Modular protection systems "Broneplast MSZ"

Modular protection systems "Broneplast MSZ"
General view of the MSZ in its entirety

A lot of domestic enterprises are now engaged in the development and production of body armor and other means of protection. In their products they use protective elements made from all modern materials, incl. from high-strength polymers such as ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene. A supporter of this approach is the Broneplast company. It offers customers several body armor with polymer elements, and the full potential of this approach is demonstrated by the MSZ product.


Broneplast LLC (Mytishchi, Moscow region) was founded several years ago and was initially engaged in the development and production of personal protective equipment for civilian customers. In order to lighten the design and improve ergonomics, the organization used ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) protection in its body armor.

After the start of the Special Operation to protect Donbass, Broneplast began developing body armor for the army and law enforcement agencies. Using previously accumulated experience, several different products were brought to production. Of greatest interest is the MSZ modular protection system, which is a composite body armor with additional means and the ability to select the level of protection.

Rear view

According to known data, the first version of the MSZ is mass-produced and shipped to customers. At the same time, a certain amount of experience has been accumulated, which is now used to improve the original product. The company's development director, Dmitry Peshkov, recently spoke about these works in an interview for the RT agency, published on April 7.

According to D. Peshkov, Broneplast is now completing the development of the MSZ-2 product. This will be a fighter's assault kit in the form of an anti-fragmentation system. A new product is created on the basis of an existing one and retains the basic technical and layout solutions. At the same time, the project provides for improvement of ergonomics and other features. In addition, new module mounts have been introduced that are compatible with other modern body armor. Thanks to this, products from Broneplast can be combined with standard 6B43 vests from the Ratnik equipment, etc. protection.

It takes only a few months to complete the modernization of the MSZ. Already this summer, the development company plans to launch mass production of the updated system. It is likely that new products will reach users soon after this, and then the first evaluations will appear.

Neck protection module

Modular system

The MSZ product from Broneplast is actually a body armor with a set of additional modules installed in accordance with the wishes and needs of the user. Each module covers an additional part of the body and increases the overall protection area. The complete MSZ set includes seven modules for different purposes.

In the basic configuration, the MSZ is equipped with UHMWPE protection elements with a total area (in full set) of 108 This provides protection only from fragments. Front and rear projections, as well as side protection, can be supplemented with plates with bulletproof protection of levels from Br2 to Br5. The maximum area of ​​such protection is 25 When fully equipped, the MSZ protects the neck and torso, as well as the upper arms and legs.

In a recent interview, D. Peshkov described the design of protection elements. Thus, to achieve the Br4 level of protection, a package of UHMWPE and ceramic tiles is used. Ceramics takes the first blow, reduces the energy of the bullet and destroys it, while polyethylene retains its fragments and extinguishes some of their energy. Anti-fragmentation protection includes only UHMWPE blocks of the required shape, size and thickness.

Neck and shoulder modules, rear view

The modular protection system with elements made of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene weighs approx. 12 kg. When installing additional bulletproof protection plates, the weight of the product increases to 18 kg. At the same time, in terms of weight, the MSZ is at least not inferior to other products with a similar level of protection.

The basis of the system is a vest with a chest protection module. It has a traditional design with a front security pocket and adjustable shoulder straps. The side part of the vest has an increased height and area. The vest can be equipped with both anti-fragmentation inserts made of UHMWPE and plates of a different design. The vest is equipped with MOLLE system straps for mounting pouches and other equipment.

The vest can be supplemented with a neck protection module on top. Due to its special shape, this product covers the neck, part of the shoulders, collarbones and shoulder blades. The neck module is made on the basis of UHMWPE elements, due to which it remains flexible and comfortable to wear. Also attached to the top of the vest is a shoulder protection module - two shoulder pads that cover the user’s arms almost to the elbow. In design and level of protection they are similar to the neck module.

Body armor and neck protection module (tucked under the straps)

A belly protection module with the possibility of using plates up to Br5 level is suspended from the bottom front of the vest. The kit includes the so-called. armored belt – a waist module with rear and side lumbar protection, as well as fastenings for other elements. Modules for groin protection, hip protection and a rear lower element are suspended from the belt. All of them provide protection from splinters and provide the required level of convenience.

The scope of delivery is determined by the customer. If necessary, he can purchase additional modules and protection elements not previously ordered. In the manufacture of the vest and covers, fabric of three colors is used, according to your choice.

It is reported that during the ongoing modernization, the design of the MSZ system is being optimized. So, security elements are affected. Updated UHMWPE inserts are used, due to which the weight of the system is reduced to 10 kg while maintaining the same level of protection. Measures have also been taken to ensure the compatibility of MSZ-2 modules with other modern domestic body armor.

Development prospects

Currently, the Russian army is armed with several types of body armor. The troops use both modern products from the “Ratnik” equipment, as well as older developments that are still available. In addition, units and divisions receive developments from private companies through unofficial channels.

Belt module with thigh protection

Manufacturers of body armor and other protective equipment copy well-known and proven solutions, and also offer new ideas of various kinds. Various variants of the architecture of vests and protection systems based on them are being implemented, various elements from various materials are proposed, etc.

The MSZ-1/2 modular protection system from the Broneplast company shows how different solutions and approaches can be used in one project. Thus, the idea of ​​modular architecture with the addition of additional devices to the basic vest is not new and is well known. The ability to replace protective elements is also widely used in the field of body armor. Ceramic protection has now become one of the industry standards, and UHMWPE is becoming increasingly widespread.

In general, we are talking about a worthy product in its class that meets the requirements. The first version of the MSZ was tested and confirmed its design characteristics. Now this system has been modernized with an eye to improving ergonomics while maintaining the basic characteristics at the same level. It is currently undergoing testing and should reach mass production in the near future.

The Broneplast company highly evaluates its developments and also believes that they have a great future. In addition, the company expects to further develop and distribute polymer security elements. Thus, according to the company’s development director, over the next 10 years, UHMWPE protection will become the standard in the field of body armor. It is clear that the company will try to participate in these processes and help the army with re-equipment. Time will tell what success she will achieve.
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    fully loaded weighs approx. 12 kg. When installing additional bulletproof protection plates, the weight of the product increases to 18 kg.

    And also weapons, ammunition, a backpack with everything you need...
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    You have to be an athlete to fight...
    When I was there, all this didn’t exist; Kalash and pouches were worn out during forced marches during exercises...
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