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Corvette Project 20380

The tradition of calling guard ships as adjectives sometimes beats aptly. The “guardian,” the firstborn of the 20380 project, is just a class symbol, a patrol ship. The “lively” who kindly took us aboard is already a serious bid for success, because he is the third in the series. After a dozen or two, it will be the turn of the name “Reasonable” - after all, if the ship manages to become truly massive, it will show the best that the rate on the new class of corvettes for Russia was right.

The class of coastal guard patrol ships in the USSR is the very “holy place” that has been empty for decades. Why did this happen, well explains история ship project 12441 type "Novik".

In 1991, the 12440 project, which was designed using the latest technology, was approved: a gas turbine powerplant with two cruise and two afterburner engines; hull and superstructures made with the use of composite materials and taking into account the requirements of low radar visibility (Stealth technology); the most up-to-date and promising anti-aircraft missile system Polyment / Redut at that time, a hangar for the permanent deployment of an anti-submarine helicopter.

In 1994, the project adjustment was completed, caused by the collapse of the USSR: many prospective suppliers were suddenly in foreign countries. The project was repeatedly upgraded during construction. Its driving characteristics and fighting qualities improved, but along with them the ship's displacement grew, which significantly exceeded the originally indicated in the task. "Novik" is very close to the ships of the marine zone, capable of long-term patrols and escort ships at sea crossings, but with redundant characteristics for combat off the coast.

As a result, the most technically advanced ship of Russia was retrained in the training and was not completed.
A similar story happened to the Fearless, developed in 1970's, the 11540 project. Conceived as a small anti-submarine ship with a displacement of 800 t, in a matter of years he “sorted out” to 1500, then to 2000, and in the version with a helicopter he reached 2500 t and moved to the sea zone. The result is similar: only one “Fearless” entered the service in 1987.

Of course, a fast, well-protected and armed Novik would easily have coped with any tasks in the coastal zone. Its critical flaw is price. But for the protection of maritime borders and timely response in local territorial conflicts, patrol ships should be plenty.

Therefore, towards the end of 1990, a competition was announced for the development of a lighter and cheaper escort ship, which was won by the Almaz Central Marine Design Bureau, the one that Novik designed.

Ships of Project 20380 of the Steregushchiy type promise to become the main force of the naval fleet Russia in the coastal zone. And despite the lower cost compared to Novik, this is without a doubt one of the most innovative and technically advanced Russian fleet vehicles.

Notable innovations include recycled hull lines with almost a quarter of reduced hydrodynamic resistance, and a helicopter hangar, first placed on such a small ship. The most important breakthrough is the use of a unified information system for controlling weapons and all electronic equipment of a machine.
Finally, the ship received a new class designation in full accordance with the time and international terminology. Now it is no longer a patrol ship, but a corvette.

Unnoticed, streamlined

In comparison with its predecessors, the 20380 project can already be called successful. We were lucky to climb aboard Boikii, the third ship of the project, stationed at the berth of the Severnaya Verf plant in St. Petersburg. He is at the final stage of factory testing. The other two, the Guardian and the Savvy, are already adopted by the Russian Navy. Four more corvettes were laid on the berths of the Severnaya Verf and the Amur Shipbuilding Plant; in total, 20 ships were ordered, and perhaps this is not the limit.

The main components of the success of the project 20380 - a carefully crafted body design and a single electronic automation system. These terms determine the fighting qualities, the composition of the weapons, the working conditions of the crew, as well as the reliability, maintainability and the possibility of upgrading the vehicle.

The lines of the ship's steel hull were developed from scratch and so successfully that the hydrodynamic resistance at full speed (27 nodes or 50 km / h) decreased by 25%. This allowed the use of a less powerful and lighter main power plant (GEM), thereby freeing up more than 15% displacement to increase the combat load. Hence, an impressive array of weapons for the 1500-ton ship, and even a helipad, a hangar and an 20-ton fuel reserve for the Ka-27 anti-submarine helicopter.

The improved seaworthiness of the corvette makes it possible to use its armament in the presence of waves with a force of up to five points (two points more than the previous analogues). In addition, a less powerful GEM is quieter, helping to reduce the visibility of the ship in the hydroacoustic range. To reduce the noise of engine mechanisms, technologies previously used in submarines were used.

The power plant consists of two diesel-diesel units DDA12000, specially developed by OAO Kolomensky Zavod based on a proven D49 diesel engine with microprocessor control. Each unit consists of two X-NUMX-cylinder V-shaped diesel engines and a summing gearbox and drives a fixed pitch propeller. The total power of the twin-shaft power unit reaches the 16 24 HP Four diesel generators of 000 kW each provide on-board power supply.

It is not for nothing that the “guarding” is called invisibility, although following the principles of the Stealth technology is an indispensable attribute of modern ships of this class. The superstructure of the ship, wide from side to side, is made of slow-burning, radio-absorbing glass and carbon plastics. Antenna posts and missile weapons, if possible, are removed in the case. Four-tube 330-mm torpedo tubes of the Package-NK anti-torpedo defense complex are hidden in lazport. In general, the average circular effective scattering surface of the ship was reduced threefold compared with previous counterparts, due to which the probability of targeting anti-ship cruise missiles at it was reduced from 0,5 to 0,1.

Shoulder to shoulder

A single combat information and control system is perhaps the main innovation of the 20380 project, which in one way or another influences the tactical characteristics of the ship, the crew’s life, the reliability of all technical means, and even the speed of weapons modernization.

“If before the systems were scattered throughout the ship and all the work on their coordination fell on the crew members, now the ball is ruled by an integrated bridge system, which contains a description of the current state of all ship systems, from mechanics to use weapons", - said the deputy chief builder of the plant" Severnaya Verf "Yuri Alexandrov.

In addition to the ship's controls, the integrated bridge system includes two components: a section for controlling missile and anti-submarine weapons and a section for radar combat and air, surface and underwater lighting. The first section consists of three posts located side by side right on the bridge. Here work commanders of combat units (CU). The first is responsible for the anti-submarine warfare, the second is responsible for the anti-ship complex. Outwardly, their posts look the same: they are large screens that display information about the goals and state of combat systems. The same screens are in the corvette commander, who can at any time request any information on the ship, and from the watch officer, who also has access to a variety of data - from the parameters of diesel engines to provisions supplies.

The tasks of the third warhead commander include coordinating all weapons systems and issuing recommendations to the ship's commander for the use of weapons. It is important that the commander of the ship, the helmsman, the watch officer, and the CU commanders work in the same room and can make coordinated decisions with lightning speed and execute them.

On the corvette there is a system capable of coordinating the work of weapons and the detection systems of several ships operating as part of a division. On the technical aspects of its work, plant employees prefer not to dwell, noting, however, that with each new ship the system is becoming more powerful.

Its essence is that information on air, surface and underwater conditions, on the detected targets and connections is concentrated in a single center and processed. Here, the degree of danger of the targets is determined, a decision is made on the type of weapon used, after which information is instantly sent to the ships, helicopters and airplanes of the group for coordinated actions.

The use of such a system is especially logical in combination with a helicopter, which, being invulnerable to submarines and using active means of hydro-acoustic detection, has indisputable advantages over ships in terms of covering the underwater environment.

So far, the division management system is a very weighty stationary equipment placed on the ship, but in the near future it will become portable: figuratively speaking, all tactical information will be concentrated in the admiral's suitcase.

A section of the radar combat and air, surface and underwater lighting is located in the navigational cabin, next to the bridge.

Target detection tools are managed by several officers. There is also a map server on which the navigator downloads maps of sea areas in accordance with the trip plan. Thanks to the unified management system, these cards are available at all posts where necessary, from the bridge to the helicopter hangar.

Maximum automation of all systems of the ship allowed to repeatedly reduce the time required for making decisions, as well as facilitate the work of the crew and reduce its number to 100 people.

Ready to upgrade

The presence of integrated information networks on the ship entails a number of additional benefits related to the reliability, maintainability and speed of equipment upgrades. According to Yuri Alexandrov, over a thousand industrial and research enterprises scattered throughout Russia are involved in the construction of the corvette. When the next component comes to the factory, the moment of truth comes: it must demonstrate perfect compatibility with all systems of the ship.

Problems with compatibility in shipbuilding are not uncommon. Fortunately, thanks to modern electronic technology, many components have become smaller and lighter than before. Now it is possible to return them to the manufacturer for revision or to invite specialists to the plant with the necessary spare parts.

A single ship network, on the one hand, means a certain unification of communication protocols of various devices. Components are initially created just for them, so the probability of "rejection" becomes less. On the other hand, supplier companies can test their components in advance using computer simulators.

For example, if a radar station is being tested, a computer can play the role of both the rest of the ship and its weapons, and the target that is required to be detected.

Finally, the ship’s modular concept provides for the possibility of installing the latest weapons as they become operational. For example, while on the title ship of the 20380 “Steregushchy” project, the Kortik-M anti-aircraft missile system was in charge of anti-aircraft defense, then the third one, born to the light, was replaced by a more modern and incomparably more powerful “Redut” air defense system. .

Three blocks of four cells (total 12 cells) can carry from 12 9М96Х2 missiles with a 135 km launch range and a height of damage to 35 km to 48 9М100 self-defense missiles with a range to 12 km in various combinations. Defense from the air attack "Redut" will help the portable anti-aircraft missile systems "Igla" (launch from the shoulder) and two fodder six-barrel 30-mm artillery installations AK-630М.

Serial and different

As befits a new project, the ship met on its way a lot of criticism. Perhaps, attacks against an insufficiently long cruising range are caused by the absence of the corvette class itself previously in service with the Russian Navy. Skeptics should recognize that the tasks facing the fleet have changed, and nowadays having a few dozen corvettes is more relevant than a few ocean destroyers.

Discussions arose about the composition of the weapons of the ship, its security and survivability, however, these qualities are also difficult to consider in isolation from the tactical schemes characteristic of the class of corvettes.
For several years of service at the “Steregushchy”, there were twice problems in the main power plant, which was the reason for comparing the diesel-diesel unit with gas turbine engines, more reliable and light, but incomparably more expensive.

At the time of publication of this material in print, “Boky” could already be in service if it were not for problems with the Universal's 100-mm artillery installation, which refused to work in normal mode not only on the 20380 project, but also on Indian frigates of the Russian Talwar , Trishul and Tabar.

However, the main advantage of ships of the type "Steregushchy" is flexibility. Diesel engines can be modified, the gun mount is replaced, but the ships will not remain on the stocks and will not turn into unfinished. “Not a single ship repeats the previous one,” confirms Yuri Alexandrov. “The“ smart ”was a lot different from the“ Watchman ”,“ Boky ”also looks a little different.” It is flexibility, availability, seriality and, in the long run, mass character that the 20380 project is a great success of the Russian fleet.

The photo captured the second corvette of the project 20380, received the name "Savvy". Behind the 100-mm artillery, you can see the cover of the launch cells of the Redoubt missile system.

1. The post of commander of the ship occupies the left part of the bridge. For the most part, it consists of screens to which the commander can display almost any information about the state of the ship’s systems and weapons, targets, environment, and navigation. 2. The helmsman’s post is a navigation screen, a steering wheel, and a GEM control panel (full speed, slow speed, etc.). The ship can independently maintain a given course, but even on autopilot, a sailor is always on duty at the helm. On the right hand side of the helmsman, you can notice the handle of an autonomous communication device, which will enable you to send a message to any post in the event of a power outage. 3. The post of watch officer allows you to simultaneously monitor the operation of all ship systems, from the state of the GEM to the reserves of provisions. The watch officer has at his disposal an advanced communication system and can promptly contact any post on the ship.

SCHEME OF ARMAMENT 1. 100-mm gun mount A-190 "Universal" 2. The combat module of the Kortik-M air defense missile system (on subsequent ships - 12 launch cells of the Redut air defense missile system) 3. Anti-ship missile system "Uran" (later will be replaced by "Onyx" or "Caliber") 4. 30-mm six-barreled anti-aircraft guns AK-630М 5. Lence of 6 package-NK anti-torpedo protection complex. Shooting noise complex PC-10 7. Podkilnaya antenna hydroacoustic complex "Dawn-2" 8. Hydroacoustic target designation system for the 9 anti-torpedo protection complex. Navigation radar "Pal-N" 10. Navigation radar MR 231-2 11. Optical-electronic device MTK-201 М2.2 12. Antenna radar targeting 5P-10 "Puma" 13. Antenna radar "Monument-A" in the radio transparent housing 14. Three-coordinate radar general detection "Furke-2" 15. Lowered sonar station "Anapa-M" 16. Stations of the electronic warfare complex TK-25-2 17. Hangar for anti-submarine helicopter Ka-27 18. Runway 19. Long towed sonar station "Minotaur-M"
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  1. homeland
    homeland 6 February 2013 08: 32
    Slightly supplement the article review TTX
    1. L. konstantin
      L. konstantin 10 February 2013 19: 12
      in the know that this project is 10 meters smaller than Abramovich’s yacht! the nodes of the yacht develop more! the name of the moon! take it off for a week 1 million green! and by tth the yacht comes with this project! question: where did he get so much from !? the answer is from one gang called Putin's
  2. Greyfox
    Greyfox 6 February 2013 08: 33
    I have the impression that if the project is brought to mind, then most likely the first copies that were raw (the same "Guarding") will be shoved off the border guards, because it is easier to remove heavy weapons like the same "Dagger" than to change it to "Redoubt" ...
    1. Vladimirets
      Vladimirets 6 February 2013 08: 57
      Quote: Greyfox
      I have the impression that if the project is brought to mind, then most likely the first copies that were raw (the same "Guarding") will be shoved off the border guards, because it is easier to remove heavy weapons like the same "Dagger" than to change it to "Redoubt" ...

      The border guards also need to update the combat strength, how long can you walk on 205 projects ("shed").
      1. Greyfox
        Greyfox 6 February 2013 09: 47
        Well, these will definitely not change the 205th, different weight categories. They have a path to the Far East, instead of some old "militants" (for example, project 1135.1)
        1. Sokol peruna
          Sokol peruna 6 February 2013 10: 41
          PSKA pr. 205 in the MCHPV four units remain, and even then only in the Baltic. Navy watchmen MCHPV tries are not needed. They are building a line of sailing ships and boats specially tailored for themselves i.e. guard patrol ships pr.22100, pr.22460, pr.10410 (10412) and PSKA pr.12200, pr.12150, etc.
          11351 MCHPV offered to pick up the fleet back in 1998 as they were too expensive for them to operate and maintain.
  3. homeland
    homeland 6 February 2013 08: 33
    And the layout of weapons, which is described in the article
  4. toguns
    toguns 6 February 2013 10: 40
    what we have as a result, the project is slowly coming to life it is certainly not the pace like China, but still better than it was.
    which was especially pleased with the spark of shipyards (the northern shipyards with the production of 20380 series have already mastered the campaign, and Amursky is still behind, but we hope he will catch up with him)
    and to be more precise, an order for 4 for a brother, the result is that the Northern Shipyards and Amursky Plant get their hands together and then another call, but already from 20380.
    2 already in the ranks of the Intelligent and the Guardian.
    1 on trials Brisk.
    1 launched and is likely to be adopted by the end of 2013
    and with the "Perfect" it will be necessary to tinker with it and it will most likely be accepted in 2014, the reason for the delay is not being built at the Northern Shipyard but at the Amur Shipyard.
    In total, if there is no force majeure by the end of 2013, they are supposed to have 3-4 corvettes in the ranks + 1 in the trials or 3 in the ranks and two in the trials.
    And also during the campaign "Northern Shipyards" they developed their series 20380 and have already begun to make 20385 and this is the main difference, the ammunition load of the Redut air defense missile system was increased to 16 cells and the replacement of 8 X-35 Uranium anti-ship missiles with 8 Caliber-NK missiles.
    1. cdrt
      cdrt 6 February 2013 11: 42
      1. A diesel engine is not only cheaper, but also much more economical, in order to get an efficiency close to them for a gas turbine engine it would be necessary to install a TUK, and what is good for a cruiser is a bit complicated for a corvette

      2. And who knows - how the problems with the Furke radar are solved / solved - "... the widespread unofficial opinion about the inferiority of the current completeness of the Redoubt air defense system is a launcher, a command module (development of missile control commands), a missile defense system. a full-fledged target designation system. The "Furke-2" radar allegedly does not have the ability to track targets in the interests of the air defense missile system, and the "Puma" control system of an artillery mount could issue target designation with interfacing with the air defense system through the BIUS "Sigma" time unacceptable for urgent air defense missions ... "( ???
      1. Andrei from Chelyabinsk
        Andrei from Chelyabinsk 6 February 2013 12: 00
        Quote: cdrt
        Does anyone know how to solve / solve the problems with Furke radar

        As far as I know, on the new ships, instead of Fourka, there will be a stripped-down version of the "Polyment" (ie 3 fixed grids by analogy with SPY-1)
      2. Botanologist
        Botanologist 6 February 2013 15: 59
        and the Puma FCS of the artillery mount could issue target designation with interfacing with the air defense missile system through the Sigma BIUS,

        Well, why so? Puma will take one aerial target for any (RCC, of ​​course), and nothing more is required from large-caliber artillery. And we’ll start loading the radar with other channels - it will generally hang, and there will be excess RCC on board. Do we need it?

        Radar "Furke-2" allegedly does not have the ability to track targets in the interests of the air defense system

        Does not possess. Weak. Maybe the mechanic will come to the site and tell you? As an option - change the GOS missiles.
    2. Botanologist
      Botanologist 6 February 2013 15: 52
      20385 and this is the main difference in the ammunition of the Redut air defense system

      And, besides this, they are going to put a stripped-down Polent on them. And then at first they hoped for one Furke, there was a breakdown of guidance in the GOS.

      In general, a good series is planned, for the corvette it is well armed (especially the 20385), and even with a helicopter. I really look forward to frigates, there is Poliment, I hope they will bring to performance.
      1. cdrt
        cdrt 7 February 2013 04: 40
        And who knows - what kind of modular OVR corvettes are these? Is this a replacement for 1331? And how do they compare with 20385?
    3. Lucky
      Lucky 9 February 2013 01: 13
      very nice to read such comments))
  5. AK-74-1
    AK-74-1 6 February 2013 11: 36
    Nice boat. First, close the near approaches. We are building not only Project 20380, but also frigates 22350. We are already talking about the implementation of plans to modernize 1144. I would like to see the replacement of the Sarychas and Atlants.
    Somewhere I saw a new look of TAVKR on a catamaran or trimaran platform. Let's hope that there will be a real embodiment in metal.
    1. ruton
      ruton 6 February 2013 12: 17
      I'd like to live up to this bright future yes
  6. borisst64
    borisst64 6 February 2013 12: 27
    For the helmsman, a chair was specially invented in which it was impossible to fall asleep.
  7. zementiy
    zementiy 6 February 2013 13: 16
    excellent ship a couple for the Black Sea Fleet, wrap)
    1. Aktino
      Aktino 6 February 2013 14: 19
      there is a place for 6 such handsome men
      [img] http: // http: // q = 11356 # w = 2441 & h = 1763 & s = 459072 & pic = h
      ttp: // //
      11356 / foto / 713/732/2 & descr = Photos Project 11356 - patrol ships ([/ img]
    2. Aktino
      Aktino 6 February 2013 14: 25
      Ships 11356 and 21631 are already under construction at the Black Sea Fleet, expect from next year
  8. Aktino
    Aktino 6 February 2013 14: 18
    Four more corvettes were laid on the stocks of the Severnaya Verf shipyard and the Amur Shipbuilding Plant, in total 20 ships were ordered, and perhaps this is not the limit

    hmm .... about how .... at the northern shipyard only 4 corvette data is done, done, in Cupid 2, this is the end of the series, then 20385 is built, and this is a fundamentally different ship
  9. AlexMH
    AlexMH 6 February 2013 15: 26
    These two quotes cast doubt on the bravura tone of the article:
    1. “Not a single ship repeats the previous one,” confirms Yuri Alexandrov. “The Clever” was in many ways different from the “Guardian,” “The Brisk” also looks a little different. ” - any reasonable person knows that it is more profitable to build and operate the ships the same, and to build in large batches (like the Americans their destroyers "Arlie Burke"). And then the shipbuilder tells us "We have built 3 different ships in one series, and we think it's good." And how can sailors exploit them? If we were talking about the modular principle of installing weapons - all right, but here the point is that they were building for a long time and painfully, like in tsarist Russia before the Russo-Japanese War, the ships turned out to be different, there is nothing good in this and will not be maybe even more so for such large-scale ships as corvettes.
    "Skeptics should admit that the tasks facing the fleet have changed, and these days, having a few dozen corvettes is more relevant than a few ocean-going destroyers."
    That is, the destroyer costs like 10 corvettes. Sorry, but this is not so, they differ only by 3..3,5 times in terms of displacement, and the difference in equipment and weapons is certainly not 10 times. Moreover, the corvettes are suitable for the Baltic and Black Sea, but not for the ocean. It’s clear that corvettes are needed, but if we want to have a fleet, and not coastal defense forces, we need to build destroyers, aircraft carriers, supply ships and multipurpose submarines.
    1. Botanologist
      Botanologist 6 February 2013 16: 13
      ships are more profitable to build and operate the same

      Name at least one ship of previous projects, which is completely identical to another in the series. Moreover, the series is new, and different systems are put on different systems in the course of their adoption. Incidentally, this was immediately discussed. Will come to modernization - unify.

      destroyers, aircraft carriers, supply ships and multipurpose submarines need to be built

      submarines and supply ships are being built. The destroyer promised to lay by 2016. But let’s wait until the frigates.

      And about the cost of the destroyer as 10 corvettes - ten not ten, but once in 6-7 it will definitely be more expensive. Or maybe in 10. And the displacement has nothing to do with it - the hull itself costs a penny compared to the filling. Put on the destroyer 3 radar with headlights - and very much the price will rise. And there are a lot of things, including the stained C-500 (as promised). How much is it more expensive than Reduta?
    2. toguns
      toguns 6 February 2013 17: 03
      Quote: AlexMH
      That is, the destroyer costs like 10 corvettes.

      wassat Alexandrov straight bent
      Corvette 20380 series costs roughly 250 million times 10 = 2.5 billion
      further we dig a submarine borey stands 713mil the first of a series
      submarine ash 1,5 billion first of a series ///
      The question is how can a destroyer cost more than two nuclear submarines?
      result Yuri Alexandrov stupid as I do not know who.
      1. Andrei from Chelyabinsk
        Andrei from Chelyabinsk 7 February 2013 07: 40
        Quote: toguns
        further we dig a submarine borey stands 713mil the first of a series
        submarine ash 1,5 billion first of a series ///

        There is a problem. I used to think so too - but it turned out that due to the enormous construction time, many materials in the cost of the "first-borns" were taken into account almost at Soviet prices. Subsequent ships are much more expensive - about 1 billion Borey and 2 billion Ash.
        New buildings are quite expensive - the same "Gorshkov" is estimated at 500-550 million dollars, and it does not weigh 5 thousand tons.
        A new ocean ship in 10 thousand tons or more will cost very well for a billion
    3. Civil
      Civil 7 February 2013 08: 08

      variety has already passed .. and things are still there
  10. CARBON
    CARBON 6 February 2013 16: 36
    For me, the most obvious "+" is that these ships are universal ships of the near sea zone. They combine the functions of IPC, MRK and patrol ships of the near sea zone. I especially like 20385 launchers for anti-ship missiles, PLUR, powerful air defense systems, decent artillery and a helicopter. It can stand up for itself and give back, and the displacement is just like the IPC pr. 1124 + MRK 1234.
    7 feet under the keel!
  11. mike_z
    mike_z 6 February 2013 17: 41
    We will close the near sea zone soon, and then we will think about the distant one ... It would be good if no one touched us all this time. And "Sarychi", etc. still needs to be repaired ...
  12. DuraLexSedLex.
    DuraLexSedLex. 6 February 2013 19: 11
    A good ship, and a great article) But add at least something of your own, opinion there or something else ... but not so frankly copy-paste from "Popular Mechanics January 2013 No. 1 (123)" pp. 90-95)))) ))
  13. almamatkulov
    almamatkulov 6 February 2013 20: 06
    the lack of technological discipline in the production of military equipment may well turn these masterpieces of shipbuilding into helpless floating coffins
  14. Crang
    Crang 6 February 2013 21: 29
    Nah. What a plastic boat turned out. Battleships of the Borodino class, modernized and equipped with the latest technology, will be much better.
    1. silver_roman
      silver_roman 7 February 2013 18: 06
      class, on the battleship of the beginning of the 20th century, to protect the country's coast ..... do you want the Americans to exhaust everything from laughter ???? interesting battle tactics ....

      and if without jokes, then it has been repeatedly said about the meaninglessness of battleships and comparing them with the same aircraft carriers ...
  15. Lucky
    Lucky 9 February 2013 02: 09
    It would be necessary to build up the pace of construction, first the personnel will work on the baskets of the near zone, then they will build more for the ships and by the year 20 we will fill our hand and begin to stamp the aircraft carriers !!))
    1. L. konstantin
      L. konstantin 10 February 2013 19: 22
      stamping aircraft carriers I liked the idea!
      a little fix! it is necessary to change all the top. and then everything will get better
  16. Mikola
    Mikola 9 March 2013 13: 51
    Another agitation. This is a completely failed project. All ships of this project are different weapons and its imbalance. Most importantly, the ships are built on raw technologies not brought to mind. And it is not surprising that Russia has already refused to build new ships of this type.
  17. Heruvim
    Heruvim 10 March 2013 17: 15
    Mikola is right - the Navy refused to further build ships of this series - it's expensive. They step on the same rake - and in the Soviet Navy there are many ships of different projects of the same purpose, unification is needed - and they themselves go there !!!! That's right - you need to change the entire top. Or again we will blame everything on Serdyukov ??? The only question is where did our "tandem" look when he did this?
  18. machine
    machine 11 February 2014 10: 00
    The last 2 analysts give out masterpieces of the unified Runetian stereotypical thinking.