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Sniper rifle for guerrilla war Catatumbo

Many countries are considering various possible US attack scenarios. Moreover, it is not so important whether there is oil in the country or not. Neither the US military power nor the technical superiority of the army bothers you. As they say, for such we have methods. One of the most effective options for waging war with an army that has technical superiority is the so-called guerrilla war. Such a method of resistance has already confirmed its effectiveness many times, and neither the quantity nor the quality of the invader’s army could not resist the partisan movement. Nevertheless, time goes on, science and technology do not stand still, and the democracy’s “nuns” themselves have already worked out ways to fight the partisans. In other words, now the partisans are not a volunteer who wants to protect their homeland, but rather a well-trained and equally well-equipped fighter, and only under this condition will he be effective in today's time.

Given all this, many countries have revised their views on a possible clash with the United States and began to make changes in the army. It is difficult to say this as a positive or negative phenomenon, and how it will affect the combat capability of the country as a whole. Nevertheless, the fact that military personnel are trained to survive in the wild, and even harm the enemy’s army, of course, can only be assessed positively. Naturally, in order for the idea of ​​guerrilla warfare not to be a failure, in addition to established skills, the means of accomplishing these or those tasks, including weapon.

It goes without saying that the weapon for such tasks is best suited to Russia or the one that has remained since Soviet times. Despite the fact that modern foreign models have closely approached the reliability of the same Kalashnikov assault rifle, not to mention superiority in accuracy and accuracy of firing, they cannot boast of a cheap price and ease of maintenance, because the choice of weapons for partisan war is obvious. But you will not be fed up with one weapon from another country, you also need your own samples, which will always be on hand and their production will be organized precisely in a country that has become another on the list for democratization.

Pleased this time Venezuela. Loud enough statements have been repeatedly made that if the USA is thrust into this country, then they will have hard times, now you can see with your own eyes that these are not just words, but quite a weighty warning. In addition to large-scale purchases of weapons from the outside, quite recently a new model of a sniper rifle, developed domestically and intended specifically for the conduct of guerrilla warfare, entered the army. The name of the new weapon is not quite usual and may even cause a smile, which does not affect the characteristics of the rifle itself. The new weapon was named Catatumbo, it represents the simplest non-automatic rifle with a longitudinally sliding shutter. The exact parameters of the weapon, such as weight or dimensions, are not yet known, but in general there is something to tell about this weapon.

It is a Catatumbo sniper rifle the simplest design, which has already been worked out over many years of production of means of dealing with their own kind. Absolutely nothing weapon stands out among similar models, except that by its simplicity, dependability and low cost production. The weapon is assembled on a light alloy tire, all of which is packaged in plastic, which is distinguished by sufficiently high strength, that is, if desired, it is possible to charge the butt into the teeth. The caliber of weapons 7,62 millimeter, but there are possible options, however, which is unknown. Apparently, there was a competition for a sniper rifle specifically for guerrilla warfare, since almost all sources of information say that the Catatumbo sniper rifle is superior to other models, of course, this is also unknown. Barrel free-hanging, in front of the forearm rifle there are folding and adjustable height bipod. Food weapons, apparently, is made from the one-piece shop, the capacity of which is still unknown.

In other words, Venezuela can only be glad, because not every country can boast of creating their own sniper weapons, even if they are the most elementary. We will wait for the exact characteristics of this weapon, as well as results in accuracy, well, and, of course, other samples, simple and reliable, like a shovel.

PS Characteristics of weapons will be, but later, until they are unknown. Because it is not a review of weapons, but simply news that the weapon has appeared, no more.
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  1. Alikovo
    Alikovo 20 February 2013 08: 58
    rifle so-so.
    1. scrabler
      20 February 2013 09: 01
      Well, what do you want to see unusual and unique in the "bolt"? Cheap and cheerful, just what you need in this case smile
      1. Vladimirets
        Vladimirets 20 February 2013 10: 18
        Quote: scrabler
        Well, what do you want to see unusual and unique in the "bolt"?

        For example, accuracy. Although for the partisan war in the jungle, super long range and super precision are not needed.
        1. Yoshkin Kot
          Yoshkin Kot 20 February 2013 12: 37
          at such distances all the same, self-charging type SVD rule
        2. carbofo
          carbofo 20 February 2013 14: 40
          So it is, the main thing for a partisan rifle is unpretentiousness and reliability, and even that it is more accurate than an assault rifle, this is understandable, the task is mainly the shooting of officers and sentries, the removal of machine gun and grenade launcher calculations.
          Typical guerrilla tactics: - shot and tear. If there are thousands of such rifles and shooters, little will not seem to anyone.
        3. Zynaps
          Zynaps 21 February 2013 03: 33
          Quote: Vladimirets
          Although for the partisan war in the jungle, super long range and super precision are not needed.

          it seems that Cuban Las Tropas Especiales could argue with this statement. they (who have vast experience in conducting military operations in small groups in the jungle) are armed with at least two models of large-caliber rifles Mambi for Orthodox ammunition 12.7 and 14.5.
      2. Yoshkin Kot
        Yoshkin Kot 20 February 2013 12: 37
        well, bolts are very, very expensive
        1. Vladimirets
          Vladimirets 20 February 2013 13: 27
          Quote: Yoshkin Cat
          well, bolts are very, very expensive

          It should be added that for precision shooting practically only bolts are used.
    2. eye276
      eye276 April 11 2013 12: 21
      even though it’s not so, and we are still running around with SVD, I don’t want to say that the rifle is bad, but not all the tasks it can handle now, and the SV-98 is a parody of a sports rifle that costs more, but its performance characteristics are not comparable (for the worse) And where are these SVs? How many are there in the army?
  2. Karlsonn
    Karlsonn 20 February 2013 13: 46
    - partisans? no, I have not heard.

    meanwhile in the Siberian taiga:

    what kind of high-precision shooting is there, if the destruction of the Abrams will cost less than a dollar laughing
  3. skeptic
    skeptic 20 February 2013 13: 49
    For the invaders, even Vietnamese pit traps will come down and just aspen stakes, when high-tech weapons are not enough.
    1. dropout
      dropout 20 February 2013 17: 45
      Once during the Vietnam War (with the Frenchman) he saw in the newspaper a photo of a mortar with a bamboo barrel.
      1. Karlsonn
        Karlsonn 20 February 2013 18: 20
        Quote: dropout
        I saw in the newspaper a photo of a mortar with a bamboo barrel

        this is what Syria is today:

  4. Dimka off
    Dimka off 20 February 2013 15: 25
    in fact, any sniper rifle can become a weapon of guerrilla warfare.
    1. Karlsonn
      Karlsonn 20 February 2013 15: 33
      Quote: Dimka off
      saying any sniper rifle can be a weapon of guerrilla warfare.

      as practice shows, anything can become the weapon of guerrilla warfare.

      This is how the small condemned belt looks like. Power, as a rule, is not more than half a kilogram in TNT equivalent.
      If the detainee has such a thing on his belt or something similar and he is injured during a special operation (and no one will allow him to surrender with such a thing), then control shots will sound. The very ones for which a former press officer (who was afraid to participate in special operations and came when it was already safe) presents us as some evidence of the illegality of our actions.

      The red arrow shows the ring with which the IED is actuated.
  5. Geisenberg
    Geisenberg 21 February 2013 00: 01
    Good rifle. The cartridge is probably our 7.62x54. At 300 meters in the five-ruble should fall. To the prtisans is that.
    1. Karlsonn
      Karlsonn 21 February 2013 00: 35
      Quote: Geisenberg
      Good rifle.

      if you take a Mosin or SKS rifle, or SVT from a long-term storage warehouse, disassemble and install it on a plastic base, equip: with a pistol grip, optics - with high-quality, high-quality ammunition, a telescopic stock --- the exhaust will be cooler bully

      German soldiers on the Eastern Front with a trophy rifle SVT-40, received in the Wehrmacht the name 7.62 mm Selbstladegewehr 259 (r)

      Wehrmacht soldier with self-loading rifle 7.62 mm Selbstladegewehr 259 (r)

      In this photo, the German machine gun calculation of the single MG-34 machine gun with the SVT-40 trophy rifle
      1. scrabler
        21 February 2013 01: 01
        I completely agree that the Soviet "hardware" on a modern basis will be a fairy tale, not a weapon good A striking example of this is the Simonov carbine, which is very well wrapped in a new "wrapper", the options of which cannot be counted.
        1. Karlsonn
          Karlsonn 21 February 2013 01: 42
          Quote: scrabler
          I completely agree that the Soviet "hardware" on a modern basis will be a fairy tale, not a weapon

          It's nice to talk to a weapon-savvy person. drinks

          As a result of a failure with his first 5.56mm round FN CAL assault rifle, in the early 1970s, the Belgian company Fabrique National began developing a new model, which was finally formed in 1978 and received the FNC designation - Fabrique Nationale Carbine. The new rifle (automatic) was adopted in Belgium, as well as in a modified form - in Sweden (under the designation Bofors / Karl Gustaf AK-5) and in Indonesia (under the designation Pindad SS1). In both Sweden and Indonesia, FNC is licensed. In addition, the FNC was exported from Belgium for the armament of various police forces, including the United States. According to reviews, the FNC is a reliable and convenient weapon with good combat characteristics. By its main characteristics, the FNC rifle is not inferior to other rifles created at the same time, however, by the time it appeared on the market, most of the niche was already occupied by other samples, which explains its wide distribution.

          Technical description.
          FNC is built on the basis of automation with a gas engine with a long stroke of the gas piston. The device of the gas engine and the bolt group was borrowed from the Kalashnikov assault rifle, however, a number of changes in the technological and constructive plan were introduced into the design, which made it possible to simplify both the production and maintenance of weapons.

          in general, this rifle is muffled with SVT-40, taking into account the time, of course, it is slightly more modified and advanced in the manufacturing method.
          1. eye276
            eye276 April 11 2013 12: 31
            The SVT rifle is difficult for partisans so for the sake of interest, look at the reports on its use in the regular units of the Red Army; it is technically complex and requires care; this is not an AK series and the fact that it was widely used by the Wehrmacht speaks only about higher individual training of military personnel and in the USSR they loved it Marines snipers and special units of various departments, that is, trained l / s.
  6. Cuckoo
    Cuckoo 13 June 2014 22: 19
    Eh on three ruler of eyes from a zeiss good