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Vehicle modifications MT-LB

The following year marks half a century since adopting the MT-LB machine (“6 Object”). Developed in the design office of the Kharkov Tractor Plant, the Multi-Purpose Transporter / Light Armored Tractor was produced for several decades and eventually became one of the most common vehicles in the army of the Soviet Union. Initially, MT-LB was assigned solely transport tasks: transportation of cargo and personnel, as well as towing artillery pieces. However, later, thanks to a successful design, the light conveyor became the basis for the mass of new armored vehicles for various purposes. The total number of modifications of the MT-LB machine exceeds two dozen, and the number of types of combat and auxiliary equipment at its base is approaching fifty.

Vehicle modifications MT-LB
The MT-LB, in its original capacity, is an anti-tank gun MT-12P “Rapier”. On the roof in the stern visible boxes with ammunition for PT guns, a regular PKT machine gun temporarily removed. The machine is equipped with a device for samokapyvaniya aft hull. Totsky district polygon, February 2002

MT-LB in the classroom for combat training. 27 MSD, p. Totskoye, Orenburg region, July 2003

Landing in MT-LB during tactical exercises. On the left, instead of the seat for the landing, there was a shelving for property. On it are sappers with their dog, who discovered about 200 mines and land mines. 27 MSD, Totsky polygon, February 2002

A description of all the options for upgrading and modifying the base transporter will take a separate book, so we confine ourselves to modifications in which the MT-LB machine has retained its original functions. In other words, this article will discuss only options for updating the car, which are still designed to transport people and goods.

The first modernization of the base machine was the project MT-LBV, which appeared a little later than the original one. The letter "B" in the title stands for "all-terrain". The fact is that when using the original tracks with a width of 350 mm, the tractor has good maneuverability and a small specific load on the ground. However, on soft surfaces like deep snow or swamps, the base MT-LB sharply loses driving performance. To correct this situation, a new caterpillar with a width of 565 mm was created. Thanks to the use of this caterpillar, the specific pressure on the ground has become less than that of humans. The MT-LBV resulting from such an upgrade is capable of moving where the original conveyor cannot pass.

The cross-country tractor underwent small changes, as a result of which it received the name MT-LBM and became the basis for a whole family of multi-purpose vehicles. From the previous versions of the car it was distinguished by armament. Instead of a native turret with a PKT machine gun, the MT-LBVM installed a larger open combat module with an NSVT anti-aircraft machine gun of 12,7 mm caliber. A few years ago, another update of the “line” of all-terrain transporters called MT-LB VMK appeared. It instead of the machine gun NSVT used large-caliber "Kord". Also, a project to install a new, more powerful engine (300-310 hp), new communication equipment, etc. was completed and put into production. This upgrade is referred to as MT-LB BM1K.

MT-LB modernization option with the installation of a combat module developed by the Gorky Automobile Plant for the modernization of the BTR-80 (MT-LB 6MB) (photo

The MT-LB retrofit option (6М1Б3) with the installation of an advanced tower installation of its own design, on which the AG-17 automatic grenade launcher, 12,7-mm Kord machine gun and the twin 23 mm automatic cannon GSH-23, also provides for the installation of two PZRK "Needle" . (photo

Option with the installed BTR-80 turret (MT-LB 6MA) (photo

It should be noted that after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Kharkov Tractor Plant remained in independent Ukraine, which had a corresponding effect on the supply of MT-LB to the Russian army. To compensate for the loss of production of tractors was established at the Murom plant "Muromteplovoz". It was also created most of the modern modifications of the machine. Currently, there are several versions of MT-LB in the list of products manufactured by the plant. In addition, the company offers repairs and upgrades of in-use machines to bring them to a certain type.

The basis for all the new cars produced by Muromteplovoz was the MT-LBM transporter (“6M Object”). This modification of the armored vehicle actually represents the basic version of the tractor with a number of technical and technological modifications related to the production of equipment in the new plant. However, even without major changes, MT-LBM could become the basis for several transport vehicles.

In local conflicts of the past decades, MT-LB trucks were often used not only as tracked trucks or tugs, but also as armored personnel carriers for the transport of personnel. The armored hull and the presence of defensive weapons allowed the tractors to partially perform the functions of armored personnel carriers. Of course, such a replacement was not complete - the armor MT-LB was significantly inferior to the protection of the BTR-60 or BTR-70. However, if necessary, the soldiers drove on tractors. Already in the nineties, the concept was finally formed, in accordance with which it was planned to develop the MT-LBM machines. First of all, it was proposed to improve the machine through the installation of new weapons. Thus, several new modifications.

Photo MT-LB 6MB. The installation of a large range of interchangeable weapons provided the design of the tower. (photo

The first was created "Object 6MA". Instead of a native turret with a PKT machine gun, a combat module from an armored personnel carrier BTR-80 was placed on it. Thanks to this modernization, the multipurpose tractor in addition to the native 7,62-mm machine gun received an 14,5-mm KPVT machine gun. Soon, at Muromteplovoz, several more versions of MT-LBM with various weapons, mounted in the tower, borrowed from an armored personnel carrier, were designed:
- “Object 6MA1”, the armament complex of which was expanded with an automatic grenade launcher AGS-17 “Flame”;
- "Object 6MA2". This version of the tractor has no KPVT machine gun, instead of which it was proposed to install an 23-mm automatic 2-14 automatic gun (ZU-23 anti-aircraft gun);
- “The object 6MA4”, which is a peculiar hybrid of the projects “6MA1” and “6MA2”. It was planned to install a PKT machine gun, an 2А14 gun and an AGS-17 grenade launcher on it.

The logical end of the “6MA” line was the “6MA3 Object”, whose weapons came close to arms infantry fighting vehicles. These were the AGN-30 30-mm grenade launcher, PKT machine gun, as well as four Kornet anti-tank missile launchers. In this case, the armored vehicle could still carry people or cargo.

Almost simultaneously, and in parallel with the line of machines based on the "Object 6MA" developed another direction. Its basis was the “Object 6MB” transporter, equipped with a combat module borrowed from the BTR-80A armored personnel carrier. This tower initially carries an 30-2 automatic cannon and a PKT machine gun. With the help of this modernization, it was planned to significantly increase the combat potential of MT-LBM and thereby compensate for the lack of armor, because with the help of an automatic gun, the crew of the vehicle could fire at the enemy without entering its zone of destruction. The “72MB Object” also became the basis for several variants with different weapons:
- “Object 6MB2”. In addition to the automatic cannon and machine gun, this machine could get an AGS-17 grenade launcher;
- “Object 6MB3” and “Object 6MB4”. On the BTR-80 tower it was proposed to mount an 23-mm GSH-23 gun, a large-caliber Kord machinegun and an AGS-30 grenade launcher. From each other, the projects differed in the layout of the aggregates and a number of other points.

MT-LB with a device for self-stepping on the position of military escort. Chechnya, May 2000

One of the command and control staffs 42 MSD in expanded, "working" form. Chechnya, Khankala, June 2000

MT-LB sanitary company 71 MSW 42 MSD. Chechnya, July 2000

Data on the production of machines based on the "Object 6M" is missing. Judging by the available information, all of them remained at the stage of prototypes that could not interest the customer. The reason for this, most likely, was the insufficient level of protection of the base armored vehicle, the presence of fully-fledged specially designed armored personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles, as well as the difficult financial condition of the armed forces.

Of great interest are the modifications “Object 6М1” and “Object 6М2” developed by Muromteplovoz and Kurganmashzavod, respectively. During these upgrades, the base machine MT-LBM received new engines up to 300-310 horsepower, new transmission systems, etc. According to open information, only the machine from Muromteplovoz went to the series. It is equipped with a 310-strong diesel engine YMZ-238БЛ-1 with a mechanical transmission, which allow it with an increased mass to have the same driving characteristics as the base machines.

On the basis of the "Object 6М1" or MT-LB М1 two light armored vehicles were created, which are now available for ordering. The first of these, the MT-LB M1А7, is armed with a Kord heavy machine gun with ammunition for 1050 cartridges, a PCT machine gun with 2000 cartridges and an AGS-17 grenade launcher with a stock of 200 shots. The second multipurpose tractor named MT-LB М1Б2 is equipped with an 30-mm 2A42 cannon, a PKT machine gun and an AGS-17 grenade launcher. The ammunition consists of 300 shells, 2000 cartridges and 200 grenades. The armament is installed on a turret with a stabilizer 2E36, borrowed from the armored personnel carrier BTR-80А.

Both new cars, as before, are capable of transporting personnel. Simultaneously with three crew members, eight and six people can ride on MT-LB М1А7 and МТ-LB М1Б2, respectively. At the same time, it is possible to tow a cargo, for example, an artillery piece. If necessary, the crew of the machines can use the 902В “Cloud” grenade launchers.

Installation of mine clearance UR-77 engineering battalion 42 MSD. Chechnya, Khankala, June 2000

Machine control artillery 1B14M. Armed with a PKMB machine gun. On the sides are fixed round smoke bombs, very similar to mines. Chechnya, Khankala, June 2000

MT-LBM 6MB with 30-mm automatic gun 2А72 and 7,62-mm PKT machine gun in the park of the military unit 42 msd. Chechnya, Khankala, May 2000

Having become independent, Ukraine was able to maintain the production of MT-LB armored vehicles and even make several upgrades. It is noteworthy that the main task of the designers of the Kharkov Engineering Design Bureau was also to increase the combat qualities of the conveyor. Ukrainians took the path of developing transport capabilities and in fact made several new infantry fighting vehicles based on a multipurpose tractor. At the same time, unlike Russian engineers, the Ukrainian came to the conclusion that it was necessary to increase not only firepower, but also the level of protection. The transporter so modernized could already become a full-fledged combat vehicle like armored personnel carriers or infantry fighting vehicles.

The first version of this update was the project MT-LBR6. A native turret was removed from the car and a full-fledged cannon-machine-gun combat module was put in its place. The ZNT-30 automatic cannon (the Ukrainian version of the Soviet 1-2) and the twin machine gun KT-72 (PKT of the Ukrainian production) were installed in the turret with one gunner workstation. To save space inside the armored hull ammunition gun placed in two boxes located on the sides of the gun itself. In the frontal projection, the ammunition boxes are covered with additional armor plates. Directly in front of them are six smoke grenade launchers "Cloud".

The protection level of the machine MT-LBR6 was raised with the help of spaced booking, installed on top of the car’s own body, and Kevlar podboy. In addition, the chassis is closed anti-cumulative screens. Updating the multipurpose transporter led to a noticeable weight gain, which was offset by a new more engine power of about 310 horsepower. According to reports, a number of such machines were assembled and refitted at the Kharkov Tractor Plant.

The machine of radiation and chemical reconnaissance of the RCM “Kashalot” in the trench. Tactical Exercises 27 MSD, Totsky District Range, July 2003

MT-LB with a module of weapons "Sturm" (MT-LBMSH)

The modification MT-LBR7 was created in a similar way, but it differs from the previous vehicle in the composition of its weapons. Instead of the original gun turret, it was proposed to mount the Sturm combat module on it. The module specially designed for the unification of armored vehicles is armed with a ZTM-1 gun, a KT-7,62 machine gun, an AGS-17 automatic grenade launcher, smoke grenade launchers, and Konkurs-M anti-tank missile launchers. All weapons stabilized. The level of protection corresponds to the previous modification, since MT-LBR7 can also be equipped with additional reservations.

The latest Ukrainian modification of the MT-LB vehicle is the MT-LBMSh armored personnel carrier. In accordance with this project, the base machine received a new 360-strong engine and a squall combat module. The armament of this module is similar to the “Storm” - an automatic cannon and grenade launcher, as well as a machine gun and smoke grenade launchers. However, instead of anti-tank missiles "Konkurs-M" on the machine MT-LBMSH used complex "Barrier". Like all previous modifications of the Ukrainian development, MT-LBMS is capable of carrying up to seven people and towing some cargo, such as a gun.

As we see, in recent years, the improvement of the MT-LB multipurpose transporter has mainly been achieved with the help of reinforcement weapons. In local conflicts of the last decades, these machines were often used as transport for personnel, and therefore the need arose for protection against ambush attacks. At the same time, attempts were made to raise the potential of the tractor through the use of more powerful engines and installation of additional reservations. However, both of these modernization methods are not widespread.

In general, it should be noted that most of the operating countries of MT-LB, attempting to improve their cars, limited themselves to installing more powerful weapons. For example, Polish licensed copies of the MT-LB tractor went off the assembly line with large-bore DShKM machine guns. Probably the reason for the popularity of just such a development path of a multi-purpose armored vehicle was the peculiarities of its tactical niche. Unlike armored personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles, the MT-LB was intended to transport personnel and cargo away from the front edge and had sufficient characteristics for this. Therefore, the power plant machines for a long time remained the same, and the reservation has not changed due to the lack of appropriate need. When MT-LB began to master the "profession" of an armored personnel carrier, corresponding modifications began to appear with other engines, weapons and protection.

However, long before the onset of local conflicts in recent years, the MT-LB multi-purpose machines managed to become the basis for a mass of systems. The MT-LB mounted equipment for anti-aircraft missile systems (Strela-10), self-propelled mortars (Tundzha, Tundzha-Sani, etc.), radiation and chemical reconnaissance vehicles (PCM and RPM), anti-tank missile systems complexes ("Sturm-S"), etc. However, after such updates, multi-purpose armored vehicles lost their original purpose and could no longer transport cargo or personnel besides the crew or the calculation of weapon systems. However, the Light Armored Multi-Purpose Transporter proved to be a popular base vehicle. As already mentioned, on its basis was created almost fifty different machines.

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  1. avt
    avt April 19 2013 09: 13 New
    It’s a very successful, time-tested transport platform. It will last a very long time, good but to fence from it an armored personnel carrier or infantry fighting vehicle well, complete nonsense! fool Or crime negative .Well, let’s do more from career BELAZ MIRAP. request
    1. Canep
      Canep April 19 2013 10: 56 New
      And why not have an BMP and an armored personnel carrier on its base, the car is very simple, and I think it’s successful. Spare parts for the engine and gearbox are available. He knows how to swim. The armor is really worse, but it costs a lot cheaper, and in case of a big war it can be riveted in many factories.
      1. avt
        avt April 19 2013 11: 34 New
        Quote: Canep
        And why not have an BMP and an armored personnel carrier on its base, the car is very simple, and I think it’s successful.

        WHAT FOR ??? request Do you want instead of a good tractor to get a complete misunderstanding and for a long time do not care what unprotected crap did ?? Well, I do not understand this masochism. Well, how many times have they repeated what is better - the enemy of the good. Use it as intended, do not self-medicate and you will be happy .---- ,, however, if the latest combat modules do not greatly affect maneuverability and capacity, then there will be "no way" ------ I agree that the pocket does not pull, especially if the characteristics do not deteriorate, but I’m afraid that there’ll be clever guys right away and they’ll put and start the old song about the main thing, unprotected from grenade launchers and hundreds of kilograms of explosives. request
        1. Canep
          Canep April 19 2013 13: 11 New
          In this case, there are wise men who will deliver the BMP in the attacking order in the same order with the tanks (if any). BMP protection is not much better than MT-LB. Do not forget that the armor of the BMP is made of aluminum at its core. To make it (BMP) in a non-specialized plant is problematic. And MT-LB is cut from sheet metal and welded even in a collective farm workshop, and repair is easier.
          1. redwolf_13
            redwolf_13 April 19 2013 15: 02 New
            A low bow to “Masha” how many lives she saved. Not a car but a miracle. they shoot at her and she flies comes to a point all like a "colander" the main guys are the whole crew of the baptist and she growls further she wants to fight.
        2. bask
          bask April 19 2013 21: 19 New
          Quote: avt
          Instead of a good tractor, you want to get a complete misunderstanding and for a long time do not care what is unprotected

          Marines of the Caspian Flotilla on MT-LB.
      2. Nick
        Nick 4 March 2016 03: 32 New
        Quote: Canep
        The armor is really worse, but it costs a lot cheaper, and in case of a big war it can be riveted in many factories.

        And the protection of drugs can be enhanced through the use of modern ballistic tissues, light and durable
    2. bask
      bask April 19 2013 22: 34 New
      Quote: avt
      fully successful, time-tested transport platform

      The platform is very successful. But, in a modern asymmetric war, where there is no front line, an armored personnel carrier with anti-mine and enhanced ballistic protection is needed.
      MT-LB was created, under a different military doctrine, for war with the use of nuclear weapons.
      It was created in Russia in 1992 and adopted by the MT-SM, weighing 25 tons. But production did not begin.
      But among the bourgeois ... Germany, the G-5 tracked armored personnel carrier was developed as an armored personnel carrier. Using technologies that increase protection against landmines and mines. These technologies are already applied on wheeled MRAPs. The main feature of the body of the G-5 armored personnel carrier is a V-shaped bottom, inclined at a slight angle and reinforced by armor plates. The use of this design allows ((undermining)) ,, to dissect, the shock wave on both sides of the body.
    3. vladkavkaz
      vladkavkaz 19 January 2015 17: 58 New
      avt (1
      Your opinion would be valuable if it were not for the experience of using cars in the Czech Republic.
      In versions with KPVT and 30 mm gun, it is not even bad.
      Where MTLB takes place, neither BMP nor armored personnel carriers go.
      So screaming loudly about nonsense, can only be someone who is sitting on the sofa, shooting in the World of Tanks, at virtual tanks, this will reward ..
      Would you still say something about the PBX -59, they say a bad car ..
  2. rennim
    rennim April 19 2013 09: 15 New
    I served on 1B13M, 1B14M and 1B15M. This is an excellent and quite comfortable KShM. Simple and reliable. But an attack machine with offensive weapons (to launch an attack) is better not to make of it. The armor is very thin.
  3. Forget
    Forget April 19 2013 09: 19 New
    Glad to see MTLB, I had to drive this car.
  4. Terrible ensign
    Terrible ensign April 19 2013 09: 37 New
    The legendary "matalyga"! .. The machine is tested by time, military operations and more than one generation of guys who served on it. All acquaintances have only positive feedback about the reliability of the MTLB. Of course, not a tank, not an armored personnel carrier or an infantry fighting vehicle ... But even such armor can sometimes help a lot.
  5. Evgeny_Lev
    Evgeny_Lev April 19 2013 09: 41 New
    Not a complete story, but where are the "self-made" modifications with a ZUShka verified on top?))
    A noble tractor, had a chance of about 8 months on schedule, to operate it, proved to be excellent in the sands of Dagestan, and on Sputnik, Non spied ahead in the snow)) ++
  6. dmitry46
    dmitry46 April 19 2013 10: 02 New
    The workhorse of our army!
  7. Rider
    Rider April 19 2013 11: 08 New
    I will say so
    I have a very negative attitude towards unarmored and unarmed military equipment.
    the matalyga must provide bulletproof and anti-shatter protection for the crew, and in case of emergency they will snap back with fire.
    but making an ersatz BMP from it is in my opinion stupid
    here I completely agree with the first commentator.
    however, if the latest combat modules do not greatly affect maneuverability and capacity, then be good (I especially like the AGS) wink
    however, I hope no one is going to send the tractor to the first line of attack, then he does not need more powerful weapons.

    I think the BMP tyazh on a tank base is the future of motorized wax.
  8. Bykov.
    Bykov. April 19 2013 11: 24 New
    Yes, not frail, a new reading of the old topic !!!
  9. Alexander Kirov
    Alexander Kirov April 19 2013 11: 39 New
    The car is first-class for the North, for mountains, taiga, etc. 90% of the territory of Russia. Nobody is going to send it to the first line, but you can and do like to send it to it. Vasilyok, AGS-17, ZUShki, mortars, flamethrowers, MANPADS, ambulance transport. In some miraculous way, all the documentation for the production turned out to be in Murom on Muromteplovoz, thanks to the colleagues PUTIN AND NOW, LOOK AT THE MUROMTEPLOVOZ website, this is a song, not a car. for dogs. This car is 3 years old in service and 40 more will stand idle. With modern technology this is a thing.
    1. Rider
      Rider April 19 2013 12: 33 New
      Quote: Alexander Kirov
      and here you can see what you liked and need. Vasilyok, AGS-17, Zushki, mortars, flamethrowers, PZR

      but not easier to let the Terminator in a series?
      there is no current.

      why the transport burden of Zushka and AGS with bumblebees and mortars, you yourself said that he was not going to fight.
      brought his tasks - unloaded / picked up - rolled off.
      and for emergency cases, and PCT is enough.
      there is no need to load BMP functions onto the tractor.

      I think each car has its own front of work.
      a cross between a hedgehog and a snake, there is not always a buzz.
  10. Tartary
    Tartary April 19 2013 11: 45 New
    Quote: Forget
    Glad to see MTLB, I had to drive this car.

    Great machine! In a straight line spars up to 90 km / h. - there is no speedometer, but the feeling is - good
    The move is soft ... The back of a mechanic’s seat is under the ass - head over hatch and alga! It’s troublesome to control the truth in such a situation, but when you adapt, it’s a pleasure.
    I really was a supernumerary driver, but I managed to do everything when I got into the fields and I’ll be able to drive the tractor, and to do my job, to help a telephone attendant ... Mlyn ... - I remember, already rushing ...
    As for the extended tracks (MT-TWT), then in the photographs of the truck that we did not see in Kamchatka. In general, the truck was wide, and in Kamchatka snow, it was like a hundred mammoths, rather than 210 Kamaz mares, they crawled ... So was the M-30 howitzer on the kingpin, though the wheels were wide, as in the photo ...

    You get up behind the tractor on compacted snow between the blocks - as you stood on a concrete slab. Heel crust does not crush.
    We had a machine gun PKVT with electric ...
    In a training course in Lalichi, art cadets drove us cadets somehow in the fierce winter of 84-85. in a civil bath in the village of Lyalichi, so the whole platoon got into the airborne compartment and the passage along the engine - the "caring" sergeants laid them with piles ... We barely got alive - there was no breathing, no ... no ... Easy again - all -so washed bodies were already driving. lol
  11. Alexander Kirov
    Alexander Kirov April 19 2013 11: 55 New
    Technical limitations. The vehicle must not be overloaded. The fighting compartment must be on the roof, KORD, PKT, AGS, Tucha. Be sure to KAZ ZASLON and lattice screens from monkeys with RPGs. In the tundra, namely in Pechenga, they tried BMP, but what’s the last word of technology- the result is on the bottom of the stone, engine displacement, hello, Borisov. It’s convenient to fasten the skis. You can put it directly on the armor and jump from the armor into the snow and go. In the snow you don’t put on your ski belt, and the car stands above you and doesn’t think of falling through 2 snow meter. I am for such a machine, she will save feed and help out in battle.
  12. Prapor Afonya
    Prapor Afonya April 19 2013 11: 56 New
    Quote: avt
    It’s a very successful, time-tested transport platform. It will last a very long time, good but to fence from it an armored personnel carrier or infantry fighting vehicle well, complete nonsense! fool Or crime negative .Well, let’s do more from career BELAZ MIRAP. request

    And in my opinion, not one military machine will not interfere with weapons, even without armor, it turns from harmless into a machine that can stand up for itself! I in no way say that it is necessary to go to battle on it, but on the march, when attacking a convoy, it will even be very useful.
  13. _KM_
    _KM_ April 19 2013 12: 24 New
    And was something developed to replace MT-BJ or not?
    1. dmitry46
      dmitry46 April 19 2013 14: 52 New
      what for? the car is good and with great potential. As the saying goes, "why reinvent the wheel again?"
      1. _KM_
        _KM_ April 23 2013 17: 37 New
        The power unit is old and bulky.
  14. Suvorov000
    Suvorov000 April 19 2013 13: 19 New
    Ohhh and garnaya veschschschschschschschschschsch !!!! how we rushed about it, I still don’t understand how it didn’t get killed, in the spring they drowned three times and we’ll dry it out and try it again and again))) reliable and trouble-free
  15. skullcap
    skullcap April 19 2013 13: 39 New
    Good material, but the scale of the article often does not allow the author to reach a lot of details.
    The first thing that readers should have paid attention to was that MT-LB was not originally created for use on the battlefield, therefore, it does not have protection comparable to armor BTR and BMP.
    But at the same time, in Soviet times, the MT-LBV was used in a number of motorized rifle units in the north of the Leningrad military as an armored personnel carrier due to the very high maneuverability due to its wide tracks. BMP on its narrow tracks in the tundra was not quoted at all.
    Next: there is a photo of management machines. It should be noted that a separate modification was created for them - MT-LBU - controls.
    This modification had an elongated base. The base MT-LB had 6 pairs of road wheels, and MT-LBU - one pair more - seven. This can be seen in the photos.
    Not only did MT-LBU have a larger usable volume, thanks to the elongated base, the smoothness of the course was very noticeably increased. When driving on MT-LBU over any reliefs of the landfill, the feeling was that you were driving a car. Therefore, I would advise ambulances to develop it on the basis of MT-LBU.
    But attempts to make a combat vehicle out of this transporter should be stopped, in my opinion. Since initially, when creating it, it was not intended for this, which I wrote at the very beginning of the comment. Modifications of combat vehicles must be made for the front line at the base of the tank, and for the second one - at the base of the BTR and BMP. On the MT-LB, in a serious war, an additional installation of MANPADS is advisable, and when traveling in the mountains in a column - DShK.
    And so - the car is very successful, easy to operate and repair, and also in driving.
    1. Alexander Kirov
      Alexander Kirov April 19 2013 20: 06 New
      Well, the DShK is yesterday, CORD I can hit the camel point, and the PKT with the AGS is enough for self-defense by the eyes. And remember the U-turn on the MTLB site, one track forward, the other back. Definitely leave it in service! Checked-Len
      1. skullcap
        skullcap April 20 2013 12: 38 New
        Quote: Alexander Kirov
        And remember the turn in place of MTLB, one track forward, the other back.

        This reversal is possible due to the special design of the planetary turning mechanisms - they are double supply of power.
        But this design also has its drawback: when the engine is running in neutral, a spontaneous rotation of the tractor around its axis is possible due to the difference in friction coefficients under the tracks.
        At one time there was even a joke that the inventor of this turning mechanism died under the caterpillars of a tractor precisely during such a situation.
  16. Fitter65
    Fitter65 April 19 2013 13: 41 New
    And what ROMs (fishing and hunting machine) are obtained from demobilized ML-TB! Better than this transport, only Mi-8 is cross-country.
    1. dmitry46
      dmitry46 April 19 2013 14: 38 New
      if you still suggested where you can buy such a demobilization, I would be very grateful!
    2. Suvorov000
      Suvorov000 April 19 2013 15: 35 New
      there is a good competitor to GTsM
      1. Tartary
        Tartary April 19 2013 17: 49 New
        Quote: Suvorov000
        there is a good competitor to GTsM

        What is this bug GTSM ????????
        Rather, a competitor to the GTT ...
  17. derik1970
    derik1970 April 19 2013 14: 03 New
    Wonderful tank. We had such in part. He would have strengthened his armor and weapons, it would have been wonderful.
  18. Argon
    Argon April 19 2013 15: 02 New
    Faced, was not satisfied, the machine wasn’t riding, it was unclear how the gun was being loaded, there was an impression of unfinished-unfinished. There was still a “crocodile” such as in the photo the artillery control machine was only empty; obviously, some kind of staff version, YaMZik had better-mounted supercharged but in the mountains it is also not enough and it is clumsy. In comparison with the BTR D, they both lost a lot, except for comfort, of course. I believe that the Yaroslavl diesels should be abandoned in favor of a specialized engine. And the armament; enough for the eyes.
    1. Tartary
      Tartary April 23 2013 11: 19 New
      Quote: Argon
      Faced, was not satisfied, the apparatus is not traveling, it is not clear how it pulls the guns, the impression of unfinished-unfinished is left.

      What nonsense! Looks like the device was just "tired" ... I was pulling a second MT-TWT on a flexible coupler, plus a M-30 howitzer on a kingpin ... Yes, uphill! Moreover, this "train" drove into the park, maneuvering in narrow bends of 90 degrees ...
  19. abc_alex
    abc_alex April 19 2013 16: 42 New
    No matter how wonderful this tractor is, but it has no prospects. Designed and manufactured in Kharkov. Ukraine is not a state on which any significant part of the defense of the Russian Federation can be assigned. Therefore, to invest in its modernization seems to me pointless. It is necessary to develop its domestic analogue, unified at the level of units with modern domestic armored vehicles.
  20. gregor6549
    gregor6549 April 19 2013 17: 27 New
    We at NPO Agat (Minsk) managed to squeeze into these "self-propelled guns" an ample amount of equipment for command-staff vehicles and ASUV Maneuver launchers. True, for a person to work in such KShM and PU was not sugar at all. And some colonels and generals began to suffer from claustrophobia and asked to release them from there. Of course for KShM and PU this was not the most successful chassis. But there was no particular choice. Urals and BAZs were not always suitable. So they used MT LBU and BMP
  21. gregor6549
    gregor6549 April 19 2013 19: 12 New
    And yet, it is hardly advisable to use cars with such frail armor as those of MT LBUs and such visibility in the IR range at the leading edge, even if they are hung with formidable cannon-rocket modules. They will discover and burn without any particular strain.
  22. loki565
    loki565 April 19 2013 23: 14 New
    our craftsmen will ruin any technique

    1. honest jew
      honest jew April 19 2013 23: 52 New
      Why didn’t they write in the news?

      damn me tomorrow to go to the draft board
    2. Argon
      Argon April 20 2013 02: 28 New
      I hope this material became the basis for the UD to be prosecuted by the military prosecutor.
      1. Saburov
        Saburov April 22 2013 00: 25 New
        I don’t know about the future fate of the senior lieutenant, but the mechanics crushed his legs very much, but the doctors tried and now he is limping but he walks, MTLB is out of order, her bottom is completely torn under the driver’s place, and 7-10 laid one on another training mines. And this happened at the firing engagements in the spring of 2011 at the training ground of the Separate Motorized Rifle Brigade n. n. Shali.
  23. honest jew
    honest jew April 19 2013 23: 54 New
    they wanted it to turn out better, as always ..... and let them behave like deers, they’re cunting, he came up with ... a genius ... I hope everyone there is full of such irresponsible actions, and I hope the crew lives and rejoices.
  24. megaandrey
    megaandrey April 20 2013 00: 01 New
    He served on the metal platoon commander! Machine song! In the far north, either metal or DT-10, DT-30 (VITYAZ)! Nothing else will go here! A month ago we had Chirkov (commander in chief), we are testing the equipment of the Ministry of Emergencies, we must not forget about the level of preparation of the current mechanics! Two baht is already on metals with cords! Terry firepower increased, but ... There are no offsets in the loading system, the cable breaks ...
  25. Zomanus
    Zomanus April 20 2013 03: 56 New
    Great car. If the war begins soon, then it will be easier to rivet such as armored personnel carriers and so on. Because, if you remove the triad, there’s practically nothing to fight with us.
  26. washi
    washi April 20 2013 13: 54 New
    Truly a versatile chassis for logistic support vehicles, or for fighting wild tribes with awnings
  27. Juleandr
    Juleandr 16 July 2015 11: 21 New
    Quote: rennim
    .But an attack machine with offensive weapons (to launch an attack) should not be made of it. The armor is very thin.

    In Bulgaria, MTLB was used as a BMP even in Soviet times. They strengthened the armor (exploded booking) + a serious increase in armor in the frontal projection and installed a tower with a heavy machine gun. So .... with a little refinement, it turns out to be a good BMP.