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US Air Force to develop energy weapons

The US Air Force intends to spend millions of dollars to investigate the unknown “bioeffects” that a human body undergoes when it is exposed to micro and radio waves. The Air Force hopes to use them to create new types of energy weapons.

Energy System Active Counteraction (ADS)

Recently, the American Air Force "Division of Bioeffects Study" announced that they would conduct a series of studies to identify the molecular changes in the human body that could cause radiation of non-lethal energy weapons. The air force intends to investigate a whole range of weapons: “Chemical agents for quelling riots, directional energy systems, acoustic weapons, broadband light radiation, and also blunt percussion materials.” For studies that will last for seven years, 49 has allocated millions of dollars.

If a different nation develops such a weapon and uses it against the US military, the Air Force wants to find out what consequences for human health they might face. However, this project has a downside. The announcement states that the identification of new bio-effects on the human body can have "both defensive and attacking" importance, and lead to "the creation and development of directed energy systems."

But first, these studies need to be done. For this, the unit will conduct "genomic, metabolic and proteomic studies to determine which critical molecular or biochemical changes caused by the effects of weapons of directed energy, before or in time for the operation." This means exploring how the focused impacts of high-energy microwaves and radio waves change our metabolites, DNA and proteins.

In theory, most directed energy systems should not cause a person long-term harm after leaving their affected area, in addition to various non-lethal effects, such as prolonged vomiting. In other words, if the military needs to stop a person who is approaching their position, a sound blaster or heat beam is a useful option to “escalate power”, as stated in the statement of the air force.

In other words, this on the scale of possible impact is somewhere between a sound warning and a shot to kill. It should be noted that such devices are not new. Sound guns, such as LRAD (a long-range acoustic device), use a combination of audio frequencies that are so unbearable for human hearing that they cause severe vomiting. In the case of exposure to radiation, ADS (active countermeasure system), which uses millimeter waves to create the sensation, as if the person is burning alive - which is very painful, but deliberately not fatal. However, if the system is turned on at full capacity, a person can get quite serious burns.

Such weapons are also a kind of diplomatic problem. The system of active opposition was briefly sent to Afghanistan, but then hastily withdrawn without a single use, as politicians felt that the use of this system in the promotion of the Taliban would be of great value. However, after the assassination of the American ambassador and the attack on American diplomats in Benghazi, the State Department said that the use of non-lethal weapons could become one of the potential systems to protect the embassy from terrorist attacks.

But of course, the development and use of exotic weapons that disrupt the work of the human body in completely unexplored ways can be called diplomatic.
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  1. Landwarrior
    Landwarrior April 4 2013 09: 38 New
    Microwave emitters again? Like in the framework of "Star Wars" considered already, but then spat. what
    Although there were stories about some kind of helicopter that came under MV radiation when the crew roasted like in a microwave wassat

    "In 1996, Hollywood released the movie" Capture 2 ", where
    terrorist scientist takes control of a satellite that can hit
    ground targets directed beam of electromagnetic radiation of microwave frequencies - microwave. Well, the way it is done in a microwave kitchen oven, which roasts, for example, tobacco chickens in small directional beams.
    And again, bluffing - such devices required gigantic energy capacities, launched into space. The United States had neither technical solutions nor money.
    After all, it was necessary to beat for hundreds of kilometers!

    True, "Soldier of Fortune" (N1, 1997) posted materials from a private investigation of the American archaeologist Frank Owens, who accidentally became
    witnessing the crash of a presidential helicopter in May 1993, which
    happened in maryland. Four miles from Harry Diamond's Secret Laboratory in Blossom Point. Before the crash, the helicopter made chaotic maneuvers as if its pilot was already dead or unconscious. Having fallen, he did not catch fire. And Owens noticed a lot of burns on the crew’s bodies. An autopsy later shows that the knee and elbow joints of the victims burst, like the joints of a chicken leg left in the grill for a long time. Owens is sure that the helicopter fell under the directional beam of powerful electromagnetic radiation from the laboratory working on SOI, and that people in it turned out to be in a microwave oven. Their eye fluid began to boil, and they did not even manage to make an emergency landing in an almost perfectly flat area. However, from creating an experimental installation to a real, reliable weapon -
    huge distance.
    (c) M. Kalashnikov "Broken Sword of the Empire"
    1. Sirocco
      Sirocco April 4 2013 13: 11 New
      The film was shown recently, made in the USA, about the consequences of this weapon. Moreover, in the victims of the miracle, there were American soldiers, cameramen and drivers from these installations. So they looked as if they were drenched with acid, or burned alive. Soldiers (former) complain that there is no help from the US government. They served faithfully and told them that these settings are safe for operators. As a result, they became disabled. So this is another bluff from the United States. Let the hedgehog scare naked ass. Or create a Jedi sword laughing
      1. Landwarrior
        Landwarrior April 4 2013 15: 22 New
        Quote: Sirocco
        Or create a Jedi sword

        Exactly! Star Wars after all! laughing
      2. werewolf
        werewolf April 4 2013 19: 37 New
  2. PDM80
    PDM80 April 4 2013 12: 06 New
    Yes, we are talking about the use of enemy forces, not a technician.
  3. Slavs
    Slavs April 4 2013 18: 55 New
    When I wrote about the creation of blasters and teleportators for F-22 pilots, as a successful investment of money - I was joking .... But they, apparently, are not ...
    1. Landwarrior
      Landwarrior April 4 2013 20: 35 New
      Well, here in the Popular Mechanics, the article flashed that the amers promise to rivet the laser fart so that it can be put on Hamvik.
      so not far from promises wink provide pkhotintsev individual blasters laughing
  4. Black
    Black April 4 2013 19: 52 New
    If this is true, then it is possible to envy the amers that they have enough funds for these developments.
    This weapon is certainly not tomorrow, but what the hell is not joking !!
    After all, N. Tesla did something if he was not a coperfield, of course.
  5. gregor6549
    gregor6549 April 5 2013 16: 05 New
    The development of direct-energy high-energy weapons (Direct Energy Weapon) has long been not an intention, but a reality, not only in the United States, but also in several other countries.
    In the USA, these developments are, in particular, carried out by the relevant units of the US Air Force Research Laboratory
    Similar research is conducted by the US Navy and DARPA
    Very serious companies like Raytheon are involved in these developments. Research and development are carried out in different wavelengths (optical, microwave, etc.) and the goals of such developments are very different: from the destruction of ballistic missile warheads and the creation of high-intensity electromagnetic radiation to the thermal and psychotronic effects on humans. As with all such developments, some directions turn out to be dead ends, and some give quite real models of weapons at the exit. Similar developments were carried out in the USSR. In particular, a number of high-energy ground-based, sea-based and space-based laser systems were created.
    Their fate, like the fate of many other Soviet developments, turned out to be unenviable after the collapse of the USSR, but I believe that the development of the most promising of them continues today in Russia. It would be strange if not
  6. Securebot
    Securebot April 9 2013 01: 57 New
    Gentlemen, please comment on the fact that this article was published by US on our website and is OUR translation, which is forbidden to use without an active indexed link to us, as a source of material? Ready to listen to you carefully.
  7. Gonoriy
    Gonoriy 27 March 2016 12: 47 New
    A necessary thing in the modern world.