"Sarmat" takes up combat duty

"Sarmat" takes up combat duty
Loading a TPK with a Sarmat missile into a launcher

To date, the promising missile system with the heavy intercontinental ballistic missile "Sarmat" has reached serial production and deployment among the troops, and has also entered combat duty. In the foreseeable future, the production and deployment of such equipment will continue, and a demonstration of a new complex on duty is expected in the near future. All these processes are under the direct control of the country's top leadership, and they regularly report on successes and set new tasks.

In recent months

Over the past months, there have been several interesting and important reports that indicate the progress of the Sarmat project. Previously set goals have been achieved, and the program is entering new stages, which will be carried out in the near future and will give a final result.

Thus, on October 5, 2023, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that work on the Sarmat product was virtually completed. All that remains is to carry out some administrative and bureaucratic procedures, after which the complex will be officially accepted into service. It is also expected to launch mass production of missiles and put them on combat duty. All these activities were planned to be completed in the near future.

In mid-December, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, at an extended meeting of the Board of the Ministry of Defense, announced approximate deadlines for completing all necessary measures. He considered placing the Sarmat on combat duty as a priority task for the next 2024.

Blast test of a prototype

On January 26, at the Unified Day of Acceptance of Military Products, Deputy Minister of Defense Alexey Krivoruchko confirmed the special status of work on Sarmat and the intention to complete current work within a year. A number of other modern projects have the same high priority - the construction and delivery of Tu-160M ​​missile carriers, the S-500 anti-aircraft missile system, new submarines of various classes, etc. to the troops.

At the Unified Acceptance Day, a report was made by Deputy Minister of Defense Timur Ivanov, who is responsible for the construction of military facilities. He announced the completion of the preparation of infrastructure for the operation of the Sarmat, Avangard and Yars complexes in parts of the Strategic Missile Forces in the Krasnoyarsk Territory, as well as in the Kaluga and Orenburg regions.

On February 20, the Minister of Defense reported to the President on the current work and recent successes of his department. In the conversation, he mentioned that the Sarmat project is “at a fairly high stage of completion.” Another promising program, Avangard, has already given the desired results - two regiments of such complexes are on combat duty. S. Shoigu noted that the potential enemy represented by Western countries knows about our successes in the field of strategic weapons.

Rocket in the troops

On the last day of February, President V. Putin addressed the Federal Assembly. In his speech, he touched on all major areas, including defense and its strategic component. The speech also made room for promising models, some of which the president announced in his address in 2018.

For the first time, the President announced at the official level that mass-produced super-heavy Sarmat ICBMs have begun to enter service with the troops. He also promised a quick demonstration of such weapons in his base areas. The head of state did not specify how exactly the promising sample would be shown.

First launch of a full-fledged experimental "Sarmat"

Following the presidential address, the Minister of Defense commented on the topic of promising strategic weapons. He recalled the latest speculations and speculations of foreign officials on the topic of Russian weapons and the threat associated with them. At the same time, S. Shoigu pointed out that Russian systems are not intended to threaten foreign countries, but to attract attention and remind “that it is better not to mess with us.”

Upon completion of the tests

A promising missile system with a heavy ICBM RS-28 "Sarmat" was developed at the State Research Center named after. V.P. Makeeva (Miass, part of the Roscosmos state corporation) since the 36s. The goal of the project was to create a new complex to replace aging R-2MXNUMX Voevoda products, characterized by improved tactical and technical characteristics.

The design of the new rocket and related products was completed by the mid-2017s. Then, at the Plesetsk training ground, a silo launcher was prepared to work with prototype and prototype ICBMs. In 18-XNUMX Several rocket tests took place. They were considered successful, and based on their results, preparations for the next stages of testing continued.

The first full-fledged launch of Sarmat with a flight to a target at the Kura training ground (Kamchatka) took place on April 20, 2022. It was reported that in the near future, flight development tests will continue, and several new launches will take place. However, subsequent launches have not yet been carried out.

Apparently, such shortened tests were considered successful, after which work on the Sarmat program continued. At the same time, in the combat units that previously operated the Voevoda ICBMs, construction and updating of infrastructure for the operation of new products was carried out. Serial production was also being prepared, through which it was planned to ensure rearmament and combat duty in the near future.

New opportunities

According to known data, the RS-28 Sarmat product is a heavy-class intercontinental ballistic missile, its parameters and capabilities superior to existing models of its class. In missile units, the new ICBM will replace the old R-36M2 and will improve a number of key indicators of the Strategic Missile Forces, and will also have a positive effect on the processes of strategic nuclear deterrence.

"Sarmat" is built according to a three-stage scheme with a separate stage for disengaging warheads. All stages use liquid rocket engines with high thrust characteristics. They ensure the flight of a rocket weighing approx. 210 tons along the required trajectory and delivery of combat units to targets. The missile has a global range, officials said. Unofficial estimates indicate a firing range of about 15-18 thousand km.

It is known that the Sarmat carries a multiple warhead with individually targeted warheads. The thrown weight reaches 10 tons. The number and power of warheads, for obvious reasons, is unknown. Such combat equipment provides for traditional algorithms for using and hitting targets.

In the future, Sarmat will receive fundamentally new combat capabilities. Missiles of this type should become standard carriers of the Avangard hypersonic glide combat unit. It is assumed that the RS-28 will be able to carry several such products. Hypersonic warheads will ensure guaranteed penetration of modern and future missile defenses of a potential enemy.

Global firing range demonstration

It is expected that the transition of units and formations of the Strategic Missile Forces to the new Sarmat complex will last several years and, possibly, will be completed by the end of the current decade. Thanks to this, the “heavy” component of the missile forces will be updated in all respects and will receive new capabilities. At the same time, the operation of light Yars missiles as part of silo and mobile complexes will continue.

The presence of complexes of different types with different characteristics and combat equipment will allow the Strategic Missile Forces to solve assigned tasks more efficiently and flexibly. All this will also have a positive impact on the potential of strategic nuclear forces as a whole.

The long-awaited result

Thus, the long and complex program for the development and adoption of a new missile system with a heavy Sarmat ICBM is entering its final stage. The industry has mastered mass production of new missiles and is supplying them to the troops, and the Strategic Missile Forces are putting them on combat duty. In the near future, the country's leadership promises to show new missiles in service.

Now the industry has to produce the required number of missiles and ensure full-scale rearmament of the Strategic Missile Forces. These processes will take several years, but their results are completely worth the wait and expense. The Strategic Missile Forces and all strategic nuclear forces will retain the high combat effectiveness necessary to ensure national security.
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  1. 0
    7 March 2024 05: 28
    Such weapons can easily be called the backbone of the republic’s defense.
    Even being in a state of permanent non-use, Sarmat plays its role in every minute of its combat duty.
    And even those world politicians who have “lost their shores” are forced to reckon with Russia when hatching their plans and making decisions.
  2. +3
    7 March 2024 05: 59
    Now we will learn about the launches of our ICBMs from the Western media, like in the good old days under the USSR, well, maybe sometimes the Russian Defense Ministry will release a message on holidays. laughing
    1. +3
      7 March 2024 12: 45
      In Soviet times, the Izvestia newspaper regularly published information about upcoming launches and the closure of sea areas in connection with this.
    2. +2
      9 March 2024 21: 24
      Maybe before the launch the competition will be announced, where the winner will receive a reward with the arrival of the gadget?
  3. +1
    7 March 2024 06: 45
    In the near future, the country's leadership promises to show new missiles in service.

    Where do we start?
  4. -1
    7 March 2024 07: 25
    The weapon is not a warning, but a threatening one! Otherwise, “there” they don’t understand, with them you only need the power of threat, everything else is considered weakness. The governor was called the 12 ready-made snake Gorynych, I wonder how many heads there are here?
  5. +3
    7 March 2024 08: 29
    Quote: U-58
    can safely be called the backbone of the republic’s defense

    Let me ask you what republic we are talking about?
    1. 0
      7 March 2024 12: 47
      Obviously, about Russia. The Russian Federation is, after all, a federal republic. Although I would change the name from the Russian Federation to RFR - Russian Federative Republic.
  6. -4
    7 March 2024 09: 39
    Quote: Vladimir80
    What republic are we talking about?

    About Maskvabadskaya soldier
  7. -4
    7 March 2024 09: 48
    If you are going to bang, then you need to bang, and not set off firecrackers. We need "Kuzka's Mother 2,0" at 100 Mt and flail around in space over conditional partners to immediately drive them into "Dark Middle Ages 2,0"
  8. +2
    7 March 2024 13: 28
    As I understand it, there were either 1 or 2 test launches. The first successful one is on April 20 and perhaps the second one is unsuccessful on February 20, 2023. For comparison, the Voevoda missile had 43 test launches.
    The article indicates a flight range of 15-18 thousand kilometers. The distance from Moscow to the South Pole is 16 thousand km, from the South Pole to Washington - 15 thousand km. Apparently they promised that they would fly through the South Pole?
  9. -2
    7 March 2024 15: 16
    It is known that the Sarmat carries a multiple warhead with individually targeted warheads. The thrown weight reaches 10 tons. The number and power of warheads, for obvious reasons, is unknown.

    The reasons are completely incomprehensible, because the warheads have the same highest level of secrecy as their launch vehicle.
    1. -3
      7 March 2024 15: 25
      According to the US official representative to the UN Security Council, Russia has 1800 nuclear warheads, and, interestingly, all of them are tactical, not strategic.
      Some experts advise reading the HEU-LEU “agreement” regarding the Russian Federation’s refusal to produce strategic warheads and the destruction of their production technology.
      1. +1
        7 March 2024 17: 25
        OF. The US representative to the UN rummages through our bases from morning to night, knows everything, and most importantly, lays bare the truth. Their generals/admirals are pure oaks, and it’s generally ridiculous about any representatives.
        1. -2
          7 March 2024 19: 36
          Quote from: lukash66
          generally funny

          Read and don't laugh anymore:

          Treaty between the Russian Federation and the United States of America on measures for the further reduction and limitation of strategic offensive weapons
          1. 0
            8 March 2024 14: 38
            What are you carrying? Do you even know what the Vou-Nu agreement is and what it’s about? Have you been banned from Google?
            Sarov (Arzamas-16) - development of nuclear weapons (VNIIEF), serial production of nuclear weapons (Electromechanical plant Avangard)
            Snezhinsk (Chelyabinsk-70) - development of nuclear weapons (VNIITF)
            Lesnoy (Sverdlovsk-45) - serial production of nuclear weapons (Electrokhimpribor plant)
            Trekhgorny (Zlatoust-36) - serial production of nuclear weapons (Instrument-Making Plant)
            Zarechny (Penza-19) - serial production of nuclear weapons components (PO Start)
            Ozyorsk (Chelyabinsk-65) - plutonium production, tritium production, production of nuclear weapons parts (highly enriched uranium, plutonium, tritium) (PA Mayak).
            The total number of warheads deployed and stored in the United States remained unchanged (3708). In Russia, this figure increased from 4477 to 4489. The total number of warheads, taking into account those removed from service, is 5244 for the United States (-184), and 5889 for Russia (-88). In total, about 3844 warheads are deployed on missiles and aircraft in the world.12 Jun. 2023
            1. -2
              8 March 2024 16: 23
              Nuclear or thermonuclear?
              I have information that they produce supercomputers, although it’s not clear from what.
            2. -2
              8 March 2024 16: 43
              Tactical warheads may well be nuclear, but only strategic ones can be thermonuclear.
              In accounting, this fraudulent trick is called regrading.
              1. +2
                8 March 2024 16: 49
                The division into tactical and strategic depends not on the warhead, but on the carrier. There is no need to comment if it is completely off topic.
                1. -4
                  9 March 2024 12: 40
                  Quote: MinskFox
                  The division into tactical and strategic depends not on the warhead, but on the carrier

                  Who told you this?
                  So you can fire a strategic thermonuclear warhead from a cannon?
                  1. 0
                    9 March 2024 12: 52
                    Yes, you can, if you put it in a shell. Once again for the especially gifted, it depends on the bearer. It is useless to enter into discussions with you; you do not understand the issue and are not trying.
                    Zheleznogorsk (Krasnoyarsk-26, Sotsgorod, Atomgrad), Krasnoyarsk Territory Reason for special status: On the territory of the city there is a Mining and Chemical Combine (MCC), where weapons-grade plutonium (plutonium-239) was produced.
                    Currently, the reserves of HEU in Russia are estimated at 900 tons, while the reserves of weapons-grade plutonium are 140–160 tons (according to other sources, 150 tons of weapons-grade plutonium and about 30 tons of energy-grade plutonium).
                    And you continue to live in your imaginary world. Your avatar matches you. Google the company, look at reports from it and don’t fool people, “specialist”.
            3. -2
              8 March 2024 16: 57
              You are asking me to believe Google, and not the official statement of the US representative in the UN Security Council.
              In addition, your figures do not fit with the START-3 treaty
              1. 0
                8 March 2024 17: 01
                I’m not offering you anything, they fit very well with START 3, we are talking about warheads on strategic delivery vehicles. There is not a word about tactical stuff. By the way, the plane costs one unit but can carry, for example, 12. Once again, you are not familiar with the subject of the question and are confusing warm with soft.
                1. The comment was deleted.
            4. -2
              9 March 2024 12: 59
              Quote: MinskFox
              What are you carrying?

              Back in 1994, the USA, England, France, and Russia concluded an agreement to stop the production of fissile materials for nuclear weapons.
              The PRC did not sign the treaty, but committed to comply with it. Israel also did not sign the treaty, but stopped the production of nuclear weapons in 2004, reserving the right to resume its production if necessary.
              India, Pakistan, and North Korea, of course, did not sign the agreement.
              This agreement is of unlimited duration, its validity began in 1997.
              But in the USSR, the production of weapons-grade uranium and plutonium was stopped under M. Gorbachev.
              None of the signatories announced their withdrawal from the agreement.
              The population of Russia knows very little about it; the vast majority do not even suspect its existence.
              Everyone is sure that the Russian Federation is still a nuclear power.
              1. 0
                9 March 2024 13: 05
                Dada, Russia is not a nuclear power, don’t be nervous. You can't even read the contract properly. And this is generally wonderful: “But in the USSR, the production of weapons-grade uranium and plutonium was stopped under M. Gorbachev.” What then did the reactor produce before 2009, when it was stopped?)))) Uncle, you are either a troll or just a vegetable.
      2. 0
        7 March 2024 23: 03
        Why then do they put all sorts of tactical ammunition on poplars?
        1. -4
          8 March 2024 11: 49
          Quote from alexoff
          Well then they put all sorts of things on poplars

          Here I am about that.
          We know EVERYTHING about missiles, right down to the address of the manufacturer and the name of the general designer, but we don’t know anything about warheads, although they have the same classification classification.
          1. 0
            8 March 2024 13: 10
            Is this all your logic? Yes, nothing really is known about Soviet warheads either, can you say that they don’t exist either? Because of the contract, where nothing is said about them? And in Trekhgorny, at the plant, they probably all carry cast iron pigs together?
            1. -1
              8 March 2024 16: 07
              Quote from alexoff
              And in Trekhgorny, at the plant, they probably all carry cast iron pigs together?

              I just don’t know what they are carrying there.
              Strategic aviation is on combat duty without weapons, according to official press reports, and the submarine fleet, according to messages on forums.
              1. 0
                8 March 2024 16: 42
                Quote: Corn grower
                Strategic aviation is on combat duty without weapons, according to official press reports

                Strategic aviation did not carry full nuclear ammunition even under the USSR.
                Quote: Corn grower
                and the submarine fleet according to messages on the forums

                How quickly everyone went from links to a document on the processing of weapons-grade plutonium to messages on forums.
            2. The comment was deleted.
              1. 0
                9 March 2024 13: 26
                Is this all that is known? What were the names of the Soviet warheads? Which ones were shoved into the voivode? Who is their designer? Otherwise, following your logic, maybe they weren’t there either?
  10. +1
    7 March 2024 17: 24
    launch of mass production of rockets is expected

    There is no mass production of ICBMs, there simply isn’t enough manpower.
    see GOST 3.1108-74 about the type of production.
  11. 0
    7 March 2024 21: 53
    I watched the launch videos. Of course, it is very difficult to understand with your head how these giants, weighing more than two hundred tons, naturally rush into near space. This is where human genius lies. And of course I hope that they will never be used for their intended purpose. Whether I love the same Americans or not, I don’t wish such a fate on anyone.
    But I think it would be worthwhile to “throw” a combat charge across the training ground, filming the whole thing in 4k from all sides. It will obviously cool down many “hot heads” in the West and change their rhetoric.
  12. +3
    7 March 2024 23: 50
    A lot of words about nothing. The Sarmatians will not help in any way to win the war in Ukraine.
  13. -1
    15 March 2024 13: 30
    Who remembers how many times the Bulava crashed after its first successful launch? Until all the jambs have been eliminated. And here, once you launch it, everything is OK? Those. in fact, the defense of the country is based on a complex with unpredictable behavior. Another breakthrough, frankly speaking. What's the count? Or is that how it was intended?