“Leopards” in the steppes of Ukraine: unfulfilled dreams and fulfilled forecasts

“Leopards” in the steppes of Ukraine: unfulfilled dreams and fulfilled forecasts

You know, there is something mystical about this. Starting from the failures near Kharkov in 1941 and 1942 of the last century until 2022. From hopes to hunger for a “miracle”weapon”, which is about to come, which will allow you to win, until complete (or not quite complete) disappointment.

In anticipation of the so-called “counter-offensive,” Western countries carried out an extremely large supply of armored vehicles to Ukraine, both in terms of quantity and range. One of the “first signs” was the German main battle tank “Leopard”. And, perhaps, a lot of hopes were placed on this car. We'd say too much.

Throughout the past year 2023, the topic of supplies of Western military equipment, as well as the fight against it, was one of the most popular and discussed on the pages of our Military Review. And messages and articles directly or indirectly relating to German tanks “Leopard”, of various modifications, has always enjoyed great interest from readers and often initiated heated debates, discussions and debates.

This material is a kind of compilation of materials taken by one of the authors from German sources (which is understandable, since he has been living in Germany for almost thirty years), the second feels good in the enemy’s information field, since he has been hanging out in it for more than ten years.

In general, it is useful to get information about sentiments from official and (especially) unofficial statements of politicians, statements of ordinary people on social networks, in general, to feel as closely as possible everything that is happening in the country. And this applies to both Germany and Ukraine.

With Germany it is easier in terms of information. There “Alles sollte in Ordnung sein”, that is, there must be a certain order or even Order. Catching edible information fish in the muddy cauldron of the Ukrainian media is a very so-so activity. However, “Observer”, “Segodnya”, “Ukrainian Pravda” and UNIAN sometimes allow (I admit, with the help of friends-advisers from that side) a sane presentation on the topic.

On January 2, the Internet portal “Die Welt” published a very short, but deep, in many ways, article. Not even an article, but a note:
“Only a “small number” of German Leopard tanks are taking part in combat operations in Ukraine.”

Late in the evening, short excerpts from this article have already been published on our website. People actively, at times on the verge of a foul, rushed to comment on the content, which prompted the authors to translate and publish in full, with small comments and additions, what “Die Welt” wrote below:

“Of the 18 Leopard tanks Germany delivered to Ukraine in March 2023, only a “very small number” are still in service. This is the conclusion reached by Green Party defense expert Sebastian Schäfer. In this regard, he sent an official letter to Rheinmetall and Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (KMW), manufacturers of armored vehicles.”

And what, excuse me, does the biodefender care about tanks? Is the main “green” expert really so worried about environmental pollution from the exhaust gases of twelve-cylinder 1500-horsepower MTU engines? Or the fields, forests and roads of Ukraine plowed by Leopard caterpillars?

Not at all. A peace-loving member of a party that once, in the last century, stood up for peace, was concerned about something completely different:

“Unfortunately, it should be noted that Ukraine can now use only a very small number of the delivered battle tanks. Repairs take a very long time because, according to the Lithuanian industry repair company, there are not enough spare parts needed to repair armored vehicles.”

Before Christmas (December, of course), Schaefer, together with Defense Minister Boris Pistorius, visited this repair facility in Lithuania. It is difficult to say why the gentlemen ended up in Lithuania, and not in Poland, where a repair enterprise of approximately the same essence and larger in size was opened, but following the visit, the “fighter for a bright, environmentally friendly future” writes in despair that

“There is an urgent need to take effective action” to rectify the spare parts situation as quickly as possible. After all, the tanks are standing idle...

But then something somewhat unexpected began to happen. Next, Mr. Schaefer determined whose fault it was that the bulk of the Leopards became incapable of combat.

You probably think these are minefields, strikes aviation Russian Aerospace Forces, ATGMs, UAVs, artillery of the Russian Armed Forces?

No, you didn't guess. Not a word about this. Here it is, one of the main reasons:

Attempts to repair the tanks by the Ukrainian army led to further damage to them. It should be explored to what extent this could be prevented by better training of mechanics or provision of the necessary instructions, and whether at the same time it is possible to organize qualified restoration of equipment on the territory of Ukraine

Very few of the modern Leopard 2A6 main battle tanks delivered from Germany are still in use in Ukraine.

Now, if this is not the picture “We have sailed,” then “We have arrived” for sure. That is, the German today is talking about the same thing that we talked about on our pages a year or two ago: it is not enough to supply expensive military vehicles, tanks, or airplanes. It is not enough to train the crews; it is much more important to prepare high-quality engineering and technical personnel for repairs, and, even more important, for servicing tanks!

Leopard is a complicated thing. This is not a T-55, not a T-64, this is a machine that does not ask - it requires full care and maintenance.

Well, Die Welt ends the article on a completely pessimistic note:

“After much hesitation, in March, the federal government transferred to Ukraine a total of 18 Leopard 2 tanks from the Bundeswehr arsenal. The supply is part of assistance against the Russian attack. Now the vehicles have battle damage, but there is also significant technical wear and tear due to driving and shooting.”

As we understand, this is such a veiled message to Ukrainians:
“Guys, please, screw this front. The tanks are excellent, but you don’t need to drive them, shoot them, otherwise you’ll break them, who will repair them and where?”

But back on January 30, 2023, in an article for “VDI nachrichten” (this is a weekly German newspaper that reports on achievements in the field of technology and technology), the author, Peter Steinmüller, warned that the supply of Leopards to Ukraine would include Many problems are immediately integrated:

“With some preliminary work, a Leopard engine swap can be completed in about 30 minutes.
But in order to carry out repairs in a workshop behind the front line, a damaged tank must first be towed there. But in Ukraine it will be difficult, because the evacuation means of the Ukrainian Armed Forces are designed for much lighter tanks. Again, the Federal Government stated that it had already supplied 15 Bergpanzer 2 armored recovery vehicles to Ukraine, which the Bundeswehr has been using to tow its Leopard 2s for decades.”

Bergepanzer 2 recovery vehicle

This is a reasonable move, we will only allow ourselves to note that the ARVs arrived with a real delay, when the Leopards had already begun to be used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. As an example of an interim result, we can cite data from the Ukrainian side on the events of June 8 last year, when several Leopard tanks and infantry fighting vehicles were damaged and abandoned by Ukrainian forces in the Malaya Tokmachka area.

The reason was that there was simply nothing to evacuate the cars with. And after certain events, Ukraine’s allies began to take certain steps.

“The tanks can be transported on 13 heavy-duty semi-trailers from the American manufacturer Oshkosh, which were supplied to Ukraine by Germany and for German money. 16 other heavy-duty semi-trailers are waiting to be dispatched.”

Heavy Equipment Transporter System (HETS) with Oshkosh tractor

“However, the total weight of the Leopard 2 and the tractor poses a problem for Ukraine: the country’s roads and bridges are designed only for vehicles with a maximum weight of 44 tons. Crossing rivers and ravines with the help of the already installed Biber bridge layer is also not possible; it is intended only for Leopard 1.

Tank bridge layer "Biber"

In general, the problem is as old as Europe itself. All this was discussed back in the seventies of the last century, and no significant changes have occurred over the past fifty years. In general, it’s very strange to watch this dance on rakes, or more precisely, on bridges, but it is what it is.

“It’s even scary to imagine how hard it is now for Ukrainian military personnel who carry out logistics deliveries from NATO countries.”, weapons expert Lars Winkelsdorf tweeted earlier this year.

Since NATO countries supply Ukraine with everything they have in stock, there is little opportunity to standardize spare parts and maintenance. Moreover, cars from the USA and Great Britain are produced according to the imperial system (yards, feet, inches, etc.), and cars from mainland Europe are produced according to the metric system - even the smallest screw is not interchangeable.

The situation is different with members of the Leopard family, a number of variants of which Germany has already supplied: the Biber bridge laying vehicle, the Bergepanzer 2 armored tow truck, the Gepard self-propelled anti-aircraft gun and the Panzerhaubitze 2000 self-propelled artillery gun have interchangeable components, for example in the chassis.”

Anti-aircraft self-propelled gun "Gepard"

“In Michalovce (Slovakia), the Bundeswehr has a maintenance center for large equipment supplied to Ukraine, which can simultaneously service six to eight large equipment units.”

Self-propelled artillery unit "Panzerhaubitze 2000“

Less than a year has passed since the publication of this almost prophetic article. Today we can draw some conclusions. The mood in the West and directly in Germany imperceptibly changed from “we will help as much as necessary” to “as much as we can.”

Imperceptibly, it seems to be so that no one will feel it, since the Bundeswehr warehouses are catastrophically empty, and industry, despite gigantic financial injections, is simply not able to fill them.

And if just a year ago, both in Germany and Ukraine, there was euphoria about the future victories of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, which would crush Russian troops using Western-supplied equipment, now not only journalists, but also some politicians began to say that something had gone wrong not this way.

We started with the fact that bushes, trees, dirt, and frost were in the way. Now, as Green Party defense expert Sebastian Schäfer and his ilk, the online publication Die Welt, determined, the Ukrainians themselves are to blame: they don’t know how to turn the nuts, and they steer the Leopards incorrectly.

And what about the Ukrainians, by the way? In general, it would be worth hearing the opinion of the opposite side, especially if it is accused of all mortal sins and a failed counter-offensive.

At the very beginning of deliveries, when tankers who were trained at NATO bases in Europe arrived and had not yet gone into battle, many enthusiastic opinions of the Ukrainian military were published. Even a lot. They also promised to supply a lot of tanks. And they did, but the question is – which ones?

Basically the 1A5 model... No, this is a very good tank, even today it is a combat unit, even though it is very old. And the Ukrainians quite rightly noted in their interviews the strengths of the Leopard, such as a powerful and responsive engine, excellent control and maneuverability, a simply magnificent and accurate gun with an aiming system. In general, there is something to praise this car for.

But the further into the “counterattack”, the more disappointments there were. And most importantly - 70-mm armor, which does not protect against practically anything from the Russian range of anti-tank weapons. Yes, at one time (70s) they tried to solve this issue with the help of reinforcement kits installed on top of the main armor, but today it is laughter and tears.

The first Leopards entered service with the battalions of the 44th Mechanized Brigade, and it was there that the Ukrainian Armed Forces fighters experienced first-hand the “modernity” of the Leopard 1A5. After which, Ukrainian engineers began urgently working on installing Soviet dynamic protection kits on German tanks, which we have already written about.

A truly modern Leopard 2A4, which uses the same fire controls as the Leopard 1A5, but weighs fifteen tons more, although it has a more powerful gun, boasts several times more armor than the lighter 1A5. But still, the 2A4 is still vulnerable to Russian anti-tank weapons.

When asked how he felt about his Leopard 1A5 tank, one Ukrainian tankman from the same 44th infantry brigade replied: "Great! But Bulat would be better.”

No, seriously, Leopard tanks are excellent vehicles, but for some reason those who sent them to the soil of Ukraine did not “click” in their heads that the tanks would need to survive more than one battle. Yes, if it’s for one or two fights, then everything is fine, if more...

Politicians were talking about Leopards. High-ranking military personnel. Commanders of tank and motorized rifle units. Tank commanders and crew members. The only ones who did not give high-profile interviews were Ukrainian technicians and engineers. Perhaps there was no time for them among the bravura marches and promises, or perhaps due to the complete absence of such: technicians ready to service and repair the Leopards.

Everything is transparent here: a different school. The Leopard is not such an advanced tank, at least not the same age as the T-64, the base tank of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. But it was developed by people who looked at the tank, as such, differently. Roughly speaking, the descendants of those who built the T-34 will not create something “panther-like.” And vice versa, for those who studied with the Tiger designers, the T-72 will never work.

And so it happened! Everything is natural story - a harmful thing, but its laws are also the same for everyone. German designers came up with a beautiful Leopard 1 tank in its own way. Fast, lightweight, with a great sighting system. Yes, but the T-64 from Soviet designers turned out to be more effective. What is the value of the frontal armor, which was not taken by a NATO tank gun with a caliber of 105 mm. But the T-64 “took” the Leopard easily and naturally with its 115 mm.

But the main thing is that, like all its predecessors, the T-64 was easy to maintain when compared with NATO equipment.

And if we take into account the fact that the Leopards were hastily assembled throughout Europe, where they were defended in different conditions, it is not surprising that Bundeswehr specialists were promptly tasked with putting the tanks in storage in order, and only after the first deliveries did Ukraine send soldiers to learn how to use them. So reports Der Spiegel, and again not a word about the technical composition.

More precisely, Der Spiegel notes that in the rush to get the tanks on the battlefield, it turned out that there were problems obtaining the necessary spare parts and training Ukrainian technicians for repairs.

And today we are seeing how the Germans, in addition to supplying tanks (note – their own tanks!) had to organize supplies of ammunition, spare parts, and replacement fluids. And organize training, not only for drivers, gunners and commanders, but also for technicians.

It turns out that not everything was done. And as a result, Ukrainian technicians were forced to work with Leopards by analogy with the T-64. Which led to simply fantastic results: broken “new” tanks that did not reach the battlefield.
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  1. 0
    9 January 2024 04: 08
    And what, excuse me, does the biodefender care about tanks? Is the main “green” expert really so worried about environmental pollution from the exhaust gases of twelve-cylinder 1500-horsepower MTU engines?

    Well, he loves Greta... AND LOVE IS EVIL! laughing
    Repairs take a very long time, because, according to the Lithuanian industry repair company, there are not enough spare parts needed to repair armored vehicles.”

    Repairing junk is more expensive than repairing it. Everyone has already understood everything a long time ago lol
    Attempts to repair tanks by the Ukrainian army led to further damage to them.

    A sledgehammer and such and such a mother I suspect? So they dug up the Black Sea! Well, these are Ukrainians... we have restored tigers, panthers and stugas quite successfully fought for us during the Patriotic War good

    Now the vehicles have battle damage, but there is also significant technical wear and tear due to driving and shooting."

    Did they just put them there and that’s it, we should run away out of fear??? During the Patriotic War, our tank crews sometimes took the fight to the T-60/70 against the menagerie! Those. leo tank for parades ala leclerc?
    1. +1
      9 January 2024 05: 18
      Ukrainians themselves are to blame: they don’t know how to turn nuts,
      Technology in the hands of a savage is a piece of iron! lol
      1. -3
        9 January 2024 08: 40
        It depends on what kind of equipment, as experience shows, that the Germans won’t make a Mercedes, but in battle they don’t need a Mercedes, the Western manufacturer still doesn’t understand what needs to be done, they look at the “leopard” - well, it’s a good tank, but what? they still need it, but they don’t see the armor where it’s needed, they’ve stuffed it with electronics, tiles, all sorts of rubbish, and when a landmine arrives it all turns into shards.
        1. +5
          9 January 2024 11: 04
          The difference between the German Leopard and the Soviet T-64 is the innovative approach to the development of a combat vehicle! The T-64 is an innovative development of the tank, and the Leopard is an evolutionary one! Even on the T44, Soviet engineers turned the engine across the hull to reduce the length of the hull; on the T64 they introduced an AZ to install a powerful weapon and at the same time have small dimensions. The result was a compact tank, with powerful weapons and sufficient mass reserves for armor adequate to the threats. While in the West, they began to improve individual units that could more or less withstand wild loads on heavy machines! Therefore, it requires very careful maintenance. Each Leopard unit is most likely a technical masterpiece, but it itself is an archaic design!!! lol
        2. +1
          9 January 2024 13: 26
          Ask a German designer to create a sledgehammer.
          Ooooh! This will be such a masterpiece. With three handles, laser gyroscopes and a processor inside.... Priced at several tens of thousands of marks. wassat
          It’s just that when hammering nails with a sledgehammer, problems will arise that require design improvements. laughing
          1. +4
            9 January 2024 20: 11
            Yes, no need to exaggerate. German design mechanics are excellent specialists. Their technology is well thought out. The whole question is how the task was set for them and what they have financially. As for sledgehammers, German hand tools are, above all, a quality tool. The same hammer will serve for a long time without repair, unless of course you overdo it. Our hammer, as a rule, needs to have its handle repaired from time to time.
  2. +3
    9 January 2024 04: 14
    That’s what we’re talking about, if you give an ambulance team a suitcase with medicines and a whole tank of gasoline, then it actually won’t be able to work for a month; the gasoline needs to be filled, then the box needs to be refilled. And the “lords” hoped that the wunderwaffe would solve all problems magically.
    1. +5
      9 January 2024 06: 23
      Quote: Analgin
      And the "gentry" were counting

      They are not gentlemen, they are slaves wink
  3. +2
    9 January 2024 04: 46
    The Leopard manufacturer provides a 10000 km engine warranty until major overhaul. Is it a lot or a little? In hours, this will be 200 hours at an average speed of 50 km/hour, or a little more than a week, provided continuous movement during this time, or three weeks with an eight-hour working day. Recalculate, maybe I was wrong. The engine can only be repaired at the factory, together with the gearbox. Replacing a unit on a tank with a new one or a rebuilt one is done within about an hour, also under factory conditions.
    The situation is approximately the same with the Abrams. soldier
    1. kig
      9 January 2024 05: 20
      Quote: V.
      The situation is approximately the same with the Abrams.

      What about our T-72 and T-90?
      1. +3
        9 January 2024 05: 47
        Replacement of the cylinder-piston group and crankshaft most likely occurs in the factory, and the rest in the field. Our engines can be changed one for another in field workshops, as well as attachments. Overhaul of the T-90 tank is carried out after 11 thousand kilometers in factory conditions. soldier
      2. +2
        9 January 2024 06: 39
        I don’t understand people who give a minus to a person for an ordinary question.
        I encountered this myself.
        I am not particularly strong in the tank topic... but I have already said that I have a special love for our 80s. Yes, and a friend (he died almost a year ago, and not in it or in general in technology, anticipating questions) was a fur 80-ke in 1 Chechnya for about a year. So to the point... I didn’t say that I’m particularly serious about this matter - but he has no complaints... except perhaps for some conscripts who stood behind when he started it lol
    2. +3
      9 January 2024 06: 31
      The funny thing is... let's start with the story. We have a lot of tank armies, in fact, up to 75% were killed in the marches in the summer of 41... when simply because of breakdowns and engine life they abandoned both KVs and 34s... and not only that. Same diesel for us. b2 (I'm correct) was also still raw. The actual resource was 230! (emnip correct me too) engine hours
      Here's the question... what could they (the 404th) do with these leopards? what It seems to me that I wrote above and I don’t think anyone will argue - that in 404 they just gave away rubbish and everyone was the same Schultz and got screwed
  4. +2
    9 January 2024 06: 28
    I assembled the model of Cheetah and Marder, I still need to assemble Leo good
  5. KCA
    9 January 2024 06: 43
    This whole family of cats just looks like bullshit, I’m not familiar with the performance characteristics, but compare a German tank with a T-90M, a German ARV with ours, a Cheetah with an old Shilka, well, just like in a movie or a toy car, image is everything, combat capability is nothing
    1. 0
      April 5 2024 16: 56
      KCA, it really wouldn’t hurt for you to get acquainted with the technical specifications, otherwise you sound like a woman about the style of a dress.
  6. -1
    9 January 2024 06: 52
    No, well, despite some shortcomings, tanks and other Western equipment are good! They simply didn’t expect to run into the Russians!
    1. -4
      9 January 2024 07: 47
      Quote: anatolv
      So tanks and other Western equipment are good!

      For parades, driving on asphalt - just right. “Beauty is a terrible force,” but it didn’t work on the Russians.
  7. 0
    9 January 2024 07: 34
    One of the “first signs” was the German main battle tank “Leopard”. And, perhaps, a lot of hopes were placed on this car.
    But reality has dotted all the I's. In addition, one should not forget about the degree of preparedness, coherence of actions and the "firing" of the tank crew.
  8. +6
    9 January 2024 07: 40
    Moreover, cars from the USA and Great Britain are produced according to the imperial system (yards, feet, inches, etc.)
    The American auto industry switched to metrics around the 1970s. Only tires and rims are measured in inches.
    1. 0
      April 3 2024 11: 12
      In ASME/ANSI system? Are you sure about this?
  9. +7
    9 January 2024 07: 51
    Quote: V.
    Replacing a unit on a tank with a new one or a rebuilt one is done within about an hour, also under factory conditions.
    The situation is approximately the same with the Abrams. soldier

    Goebbels turned over in his grave)
    Change the power unit on Leo-2 in 15 minutes using an ARV and go
    1. -3
      9 January 2024 09: 52
      There is such an expression in Russia - cinema and Germans. laughing
    2. -5
      9 January 2024 10: 54
      Quote: Zufei
      Goebbels turned over in his grave)
      Change the power unit on Leo-2 in 15 minutes using an ARV and go

      Well, did this help the Ukrovermacht? Yes, even if it changes in five minutes, it does not affect the course of the mare (SVO). The tank is not for a serious war, even if the Germans were sitting at the controls.
  10. +14
    9 January 2024 08: 02
    Eh, it would be better if someone took up the topic: This will not affect the course of the SVO in any way. Where would I write the full name, the date of their forecasts and the exact quote. Supply of body armor to Ukraine .... this will not affect the progress of the SVO, armored personnel carriers ... this will not affect the progress of the SVO, tanks ... this will not affect the progress of the SVO, fighters ... this will not affect the progress of the SVO, meanwhile the SVO will soon celebrate 2 years since it started. Oh yes, it would also be interesting to read the list of forecasts of our all sorts of stellar political scientists, such as Markov, Ivashov and others, their comments in the first month of the beginning of the Northern Military District and the month before it, how we will take Kyiv in 2 weeks.
    1. +1
      9 January 2024 09: 38
      Good idea or suggestion. There is such a thing (in psychiatry it seems) that something that happened is remembered for two weeks, and is forgotten by 90-95% or even more. You can check with a “naked” party or we forgot that we were promised not to raise the retirement age. what recourse Yes
    2. +4
      9 January 2024 18: 02
      It's very simple. All statements are taken and begin to be collected into one file. Possibly by topic. And you know, an interesting picture emerges. On any issue related to Ukraine.
      They have had a shortage of anti-aircraft missiles since last summer, for example. The railway communication from 2021 is absolutely everything... And their front will fall all over tomorrow. But in fact, we only see regularly appearing hints that they are about to run out of steam tomorrow, they will crumble, and all that remains is to knock down banks... And nothing more.
      They have propaganda, and so do we. But at least our people aren’t screaming “Ukrainians to Gilyak” or something like that.
  11. +3
    9 January 2024 10: 31
    Quote: V.
    There is such an expression in Russia - cinema and Germans. laughing

    Drain counted)
    1. +2
      9 January 2024 13: 27
      These comrades (like Soldatov) will never admit that they shit themselves out of the blue.
      They are here for other purposes, according to the behests of Goebbels
      1. -1
        9 January 2024 15: 25
        I don’t understand why I aroused the Jewish Cossacks, I didn’t mention them at all, but the Germans, yes.
        What kind of mania do the Jews have that Goebbels doesn’t tell them right away and they’re going to mess with their brains? hi
  12. +1
    9 January 2024 10: 38
    It is not entirely clear how NATO was going to conduct offensive operations without HE shells? With our reserves of 125mm HE shells, Korean and Iranian 125mm shells are already appearing.... but NATO HE shells appear after the 80-90s and do not have reserves like those of the Russian Federation. And they weren’t in BC until recently.
    How were they going to storm the Surovikin line and Tokmak and Crimea?
    1. +1
      9 January 2024 20: 15
      How were they going to storm the Surovikin line and Tokmak and Crimea?
      Was NATO going to storm them?! winked
      1. 0
        9 January 2024 22: 33
        Equipment supplied by NATO. MBT in particular....
  13. -1
    9 January 2024 12: 09
    We urgently need to fix the 115mm gun on the T64
    1. +2
      9 January 2024 14: 10
      Teach materiel.
      The “pure”, “without letters”, sixty-fours had a 115-mm gun. Installation of 125 mm and other improvements gave the T-64A.
      1. 0
        10 January 2024 00: 58
        Quote: Quzmi4
        Teach materiel.
        The “pure”, “without letters”, sixty-fours had a 115-mm gun. Installation of 125 mm and other improvements gave the T-64A.

        In Ukraine there is a T64BV or are we talking about a horse in a vacuum?
  14. -4
    9 January 2024 12: 12
    Yes, biodefenders are, of course, needed to protect nature. It’s just that in Germany, any biodefender is triggered by historical roots, according to which the soil in Germany is best fertilized with the products of crematoria, and there are offensively few of them in Germany and in surrounding countries, it is necessary to increase the number of crematoria (and concentration camps, of course, with them) in every possible way), This is why “leopards” are needed, alas, they turn out to be no better than the original “tigers” and “panthers”, and this is like a knife to the heart of the German “greens”
  15. +5
    9 January 2024 12: 14
    Out of interest I looked at LostArmor.
    According to Leopards (with photos and location reference):
    1A5 are not listed as losses at all.
    2A4 - 9 pcs., 2A5 - 2, 2A6 - 6 and a pair of engineering 2R.

    It’s a pity that the environmental expert doesn’t give the amount of equipment being repaired.
    1. +1
      9 January 2024 15: 13
      There was a video with the first leopard damaged and abandoned, apparently modified to level a5 1a3.
  16. -2
    9 January 2024 12: 49
    In some ways, Westerners are right when they talk about the inability of Ukrainians to operate equipment. Western technology is more complex and more demanding of itself. And our equipment is created according to the mentality of the Russian soldier. Take the T-34. This is a tank for our soldier, our army and industry. When I served on the P-140 and if something didn’t work, it was enough to just kick it lightly in the right place and everything would start functioning. Westerners would never think of such a thing in their nightmares. Their technology will not stand such a test.
  17. 0
    9 January 2024 14: 13
    It is known that the T-64 engine required an order of magnitude higher culture, and the tank itself is not for “a chisel, a sledgehammer and some kind of mamepu.” Therefore, “Leopards” are far more capricious...
    1. 0
      9 January 2024 22: 37
      This is the best tank diesel in the class......1500hp. No one has anything like that.
  18. 0
    9 January 2024 14: 23
    Leopards series 2, judging by publications, have only three significant drawbacks:
    1. There is no DZ or KAZ. They are making homemade Kontakt-1, but it still needs to be tested.
    2. The large mass limits maneuvers on the ground, not all bridges are suitable, etc. There is no solution.
    3. Requires servicing by qualified personnel. Apparently, this became an unpleasant surprise for the inspectors, they say, how can it be that everything changes in 15 minutes, we even have a video about it, but the equipment is idle, not ready for battle...
    1. 0
      9 January 2024 22: 36
      Western tanks are anti-tank tanks with the main armor in the forehead. The sides are -30mm......the T54 is -80mm. And all Soviet tanks too
  19. -1
    9 January 2024 16: 58
    A tank is not a car, what is good for Mercedes is death for Leopard. The difference is in the state system; in the socialist Union they remembered the war and built tanks based on military experience. Our modern tank building is based on the same postulates. Germany, and not only that, is a capitalist country, and the main thing for capital is to sell it at a higher price, wrapping the inconvenient in a beautiful wrapper. So they get either skating rinks in a checkerboard order, or reservations from the wrong system.
  20. BAI
    9 January 2024 19: 31
    So what, excuse me, does a biodefender care about tanks?

    The Greens are the main pushers of weapons to Ukraine
  21. 0
    10 January 2024 07: 02
    Good material, respect to the author for the work done.
    Yesterday I watched the material on the results of the German commission’s trip to Lithuania. What can I say? Did they just find out about their problems yesterday? Or the question is that their advertising and marketing run ahead of technical issues. The war put everything in its place, just like during the Second World War, when the vaunted Tigers remained on Russian fields in the form of burnt tins...
  22. +4
    10 January 2024 12: 15
    Quote: Mikhail-Ivanov
    when the vaunted Tigers remained on Russian fields in the form of burnt tins

    Yes. Interesting article, I agree.
    I don't agree with this: "when the vaunted Tigers remained on Russian fields in the form of burnt tins"These emotions are very emotional and excessive. Look at the ratio of destroyed tigers and Soviet tanks near Prokhorovka. And everything will become a little clearer.
    Interesting statistics in general:
    - What exactly was hit? ("behi" and MBT are different things)
    - How many were hit?
    - WHAT was used to knock out / consumption of ammunition for “knockout”?
    - How badly did they hit you? (“strike” and “destroy” are not the same thing).
    - Under what conditions/circumstances?
    - How many were returned to service?
    - How much time did it take to complete the renovation?
    When and if we manage to integrate all the statistics together, there will be more understanding. Well, naturally, not for the sofa-expert community of VO.
    1. -1
      11 January 2024 16: 42
      Speaking of Prokhorovka, where tour guides still don’t tell visitors the full truth. The famous tank battle was actually a beating of our advancing tank army by German troops, mainly tanks and self-propelled guns, which had gone on the defensive in advance, from more convenient positions, with longer-range guns and better sights. And our 76 mm tank gun was simply useless against the German Tigers.
  23. -1
    12 January 2024 21: 34
    Quote: Alexey Lantukh
    Speaking of Prokhorovka, where tour guides still don’t tell visitors the full truth

    ...Well, this is a well-known thing. In Hitler’s army, there were only Tigers and self-propelled guns; the Nazis won the Battle of Prokhorovka and won the war. But they don’t tell us the truth.
    1. 0
      12 January 2024 22: 43
      By the way, the T-IV with the new long-barreled gun also didn’t take the 34 to the forehead. The bulk of the tanks in the Belgorod direction were knocked out by artillerymen and miners. They just don't talk much about them.
      The Battle of Prokhorov took place on July 12, in which we seemed to win, and Belgorod was liberated on August 5. Distance 40 km.
  24. 0
    13 January 2024 01: 25
    Quote: Alexey Lantukh
    By the way, the T-IV with the new long-barreled gun also didn’t take the 34 to the forehead.

    The level of your knowledge is simply amazing... I can only repeat: everyone is lying to us, and we lost the war. Same with Tigers and long-barreled guns....
  25. 0
    14 January 2024 18: 29
    If you look at “Leopard-1” in its first incarnation, model 1964, then you get a feeling of deja vu, it resembles something... then you come to the understanding that it resembles the T-34-85. And the second “leoperd”, without side screens on the hull and turret, which make it angular, also looks suspiciously like the T-34-85.

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