true professionals a good shooter competent position an advantage in battle is guaranteed all the more so the shooter will be able to withstand light armored vehicles of the enemy
  12. SIT
    SIT 14 May 2013 22: 09
    Shooting from such a rifle from a distance of less than 500-700m is fraught. A position due to a powerful shot will be spotted immediately. They will not let me change anymore - they will start to beat out everything that is nearby, including tanks and BMP guns. By snipers, b / c do not spare. So it’s better to set up the release of sniper cartridges of 12,7 caliber, make a scope combined with a rangefinder and ballistic calculator and shoot from it with one and a half or finally 2km, since the cartridge power allows this.
    1. Timeout
      Timeout 15 May 2013 10: 42
      The average firing range in Chechnya was just from 600 to 1000 m. And even with a machine-gun cartridge they carried out targets.
  13. alex-cn
    alex-cn 15 May 2013 04: 41
    in general, 2 km, even under ideal conditions, is not the range to shoot at a person. registered sniper wins - 2 shots at 2700 yards - 2 hits. but this is still the case. there is a roller in the tube where they shoot and from the barrel to 2500 3 or 4 past before it hit.
  14. the47th
    the47th 15 May 2013 19: 35
    And here is the program about both "KORD".
    1. anomalocaris
      anomalocaris 16 May 2013 14: 43
      The girl in the video is very ...
      But seriously, this unit is already needed at the level of the battalion.
  15. aleksandrs95
    aleksandrs95 2 January 2014 17: 37
    accuracy is needed in most cases, fewer expensive cartridges, more hits, times, survivability of an expensive barrel as a result of this is two, the enemy who in his own skin feels like cucumbers are worn around is three, fewer shots are fewer and there are less unmasking factors, these are four, more range effective work, higher survivability of the calculation is five. You need to think and create not a simple meat grinder, but a serious excellent tool.