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Russian asymmetric response

Such can be the development of tactical nuclear weapons. weapons low and ultra low power

Significant changes in views on the conduct of hostilities and the role of rocket and artillery weapons (RAV) in them occurred at the end of the 20th and the beginning of the 21st century with the formation of the concept of network-centric warfare. At the same time, Russia is lagging behind in this area from the world level. Scientists actively working on this subject within the framework of the Russian Academy of Rocket and Artillery Sciences (RARAN) present their views on the state of the Russian RAV and the priority directions of its development.

Missile and artillery armament is a very conservative type of armament of modern armies. For more than 600 years, the development of the RAV proceeded in an evolutionary way: the firing range increased, the power of ammunition increased, the accuracy of their delivery to the target and the rate of fire of artillery systems increased. At the same time, the basic principles of using this weapon for centuries remained unchanged, in fact extensive - massing the fire, concentrating it on the most important goals, engaging batteries, divisions, regiments, brigades, whether traditional barreled or more modern rocket artillery, to accomplish the fire missions.

The famous song “from hundreds of thousands of batteries ...” is, of course, an artistic exaggeration, but, perhaps, only an order of magnitude. So, in the classic book on stories The artillery published in 1953 under the general editorship of Mikhail Chistyakov provides data on the number of artillery on the Borodino field (around 1200 units) in all countries participating in the First World War (25 000) and attracted to the storming of Berlin (more than 41 000). At the same time, the annual production of guns and mortars of all calibers in the USSR reached 120, 000 units.

The rapid post-war development of rocket weapons made its own adjustments to the views on the role of the PAC in combat, but in all the leading states, any type of home-based missile systems with a long range of fire were considered primarily as carriers of nuclear weapons (the exception was anti-aircraft missiles and anti-ship missiles ).

Analysts Vladimir Slipchenko and Ivan Kapitanets have attributed the so-called fifth revolution in military affairs to the appearance of nuclear weapons in 1945. The nuclear-arms race between the United States and the USSR that followed World War II led to the creation of national strategic nuclear deterrent forces (SNF) and the establishment of approximate parity between countries. Upgrading the SNF triad and maintaining the combat readiness of the strategic nuclear missile shield still remains the main task of the State Armaments Program (GVV-2020).

Contactless wars

Significant changes in the forms and methods of using PAB occurred at the end of the 20th century with the development of concepts of conducting air-ground operations, building reconnaissance-impact (reconnaissance-firing) complexes. The main requirements for artillery were complexing with reconnaissance and automated control means, speed of deployment / collapse at firing positions, planning and preparation for firing, the possibility of effective use of high-precision ammunition (VTB). Since that time, there has been a lag of the domestic RAV from the world level. If the first generation of these ammunition with semi-active guidance systems was not inferior to foreign analogs, then domestic VTB with autonomous guidance systems are significantly inferior to them, as are automated control systems (ACS) for troops and weapons, in particular for ACS of rocket forces and artillery (RV and A) .

Changes in views on the conduct of modern military operations (the transition to sixth generation wars) and the role of RV and A in them took place at the turn of the XNUMXst century with the formation and implementation of the concept of network-centric warfare and the establishment of the hegemony of the US army in NATO. Most of the countries of the North Atlantic Alliance, including the United States, do not modernize heavy artillery systems: self-propelled howitzers on tank chassis, tracked multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS) and missile systems of the ground forces (ground forces), heavy flamethrower systems, etc. At the same time, high-precision weapons (WTO), armored combat vehicles of various types, highly mobile artillery systems on wheel bases artillery reconnaissance, communications and automated control equipment.

The sixth generation wars are often called contactless wars, which implies that, unlike the fifth generation contactless nuclear wars (there were no such wars in the XX century and the probability of their occurrence in the XXI century) is insignificant or they will be waged with precision weapons in non-nuclear equipment . As an example of such a contactless war, the NATO campaign in Yugoslavia (1999) is usually given, but it solved a limited number of tasks and did not aim at either destroying the enemy’s armed forces or controlling its territory. More indicative are the military actions of the United States and the coalition forces in the Persian Gulf from 1991 to 2003 a year.

At present, the United States and its allies are close to changing the strategic balance of forces not by building up strategic nuclear weapons and not even by deploying anti-missile systems that reduce the effectiveness of the retaliatory strike (although much attention is paid to these areas), but by applying covert massive, rapid disarming strike with precision weapons on domestic means of strategic nuclear forces. This is an extremely expensive event requiring coordinated actions of all types of armed forces, orbital grouping, engaging global control systems, reconnaissance, electronic warfare, etc. Yes, the cost of high-precision weapons themselves is very high (the price of a Tomahawk cruise missile is over a million dollars and promising hypersonic rockets could reach tens of millions).

Priority directions

The sad experience of the USSR, which tried, without sparing means, adequately responded to the strategic defense initiative of US President Ronald Reagan, who began building aircraft carriers similar to those of the US, trying to maintain the quantitative balance of nuclear missile weapons with the whole world, shows the futility of such a path. No decent asymmetric response to these and other 80-ies of the last century was found.

Today, in our opinion, the development of tactical nuclear weapons RV and A of low and ultra-low power can be such an asymmetric answer. Modern technologies allow you to create it in the calibers of the main artillery weapons, promising high-precision multi-purpose missile systems and rocket launchers of the MLRS, while the possibility of its use by terrorists is almost completely excluded, even if such munitions fall into their hands. When making a principled decision on the development of tactical nuclear weapons, it is necessary to clearly declare that it can only be used to repel external aggression and only on its territory. Of course, such a decision will cause sharp criticism from the neighbors of the Russian Federation, the countries of the “nuclear club”, accusations of lowering the threshold of nuclear war, etc.

The answer can be only one - this measure is necessary. Even the full implementation of the LG-2020 and the permanent reform of the Armed Forces (VS) of Russia will not provide them with the possibility of waging a sixth-generation war with any serious adversary. Figuratively speaking, the capabilities of the RF Armed Forces-2020 will be enough to conduct several counter-terrorist operations simultaneously. Probably for "peace enforcement" of the border state with an army of thousands of people in 20.

But it will be clearly not enough to fight against a technologically equal, but significantly outnumbered enemy (the PRC army - more than 2,3 million people, with a mobilization reserve - more than 30 million) or with the opposing side, approximately equal in number, but far superior technologically (US Army - a little less than 1,5 million people, European NATO countries - a little more than 1,5 million military personnel).

The military-political and economic situation forces Russia to tackle the controversial dual task - to ensure nuclear deterrence, that is, to be within the framework of fifth-generation wars, and at the same time prepare for future wars, sixth-generation wars.

The above-mentioned Vladimir Slipchenko very convincingly showed that the presence of SNF did not prevent a single war in the second half of the 20th century, did not help the United States to win in Vietnam, and the USSR in Afghanistan, but we suggest correcting the conclusions from these facts.

We should not completely abandon nuclear weapons and devote all our efforts to the development of high-precision weapons, network technologies, information confrontation systems and other components of the sixth generation war. It is advisable to shift the emphasis in nuclear deterrence to the creation of a new generation of tactical nuclear weapons, which is cheaper, less vulnerable, even in the context of this war, which can serve not only as a regional but also as a strategic deterrent for the aggressor, since it is hard to imagine that without a ground operation aggression against Russia.

Of course, at the same time it is necessary to develop in the most active way all technologies, types of weapons, military and special equipment (VVST) connected with preparation for wars of the sixth generation, to take appropriate organizational and managerial decisions. The complexity of implementing an extensive set of measures within the Armed Forces, and in fact on the scale of the domestic defense industry complex and the Russian economy as a whole, significantly complicates the transition of the entire military structure of the state to new, network-centric principles for constructing, using and developing VVST.

At the same time, in the field of rocket and artillery weapons, there are prerequisites for the creation of highly efficient, adaptive reconnaissance-strike (reconnaissance-fire) contours (modules) capable of functioning as in existing (inflexible, rigidly connected, with limited capabilities for reconnaissance and information support) systems management (for example, a unified tactical level control system) and in perspective network-centric systems.

It should be noted that in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, until now, there is actually no intelligible concept of building a PAB system, the transition to a new SV structure extremely aggravated this problem, at the same time creating the prerequisites for its solution. In particular, certainty appeared with the calibers of the barrel artillery, the composition of the artillery groups of the Ground Forces, narrowed the range of promising transport bases for the RV and A SV. Serious consideration is required to reduce the type of the RSZO, anti-tank and anti-aircraft complexes of the SV, the need and direction for the further development of operational-tactical missile systems, the creation of promising types of missile weapons, including tactical nuclear weapons, to ensure the functioning of the RV and A SV formations in a single intelligence and information space.

Along with the solution of conceptual problems of RAV improvement, including means of tactical nuclear deterrence, special attention should be paid to the development of fundamentally new systems of these weapons, new systems for throwing ammunition, building them on different physical principles, using nano- and neural network technologies when building promising RAV complexes and tools intelligence information support.

The National Security Concept, the Military Doctrine of the Russian Federation and other fundamental documents of our country define the tasks of the state in the field of defense and formulate the main provisions of the military-technical policy. First of all, it is the development and improvement of the armament system and the defense-industrial complex, as well as military-technical cooperation coordinated by objectives, resources and expected results, ensuring the solution of the tasks of the country's defense and security at the required level. In the same documents it is declared that the equipment of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation should be made only with weapons that are not inferior or superior in their characteristics to foreign models. Thus, in the 21st century, Russia, in its military-technical policy, relies on intensive technical and technological development of the state and the Armed Forces. Among the priority areas considered the development or creation of the following weapons systems:

  • high-precision (high-intelligence) weapons with giving them the ability to integrate into interspecific reconnaissance-strike systems (complexes);
  • forces and means of information confrontation;
  • basic information and control systems integrated with weapons control systems and complexes of automation equipment for management bodies of strategic, operational-strategic, operational, operational-tactical and tactical levels;
  • VVST systems and complexes based on robotics technology and intelligent control processes;
  • non-conventional weapons systems and complexes;
  • small and ultra-small means of warfare based on microminiaturization and nanotechnology, especially for solving intelligence, counterintelligence and command and control.

    At the extended board of the Ministry of Defense 27 February 2013, Russian President Vladimir Putin reaffirmed the priority of these areas, highlighting the task of creating combat robotics, including unmanned aerial vehicles. The head of state emphasized that “over the next two years, a system of advanced research and development in the field of science and military technologies should be created”, while it is necessary to strictly follow the parameters of the State Armaments Program until 2020.

    Problematic issues

    The implementation of the basic directions of the military-technical policy of Russia, the real transition to the concept of conducting the so-called network-centric hostilities, the priority development of high-precision (high-intelligence) weapons require the urgent solution of a wide range of problems: organizational, technological, industrial, military-political and a number of others.

    The problematic issues of the development of domestic RAV and its production in the required quantities can be grouped into five main blocks.

    Conceptual problems - solving them will require clarifying the Military Doctrine of the Russian Federation and carrying out comprehensive research and development to develop concepts for the development of the Armed Forces in general and RAVs in particular.

    Problems of fundamental and applied science - there is a need to clarify the list of basic and critical military technologies and the most important military scientific and technical problems of basic, prospecting and applied research, as well as better coordination of research of the Russian Academy of Sciences, research organizations of the Ministry of Defense of Russia, research institutes and industrial design bureaus.

    Design problems - to solve them, the R & D system should be improved in the interests of the Russian Ministry of Defense and the material and technical base of research institutes and design bureaus.

    Production and technological problems - the solution of this most difficult block of problems should be carried out within the framework of the relevant federal target programs, national technological platforms, etc., in close connection with the LG and state defense orders.

    Organizational and legal issues include a wide range of issues related to the structure of the state’s military organization and the defense industry, property rights, taxation, financing, training, foreign economic and other tasks, the solution of which requires improving legislation.

    Without solving all these problems, it is impossible to create an effective military structure of the state, reform the Armed Forces and equip them with modern, especially promising, weapons, including rocket and artillery.
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    1. gregor6549
      gregor6549 April 20 2013 08: 06
      It is written beautifully and concisely, but the fundamentals of the military doctrine of Russia at this stage and in the foreseeable future are not clear, who are her probable adversary (s) and what methods and means of combating this adversary (s) are supposed. If reliance is placed on the development of strategic nuclear forces as the main instrument of deterrence and balance in the world, this is one thing. If, in addition to this task, it is also supposed to protect the national interests of Russia in areas very remote from the Russian summits, this is different. Moreover, it has long been clear that protecting the national interests of each country is nothing more than protecting the selfish interests of the powers that be in that country and their sponsors. If such protection is planned, then Russia needs to build its armed forces in the image and likeness of the US i.e. create a strong carrier fleet,
      expeditionary corps, etc. If it is a matter of protecting the sovereignty and integrity of the country, the main emphasis should be on creating powerful but compact military and force-balanced groups capable of quickly redeploying to anywhere in Russia and being capable of autonomous and effective fighting for quite some time
      1. Genady1976
        Genady1976 April 20 2013 10: 41
        Here is an asymmetric answer
        1. Genady1976
          Genady1976 April 20 2013 10: 52
          the photo is not set asymmetric
      2. Genady1976
        Genady1976 April 20 2013 11: 00
        Here is the asymmetric answer yes
      3. Genady1976
        Genady1976 April 20 2013 11: 08
        Here is an asymmetric answer
      4. Mikhail3
        Mikhail3 April 20 2013 12: 47
        If the country loses its sovereignty, one can forget about the protection of "selfish interests". They will strip the skin ... But about "powerful but compact" the article is just full of hints, not direct statements. They will simply knock them out with high precision! About that and the article that high-precision weapons can destroy the peacetime army much faster than we can do in relation to the enemy.
        The author, as I understand it, proposes to drastically increase the proportion of ultra-small nuclear weapons and their launch devices of various types, and then hide them as decentralized as possible, or to ensure their continuous chaotic movement throughout the country. As part of a defense strategy, this is not bad, but absolutely not enough. In a conflict with the United States and NATO, our army will be destroyed. This will inevitably happen.
        We need a defense system that can exist even after the destruction of a regular peacetime army, promptly (taking into account the current situation with weapons, which the author rightly points out) even superoperatively supplying new, trained, skilled, ready-to-battle military units for combat operations. Of course, the struggle of these units with the NATO occupation corps with the help of ultra-small nuclear weapons will be greatly facilitated. But who will shoot?
        Apparently it will be untrained (where are you NVP?), Physically weak (go out. Muscovites - go down the subway and count how many physically strong, properly developed people of draft age will pass you in half an hour. And how many, say, others? ) and absolutely not mentally prepared people. Those who do not understand why they should die for Abramovich and in general for official thieves, here you are right ...
        We cannot solve this problem of nuclear weapons of any size. She is more important than any weapon ...
        1. nickname 1 and 2
          nickname 1 and 2 April 20 2013 16: 01
          Quote: Mikhail3
          In a conflict with the United States and NATO, our army will be destroyed.

          As Chapai said = You're lying. do not take it!

          Have you been in fitness for a long time? But in vain! The guys walk around a lot, very diligently swing or exercise their health. A lot of very strong. Why is it not visible in the subway? clothes like that - conceal.

          And those who substitute their head ...

          Why, in Vietnam, it was not possible to destroy ...
          No need to pile up in a bunch then, and high-precision is not scary.
          Is an aircraft carrier a smart target?

          Quote: Mikhail3
          why should they die for Abramovich and generally for an official

          Dying for the MOTHERLAND! My father did not think about Stalin, I did not think about Brezhnev! And the thief was, is and will always be!
          Not for them! But simply because RUSSIAN will not be able to do otherwise! Do not give in, do not retreat, do not give up! And even thousands of traitors around = NO! will not yield RUSSIAN!

          So, close your propaganda box!
          There are such nations! Russians (Belarusians, Ukrainians), Afghans, Syrians, etc. = You're lying! Do not take it!
          1. Mikhail3
            Mikhail3 April 20 2013 21: 47
            I don’t go to fitness, I’m not interested in tricks instead of strength. But you won’t hide physical conditions from me, otherwise I wouldn’t be alive ... there were moments, you know ... If you can’t determine the level of readiness of a person by the way he moves, leave the house less often, and do drafts, you’ll be whole. This is not about you, but just so good people taught me.
            Here we are for the Motherland and we will die, it is not an empty word for us. Those for whom the Motherland is "this country" will not die for it. And it would be fine, fortunately there are not so many of them as it seems from their dominance in the network. But you can't hide the offense, pain and contempt of many people in your pocket. It used to be that in Russia the authorities were afraid. Sometimes they hated. But this kind of contempt ... there was no such contempt even under late socialism. But these same people, whom it is shameful to look at, will rush to call us for the Motherland to die. Will you follow them? Shuvalov is out, he will make a hot speech and send you ahead (he will bravely stay behind). The hand will not shake then?
            1. Shuriken
              Shuriken April 20 2013 23: 05
              Quote: Mikhail3
              Will you follow them? Shuvalov, he’ll say a hot speech and will send you ahead (he will bravely remain behind). Does not the hand tremble then?

              But we have no choice, for we are Russians, and there are more of us than any neovlasovs, and if we survive and win, there will be no more shuvalovs and Abramovichs, there will be no place for them in the new Russia! (No matter how painful it is to realize, apparently, only through the war will the country get rid of this dirt, IMHO)
        2. Kaa
          Kaa April 20 2013 17: 56
          Quote: Mikhail3
          But about "powerful but compact" the article is full of hints, not direct statements.

          An asymmetric response and should be full of ONLY hints - otherwise it will be banned. "Speaking at MGIMO on September 1, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said:" The arms race is reaching a new level, there is a threat of new types of weapons. ". What did he mean? Shortly after the end of World War II, studies began to be conducted in the United States to study the processes occurring in the atmosphere under the influence of external influences: (High Freguency Active Auroral Research Program - HAARP). A number of prominent scientists claim that work is being carried out there for military purposes under the leadership of the Pentagon. In particular, they believe that with the help of directional antennas, beams of high-frequency radio waves are "fired" into the atmosphere, which heat the ionosphere, up to the formation of plasma. This leads to its instability, which changes the wind rose, creates unpredictable cataclysms: thunderstorms, tsunamis, floods. Among the promising means of destruction recently often mentioned radio-frequency weapons that affect humans and various objects using a powerful electromagnetic pulse (EMP). In recent years, Russia has made significant progress in developing stationary research generators that create high values ​​of magnetic field strength and maximum current.. Such generators can serve as a prototype of an electromagnetic gun. There is no doubt that laser weapons, as they improve (increase power and improve focusing of radiation), will find more and more widespread use to destroy both manpower and military means of the enemy. It is known that in the United States for a number of years, laser rifles were designed to destroy manpower at distances up to 1,5 km. According to American experts J. and S. Morris, work in the field of acoustic weapons is also being carried out in Russia, with "impressive results." They, in particular, stated that in Russia they were shown an operating device that generates an infrasonic pulse with a frequency of 10 Hz "the size of a baseball", the power of which was supposedly sufficient to inflict a serious injury on a person at a distance of hundreds of meters. Havescientists suggest that by 2015, genetic engineering will achieve even more significant results, which will enable, among other things, the production of toxic products that can be used as weapons. This can create a fundamentally new strategic situation when The main goal of the "genetic war" on the part of some countries is not the defeat of the enemy's armed forces, but the destruction of a significant part of its population, which is declared "excessive" against the background of the declining fertility of the Earth. According to the calculations of one of the prominent American physicians R. Hammerschlag, ethnic weapons can inflict defeat on 25-30% of the population of the country subjected to such an impact. Recall that in a nuclear war scenario, such population losses are considered "unacceptable" in which the country is defeated. The striking factor of beam weapons is a pointed beam of charged or neutral high-energy particles - electrons, protons, neutral hydrogen atoms. The most likely targets for destruction of beam weapons may be manpower, electronic equipment, various weapons and military equipment systems: ballistic and cruise missiles, airplanes, spacecraft, etc.
          1. Mikhail3
            Mikhail3 April 20 2013 21: 58
            It is so. True, if ours learned to form narrowly directed infrasonic beams without using multi-meter thick pipes, then at 7 Hz the hearts of enemy soldiers simply stop. Having given a similar beam to a combat position, more than 80% of people can be destroyed, more than enough to end any resistance. Having played with the frequencies, you can get not corpses, but, for example, hordes of completely crazy people. Or, with a wave of unbearable horror, force you to run until you are completely exhausted ... more "damage", yeah ..
            By the way, aren't you the Kaa from Buza and Boyun?
            1. Kaa
              Kaa April 20 2013 23: 14
              Quote: Mikhail3
              By the way, aren't you the Kaa from Buza and Boyun?

              Alas, no, but with one component of the scheme described in the article, in my youth ... I had a chance to intersect ... and other martial arts and also in my youth These are newfangled, they have not yet reached us, we have invented the type of "Spas", in general, streetfight, only in harem pants ... it looks cool, but just a little from everything, we got such a mix ...
              1. Mikhail3
                Mikhail3 April 21 2013 10: 27
                In general, the Savior is real. I've seen people who own it. Moreover, the despair of the grandfathers was so great that the best I have seen is a woman. Previously, it was rumored to be unthinkable. There is no one to convey, no one at all, probably the Savior will disappear. These "fighters" of yours are as dense as a black oak grove, there is only one laugh, you are right.
                I, too, in my youth, the Soviet martial arts of being hooked by the edge. Well, maybe not quite the edge ...
        3. Denis
          Denis April 21 2013 03: 12
          Quote: Mikhail3
          where are you nvp
          Now in school, tolerance lessons are held
          1. Genady1976
            Genady1976 April 21 2013 11: 43
            Russian asymmetric response
      5. BorisBM
        BorisBM April 21 2013 13: 21
        We have not had any military doctrine for 25 years. And no one even thinks about its creation. I suspect that our "tops" do not even know what it is. Just as they do not know how and how "roots" live. don't give a damn about all the doctrines. April 25, we will once again listen to a lecture from the GDP on TV and, as always, we will not learn anything from it. Before the doctrine, or it. After all, corruption has not been overcome, education and medicine have not been destroyed, and so on. on Syria, no decision was made. NATO is at a loss, because of us, it cannot make a decision. Either to bomb. Or not to bomb. The Russians have not yet understood what they want. Waiting. And our Bars are sawing and sawing. think about doctrines.
    2. UFO
      UFO April 20 2013 08: 42
      Quote: gregor6549
      It is written beautifully and concisely, but the fundamentals of the military doctrine of Russia at this stage and in the foreseeable future are not clear, who are her probable adversary (s) and what methods and means are proposed to combat this adversary (s)

      "All kinds of guns are needed, all kinds of guns are important." Our opponents have not changed for the last several hundred years. Doctrines should not be 100% open, like Chinese philosophy, so as not to give a reason once again ... And weapons should be diverse in order to be able to respond to ALL challenges, in any area of ​​any space. In our rapidly changing world, this is very important. hi
      1. donchepano
        donchepano April 20 2013 10: 06
        Quote: UFO
        And weapons must be diverse in order to be able to answer ALL challenges,

        And always ready ... Nehren to relax
    3. diesel
      diesel April 20 2013 09: 51
      A detailed and understandable to us, first of all, the military doctrine, training in preparing tactical yao for use, conducting large-scale exercises with designated boundaries beyond which the "Last Judgment" begins, for "our partners" should unequivocally speak about the political determination of the leadership to apply our "historical heritage". There may be none. There will be no second attempt.
    4. Lavrik
      Lavrik April 20 2013 10: 21
      IMHO: the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation at the present time should be ready to conduct armed conflicts and local wars. Large-scale and regional wars must be prevented (prevented) by the threat of strategic nuclear weapons. In any case, the asymmetric answer should be the possibility of massive use of tactical nuclear weapons of small arms and ultra-small power.
    5. Suhov
      Suhov April 20 2013 11: 01
      Russian asymmetric response

      As I understand it, it’s about
      not get involved in costly competition with "partners" for the development of conventional (non-nuclear) weapons,
      а reply cheap but cheerful using the backlog and advantages in the field of nuclear weapons that were created back in the days of the USSR.
      1. saturn.mmm
        saturn.mmm April 20 2013 12: 04
        Judging by the development of military technologies, in the not too distant future weapons will be armed with combat modules of approximately this type, so science must be pushed
    6. Garysit
      Garysit April 20 2013 11: 50
      The article is similar to an essay by cadets of a military institute. One water. And it cannot be otherwise - there is no doctrine - there is nothing, only geopolitical "friends".
    7. lecturer
      lecturer April 20 2013 12: 24
      [quote Problems of fundamental and applied science - here it is necessary to clarify the list of basic and critical military technologies and the most important military scientific and technical problems of fundamental, search and applied research, as well as the best coordination of research of the Russian Academy of Sciences, research organizations of the Russian Ministry of Defense, research institutes and design bureaus industry.
      / Quote]
      Guys, THIS is the most enormous and hellish work to "select" from a thousand plagiarized (and modern computerization allows ...) "proposals" really WORTHY and interesting ...
      PS / (somewhere my "idea" (!) Was lost too ... whistled (?) From the Internet)
    8. 120352
      120352 April 20 2013 12: 26
      And what do we have of the hacker weapon with which you can win any war without starting? Without firing a shot. Can we today, with the help of our computer technology, reset the bank accounts of a potential enemy so that he does not have the funds to wage war? Can we today use the same means to redirect enemy missiles at him? Can we replace the "Start" command with the "Self-Destruct" command on enemy launchers today?
      The guns, of course, are spectacular (noisy, everything shatters to smithereens, though often it’s not what we need), but it’s not effective. Today you can win any war without leaving your computer. Are we ready to win like that?
      1. alite
        alite April 20 2013 16: 37
        Teach !!! Very necessary, dear!
      2. gauche
        gauche April 22 2013 08: 38
        The guy obviously looked at the "Skyfall Coordinates". am
        Quote: 120352
        win any war without leaving your computer
        . Oh, and we have a little less than such soldiers. Fell - depressed, !!!
      3. gauche
        gauche April 22 2013 08: 44
        According to Sun Tzu, the best thing is to win, without fighting, to break the enemy’s plans while they’re in the head. What the enemy does, softening such brains. And in response we can only beat him on the head - or beat head upsten.
    9. individual
      individual April 20 2013 12: 28
      Russia needs a breakthrough in the defense industry. The stagnation of industrial production does not contribute to the development of the military-industrial complex. What the reformers were trying to achieve under the watchful eye of the "advisers" of Uncle SAM - they have achieved. Now their ideas are being promoted by the forces of the fifth column within the country to discredit the Olympiad, any patriotic undertakings, everything that is valuable for the development of the country. The bourgeois propaganda of a hero molding from Navalny is doomed to failure. The people of Russia reject a critic who has the support of homosexuals and ovs. It is supported only by feces floating on the swamp and other unclean formations of abscesses.
    10. Zomanus
      Zomanus April 20 2013 12: 40
      Good article and correct. Without a vigorous loaf, our army can only perish heroically. So what is needed is the explosive development of smart weapons. In the meantime, we sculpt small vigorous buns ...
    11. Ivan.
      Ivan. April 20 2013 13: 05
      Almost all the wars of recent times were unleashed not by peoples but by politicians, oligarchs, masked puppeteers. The true goals of wars are rarely seen immediately. They take advantage of the linguistic, religious, ethnocultural barriers and the lack of reliable information as well as well-established outbursts of outright misinformation, economic leverage, terrorist attacks and even the artificial creation of numerous sects, religions, movements, and they also take control of the media, the film industry, are actively engaged in research and introduce the latest technologies in the field of psychology, psychoprogramming + many from other areas of science and technology.
      Given this and much more that takes a very long time to write, the country urgently needs something like this — the Strategic Information Security Forces with many units: defensive, offensive, research, computer support, strategic planning, etc. It sounds unusual, but history teaches us that a conventional war is a consequence of the loss of information.
    12. Alexey M
      Alexey M April 20 2013 13: 36
      But shouldn't the silo-based strategic nuclear forces withstand the direct hit of nuclear weapons? Are there really no strategic missiles with nuclear warheads in submarines? And with what high-precision weapons can all this be destroyed right away? There is no doubt that science needs to be moved. And we are far behind the West in the field of IT. But highly accurate weapons need to be developed or at least copied in the first couple. And UAVs need to be brought to the company level, not having your own strategic and strike UAVs is already a bad tone. It’s cheaper to track down and immediately kill a parasite than then a soldier to send them in the mountains to look for. And the use of tactical nuclear weapons is too much and rude, and for whom? If a global war, then the use of tactical nuclear weapons will not save. If the first nuclear weapons are brazen, then the whole world is better at once. Then we'll figure it out.
    13. nickname 1 and 2
      nickname 1 and 2 April 20 2013 15: 35
      Directives of the Central Committee of the CPSU For the holiday of May 1st!

      Guys! will be weak! Study, etc. Take the Soviet-era newspapers .....

      Well, what's up? Well, it’s clear = not easy, you need to guess, you need to come up, etc.
    14. Megatron
      Megatron April 20 2013 16: 54
      When making a fundamental decision on the development of tactical nuclear weapons, it is necessary to clearly declare that it can only be used to repel external aggression and only on its territory.

      The last part of the disposition is not very clear, what does it mean that we can only fire nuclear weapons in our territory in response?
    15. individual
      individual April 20 2013 17: 01
      The use of tactical nuclear weapons at the outbreaks on their territory is a declaration of non-admission of strategic deployment. As they say - and then we'll see ... Diplomacy however.
    16. Zomanus
      Zomanus April 20 2013 17: 54
      In general, an asymmetric response would be to disable the satellite grouping of the enemy. And FSU even if ours at the same time. This immediately robs intelligence and target designation. And after that, our satellites launch from ICBMs.
    17. runway
      runway April 20 2013 20: 50
      The title of the article is fully consistent with its content. "Asymmetry" - inconsistency and curvature in the presentation of one's thoughts can be traced in everything. From buzzwords used anywhere, to proposals for avoiding competition in the development of the military branch and the use of nuclear weapons on their territory ...
      But this article is not a disaster. The trouble will come when, at the right time, we don’t have neither the strength nor the means to respond to the presumptuous aggressor. There are people in our country who are well versed in the development of the military branch. All that is needed is the support of the country's leadership, the understanding that the missile troops and artillery of the Ground Forces are the basis of enemy fire destruction and no one is able to replace them.
    18. varov14
      varov14 April 20 2013 21: 14
      In my completely unenlightened opinion, if it is possible to create a weapon capable of completely suppressing any electronics, then a simple "maize" can become a good carrier. And if you add to it some kind of exotic, such as climatic, psychotropic, well, etc. - the war will be won. It is in these directions that you need to develop your thought, a protective screen over your territory - this is the goal, education is a pity, they have ruined it, there is no one to carry it out, idiots will not invent.
    19. varov14
      varov14 April 20 2013 21: 14
      In my completely unenlightened opinion, if it is possible to create a weapon capable of completely suppressing any electronics, then a simple "maize" can become a good carrier. And if you add to it some kind of exotic, such as climatic, psychotropic, well, etc. - the war will be won. It is in these directions that you need to develop your thought, a protective screen over your territory - this is the goal, education is a pity, they have ruined it, there is no one to carry it out, idiots will not invent.
    20. krot00f
      krot00f April 20 2013 23: 23
      Hooray!!! tactical nuclear weapons "Firing" cartridges for Kalash, Shells with SBS in the tank's ammunition, In the Tornado, shove SBS ... --- Another nausea with the word NANO, ugh ... A schoolboy will write such an article - nothing efficient, especially since there are serious scientific works on this topic.
    21. Denis
      Denis April 21 2013 03: 02
      The sad experience of the USSR, which tried, sparing no means, to adequately respond to the strategic defense initiative of US President Ronald Reagan. A worthy asymmetric answer to these and other challenges of the 80s of the last century was not found
      I’m not sure that the SOI was believed overseas. The author is confused, they found an adequate answer:
      Updating the strategic nuclear forces triad and maintaining the combat readiness of the strategic nuclear missile shield remains the main task of the State Armament Program (GPV-2020)
      That was not planned yesterday. And why didn’t it go for a long time, see further
      The NATO campaign in Yugoslavia (1999) is usually cited as an example of such a contactless war, however, it solved a limited range of tasks and did not set as its goal either the destruction of the enemy’s armed forces or control over its territory
      And what did they not achieve, where are Yugoslavia and its army, and who are attentively listening to the states that have formed there? They just became cunning and the fifth column of various power-hungry and different nationalists played the role of occupying forces.
      About how we have a patchwork head and a bunch of newly formed condoms
      The sad experience of the USSR, who tried to begin the construction of aircraft carriers similar to the American
      How did the author of the AUG seem ineffective?
      Or is he for peace in the world and for dermocracy, which they will gladly bring to us?
    22. Yapatriot
      Yapatriot April 21 2013 08: 16
      6th generation wars are fought against the natives, not against an equal opponent
      1. gauche
        gauche April 22 2013 08: 30
        wars of the 6th generation are waged by the HANDS of the natives, incl. and against an equal opponent.
    23. Genady1976
      Genady1976 April 21 2013 11: 47
      Asymmetric response of Russia.
      intercontinental missiles.
    24. Kurkin
      Kurkin April 21 2013 19: 03
      Quote: Mikhail3
      physically weak (go out. Muscovites - go down the subway and count how many physically strong, well-developed people of military age will pass you in half an hour. and how many, let's say, others are scary) and absolutely mentally unprepared people

      Well, you have it in Moscow. Understand that Moscow and the rest of the country are two different things. Unas in the Urals, every third is either a boxer, or a karate player, or a judoka or a sambo wrestler, in addition, they play football in the summer and hockey in the winter. In addition to commercial fitness clubs and sports palaces, there is definitely one basement rocking chair per quarter. I myself am 30, but with young boys I regularly try to run football, and there are bars with a horizontal bar in the yard, I do not go around them in the summer. As for the morale, the Urals are also in order; propaganda, both federal and local, works. In my city, the union of paratroopers and veterans of hot spots organized military patriotic competitions between schools for high school students. The people are not stupid in our Urals, they understand that the war is just around the corner, even if the external one is at least civilian, and the Urals support the edge of the state, whatever one may say!
      1. Genady1976
        Genady1976 April 21 2013 19: 13
        Moscow is not supported by all of Russia, although I think that in Moscow there are not weak people
        people. A little but there.
    25. Nitup
      Nitup April 21 2013 20: 03
      At present, the United States and its allies are close to changing the strategic balance of forces not by building up strategic nuclear weapons and not even by deploying anti-ballistic systems that reduce the effectiveness of a retaliatory strike (although much attention is paid to these areas), but by covert, a massive, quick disarming strike with high-precision weapons against domestic strategic nuclear weapons.
      That's just to prevent the implementation of such a scenario from becoming real, and we are creating systems such as Yars and Mace. These are the new generation systems - not ballistic, but quasi-ballistic. But we do not stop there. Now there is a development of a new complex based on Yars. At the same time, a new chassis for her is being created. It will be produced by Kamaz, and not the MZKT, and it will use a number of new stealth technologies and improve operational characteristics. It is planned to adopt this complex in service in 2016.
    26. Dmitriy292
      Dmitriy292 April 22 2013 05: 00
      It seems to be so bad, but no, we have to do worse. The authorities do not cease to amaze. This site just recently came across:, where information about each of us has been publicly posted. I don’t know why to do this, but it personally scares me. Nevertheless, I somehow managed to delete my data, though I had to register, but no one could "dig up" anything on me.