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Dragunov sniper rifle

The Dragunov sniper rifle has been in service since 1963, and, apparently, they are not going to change it for something else. Although it is weapon already quite old, it still copes with the tasks that it faces, although many hold the view that this weapon is already outdated and it needs to be urgently changed. Let's try to figure out if this model of the rifle is outdated and whether it is worth looking for a replacement for it, provided that there are more relevant gaps in the weapons of both the army and the police. At the same time, let's take a brief look at the design of this weapon, since for many it turned out to be unknown in its design.

In the late fifties, namely in 1958, the Main Rocket and Artillery Directorate formulated for designers the task of creating a new self-loading sniper rifle for the Soviet Army. Such famous designers as Kalashnikov, Barinov, Konstantinov and, of course, Dragunov participated in the competition. The weapons of other designers will be discussed in separate articles, especially since the samples were presented quite interesting. For the sniper rifle, in the usual understanding of most people, the basic requirements that were set before the designers were not entirely clear. So, the weapon was required to be able to confidently fire at the enemy only at a distance of 600 meters, that is, at this distance the enemy should be guaranteed to be hit from this weapon. But now it is fashionable to talk about weapons, which shoots 1000 meters and beyond, while usually forgetting that the distance for accurate fire in battle, even in open areas for a sniper who works as part of a unit, is much smaller. In other words, he has completely different tasks, or rather their implementation, in comparison with those of the sniper calculation, which works separately. Naturally, for a sniper who needs to hit a target at a distance of one and a half thousand meters, the SVD will be a completely inappropriate weapon, but these snipers will not be armed with such rifles. Consequently, the SVD copes with its tasks, and given the unpretentiousness of the weapon to the operating conditions, ease of maintenance, and well-established production, it does not make sense to change these weapons.

For example, you can look at those sniper rifles that are currently in service in other armies of other countries. In spite of the fact that more accurate and long-range samples are taken into service, no one is in a hurry to refuse weapons that are similar in characteristics to SVD, and it quite peacefully gets on with long-range and accurate samples. Of course, I would like to see a more advanced weapon, with higher characteristics, light and compact, but no one will allocate funds to remove the rifle from service and replace it with another model one day. And this problem is not so acute as to make noise around it. It would be more reasonable to work with weapons ammunition, in order to increase its armor-piercing properties, it is cheaper and more relevant at the moment, and only after that do weapons based on it.

What exactly is a SVD? This is a self-loading rifle, the automation of which is based on the use of powder gases discharged from the bore of the weapon and with the barrel bore locked when the bolt is turned to 3 combat stops. The weapon is powered from a detachable box magazine with a capacity of 10 7,62x54R cartridges. The weight of a weapon without ammunition is 3,8 kilograms with a total length of millimeters 1220 rifle. Barrel length - 620 millimeters. Quite often, the design of a rifle is compared with the design of a Kalashnikov assault rifle, however, despite the same basic points, this weapon has its own characteristics.

First of all, it should be noted that the gas piston is not rigidly connected to the slide frame, which reduces the overall weight of the moving parts of the weapon when firing. In addition, the barrel bore locks into three lugs (one of which is a rammer), while turning the bolt counterclockwise. The trigger mechanism of the gun type, assembled in one case. The weapon's guard is controlled by a fairly large lever on the right side of the rifle. In the on position, the fuse blocks the trigger, as well as limits the movement of the bolt carrier back, which provides protection from external contamination during transportation. The rifle flame arrester also plays the role of a muzzle brake-recoil compensator, although it is difficult to give an example when this is not the case. The flame arrester has five slit slots. The forend and weapon butt was previously made of wood, now of plastic. On the butt is set unregulated support for the cheeks arrow.

The Dragunov sniper rifle has both open sights and a seat for various sights. In addition to the telescopic sight, various night sights can be mounted on the weapon; with such an aim, the SVD is converted into SVDN. In case of failure of the optical sight, the shooter can continue to perform their tasks with the help of open sights, which consist of an adjustable rear sight installed in front of the receiver cover, and a front sight in the earphone.

Let us briefly describe how this whole thing works. When fired, the powder gases push the bullet through the barrel bore forward, reaching the hole in the barrel, to remove the powder gases, they get into the gas engine and push the piston back. After accelerating the bolt carrier, the piston stops. The frame, in the course of its movement back, turns the bolt that unlocks the barrel bore, extracts and throws out the cartridge case. Actually, in this way, quite simply and without any supernatural nuances, quite satisfactory performance of firing is achieved.





American soldier in Iraq with trophy SVD

Dragunov sniper rifle

Armed Forces of Azerbaijan

Armenian Armed Forces

Bolivian Sun

Hungarian Armed Forces

Indian Sun

Sun of Kazakhstan

Sun Poland

Turkish Armed Forces

Turkish Armed Forces

Ukrainian Armed Forces

Sun of Finland

Czech Republic Armed Forces

SIDS of the Czech Republic

During the joint Mongol-American exercises. Mongolia



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  1. Yoshkin Kot
    Yoshkin Kot 6 February 2013 08: 23
    not a fig yourself in the US use SVD? in Finland? in service ????
    1. Vladimirets
      Vladimirets 6 February 2013 10: 21
      Quote: Yoshkin Cat
      not a fig yourself in the US use SVD?

      Judging by the fact that in the photo all the soldiers are armed with our weapons, this is an imitation of the armed forces of a "probable friend".
      1. DuraLexSedLex.
        DuraLexSedLex. 6 February 2013 19: 17
        No, it’s in their arsenal with PCM and AK)
    2. Hon
      Hon 6 February 2013 12: 15
      No, they just learn to use it, because it is a very common weapon. Amer often take the AK 47 as a second assault rifle, sometimes only it, it really happens, but they do not use SVD, they have their own analogues.
      1. Pimply
        Pimply 6 February 2013 21: 09
        No need to repeat stupid tales about often take the AK-47.
    3. Kibb
      Kibb 6 February 2013 13: 41
      Cyril, good afternoon, I gave a plus to the article, but personally, a small minus to you, I’ll try to explain why the SVD rifle can be shot even in the absence of a gas piston and pusher by reloading the weapon manually. Also used, mainly in winter conditions when shooting at small distances up to 250-300 meters
  2. injenere
    injenere 6 February 2013 08: 26
    Great rifle!
    Good selection of photos. In the photo, where is Iraq and 2 rifles, the one on the left is also an SVD, is it just another handguard?
    1. Dimani
      Dimani 6 February 2013 09: 02
      In the photo, where is Iraq and 2 rifles, the one on the left is also an SVD, is it just another handguard?

      in my opinion this is SCS, but maybe I'm wrong
      1. sanek45744
        sanek45744 6 February 2013 11: 13
        no, it’s not SKS !!! it’s a Romanian rifle! it’s not even a copy of the SVD! I don’t remember what it’s called, but it’s an increased version of Kalash under 7.62 by 54!
        1. hauptmannzimermann
          hauptmannzimermann 6 February 2013 11: 21
          The Romanians are releasing a copy of the SVD, "Dracula" seems to be called.
        2. Kibb
          Kibb 6 February 2013 13: 22
          This is the Romanian FPK, AK-based rifle, but under the 7,62X54R cartridge? is it really not visible in the photo that the gas outlet is not at all SCS, and even more so not SVD &
    2. During
      During 6 February 2013 09: 13
      SCS however ...
      1. understudy
        understudy 6 February 2013 13: 28
        SCS and did not lie next. Characteristic gas pipe ...
  3. avt
    avt 6 February 2013 08: 35
    A rifle for centuries. Whoever says the best army in its class. The author correctly mentioned the army and do not have to demand the impossible from her. And her potential has not been exhausted, both in terms of workmanship and modernization. + But where is the continuation of Kacheev’s bullets?
  4. Slevinst
    Slevinst 6 February 2013 09: 27
    the legendary rifle, like the Kalashnikovs, is suitable for its purposes, you should not change it, you just need to upgrade it and gradually replace it
  5. RBXize
    RBXize 6 February 2013 09: 29
    In the photo in Afghanistan, a sniper on the belt of an RGN grenade?
    1. Owl
      Owl 6 February 2013 09: 50
      RGO grenades
  6. Owl
    Owl 6 February 2013 09: 48
    A reliable self-loading rifle for a sniper of a motorized rifle, airborne unit, a rifle for a sniper operating in his unit on the battlefield. With the help of the SVD, it is possible to defeat the enemy at ranges of up to 400-500 meters in order to defeat (destroy) or in order to force them to abandon the task being performed, there will be no problems with ammunition, if necessary, from armored vehicles, you can take any 7,62x54 cartridges from a machine gun BC (the main thing before real action is to try all these types and know the amendments, B-32 is harder, etc.). Taking into account the fact that mainly conscripts - "goyushniks" are currently serving in the troops, this is enough for them.
  7. Castor oil
    Castor oil 6 February 2013 09: 49
    SVD is a legend! good
    As soon as it was not found fault with all over the world (comparing with other rifles in purpose and principle), it is still actively used all over the world. Look, amers, turned up their nose, they say, not "high-precision", "last century", but themselves in Iraq, Afghanistan hapanuli grief, and, let's vigorously change their self-loading M-14 from warehouses into sniper support weapons, and to the troops as soon as possible.
    1. Hon
      Hon 6 February 2013 13: 02
      The M14 was removed from service due to the M16, which could serve as a sniper weapon, but its power was simply not enough, so the M14 was returned to service. The SVD was only found in incorrect descave programs and our not-so-competent MO officials. In most countries, including NATO, they have their own analogues of SVD.
  8. erix-xnumx
    erix-xnumx 6 February 2013 09: 56
    Although the presence of moving parts in the SVD at the time of the shot affects the accuracy of shooting, but on the battlefield, under intense, highly maneuverable actions, the self-cocking of this rifle is a blessing. Because very often the enemy appears instantly, from different directions and time for reloading a weapon manually there simply may not be.
    1. bunta
      bunta 6 February 2013 11: 15
      Quote: erix-06
      Although the presence of moving parts in the SVD at the time of the shot affects the accuracy of firing

      Does not affect. Time from ignition of the powder to the departure of the bullet 0,001-0,002 sec. During this time, even the piston does not budge.
    2. Yasniper
      Yasniper 13 March 2013 02: 09
      This is a sniper rifle and not a machine gun, and didn’t go out on snipe to shoot highly maneuverable without looking up from the sight.
  9. Son
    Son 6 February 2013 10: 02
    At one time, in order to protect the SVD trunks from wear and tear, before checking, he trained his snipers from the SV at the Mosinki base ... There are charms ... THING ..!
    1. Hon
      Hon 6 February 2013 13: 05
      Is this a red-pat system redone?
  10. newnutella
    newnutella 6 February 2013 10: 40
    All Air Force Vintorez Poson)))
    Well, I can do it, I even happened to shoot from it. I think she has a very aesthetic appearance.
    I have the same, only on CO2. Airsoft version)
    1. bunta
      bunta 6 February 2013 11: 21
      Quote: newnutella
      very aesthetic appearance

      Pay attention! repeat Designers did not work with SVD or AK. Their beauty has gone beyond functionality. And when beauty comes out of functionality - this is a sign of perfection. winked
    2. Parabelum
      Parabelum 6 February 2013 11: 23
      SVD and VSS "Vintorez" are completely different in class, they will never be interchangeable.
      1. Azaat
        Azaat 6 February 2013 20: 16
        SVD and Vintorez have different targets and different units
  11. Wolland
    Wolland 6 February 2013 11: 01
    Another example of the fact that our weapons are the best in the world, such states as Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus can not be considered because they were in the USSR at one time, and all the rest are in the possession of the Great and Mighty USSR.
  12. bunta
    bunta 6 February 2013 11: 07
    There are a lot of photos. It's good. But the information is not enough. Both by design features, and by history. For example, an interesting fact is that the accuracy of the rifle of the first issues was higher, and the subsequent deterioration was deliberately allowed. However, in the Internet all this is already there.
    1. Yasniper
      Yasniper 13 March 2013 02: 07
      Spring changed along with tolerances
  13. K.Shimada
    K.Shimada 6 February 2013 11: 16
    Great rifle! Which of the probable opponents can boast of such weapons for a small infantry unit (platoon).
    1. Hon
      Hon 6 February 2013 13: 07
      Yes, almost everyone has something similar.
      1. K.Shimada
        K.Shimada 6 February 2013 13: 54
        Present a rifle that was produced as massively, and not a couple of dozen pieces a year wink
        1. Hon
          Hon 6 February 2013 22: 12
          Well then, the best products in the world are manufactured in China, because they are the most massive. Weapons are evaluated by performance characteristics and not by mass.
        2. Hon
          Hon 6 February 2013 22: 41
          German henkel and kokh released quite massively, and is in service with many countries
          1. major1976
            major1976 10 February 2013 13: 57
            Henkel aircraft brand during the Second World War! Weapons company in Germany-Hackler und Koch! Shame on my friend!
  14. kontrol
    kontrol 6 February 2013 12: 14
    great gun.
  15. borisst64
    borisst64 6 February 2013 12: 23
    Long considered a photo with a Mongolian sniper. Well, the hole is there instead of the shutter.
    1. Begemot
      Begemot 6 February 2013 14: 23
      Of course the hole, when the cartridges run out, the frame remains in the back position, see the reload handle !!
    2. Yasniper
      Yasniper 13 March 2013 02: 12
      The black man shoots at me, but instead of the shutter there’s no hole. The cartridges ran out and the shutter lagged on the delay.
  16. Begemot
    Begemot 6 February 2013 12: 39
    I use the civilian version of the SVD-Tiger-5-1, the device itself is super, the number of effective shots is 85%, the remaining 15% are attributed to the quality of the sight mount and poor vision. When removing and installing optics, zeroing is required, at least 1 shot, with experience it is enough to adjust. The last control series is 100 meters, the target is 10 cm - all five shots inside a circle of 4 cm. In any weather, once at -35 "C from 300 meters, he killed an elk with the first shot. There are small problems with ammunition, Barnaul hunting is no good. Structurally - difficult to clean the gas outlet mechanism, otherwise a simple and reliable device.I was personally acquainted with Evgeny Pavlovich Dragunov - he was a cool guy, his memory will live for a long time in his creation.
    1. Black
      Black 6 February 2013 17: 15
      I use the civilian version of the SVD-Tiger-5-1, the device itself is super
      Likewise, colleague. The car (shot, of course) is not inferior to "foreign cars" for 100-150 thousand rubles. On hunting, a shot farther than 200-300 m is rare. And if you don't see the difference - why pay extra. repeat But the "standard" optics are weak.
      And our hunting cartridges are complete bullshit. I take Finnish.
      1. major1976
        major1976 10 February 2013 14: 06
        The rifle is super no doubt but for the war! I understand that our hunters take civilian variants of the SKS Saiga (AK) SVD combat models either from not having the means to buy a hunting rifle or from a lack of assortment! Although this was until the 90s when it was impossible to purchase in the store not just a rifle but just a gun they simply weren’t on sale! Now, with the availability of funds, you can buy any sample! Hunting weapons have always differed from the combat and quality of execution, and the exterior, and capacity of the store! A true hunter shoots once and only from oltovika! autoloading rifle hunting in my show-off for suckers seen enough fighters! In Dash yes, yes to the banks, to head off terroistu yes, of elk or wild boar thank you have a special weapon easier, more precise, more beautiful and more!
  17. rubber_duck
    rubber_duck 6 February 2013 13: 07
    In the photo signed by the "Armed Forces of Azerbaijan", in my opinion, not SVD ...
  18. Strashila
    Strashila 6 February 2013 13: 14
    He pinned a guy from the Czech Republic ... the watch must have a sapphire stela ... they let the bunnies like that.
    1. Azaat
      Azaat 6 February 2013 20: 20
      And I really like the goblin parade in Bolivia. We would have such on May 9
  19. Geokingxnumx
    Geokingxnumx 6 February 2013 13: 26

    Georgian Armed Forces 2004 year
    1. Black
      Black 6 February 2013 17: 09
      The glorious Georgian warriors just get fierce from the beauty of the surroundings ?? And what else can be done in such a position. Do not change it. good
      1. major1976
        major1976 10 February 2013 14: 08
        Yes, Givi is probably driving not 2004 but 2008! Right now the SU25 will fly in and there are no warriors!
  20. kot11180
    kot11180 6 February 2013 13: 29
    I join the positive reviews, the SVD is an ideal rifle for a military sniper (not a police officer, not an anti-terror sniper, who require high-precision long-range shooting). It is reliable like the AK, it’s easy to maintain, and accuracy is up to 400-500 meters, if the sniper is really engaged in fire training and sniper cartridges are used (with which there are no special problems in the troops (I know from my own experience). at least in VV) they get enough SVDS - much more convenient while maintaining all the positive qualities.The only significant drawback of the SVD is the PSO-1 sight (all the same, something more advanced is already outdated), but again, the sniper who constantly shoots and will be with it from adic popodaet As an example -. I tried to put the Belarusian sight (unfortunately I do not remember the name - POSP in my opinion), the multiplicity of x8, not too difficult to work with him much easier.
    1. major1976
      major1976 10 February 2013 14: 11
      I don’t agree that the anti-terror sniper, on the contrary, in most cases works from short distances! Up to 100m! And I don’t think that the SVDS is better than the SVD classic! The folding butt of a sniper is not appropriate! And in general, the SVDS is adopted for the airborne forces — it’s more convenient to parachute! Belarus isn’t so hot after a series of shots, the aiming mark moves out, it’s necessary to shoot again! Better unfortunately the import of Zeiss Lake, etc., the aiming mark with illumination can be shot at dusk and even on a moonlit night!
      1. kot11180
        kot11180 10 February 2013 22: 09
        Of course Zeiss Lake is better, but also much more expensive, Belarusians are more affordable, and I wrote about SIDS - it’s more convenient
  21. andrey903
    andrey903 6 February 2013 13: 37
    There probably still are reserves to improve, improve quality, upgrade barrel
    1. kot11180
      kot11180 6 February 2013 15: 23
      This is so, in general, in modern times, the quality of manufacturing weapons has fallen, for example, the AK-74m of the 90s is inferior in accuracy to the old AK-74 (from my own experience). Also met AKMmy with accuracy less than 5cm. 100 meters (and this is accuracy for SVD)
  22. leon-iv
    leon-iv 6 February 2013 14: 36
    SVD need to change a number of things
    1 Quality cartridges
    2 Optics
    3 Bipod
    And she still can’t touch her for another 15-20 years.
    1. Sirocco
      Sirocco 6 February 2013 16: 03
      Totally agree with you. just add, cartridges, cartridges, and more cartridges, and not only to combat small arms. About three years ago I bought cartridges of increased accuracy of the Novosibirsk plant for the Tiger carbine. After zeroing in with these "cartridges" I passed the optics because I thought the problem was in it (I didn’t think to shoot from the mechanics right away) and the STP, when firing by this miracle, reached 90 cm, shot two packs. As a result, I handed over the remaining cartridges to the store. Conclusion our cartridges are bullshit starting at 39, 308, and 54. Alas.
      1. major1976
        major1976 10 February 2013 14: 24
        The Finnish Lapua, Swedish Norma and Czech take this conclusion! Our patrons The USSR extra-team won the shooting world championship in the 60s! True, when shooting at a protected target or at an animal, the effect is not the same, but the accuracy is amazing! The West is resting! And one more thing depending on how you shoot, you can do it from your knee (stupidity), and preferably from a machine tool and even with a cold shooting device! And before buying, carefully look at the trunk for its curvature, the quality of the fields and rifling! In general, you must learn to shoot and not to shoot!
    2. DuraLexSedLex.
      DuraLexSedLex. 6 February 2013 19: 31
      The trunk is thicker! The optics were changed by PSO-1 and others have not been camelfo for a long time, now the new optics 1P59 is in fashion (for reference
      1P59 for the 7,62 mm SVD rifle; -1P69 for the 7,62 mm SV-98 rifle; -1P70 for the 9 mm SVDK rifle; -1P71-1 for the 12,7 mm ASVK rifle) This is individual wish a soldier, buy it yourself))))))))))))))) I am silent about the cartridges .... a real headache. Not to shoot machine-guns ...
    3. Pimply
      Pimply 6 February 2013 21: 11
      You cannot get away with this alone. There are many things to change under the modern standard. Starting from a weighted barrel and ergonomics ....
      1. Hon
        Hon 6 February 2013 22: 57
        You can just take the SVT on their performance characteristics, it does most of the modern self-loading rifles.
      2. major1976
        major1976 10 February 2013 14: 31
        Enough to sculpt a hunchback! This is an army rifle for a conscript soldier, yesterday’s dvoeshik who must be taught and watch so that he doesn’t break! SVD is super ergonomic, it wasn’t invented with a finger! Quality-price ratio! , you can milled the receiver! That's it! And take the Orsys type rifle into the arsenal of the pros and that's it! Everyone is happy the sheep are safe wolves are full!
    4. major1976
      major1976 10 February 2013 14: 18
      You go to the store and buy imported cartridges, optics, a bipod and a bunch of different body kits! You put it yourself! No need to wait for anyone!
  23. Valboro
    Valboro 6 February 2013 16: 51
    He worked with an American (a former Russian, a big gun lover, he took the "Tiger" away from Russia). His business partner, an American, had a son who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan. And he said that as soon as they encountered the Dragunov rifle, it became the most expensive trophy. More than $ 1000 was paid for it. And in the units they used it as the main combat sniper. Only used his own cartridges. Soviet ones are not very stable in terms of characteristics.
  24. DuraLexSedLex.
    DuraLexSedLex. 6 February 2013 19: 15
    No, it’s in their arsenal with PCM and AK)
  25. deman73
    deman73 6 February 2013 19: 21
    a good reliable rifle a little bit to finalize and the price it will not be yet so 20 years old for sure
  26. DuraLexSedLex.
    DuraLexSedLex. 6 February 2013 19: 22
    I will say for myself, there is a TIGER at home (well, not the beauty of the SVD itself, but its exact copy in civilian life as far as the law allows), a rifle, good and reliable, is more than necessary at times))) And about the SVD I will say this because I saw-kept- shot, SVD marksman's army rifle, that is, a shooter, but not a sniper, this is a pure RAM, the best in its class. If the barrel is really thicker as on the SVDS, the barrel is warming up from intense shooting, and the price would not be )
  27. Vako
    Vako 6 February 2013 20: 11
    Special thanks for the Afghan photo. It's nice to see how men who gave their destinies to the ministry are reminded us with such photographs. After "Afgan" the powers that be do not really want to remember about them .....
  28. eye276
    eye276 6 February 2013 21: 17
    here is the SVD which I used about 3 years ago, the year of release of 1965, but I put a little pen on it here at the output of 0.5 moa
  29. eye276
    eye276 6 February 2013 21: 45
    The SVD that I had about 3 years ago, in 1965, though I put pens on it, well, at the output of 1 moa I got a rifle good if you know how to shoot from it and do not spare money for refinement, but it is desirable that the rifle was before 1974 (step rifling 320 mm) after 74 it became 240 mm but good rifles are also found with this step, but it was a pity to part with this one specifically and about VSS it was and will be the second weapon for special tasks
  30. kot11180
    kot11180 6 February 2013 21: 56
    if I’m not mistaken, on the contrary, the first issues were in 240 mm increments, the accuracy of conventional bullets was excellent, but the B-32 bullet was losing stability, so the step was increased, and the quality of the trunks of the first issues was excellent
    1. eye276
      eye276 April 11 2013 12: 54
      I’ll clarify the step until 1974 was 320 mm and it was changed not because of the B-32 but because of the PZ (sighting incendiary) the question was the mass of the bullet. 320 mm to 11 grams of the bullet flew normally and the PZ weighs 13,2 because of this they switched to pitch 240 mm like a PC.
  31. Per se.
    Per se. 6 February 2013 21: 57
    "Actually, just like that, and without any supernatural nuances, a completely satisfactory effectiveness of firing is achieved," Kirill's article ends. Here I would like to add that the SVD was designed by Dragunov as a weapon of particularly accurate combat for snipers to work in any conditions. The first series of SVD were made of excellent steel with increased precision in manufacturing and processing of the barrel. The accuracy of the battle of rifles made in the 60s was very high even in comparison with non-automatic magazine rifles (rifles with an accuracy of 3X2 cm per 100 meters came across). Since the 70s, the quality of rifles has become worse, rifles of the first batches are still appreciated. Nevertheless, the SVD, without a doubt, to this day remains one of the most successful (or most successful) sniper rifle in its class in terms of reliability, weight and combat accuracy.
  32. DuraLexSedLex.
    DuraLexSedLex. 6 February 2013 23: 35
    And all the same, I would like to touch on the theme of one of the "Achilles heel" of the SVD, this is undoubtedly low quality optics. PSO-1 sights and their modifications cannot boast of sufficient lens transparency (sometimes they are just muddy in places), wild marriage is allowed.
    Separately, we should note the pancrotic sight 1P21 ("Minute"), a kind of analogue of the American ART-I (automatic rangefinding telescope), but did not find the proper regulation, although it had undoubted advantages in the form of changing the magnification with automatic introduction of corrections. of the new generation "Hyperon" 1P59 sight, which we can see on the new SVD, in terms of build quality and is clearly inferior to its ancestors 1P21 and the clumsy PSO. And in terms of reliability, even more so. The only (+) is all the same a lens of better quality than its predecessors. optics for troops stands open.
  33. Oberon
    Oberon 8 February 2013 18: 38
    SVD piece weapons, and which the sniper sets up for himself.
    and barrel, sight and optics
  34. Alikovo
    Alikovo 11 February 2013 12: 42
    svd serious sniper weapon minor inconvenience is the length and scope (not very familiar though but the range finder is excellent)
  35. Fiji
    Fiji 11 February 2013 18: 06
    but however, in regular competitions of sniper deuces, GRU officers with SVD regularly took last places, the leaders were special forces of the FSB with SV-98. I understand conscripts, a screw for the army, etc. but at the competitions the usual work of an army sniper was reproduced
  36. bunta
    bunta 12 February 2013 08: 23
    In Izhevsk along the street Pushkinskaya, 222 08.08.11 fund M.T. Kalashnikov was installed a memorial plaque to E.F.Dragunov. The author is Pavel Medvedev. The board is just wonderful. One of the few attractions of Izhevsk. According to experts, a real work of art. A worthy person is a worthy memory.
  37. leonardo_1971
    leonardo_1971 25 March 2013 11: 41
    my SVD gave an angular minute of 100 meters. Everything depends on the quality of the barrel. Head shot at 890 meters. According to the range finder. On advanced training of snipers in Pyatigorsk the SV 98 was shot for accuracy. My favorite rifle from my fixed ones. SVD. SV 98 .СВ 99.ВСС.ВСК-94
  38. cared
    cared April 10 2013 11: 18
    And still, the SVD remains one of the best sniper rifles in our country. If they stopped using it for its shortcomings, then the SVD would not have lasted so long in service in our country, and others would not have used it. But still, many countries still continue to use SVD.
  39. Timofey Naryshkin
    Timofey Naryshkin 11 September 2017 13: 24

    Airborne GDR. Info from