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Open Day in Kubinka

Today at the Kubinka airbase near Moscow, an open day was held at which fans aviation could watch two flight programs of the Russian Knights and one Swift, as well as touch the planes, listen to a concert, eat barbecue, drink vodka tea and buy souvenir products on aviation subjects.

I do not have all the photos in the report that have the ITAR-TASS photo chronicle watermark, but only those that got on news tape.

I arrived with friends at half past seven in the morning, when there was still no one. On the statics, in front of the Aircraft Display Center, there were three airplanes - “Strizhovsky” (or Strizhevsky?) MiG-29, Drying from “Vityazi” and An-30.

My dream is to fly on the site of the navigator!

If drying has PGO, then it is necessary Su-30? And it seems they all fly to Su-27.

The first training start took place in the morning 11. We did not have time to take a good point for shooting the gap, but for a change, and "loaves" will do.
* Baton - on spottersko-aviation slang means "the plane, photographed from the side." That is stupid.

The first went five Dry "Vityazi"

And then one MiG-29 "Swifts"

MiG beautifully flew off for about ten minutes, puffed up and sat down.

And then the guys at Su-27 worked smoothly and clearly, as usual.

In the morning training show, there was no shooting of heat traps, but the sun was not as high as in the daytime and the planes caught good “birds”.

Managed to catch on the background of the sun. Then just have time to track the flight path and switch to manual mode (8000 / 10-16).

Sit down

Behind a fence cars of fans of a subzaboring are visible.

And in the background is the Cheburashka Air Force - An-72. Maybe someone took it prettier?

Then we drove to the Vityazi parking, but the pilots were no longer caught. But it was possible to plenty of aircraft.

Open Day in Kubinka

Filling with oxygen.
Someone was just going to ask, "Where are you smoking here?"

Finally, getting close to the cabin. Who cares - more pics lies here.

Receiver air pressure or abbreviated - LDPE.

After we went to the people. People ignited.

The kids polished in one place air intakes.

And checked the strength of the chassis ...

... and wings. But it is absolutely not recommended to do this.


Someone tried his hand, but the MiG was stronger.

And finally, at two o'clock in the afternoon, the main show took place. First, as usual, drying.

All the same as in the morning. Only people a hundred times more. In my opinion, there were at least two thousand people.

MiG is so apparently driving. By the way, who is driving?

Suddenly from behind!

During the aerobatics, the speaker from the speakers tried to comment on something, but the connection was constantly broken. Pichalka.

Here is another with the sun. Caught on the shirik, so there is a large crop.


Face to face.


What will they be when they grow up?

Dissolution and shooting! Cheers, comrades !!!

After the dissolution, we rushed back to the parking lot and just caught the pilots in full force.

Andrei Alekseev said that at the second show chatted much more than at the first one. That is, there was a good headwind.

The first photo of my authorship is the main composition in my homeland.

Thanks for the beauty!

When will we see you now? On MAX or Le Bourget?

That is such a beauty!
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  1. self-propelled
    self-propelled April 24 2013 08: 56 New
    and maybe more often arrange shows like this (not just aviation)? take a look at the photo - it’s really interesting for the newcomer. kids so they generally glow with happiness. and they don’t need either Pokemon or transformers, etc. here is one way to interest young people in the army ...
    1. engineer74
      engineer74 April 24 2013 11: 26 New
      There is also an exhibition "Technologies in Mechanical Engineering" in Zhukovsky.
      There the same thing, only on tanks!
      Many thanks to the author!
  2. Hemi cuda
    Hemi cuda April 24 2013 11: 33 New
    Thanks a lot for photos.
  3. prophet190
    prophet190 April 24 2013 13: 08 New
    This is what I understand! And the ladies like the boys and the ideal for growing up.
  4. Drejk
    Drejk April 24 2013 13: 29 New
    The author's respect is huge !!!
  5. Aboriginal53
    Aboriginal53 April 24 2013 14: 38 New
    Great photos, do not cease to admire!
  6. vkusniikorj
    vkusniikorj April 24 2013 20: 29 New
    Commentary on the first shot, as long as we have such beauties, take the hell!
  7. Stalinets
    Stalinets April 25 2013 02: 29 New
    Damn, how old are they ??? No, men are traveling, but where are the youth? These are still in the USSR Air Force on ov caught fear .... wink good
  8. yustas
    yustas April 25 2013 06: 20 New
    I remember that in Krasnoyasrka we always had exhibitions during the union, as a child we loved to climb and touch everywhere, even they put them in the cabins under the supervision of pilots =))) Oh, there was time, there were people
  9. cth; fyn
    cth; fyn April 25 2013 06: 52 New
    Thanks to Marina for the wallpaper, the pictures are good!