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Soviet and Russian army SUVs

One of the new cars for the Russian army is the Tigr armored car. After getting acquainted with this production of the GAZ car factory, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin was delighted and said that the Tiger could well be produced in a civilian version. SUVs the army series, by the way, often migrated from the military sphere to the civil sphere. Suffice it to recall the famous UAZ-469, which was exploited and continues to be exploited by many armies of the world, and its modification Hunter has now become an indispensable helper for those who are used to overcome road difficulties with the help of such military equipment.

If we talk about stories 469-th Oise, it begins with the beginning of the 60-x. The development of the car was carried out at the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant. In 1962, the factory workers implemented a prototype, which however did not go into mass production. Only at the end of 1972, new cars began to be produced in the mass version. Prior to that, the famous GAZ-69 was king of the Soviet army in terms of transportation of commanders. He more than 20 years served properly, having received a series of "nicknames" - from "Goat" to "Gazik." One of the developers of GAZ-69 is the designer F.A. Lependin. This military vehicle was also used for civilian purposes. It could be seen as an official car of the chairmen of collective and state farms, nomenklatura in the cities of the USSR.

The car was produced on GAZ only for 3 years: from 1951 to 1953 years, and then its production was moved to Ulyanovsk, where it was in 1972 year and lost its position to UAZ-469. The design of the UAZ-469 was, to put it mildly, uncomplicated. About any comfort in this car for the driver and passengers it was not, although with comfort in military cars in Russia and today is not all right (if we consider the same "Tiger"). The design development of the UAZ-469 was done by Albert Rakhmanov, and, admittedly, this design was firmly established in the mass consciousness. Today in Russia there is no such person who would not distinguish this UAZ from other automobile models of off-road vehicles. It can speak about design success. The military engine's engine power was 75 "horses", and fuel consumption reached 17 liters per 100 km, although in Soviet times they paid the least attention to fuel consumption. UAZ-469 is a seven-seater car that could tow a trailer with a weight up to 850 kg.
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  1. studentmati
    studentmati April 2 2013 01: 16 New
    From time immemorial, UAZ was the most efficient and unpretentious car in every respect. And why did Dmitry Olegovich crush on Italian Iveka?
    1. ICT
      ICT April 2 2013 07: 32 New
      comfort for army equipment is secondary, but the common trouble for all our SUVs is actually a rather weak engine
      1. Andrey77
        Andrey77 April 3 2013 19: 09 New
        We always have a problem with engines. As for the war, what after. Jet aircraft were copied from the United States. Tank and car - the Germans.
  2. Alexey M
    Alexey M April 4 2013 18: 25 New
    Want to comfortably buy a Japanese. Want to get there buy UAZ. In 80, a floating version of the UAZ was developed if it were not for perestroika to go into series.
  3. Alf
    Alf April 7 2013 00: 48 New
    When developing army cars, comfort was always not the main focus, but Reliability, Maintainability, Passability, Cheapness, The ability to produce in huge quantities at plants that were not suitable for this. Authentic masterpieces are, truly, car-soldiers-ZIL-131, GAZ-66, UAZ-469 and others.
  4. Alf
    Alf April 7 2013 23: 46 New
    Quote: Andrey77
    We always have a problem with engines. As for the war, what after. Jet aircraft were copied from the United States. Tank and car - the Germans.

    More precisely possible? With the indication that they copied from the Germans and Amers. As far as I know, tank dviguns did not copy from the Hans, but tried to copy the B-2 hans.
  5. sys-1985
    sys-1985 April 29 2013 20: 14 New
    Better "goat" only "goat")
  6. smershspy
    smershspy 16 May 2013 17: 10 New
    Our "goats" glory, knew the "goats" ditch!
    And pass and growl and creak and drag!
    They climb and moan and shake, ride fast and roar!
    And the special forces and the general would take the goat to the parade!
    Nice and groovy and crazy under the bullets.
    We are being taken out - we are alive.
    Glory to the "goat" of the country!

    These are the verses about the car found in military art!
    I hope that soon the MO will receive new models of cars!
    1. HINO
      HINO 3 September 2013 18: 25 New
      What the hell will she get. Lost school design. All that has been done lately is bullshit and window dressing, or a frat with foreigners. Decades haven’t taught anyone anything, tigers and other heresies are sculpted by undergraduates led by army majors, for whom the main thing is Schaub cool !!! For the shows ... Caterpillar motor! Unification of the suspension - with an armored personnel carrier !!! Have you lost your mind - to give IT out for achievement? Oh ...
  7. albanech
    albanech 10 June 2013 13: 40 New
    We can not disagree! "" - there is ""! Our dirt is not afraid!