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Submarine plans to 2050 year

According to statements by Russian Defense Minister S. Shoigu, until 2020, our navy will receive 24 new submarines. Similar ships of various classes and projects will help to upgrade the material part fleet and significantly increase its combat potential. It should be noted that the update of the Navy should go in accordance with clearly defined plans. According to the latest data, the fleet command and the leadership of the Ministry of Defense already have certain views on the development of the submarine fleet over the coming decades.

General information about the future of Russian submarines with reference to the commander-in-chief of the Navy, Admiral V. Chirkov, was published by RIA News. According to her, at present, the prospects and plans for submarines are divided into three periods, each of which will have its own goals and features. The first period is already underway and will end in the 2020 year. Immediately after it, the second leg begins, ending in 2030. The third stage in its duration will be equal to the first two together and will last from 2031 to 2050 year. Despite different plans for each of the periods, they all have the same goal: to upgrade the equipment of the Russian submarine fleet and bring it to the level of world leaders. Characteristically, the amount of information about a particular stage is inversely proportional to its proximity. There is a lot of information and details about the work before the 2020 year, but the events after 2031 can only be guessed based on the available bits of information.

The first stage

The main task during the first stage of renewal is the construction of new nuclear submarines carrying strategic missiles. Currently, the Russian Navy has similar ships of the 667BDR “Kalmar”, 667BDRM “Dolphin”, 941 and 941U “Shark” projects, as well as the 955 “Borey”. At the same time, the 941U and 955 projects are represented only by one boat each. Thus, the composition of the strategic forces of the Russian Navy can not be called fully modern. Older boats will eventually expire and need replacement. She will become nuclear submarines of projects 955 and 955А. The lead ship of the K-535 project “Yuri Dolgoruky” has already entered the fleet, and the second, the K-550 “Alexander Nevsky”, will start service this year. The following year, the commissioning of the third submarine "Vladimir Monomakh" is scheduled. The fourth submarine missile carrier, named Prince Vladimir, is already under construction, and in the summer and autumn of the current 2013, two more Boreas will be laid. A total of eight boats of the 2020 and 955 projects are planned to be built before the 955 of the year. After commissioning, all eight submarines will be able to simultaneously hold more than two hundred Bulava P-30 missiles on duty. This is a third more than at the same time capable of carrying all the existing projects of our fleet boats 667BDR and 667BDRM. It is also necessary to take into account the qualitative superiority of the new missiles over the old ones.

As you can see, submarines of several projects carrying ballistic missiles will give way to new submarines of one project and its modernization over the coming years. The same will happen with multi-purpose nuclear submarines. At present, the Russian Navy has a fairly wide “fleet” of projects of similar equipment. The fleet includes boats of the third generation of projects 945 "Barracuda", 945 "Condor", 949 "Antey", 971 "Pike-B", etc. The fleet command intends, over time, to end the current trend with the exploitation of the masses of boats of various projects. The current multi-purpose submarine will be replaced by the fourth-generation multipurpose nuclear submarines - the Ash project 885. Such submarines can attack targets with the help of several types of torpedoes, anti-submarine and anti-ship missiles. One “Ash” has ten torpedo tubes of a millimeter 533 caliber and eight launchers for four cruise missiles each. Perhaps the use of missiles P-800 "Onyx", ammunition of the family "Caliber" and X-101. Thus, the submarines of the 885 project can perform a wider range of tasks than any other multi-purpose submarines currently available in the Russian Navy. The lead ship of the project, the K-560 Severodvinsk, will join the fleet later this year, and the second submarine Kazan is being built. The number of required fleet "Ash" has been repeatedly adjusted. At various times numbers from six to ten units were called. Over the past few months, official data has appeared on a series of eight submarines. Nevertheless, in a recent interview with the general director of SPMBM “Malachite” V. Dorofeev, more than interesting information appeared. From the words of the official it can be concluded that the series "Ash" for some reason, reduced from eight ships to seven. Details were not voiced and at the moment there is every reason to consider this information a simple reservation.

"Yuri Dolgoruky" - submarine project "Borey"

Nuclear submarine of the project 667BDRM "Dolphin"

Boat project "Lada"

Submarines project 636 "Varshavyanka"

As for diesel-electric submarines, this part of the Russian Navy is distinguished by a small number of types. All existing diesel-electric submarines in the line are built on the 877 “Halibus” project and its updated versions. In the coming years, six 636.3 Varshavyanka submarines will join them. In the longer term, it is planned to build a certain number of diesel-electric submarines, created by the updated 677 “Lada” project. The head boat of this project, called the B-585 "St. Petersburg", has already been built and tested, but is still in trial operation. According to the latest data, the 677 project will be finalized, it will receive a new power plant and will probably be put into mass production in the future. Production volumes, for obvious reasons, have not yet been announced.

The second stage

For all the same reasons of secrecy and uncertainty with concrete plans, it is too early to talk about the details of the implementation of the second phase, calculated for 2021-2030 years. As Admiral Chirkov said, at this time the renewal of the naval component of the nuclear triad will continue. The developed boats of the old projects will gradually be written off, and the submarines of the new fourth generation will replace them. Approximately the same thing can obviously be said about other classes of submarines. Thus, over the next 15-20 years, the main task will be the replacement of outdated equipment with a new one. At the same time, the creation of new fifth-generation submarine projects will begin.

According to the Director General of SPBMB Malakhit, electronic systems can become one of the main directions for the development of fifth-generation boats. According to this concept, the submarine must maintain contact with other ships, as well as "third-party" reconnaissance systems: aviation and companions. In this case, she will be able to respond in a timely manner to emerging threats. At the same time, the intensive exchange of information can unmask the submarine and deprive it of its main advantage. Thus, additional research is required on the prospects of such an approach. Other project details will develop along the same lines as before. New boats will be faster, stronger and less noisy than existing ones. Moreover, with regard to the maximum speed and depth of immersion, additional research is also required. Maximum results in these areas were achieved during the second generation of nuclear submarines, after which there were no noticeable breakthroughs.

Creating a project of a submarine always takes a lot of time, so the first works in the direction of the fifth generation began. As the general director of the TsBB MT Rubin I. Vilnit reported a few days ago, the formation of the fifth generation submarines has already started. This addresses issues relating to both nuclear submarines and diesel-electric. Already, several adjacent enterprises and research institutes are engaged in research. Details of the appearance of the fifth generation submarines were not announced. It is only known that in forming the requirements for promising submarines, the wishes and criticisms of submariners are taken into account. Obviously, in the fifth generation there will be no revolutionary ideas at the concept level, and the submarines themselves will be solidly modified ships of the previous generation, equipped with new systems.

The third stage

By the beginning of the third stage, the requirements for sixth generation atomic and diesel-electric submarines should be formed. It is in such remote times that the bravest of the ideas currently available can reach practical use. For example, Admiral V. Chirkov mentioned that after 2031, it is possible to create and build the first domestic submarines, which are referred to as the so-called underwater platform. This means that shipbuilders will have the opportunity to build a universal submarine platform ship on which, depending on customer requirements, the necessary equipment and weapons will be installed.

For all the seeming complexity, this concept has a number of characteristic advantages. First of all, this is a high degree of unification of submarines for various purposes, but of similar displacement and dimensions. Another plus follows from unification - such submarines will ultimately be cheaper than those of equipment and armament-like, but built in the course of several independent projects. Finally, the maintenance of the material part and the training of personnel will be greatly simplified. At the same time, to create modular submarines, it will be necessary to revise a number of concepts that underlie modern submarines. Therefore, the appearance of such ships is attributed only to the distant future.

By the end of the third stage of development of the Russian Navy, even bolder projects can be expected. Already now, from time to time, proposals are made according to which boats should not be built, but equipped according to the modular principle. This means that each submarine, depending on the military-political situation, can be converted for other tasks in a short time. Modules with anti-ship missiles in this case are replaced with modules with ballistic and vice versa. This idea is many years old, but so far it remains a matter of debate. Not everyone sees expediency in such a unification of multi-purpose and strategic submarines, and in addition, a number of technical and legal factors impede the implementation of such a concept. A submarine with the ability to replace weapons and use strategic missiles is subject to international nuclear agreements weapons and therefore not too profitable to operate. In this context, we can recall Tanks with 152 mm caliber guns that did not reach serial production, including because of the theoretical possibility of using special (nuclear) shells and the corresponding legal restrictions.

Now we can assume that, in accordance with the current plans of the command of the Navy, in the thirties will use the option of a modular scheme that allows you to build ships of different purposes on the basis of one platform. In this case, one should not exclude the possibility of the development of the idea of ​​submarines, which have the possibility of relatively rapid rearmament with a change of purpose. However, such complex projects should be attributed to the second half of this century.


As we see, the main directions of the development of the domestic navy are already determined four decades straight ahead. It is quite clear that even before the beginning of the second stage (2021-2030), these plans can change several times both towards reduction and towards an increase in the number of required submarines. In addition, it is worth waiting for adjustments to the level of defense doctrine. Only a plan for the first period, which will end in 2020, can be considered more or less clear and definite. Currently, certain successes in its implementation are already visible, and trends have emerged that will benefit the realization of all plans right up to the middle of the century.

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    PROXOR 20 March 2013 09: 25 New
    That's just to continue !!! And it’s better to double production. I know it hard. But you have to!!!!!

    Specialists ask for a comment. Why do you need DEPL “Lada” when there is a DEPL “Varshavyanka”, because the latter is not in vain nicknamed the “Black Hole”.
    1. baltika-18
      baltika-18 20 March 2013 11: 50 New
      Quote: PROXOR
      That's just to continue !!! And it’s better to double production. I know it hard. But you have to!!!

      Well, since 2020, the magic figure is clear, we still need to survive. We’ll see, they can do it. Well, about 2030-2050, no comment at all. By then, maybe there will be universal flying saucers that are under water, and on water, and in the air, and Chirkov will probably be gone.
      1. mark1
        mark1 20 March 2013 22: 17 New
        Here you can add - "either the khan will die. Or the donkey will die." All talk of a bright future in 2050 is a departure from the problems of the current. Actually, there is a reduction in the deployment of submarine combat units - on SSBNs from 10 to 8, on ICAPL from 10 to 8, and now to 7 units (most likely in fact there will be 4), NAPL - I consider a complete failure (return to pr 636-877), surface ships, also very sluggish. Of course, it’s easier to talk about the miracles of the future, than just to establish a normal, rhythmic industry
        1. bddrus
          bddrus 21 March 2013 12: 07 New
          Ayayay, Ryabov Cyril still takes the poor fellow brand away from the problem and does not want to establish rhythmic work! eh, Cyril Cyril!
    2. Ascetic
      Ascetic 20 March 2013 14: 25 New
      Quote: PROXOR
      Why do you need DEPL “Lada” when there is a DEPL “Varshavyanka”, because the latter is not in vain nicknamed the “Black Hole”.

      The fact is that the Lada will be equipped with a hydrogen-fueled engine. the so-called non-volatile power plant
      For the Russian Navy can create a fundamentally new submarine. This can happen already in 2014 g, said Admiral Vladimir Vysotsky, commander-in-chief of the Russian Navy.
      "In the coming years we can get pilot non-volatile power plant. On the submarines of the Lada project (two submarines have already been laid down), trials may begin in 2014. This is absolutely real. "- said the admiral.
      Currently, submarines of this class in the Russian Navy does not exist. In the combat structure of the Russian fleet are only diesel and nuclear submarines.

      traditional diesel-electric submarines, for example, project 636 "Varshavyanka", use batteries that feed the electric motor. When the submarine is depleted, it is necessary to surface and start the diesel engines to recharge the batteries. This makes ships vulnerable. In the case of hydrogen engines, electric motors are powered by hydrogen fuel cells.

      Although the latest data from VNSU does not work, they will build with ordinary DG
      1. Very smart
        Very smart 20 March 2013 15: 50 New
        Hydrogen-fueled engines have been built for many years - the result is ZERO. As well as controlled thermonuclear fusion. That's it, a little more. And this has been going on for 40 years, if not more. Then, a series of boats under the poetic name "Lighters" is known to specialists. Burned like matches! For the sake of justice, one must recall the miracle called "Hiroshima." God forbid! Therefore, progress is progress, and diesel under the RPD in coastal areas of navigation is the thing. Well, away from the coast - the submarine.
        With regards to “Lada” - it’s just newer. New equipment, already computers. And the noise requirements are very strict there. And in general, diesel boats are a priori quieter than nuclear ones. For many reasons. In addition, on the basis of Lada, the export version is being twisted. Money in the Piggy Bank of Pope Alexandrov.
  2. Russian
    Russian 20 March 2013 09: 26 New
    The plans are very ambitious! If we really meet the deadlines, we can become lawmakers in this area.
  3. Bronis
    Bronis 20 March 2013 09: 26 New
    The author writes: “In total, before the 2020 year, it is planned to build eight boats of the 955 and 955A projects. After being put into operation, all eight nuclear submarines will be able to simultaneously keep more than two hundred R-30 Bulava missiles on duty. This is one third more than all available our fleet has boats of the 667BDR and 667BDRM projects. " not 200 missiles, but 128 = 16 * 8 The upgraded Boreas will also carry 16 missiles.
    “The fleet command intends over time to stop the current trend of exploiting the mass of boats of various projects. The fourth-generation multipurpose nuclear submarines - the 885 Yasen project” will replace the current “variety” - this was said by the Navy Commander in 2006 year. But if the nuclear subtype diversity ceases, then not earlier than in years through 15-17 - the reasons are objective. "Ashen" was ordered only by 7 until 2021. They planned 10 - but they certainly wouldn’t have time. And the price they have is very impressive. If you plan to maintain the number of nuclear submarines, you may have to develop a cheaper project (as the successor to the Shchuki-B).
    According to DEPL / non-volatile - it will not work. building an 2 type, sort of. If only with Lada everything will be all right. So there is a positive trend, but so far it is alarming. The Navy - the most difficult issue - is technically complex and expensive.
    1. patsantre
      patsantre 20 March 2013 21: 08 New
      Quote: Bronis
      The current “different types” will be replaced by fourth-generation multipurpose nuclear submarines - Project 885 “Ash” "- this was discussed by the Navy Commander in 2006. But if the different types of nuclear submarines cease, then not earlier than 15-17 years later, the reasons are objective . "Ashen" was ordered only 7 until 2021. They planned 10 - but they certainly won’t have time. Yes, and their price is very impressive. If you plan to maintain the number of nuclear submarines, you may have to develop a cheaper project (as the successor to the "Pike-B" )

      It makes no sense, development, testing, etc. will take how much dough. + Again 2 types of different nuclear submarines = increased operating costs. + 2 different series, the cost of each boat will be higher, another thing if Ash is launched into a large series, it will become cheaper.
      As for the latter, a good nuclear submarine, but considering that 20 years have already passed since the first one was laid down, we need a modernized project, and, fortunately, there is one. And if you create a new simplified one, it will not be cheaper (painted above), and combat readiness only drop.
      1. Botanologist
        Botanologist 21 March 2013 00: 20 New
        if Ash is launched into a large series, it will become cheaper

        Even much cheaper Ash-tree will be much more expensive than Lada or Varshavyanka, and why drive heavy submarines along the coast when deploying Boreev? The presence of an easel grenade launcher does not cancel the need for small arms, right?
        1. patsantre
          patsantre 21 March 2013 19: 05 New
          Who is going to drive him along the coast? Are you generally aware of the purpose and tasks of this submarine?
        2. Bronis
          Bronis 21 March 2013 23: 25 New
          "Ash" are designed to withstand enemy surface forces in the ocean zone. Well, or strike along the coast. 636.3 and 677 are not an alternative to them. different tasks - God-Bogovo, Caesar - Caesarean. But the specific ratio of the number of those and others is not yet clear.
      2. Bronis
        Bronis 21 March 2013 23: 19 New
        Yes, not a fact. So far, plans have been limited to 7 "Ashes." Although here constantly different numbers were called both 5 and 20. Most likely, the issue will be finally clarified in the next few years - depending on how the series goes.
  4. bulgurkhan
    bulgurkhan 20 March 2013 09: 41 New
    After being put into operation, all eight nuclear submarines will be able to simultaneously keep on duty more than two hundred R-30 Bulava missiles

    8 x 16 = 128 missiles
    1. Alejandro
      Alejandro 20 March 2013 10: 37 New
      Quote: bulgurkhan
      After being put into operation, all eight nuclear submarines will be able to simultaneously keep on duty more than two hundred R-30 Bulava missiles

      8 x 16 = 128 missiles

      3x16 = 48
      5x20 = 100
      100 + 48 = 148 missiles
      1. bulgurkhan
        bulgurkhan 20 March 2013 11: 47 New
        A month ago, they announced that there would be 16 missiles in the entire series, and yesterday they announced that the series would consist of 7 nuclear submarines.

        7 x 16 = 112 missiles
        1. lexat7
          lexat7 20 March 2013 12: 23 New
          I get: project 955 - 3 x 16 = 48; project 955A - 5 x 20 = 100. A total of 148 Bulava missiles are being launched. request Same as Alexandro. About 16 missiles for the entire series did not hear. Can you give a link?
          1. Russian
            Russian 20 March 2013 13: 10 New
            I give links that there will be 16 missiles, I found two sources:
            1. lexat7
              lexat7 20 March 2013 16: 28 New
              Yes indeed. thank hi
        2. Evgen2509
          Evgen2509 20 March 2013 22: 42 New
          the series will consist of 7 nuclear submarines

          You do not confuse with 885?
  5. Apollo
    Apollo 20 March 2013 09: 46 New
    No comments
  6. igor36
    igor36 20 March 2013 09: 49 New
    Definitely need to develop to the maximum. As submariners say, there are two types of ships - submarines and targets. In addition, given the development of the situation in the Arctic, submarines cannot be dispensed with.
    1. Sirocco
      Sirocco 21 March 2013 05: 47 New
      The oceans occupy 2/3 of the planet’s surface. And 2/3 of the world's weapons are "stored" just on the mainland. So there is room for the development of the nuclear submarine and the fleet as a whole, and we should strive for this. rather, we are already creating a Fleet, which should not be equal.
  7. Apollo
    Apollo 20 March 2013 09: 50 New
    No comments
    1. kursantosha
      kursantosha 20 March 2013 22: 16 New
      Most likely, the first stage will not meet the deadlines, but as they say, "Moscow was not built right away." There was stagnation, but right now there has been a positive trend yes
  8. DeerIvanovich
    DeerIvanovich 20 March 2013 09: 51 New
    The announced plans for the second and third stage are nothing more than a screen of real developments that are already underway. So now the concept of the new generation boats will be presented to you, well, they’ll bring it right on a silver platter.
  9. erased
    erased 20 March 2013 09: 59 New
    Americans stamp boats with cruise missiles for the first high-precision strike. How will our answer? It is necessary to keep US territory under the attack of nuclear missiles. This is a good deterrence.
    1. zao74
      zao74 20 March 2013 11: 08 New
      Yes, a long time ago it was necessary to dig up nuclear charges in the territory of a potential enemy, so that in which case - just press a button.
      1. Skuto
        Skuto 20 March 2013 12: 48 New
        0 почитайте. здорово успокаивает.
        If we talk about “P-36orb,” it ensured the launch of the warhead into the orbit of the artificial Earth satellite, the orbital warhead, and then, its descent from orbit to a given target, which was out of the reach of ICBMs, or from directions, not protected by enemy air defenses.
        Of course, now they are not there, but still it’s impossible. soldier
      2. Ascetic
        Ascetic 20 March 2013 14: 33 New
        Quote: zao74
        Yes, a long time ago it was necessary to dig up nuclear charges in the territory of a potential enemy, so that in which case - just press a button.

        Like Jerusalem artichokes in the garden, I dug and forgot .. smile
    2. djon3volta
      djon3volta 20 March 2013 11: 09 New
      Do you think all of our missiles are aimed at? It is precisely at the cities of the United States that they are aimed.
      1. black_eagle
        black_eagle 20 March 2013 18: 59 New
        I used to read that our missiles were aimed at the Cordillera region (there are no exact coordinates), like there two tectonic plates crawled one on top of the other, if you hit there, America will automatically be washed off by the Pacific wave, it seems like the zone is not stable there
        1. patsantre
          patsantre 20 March 2013 21: 11 New
          So they will tell you where our missiles are aimed ...
          These are just speculations.
          1. belij
            belij 20 March 2013 22: 04 New
            I read somewhere that our missiles have a "zero" task. Coordinates are entered within 15 minutes from the receipt of the order.
            1. bddrus
              bddrus 21 March 2013 12: 26 New
              The missile launchers say that these targets are to be introduced even faster, so when Gorbachev seemed to say that he was - our missiles are not aimed at sensing - this is just politics because it takes a short time to aim
        2. bddrus
          bddrus 21 March 2013 12: 24 New
          it seems to me not reliable - but what if they’re "not creeping in".
  10. Gregazov
    Gregazov 20 March 2013 10: 34 New
    HOORAY !!! To spite all hamsters, especially circumcised ones.
  11. queen
    queen 20 March 2013 11: 13 New
    All this is good, but somehow sad. sad
  12. sashka
    sashka 20 March 2013 11: 18 New
    Well, which plans you can’t surprise us with anymore .. That’s the abolition of light bulbs at that time and everything through the butt. Apparently they began to understand at least a little that “tearing your pants wide” I am not against building up the power of the Sun. But you need to somehow calculate the budget. After all, they will not perform migrant workers .. And then one more boat, one less, nevermind .. like children .. Well and of course 2020 which "smoothly" passed into 2050 .. Well, well
  13. sashka
    sashka 20 March 2013 11: 26 New
    Quote: GregAzov
    HOORAY !!! To spite all hamsters, especially circumcised ones.

    That's for whom and why YOU SCREAMED IT ???. Stupidly and incomprehensibly.
    1. Atrix
      Atrix 20 March 2013 19: 35 New
      Quote: Sasha
      Quote: GregAzov
      HOORAY !!! To spite all hamsters, especially circumcised ones.

      That's for whom and why YOU SCREAMED IT ???. Stupidly and incomprehensibly.

      For the pluses, the man shouted, isn’t that clear? Here the public loves such posts.
      Only now they are slowly building (((Won in the USA they are stamped in 1.5-2 years
  14. Misantrop
    Misantrop 20 March 2013 12: 04 New
    Unfortunately, what I did not see in all these global plans was the plans for urgent construction and equipping of submarine service centers at the base points. With the help of crews, it’s not realistic to serve increasingly sophisticated equipment competently. But you don’t run into the plant, it’s far and expensive. The previously existing SPTB system is practically collapsed;
    1. rubber_duck
      rubber_duck 20 March 2013 18: 13 New
      And you will not see this. For all these plans are for "screaming" and not for "making."
    2. bddrus
      bddrus 21 March 2013 12: 21 New
      By the end of the year they promise to finish the piers for Boreev in the SF
  15. Skuto
    Skuto 20 March 2013 12: 38 New
    Hmm ... it seems like it is supposed to build 10 Boreev or compromise 8 Boreev and one shark request
    1. Bronis
      Bronis 20 March 2013 12: 57 New
      Quote: Skuto
      and one shark

      It's not about the "Shark". "Dmitry Donskoy" - a test bench. modified one or two shafts. Yes, and under the “light” “Mace” to use such a nuclear submarine does not make sense. Expensive and inefficient. So 8 "Boreev."
      1. Skuto
        Skuto 20 March 2013 13: 12 New
        But why 8? 10 information. count yourself: 6 (7 if you change your mind to K-64) dolphins and 2 (3) squid we have: from 128 to 160 versus 148 (if 3 * 16 + 5 * 20). This looks very strange given that in the future, by 2020, the share of the sea component of the strategic nuclear forces should increase (and be relatively large in the future), compared with the current state of affairs. Instead, by the 2030 year, on the contrary, it will decrease (with the exit from the Dolphins, Squids, and even earlier).
  16. sashka
    sashka 20 March 2013 14: 33 New
    Quote: PROXOR
    That's just to continue !!! And it’s better to double production. I know it hard. But you have to!!!!!

    I apologize, but where do you work? To be honest ? And how do you know that?
    I do not believe a single word. Yours ... EDROS or Troll. However, this is one and the same
    Proxor, and you know what 6 KM is. ?? I think I have no idea .. Liberast ..
  17. yurypetrunin
    yurypetrunin 20 March 2013 15: 37 New
    In 2050 I will be (will be) 105 years old!
    Our rulers have already decided everything for my children, and grandchildren, and great-grandchildren!
    The titmouse would be held in my hands during my life now, or in the near future.
    Yuri Petrunin. Polar, Gatchina. Veteran of the Armed Forces of the USSR.
  18. SIBIR38RUS
    SIBIR38RUS 20 March 2013 20: 05 New
    The bases for storing nuclear weapons along with the docks in the rocks for the passage and repair of submarines (like in Ukraine) didn’t end up completely hoping? I looked at the pictures ... horror. All stolen ....
  19. Watchman
    Watchman 20 March 2013 20: 58 New
    There are too few ash trees. At least 20 pieces should be.
  20. Prapor Afonya
    Prapor Afonya 20 March 2013 21: 22 New
    Quote: matrek
    how easily people swallow the sweet bait ... I won’t live up to this fantastic time. who to ask? who will answer for the words? yes, by then, under current politics, Muslims and lumps would long ago become the majority, and the country would already be completely different.
    and so listen. rejoice. a bright future is just around the corner

    Don't you joke like that am
  21. ABV
    ABV 21 March 2013 02: 29 New
    Quote: black_eagle
    I used to read that our missiles were aimed at the Cordillera region (there are no exact coordinates), like there two tectonic plates crawled one on top of the other, if you hit there, America will automatically be washed off by the Pacific wave, it seems like the zone is not stable there

    and a thermonuclear charger, as Sakharov had suggested, lies on the east coast and waits for a command to set up a tsunama against the naglosaks! fellow