Crime thrives in the US Army


The USA has always positioned itself in the world as defenders of democracy and fighters for universal equality, but they have missed the fact of moral decay in their own army. The US military bases are located in almost all regions of the Earth and the number of military personnel serving there is very significant. In the media now and then there is information about the inappropriate behavior of the US military abroad. Among these offenses are drunkenness, fights, robbery, fights and rape. And this is not the whole list of offenses. However, as a result of investigations of all offenses, in most cases, servicemen easily escape punishment, or the crimes committed are silenced.

Many of the actions of American military personnel involved in anti-terrorist operations on the territory of sovereign states cause the indignation of the local population and authorities. For example, in April 2012, military personnel of the 82 Division of the American Airborne Forces, while examining the site of the terrorist attack, were photographed next to the remains of the terrorists and these pictures were published in the Los Angeles Times. The shocking photos were interpreted by the world community as a fact of the decline of morality and a significant reduction in the cultural level in the ranks of the American army. And although the Secretary of Defense openly declared that this act could not confirm a decline in the general moral level in all units of the US military, he recognized the need to bring the perpetrators of this scandalous survey to justice. Pentagon leaders also recognized the act as monstrous.

But, unfortunately, this was not an isolated incident. Not so long ago, a video was posted on the Web, where American soldiers serving in Afghanistan desecrated the bodies of the dead Taliban. There, in Afghanistan, the US military at the Bagram airbase staged a holiday, which burned a large number of Muslim religious literature, including the holy Muslim book - the Koran.

The case of General Sinclair, who was accused of rape, harassment and sexual crimes, received great attention. During the search, a large number of pornographic discs were seized from him. And this is not all the misdemeanors of an officer from the high command - he is accused of keeping alcohol, failing to comply with orders of the leadership, abusing the military, humiliating and mocking women subordinates, sodomy, etc.

The fact that General Sinclair, who had served long 27 years in the ranks of the armed forces, became a criminal, and perhaps a mentally ill person, caused irreparable damage to the reputation of the American army.

The case of the general was so complicated and serious that the materials were collected and considered for a long time.

According to Al-Jazeera news agency, during 2011, about 3 thousands of women in different countries of the world suffered from the illegal actions of the US military. And these are only the cases that were publicized, because many victims, for various reasons, did not complain to the local law enforcement authorities. Not only local residents, but also women serving in the US Army suffered from the crimes of the US military of a sexual nature. According to one of the nurses, she was most afraid of the harassment of her colleagues, than the attacks of enemies.

The professor of the University of San Francisco A. Belkin is sure that the reason for all these monstrous misdeeds is the low culture and the loss of morality in the ranks of the US Army, as well as the practice of hiding crimes committed by the US military.

But still, in some cases, the criminals are responsible for their misdemeanors. Thus, the process began in the case of American Sergeant Beils, who for no apparent reason shot 16 peaceful Afghans, of whom nine were children. And although the prosecution requires the death penalty of Bails, but, as the previous practice of such court reviews shows, such a punishment has not yet been applied to a single soldier. The media claim that the US Department of Defense makes every effort so that crimes of the US military abroad are not publicized, and if this happens, the Pentagon takes measures so that those responsible are not punished. However, the indicative trial of General Sinclair is an exception to the rule.

According to available statistics, most of the crimes of the US military committed in a state of alcohol and drug intoxication.

So, because of the constant conflicts and sexual crimes on the island of Okinawa, in which American soldiers participated, the command prohibited all military personnel serving on this island to drink alcohol outside the territory of the military base.

And while the Pentagon is trying to conceal the facts of crimes in the army from the public by all means, and the army is decomposing at tremendous rates, the US leadership is fighting for ideas of democracy and equality in the world.

After World War II, the American army is considered the most aggressive in the world. In the second half of the twentieth century, the Americans launched 60 attacks around the world. But, despite their hostility and intolerance to everything that does not correspond to their geopolitical and economic interests, the American army is infected with a virus whose name is “crime”. In all the structural and combat units of the American army, including the Pentagon itself, according to analysts, members of the 53 gangs are introduced.

In its genotype, the American state has a criminal component. If you recall historical the events of distant years, even England sent to America crooks, swindlers, criminals, thereby significantly saving their money on the maintenance of all these criminal figures in prisons. Then they were joined by bandits from Europe. All of them hoped to get rich through the development of new lands.

Moral criminals and crooks firmly rooted in the minds of the American nation, which, of course, is reflected in the military-political position of the United States. According to FBI reports, gangsters with criminal records, drug addicts and members of various criminal groups serve and work in the US Army.

According to CBS information, in four years, starting from 2004, one hundred thousand people from criminal structures have joined the US Army since XNUMX. Military officials are indignant in open statements, but do not take any measures to curb criminal infiltration into the country's armed forces. Most likely, these circumstances are related to the fact that military service has ceased to be attractive to US citizens. Numerous military conflicts, which caused the death of American soldiers, also cause a negative attitude to the service. People who understand that they can reach heights in life thanks to their intelligence, decency, hard work do not want to risk their lives in the next military adventure unleashed by the Pentagon. But the gangsters do not disdain to participate in hostilities, rob and use violence against civilians. It is terrible the very assertion of Pentagon officials that soldiers who have criminal experience behind them are more useful in combat than law-abiding fighters. When recruiting recruits, officials do not take into account many facts from the life of candidates, simplifying the procedure for passing the test.

This situation is reminiscent of the time when the American Themis passed a sentence on the most bloodthirsty criminal of our time, Alfonso Capone, on a ridiculous article - tax evasion: at that time, not only the entire economy of the country depended on this greatest mafia, he was an integral part of the American system.

Though a lot of time has passed - in modern America the old principle has been preserved, when the evil that the state is supposed to fight with serves this state and its goals, including covering the needs of new recruits.

The consequences of such a recruitment policy are very sad: the most important principle of the army, discipline, is constantly violated. Gangsters introduced prison concepts into the army, where violence is not considered a misdemeanor, but is classified as a “good tradition”. Criminal fighters set records on the number of criminal acts against the civilian population. The bloody count of crimes is already on thousands: in 2006, more than ten thousand criminal episodes were revealed.

American criminal groups, sending their members to serve in the army, also solve their internal task - getting criminals military training. This is required in order to master the skills of combat with the police and armed state units. Only units of criminals wearing military uniforms become law-abiding military personnel. But most of the gangsters, having gotten into the hands weaponbegin to kill, smash, rob and rape.

Biker gangs have a tradition of sending newbies into the army for them to master their weapons skills, methods of killing people, hand-to-hand fighting and tactics of street shooting.

Criminal fighters and officers of the American army have already established a good deal in the illegal arms trade: small arms and explosives go out of storage without control. Even the American special services cannot cope with this shady business.

The members of criminal gangs who have returned from the army are seriously concerned about the police and sheriffs who can no longer withstand confrontations with professional criminals.

Another misfortune faced the US Army - suicide. Only in 2012, a record number of suicides occurred in its ranks - 349. Of these, the 182 case occurred in the ground forces, the 60 in the Navy, the 59 in the Air Force, and the 48 in the Marine Corps. US Secretary of Defense Panetta compared this with an “epidemic.” The number of suicides was greater than the number of those killed in hostilities in Afghanistan during the same time (295 soldiers died). The number of soldiers who resorted to suicide in the 2012 year exceeded the previous year by 15%. Experts predict an increase in this sad indicator in 2013 year.

Psychologists believe that such factors as depression, stress, monetary and legal problems, as well as fear of the future, which the serviceman sees clearly not in bright colors, could provoke a similar situation with suicides in the US armed forces: the White House has already announced its program reduce the size of the army, due to the need to reduce the burden on the country's budget.

A powerful stress factor is that the service of the American soldier takes place in troubled regions: work, as a rule, is associated with huge responsibility and constant risk to life, for many there is no expected career growth. These circumstances lead to a violation of the mental state of military personnel. Similar causes of suicide are also characteristic of the armed forces of other countries of the world.

Psychologists have established a direct relationship between the socio-political situation in the country and the number of suicides in the armed forces. This statement fully applies to the United States. After all, the country is in the midst of a severe economic crisis: the economy is failing because of failure, people are trying their best to protect themselves from bankruptcy, and therefore they work hard. The consumer model of Americans living in debt is stalling.

The failure of the military operation launched by the Americans in Iraq and Afghanistan also did not add optimism to the ranks of the military. But it is too early to talk about the existence of the “lost generation” in the United States, since the war in this region has not reached such a scale as during the First World War or the situation created during the Vietnam War.

Of course, the US military and the public are outraged by the deception of the Bush administration, who lied to their people about the reasons for the start of the military operation in the Middle East. Then the people were told that it was necessary to prevent the threat of Saddam’s use of weapons of mass destruction. Hussein’s weapons were not found, and the attitude of all Americans to this war changed, which also harmed the psychological state of the military.

To mitigate the traumatic situations in the ranks of the armed forces of any country, it is necessary to take comprehensive measures to improve the situation in the military, and these measures require large material costs, social support and, of course, the political will of the leadership.

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  1. Denzel13
    22 January 2013 08: 39
    When the army becomes a bunch of criminals and idiots - this is almost the last call for a decaying state. There they freaks and the road.
    1. +17
      22 January 2013 08: 53
      They have almost the whole country like that.
      1. +16
        22 January 2013 10: 10
        And okay with them, the main thing is that our military and reformers make appropriate conclusions from their and our mistakes.
        We don’t have the same in chocolate. Hazing came to us not from America ...
        And with suicides in our armed forces the same thing is not grace.
        In general, there is something to think about and ours.
        1. Denzel13
          22 January 2013 11: 54

          As for suicides in our army, I want to say this:
          "this is a flaw of the platoon commander", since he MUST always know what the fighters entrusted to him "breathe" in real time.
          I will give an example:
          Back in 1989, in one airborne unit, one "woodpecker" (I cannot name a person with similar thoughts and actions) decided to shoot himself (as is often the case, among conscripts, it happens because of "unexpectedly" laughing ended relationship with a representative of the opposite sex). He put the AKS-74u barrel under the armor and fired it in automatic mode. And he survived after what happened. So, the division commander (and earlier and now a very respected person, and the GSS), did not let go of this unit from the shooting range at all for a month, explaining it as follows: "If a soldier is so bad that he cannot even shoot himself properly, then" a penny "his price." And since there is a principle in the Airborne Forces - victories and defeats are experienced by the entire unit only together, then the entire officer corps all this time also practiced shooting, "on the job," so to speak. Believe it or not, after this motivation of the personnel was given, the concept of suicide disappeared from the heads for good.
          1. Demon_Ex
            22 January 2013 12: 55
            We had almost the same but a slightly different key. After training, the fighter escaped from the unit because of a letter in which the friend of the fighter’s girlfriend wrote about the betrayal. But then he thought better of it, all the same, to the nearest settlement 170 km., And was afraid to return to the unit. This clown lay down and disguised directly opposite the checkpoint of the unit, and lay there for 3 days, until the roof started to move from dehydration. It turns out that more than 400 people were looking for him and could not find! After he went to the checkpoint and surrendered, the commander did not punish him, but for two weeks forced the entire reconnaissance battalion to practice camouflage techniques on the ground.

            At the expense of recruiting the US Army, 70% of the soldiers are stateless, that is, those who apply for a green card. This is mainly Latinos from Mexico and South America, as well as immigrants from Eastern Europe. The majority of people are former members of gangs or the usual gopota.
      2. vadimus
        22 January 2013 10: 55
        Gathering into the army of criminals and moral monsters, homosexuals and bestiality, the states once again sign in their own degradation and the decline of their filthy shit democracy ....
      3. Knowing
        22 January 2013 14: 42
        just look at the photos and videos of residents.
        do they look like criminals?
        80% of people are more than normal
    2. +1
      22 January 2013 10: 02
      Quote: Denzel13
      When the army becomes a bunch of criminals and idiots - this is almost the last call for a decaying state. There they freaks and the road.

      But can there be a girlfriend in a country where the largest number of prisoners is in prison. The United States is sitting in jails for people somewhere and somewhere in the world there is such an example of a prison state.
    3. Kortik
      23 January 2013 00: 55
      Something like the script for the movie "Resident Evil". An army of zombie monsters.
  2. itr
    22 January 2013 09: 02
    what are you taking for a joke with corpses?
    1. Denzel13
      22 January 2013 09: 06
      And what kind of joke did the Germans and their henchmen take photos with the people they destroyed? Draw a parallel.
      1. +8
        22 January 2013 09: 30
        Quote: Denzel13

        And what kind of joke did the Germans and their henchmen take photos with the people they destroyed?

        Permissiveness and impunity do their job. The yellow fotka passes with the first good ogrebony.
        Here, unarmed, they captured and feel themselves invincible heroes. The army is a reflection of the nation hi
        1. aray
          22 January 2013 10: 58
          Quote: Alexander Romanov
          Here, unarmed, they captured and feel themselves invincible heroes. The army is a reflection of the nation

          Okay then, unarmed.
          But these children, how could they be guilty to beat them so cruelly? They are only 9-12 years old by force. And how do they live with this? A country with such an "army" is doomed!
          One by one, every single one, just wow ... ki ... (((
          1. Denzel13
            22 January 2013 11: 34
            Well, with a "liberal - tolerant democracy" any country is doomed - that's a fact.

            PS I remember (you can even give examples) that the "office" under the patronage of Goebbels practiced similar stuffing of "real information".
          2. Director
            22 January 2013 11: 54
            Yes, freaks, but for the sake of justice .-- they are British and not amers, but still freaks and cocks. angry
            1. +2
              23 January 2013 00: 03
              There are no staffers, the Britons have a different uniform (their own helmet shape) and their own rifle, and if you look closely at the star-mattress flag on the sleeve.
          3. +5
            22 January 2013 14: 08
            In a few years, this kid will grow up, come to the states and cut off the heads of the children of the one who shouted "yes, yes" off-screen!
        2. 0
          22 January 2013 17: 43
          Quote: Alexander Romanov
          Here, unarmed, they captured and feel themselves invincible heroes. The army is a reflection of the nation

          And the films are like that - they often show films on a military theme, a western, an action movie - their "good" protagonists, in an armed confrontation, agree to negotiations only when the enemy lowers his weapon, provided that they themselves keep him (the enemy) at gunpoint. This is often shown in American, English and French films.
          This behavior is so natural for them that they don’t even understand why they are repulsed with all the foolishness and hatred, and even in advance.
  3. Denzel13
    22 January 2013 09: 03
    Quote: tronin.maxim
    They have almost the whole country like that.

    Unfortunately, they had a large influx of "fresh blood" after the collapse of the USSR and the Warsaw Pact, and they are still holding on to it.
    Currently, it turned out that he acquired one specialized software, it turned out that the main part of the software developers are Russians and Ukrainians. Such a gloomy thing - they work there, because it is profitable.
  4. +1
    22 January 2013 09: 36
    Yes, what a society, such and such an army, brought up on Hollywood tales and perversions.
  5. 0
    22 January 2013 09: 51
    Bitch, in a word!
    No words, only expressions!
  6. +2
    22 January 2013 09: 58
    All this did not begin with them yesterday, the population is slowly but surely degrading, and it is these non-dummies who then go to serve. After all, remember the same thing they did in Korea and Vietnam. They did not have a war at home and they do not know what it is, and in such "unfinished projects" they believe that everything is possible.
    I met with them in Serbia, extremely arrogant and stupid people (and especially this all doubles when they hold weapons + a sense of impunity), but they do not understand this, they live in it.
  7. Shulz-1955
    22 January 2013 10: 00
    Sooner or later, cat's mouse will shed tears
  8. +4
    22 January 2013 10: 12
    What is the story about here? The whole history of the United States is built on violence - the Spaniards and the Portuguese sailed to America - mocked and robbed, killed. SO WHO SHOULD BE BORN AND EDUCATED IF THE ANCESTORS ARE KILLERS AND FORGIVERS, ADVENTURERS?
  9. +2
    22 January 2013 10: 18
    What a people, such an army. Impudent, hypocritical, unprincipled, deceitful ... Well, never mind, the time will come to talk to them in the language that they understand.
  10. 0
    22 January 2013 11: 13
    The best solution for the whole world would be the complete isolation of the United States. Unfortunately, for today, this is not feasible.
  11. Sirozha
    22 January 2013 11: 30
    And what are thieves in our army? .. And hazing? Is this your good tradition? Or we will refer to our maaaaaalenky flaw - our mentality. But nothing we are our own, we are good, and they are solid gangsters! * sarcasm * No, I do not protect the Amerkos, I do not care about them, but it seems to me before throwing caps on someone (judging from the comments above), I need to pay attention to myself! And put things in order !!!
    Here is one example of "white fur" in our ranks: I live next to the autobahn, so everyone, from the ensign and above, go to work with canisters? I think that they are not wearing compote, but they are stealing fuel! ..
    1. Vladimir_61
      22 January 2013 12: 21
      The article is not about comparison with our army. Our troubles are known. It is said that the self-appointed "bearers of democracy" are unbelievable and all because of impunity. They cover the crimes of their thugs - that means, at the same time with them, that means, "what is the priest, such is the arrival." Therefore, a fair question sounds: how, in such a state of their army, which now more resembles a huge gang of criminals, the self-appointed take the liberty of teaching everyone and everything. With such a phenomenon, regression and decline are inevitable. And already during our lifetime, in the coming years, we will see how the United States is falling apart. Moreover, tensions are growing within the country itself due to unresolved conflicts.
  12. +2
    22 January 2013 12: 31
    For me, the article is so happy. At the sunset of the Roman Empire, when its foundation was not made up of the Romans, but for the most part from contrite peoples and slaves, the same thing happened. What happened to that empire everyone knows. So there are rumors that the US kirdyk justified in addition, what are we afraid of such an army that is fighting for money and against the weak ?! They have more show off thanks to Hollywood than they actually are, and their heralds scare all Russia with the war, who will fight. In general, the news is good soldier No wonder their 6th fleet left wassat
    1. Vladimir_61
      22 January 2013 12: 37
      Right. The history of the newly-arrived Imperials teaches nothing. They also forget that the laws are the same in everything. If, for example, a rocket is given an unacceptable acceleration during take-off, it will either collapse or fall. The states took overly unacceptable acceleration, dotting the path of take-off by millions of suffering people. Non-written laws are accurate and inexorable, unlike those written by people.
  13. Nikolko
    22 January 2013 12: 32
    I remember how my friend proved to me with foam at the mouth that the United States Army is the best army in the world, they will not allow bullying not on their strangers and soldiers. I also said that our army compared to their simply UG ... and you know, I believed him. But I regret it very much. And it was just before I became interested in all of this. But only now I realized that the USA is UG and their army, too UG
  14. FIMUK
    22 January 2013 12: 33
    Of course, a photo of an American soldier with the corpse of an "Arab" is immoral.
    But the pictures of bullying in the ranks of the Russian army єto - on the basis of the criminal case.
    And in general, what do you care about how they fight outside your homeland? or, as usual, the Taliban in the Caucasus, Syria is a terrorist, and in Afghanistan, Iraq, a fighter for the freedom of the working people?
    1. +3
      22 January 2013 12: 48
      Sorry, but in the US Army, not everything is as rosy as you think.
      For example, take the office. statistics for 2011. 1251 dead. We observe:
      354 dead in war zones and from terrorist attacks.
      24 killed (colleagues, civilians, etc.)
      186 suicides
      309 fatalities from accidents
      170 deaths, for which at the time of publication no decision had yet been made, but which could be attributed to the previous three categories.
      1. FIMUK
        22 January 2013 13: 19
        and there it’s not rosy, in war as in war.
        We also have Budanov for the troops, the hero for the local prosecutor is guilty.
        So they have.
        1. +3
          22 January 2013 13: 27
          Actually, this is not about war.
          Budanov may be a criminal, but the bosses are most to blame for his act, to which facts came to evidence of his psychological deviations, but who did not take action.
          It would be enough for him a couple of months outside the war to prevent anything like this from happening. So he is more likely a victim of the system, which even those convinced of his guilt admit. That is why the troops respect him
          1. FIMUK
            22 January 2013 14: 16
            rightly talking about people in war who change their worldview, values, and so on ... and sitting at a computer it is easy to say what kind of animals ... and these animals of that "Arab" may have been grazing on the belly lying down for weeks ... and took ... how much on account of that "Arab" guys from ISAF? this no one knows and will not know.
            There is no war with a human face. as well as people in the war, there are warring parties.
            1. -1
              22 January 2013 18: 53
              A soldier represents his country; he cannot stand on the same platform with a gangster, unless the country itself is a gangster country. This soldier was apparently not explained that mocking a corpse is a crime. They shot a bandyugan - well done, take a pie from the shelf, but do not become his deputy (of course, not a pie)
            2. Ivanushra
              23 January 2013 03: 17
              Photography with a defeated opponent does not honor, as well as a hunter over a shot animal. (And if the animal could shoot skillfully ....)
    2. Good Ukraine
      23 January 2013 03: 47
      For FIMUK
      And in general, what do you care about how they fight outside your homeland? or, as usual, the Taliban in the Caucasus, Syria is a terrorist, and in Afghanistan, Iraq, a fighter for the freedom of the working people?

      The fact is that no one teaches their "great democrats" how to live,
      and for some reason they allow themselves this.
  15. survivor
    22 January 2013 12: 46
    yeah .... only a well-trained, well-armed, disciplined, morally stable army can cope with such an army. This cattle must be cut wherever it is.
    1. -1
      23 January 2013 01: 30
      OR SEND TO THEM, SUN AND TAMBOV ...................
    2. stroporez
      24 January 2013 10: 14
      100% !!!!!!! the livestock of "common people" should be reduced in any way possible. But the fact that amers from scratch "click sneakers" ---- this, in my opinion, is good news ...
  16. +1
    22 January 2013 12: 56
    Only in 2012 in its ranks there was a record number of suicides - 349

    A powerful breakdown. They fought suicides, and suicide rates began to decline:
    2009 - 302 cases
    2010 - 289
    2011 - 186
  17. +3
    22 January 2013 13: 11
    Posing with corpses, mocking them, there is a deviation from the norm, mental disorder, the same sadism. Hidden complexes crawled out against the backdrop of a difficult moral and psychological situation.
  18. +3
    22 January 2013 16: 09
    There has never been any democracy in USA, criminal elements have always ruled there, prone to robbery and violence. If the power of the godfathers and their sixes is democracy, then this is prison, criminal democracy. Yusovtsy killed 4 of their presidents and attempted murder on almost every four dozen presidents.
    The U.S. Army is unlikely to have changed in some way since the Indian Genocide in the 19 century, as it consisted of villains and executioners, and so it is. Any war of the Yusovites is primarily the destruction of civilians, robbery, violence and robbery. In addition, this Yusovskaya gang of executioners is also pathologically cowardly, which makes it uncontrollable and three times more dangerous for the civilian population. It is necessary for them to avenge someone on dirty pants and to assert themselves.
    If the USA population dies of disaster, there will be a holiday on Earth.
  19. 0
    22 January 2013 18: 45
    And what kind of army can they have? Only this can. If you train day and night, being ready for an attack on someone they will say that the dog is bloodthirsty, and they will always say on the one who needs more money to squeeze out ... What else can these people be?
    The most important question for the army is what it is fighting for. Those who want to use troops to amuse malice and greed have always been, are and will be devoured by these very troops. America resisted for a long time because it had an ideal. Dumb, miserable, almost meaningless ... but it was. Only that ideal was originally spent by rot, and gradually completely rotted. Well, then the army rotted ...
  20. +1
    22 January 2013 19: 19
    Well .I already saw photos of this kind, only black and white. And I know how it ended for their owners and posers. These are waiting for the same thing.
  21. -1
    23 January 2013 01: 27
    HERE, NYA, HOLEING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  22. The cat
    23 January 2013 01: 29
    You are funny. tongue
    I didn’t see half a living American, 99% of the USA only saw on TV, but everyone knows everything about American society, culture, traditions, history.
    (Sing: "Ameerika, uuuuuu, where never been aaaa .....") wink
    1. Good Ukraine
      23 January 2013 03: 52
      I didn’t see half a living American, 99% of the USA only saw on TV, but everyone knows everything about American society, culture, traditions, history.

      It’s immediately obvious that you didn’t see the Americans and you weren’t in the 3,14ndostan.
      If I had, then I would have known perfectly well that moral and physical imperfections live there. If you do not believe, go and make sure.
  23. +1
    23 January 2013 11: 14
    Yes, different people live there, "indigenous" amers there on one hand.
  24. DuraLexSedLex.
    23 January 2013 20: 26
    The moral of this fable is that morality is not in the ranks of the US Army) But, in principle, it doesn’t prevent them from ironing half the world and unleashing one military conflict after another))) And besides, knowing the situation in the country (and it simply drowned in crime ), we can safely say: a couple of stoned ganstrers who perished in Afghanistan or Iraq will benefit society.
  25. -1
    24 January 2013 20: 24
    A bunch of freaks and degenerates. And then they ask why everything is so bad
    converge to America
  26. +1
    26 January 2013 17: 28
    Guys are war. And there a lot of such crap happens. I think that it was like that both in Afghanistan and in Chechnya. It’s just that not all of our soldiers had photos. So Lego certainly groan, sitting in a warm apartment in front of the monitor. Safe and comfortable ....
    1. Dikremnij
      26 January 2013 23: 36
      Yes, you are right: there is war and everything happens in war, but in any situation you need to remain human. This is what distinguishes us from animals.
  27. say
    20 March 2013 19: 55
    How we love to discuss other people's shortcomings, first look at yourself, what is going on in our army, humiliation and bullying of soldiers have become the norm of a "good" tradition!
  28. buzz
    April 1 2013 03: 11
    It’s easy!

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