The Belarusian army received the Polonez-M MLRS

The Belarusian army received the Polonez-M MLRS
Ceremony of handing over the Polonez-M to the combat unit, November 15, 2023

The Rocket Forces of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus are adopting the new B-300 Polonez-M multiple launch rocket system. It is a modernized version of the already well-known Polonaise system and is distinguished by increased tactical and technical characteristics. Thus, thanks to the new missile, the maximum firing range was increased by one and a half times - up to 300 km.

Consistent development

The basic version of the B-200 Polonaise MLRS was developed in the first half of the 9s as part of Belarusian-Chinese cooperation. The finished equipment of the new type was first shown to the public on May 2015, XNUMX. In the middle of next year, the Polonaise system entered service with the ground forces, and mass production began. At the same time, production volumes were quite modest.

During the same period, plans to modernize the Polonaise became known. By updating the equipment and introducing a new missile, they were going to improve the main tactical and technical characteristics. The development of such an MLRS, also carried out with the help of China and at the expense of Chinese products, took minimal time.

The first tests of the modernized V-300 Polonez-M MLRS took place in October 2017. As part of the first test, an experienced combat vehicle launched several missiles. As the Belarusian Ministry of Defense reported, all products hit the designated targets and confirmed the calculated tactical and technical characteristics.

It should be noted that in Belarus there are no test sites that allow launching missiles over 300 km. In this regard, tests of the Polonaise-M were carried out at two test sites at once. A firing position was set up on one, and training targets were located on the second. The flight path of the missiles ran over uninhabited areas between the training grounds.

According to various sources, in the future the Belarusian industry repeatedly conducted various tests of the B-300 system and its new long-range missile. The process of developing and fine-tuning the design continued until recently and has now led to the desired result. "Polonaise-M" received a recommendation for adoption.

For unknown reasons, the process of developing and testing the Polonaise-M took longer than work on the basic B-200 product. Probably, the overall complexity of this project, as well as the features of its key element in the form of a new rocket, affected the timing. One way or another, tests of the V-300 MLRS have been completed and mass production has begun.

First in service

On November 15, the Ministry of Defense and the State Military-Industrial Commission of the Republic of Belarus announced the start of deliveries of the new MLRS to the troops. The first divisional set of the Polonez-M system was solemnly handed over to the 336th rocket artillery brigade (Osipovichi). This formation is already armed with the basic version of the Polonaise, and is now being reinforced with long-range systems.

The Ministry of Defense and the military-industrial complex do not specify the quantity of equipment supplied. At the same time, photographs and videos from the solemn ceremony of transfer of equipment were published. The footage captured nine vehicles on a special four-axle MZKT chassis, probably launchers, as well as several auxiliary trucks. The new division probably includes three batteries of three combat vehicles each.

Further plans of the defense department and industry are unknown. Perhaps the production of Polonez-M will continue. In addition, troops should receive significant stocks of compatible missiles. However, the possibility of recurrence cannot be ruled out. stories with Polonaise products, which were not mass-produced, but were still able to positively influence the combat effectiveness of the missile forces.

Technical features

The B-300 Polonez-M is a self-propelled multiple launch rocket system with improved tactical and technical characteristics. Due to a number of features and a new missile, such a MLRS is capable of solving quite complex problems over an extended range. At the same time, the MLRS gets the opportunity to compete with full-fledged operational-tactical missile systems.

The system includes several main components. This is a self-propelled launcher, missiles of at least two types, a transport-loading vehicle and a combat control vehicle. A complex of this composition can move along roads and off-roads, reach specified positions and quickly prepare to fire, and then leave the position in the minimum amount of time.

Combat vehicle crew at work

The combat vehicles of the two Polonaises are built on a four-axle all-wheel drive MZKT-7930 Astrologer chassis. The cockpit of such a vehicle houses the combat crew and control equipment. A launcher for eight transport and launch containers is mounted in the stern. Horizontal and vertical guidance within large sectors is provided. The launcher is reloaded by removing empty TPKs and installing new ones.

The fire control system includes satellite navigation, a computer for calculations, data input devices into missile equipment, remote control of the launcher, etc. Probably, the control systems of the two Polonaises are similar, and the main differences are related to the introduction of a long-range missile in the new project.

The first version of the Polonaise used the B-200 guided missile. According to known data, this was a Belarusian licensed version of the Chinese product A200, developed by the CALT Academy. This is a 301 mm caliber rocket, 7,26 m long and weighing 750 kg. It is equipped with a solid propellant engine providing a flight range of up to 200 km, and carries one of three types of warhead. Control along the trajectory is carried out using satellite navigation devices and aerodynamic rudders. The CEP does not exceed tens of meters.

The new B300 rocket for Polonaise-M is also believed to have Chinese roots. This may be a licensed version of the A300 or M20 product from the same CALT Academy. These missiles have dimensions at the A200 level, but are capable of flying at a range of up to 280-300 km. Guidance with an accuracy of tens of meters is carried out using satellite signals.

Start of a rocket

Self-propelled launchers are serviced by standard transport-loading vehicles. Such a product is built on a wheeled chassis with suitable characteristics and carries an additional eight TPK with missiles. To load them onto the combat vehicle, it has its own crane.

The work of the unit is controlled by the combat control machine. It carries a KUNG with various equipment and crew positions. Determination of own coordinates, reception and processing of target data, as well as subsequent issuance of target designation to combat vehicles are provided.

Potential growth

The Belarusian army and defense industry, using all available opportunities, continue to develop their rocket artillery. Previously, a new long-range MLRS was created and mass-produced, and now its improved version, characterized by a significant increase in key characteristics, is entering service.

The Polonaise-M project, like the basic B-200, shows the ability of the Belarusian industry to develop and produce rocket artillery. To develop such production, she had to turn to China for help, and it provided the necessary documentation, technology, etc. Production has been successfully mastered, which should benefit Belarusian enterprises.

However, the main results of the Polonaise-M project are in the development of rocket artillery. The firing range was increased from 200 to 300 km, which dramatically increased the potential of the system. At the same time, as in the case of the basic Polonaise, the MLRS can be compared in its main characteristics with some operational-tactical missile systems.

As a result, the Belarusian army now has two long-range missile systems capable of hitting targets at distances of up to 300 km - the Russian Iskander and the Belarusian-Chinese Polonaise-M. Both products have their own advantages and strengths, the proper use of which increases the flexibility of the missile forces, and should also have a positive impact on the effectiveness of their operation and combat use.

Positive results

Thus, the Belarusian army, at the expense of foreign assistance, is carrying out a consistent and major modernization of its missile forces and rocket artillery. The most effective models with high characteristics are entering service, giving the army completely new combat capabilities.

To date, the Belarusian army has received several divisions of the Polonaise MLRS of two versions and a certain number of Russian Iskanders. In addition, MLRS and fuel dispensers of older models remain in service. It can be assumed that missile forces with such equipment, despite its limited quantity, are capable of solving the problems of deterrence in peacetime and defeating the enemy in wartime with the required results.
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  1. +7
    19 November 2023 04: 40
    Since the Belarusian brothers don’t have ranges with a range of 300 km, then let them give it to us for testing in the Northern Military District! And we will evaluate the potential and there will be a model for comparison with Tornado S. And in general, any equipment should fight, and not just ride in parades...
    1. +6
      19 November 2023 09: 03
      Before the SVO, they wanted and offered to test it at our test sites, but they were refused!
      1. +1
        19 November 2023 10: 07
        Quote: huntsman650
        Before the SVO they wanted and offered to test it at our training grounds, but were refused

        But the trouble is, that training ground, although ours, is on the territory of Kazakhstan, and then it was not very calm there
        1. 0
          20 November 2023 10: 59
          Launcher of Chinese missiles or their licensed Belarusian copies.
  2. +1
    19 November 2023 05: 32
    We can help you test it in combat conditions)))
    1. -5
      19 November 2023 11: 11
      The CEP does not exceed tens of meters.

      To the village of grandfather,... ATAKS We sculpt to the point
      1. -2
        19 November 2023 17: 39
        They might hit you in the back... point.
  3. 0
    19 November 2023 06: 30
    The Polonaise-M project, like the basic B-200, shows the ability of the Belarusian industry to develop and produce rocket artillery.
    Develop????? Copy and improve.
    Considering the presence in the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus of our Iskander-E OTRK with ballistic missiles, their armed forces have sufficient “instruments of war” to carry out precise strikes at ranges of up to 300 km.
    It doesn’t hurt our leadership to think about providing Belarus with at least an Iskander-ME division, a more universal “instrument of war” capable of using both ballistic and cruise missiles
  4. +3
    19 November 2023 06: 47
    Belarus has already tried once to additionally sell Polonaise to Azerbaijan without Beijing’s permission. Got a hit on the hat. But the PRC is not the DPRK; it complies with Western sanctions against us. So there is no need to dream, you need to work yourself. At worst, get the design documentation from your dad to save time and make your own copy. It was in vain that the tactical nuclear weapons were handed over to him.
    1. +3
      19 November 2023 07: 14
      our Oka was even better marked, everything was sawed off at the prompting of our Western buddies
      1. 0
        12 March 2024 22: 18
        Oka is not rzso, Oka is Iskander at minimum wage.
    2. +2
      19 November 2023 12: 01
      Nobody handed over tactical nuclear weapons to him. These are Russian tactical nuclear weapons located on the territory of Belarus and under Russian command.
    3. 0
      20 November 2023 01: 37
      Quote: swan49
      At worst, get the design documentation from your dad to save time and make your own copy.

      lol And for what ?
      We already have Tornado-S, whose missile range has been increased to 200 km. with adjustable warhead. There is Iskander-M. There is an UPAB with UMPC. In addition, North Korea also has the same missile launchers.
  5. +2
    19 November 2023 06: 51
    Will they get it to Warsaw if something happens?
  6. +2
    19 November 2023 06: 58
    . To master such production, she had to turn to for help from China, and he provided the necessary documentation, technology, etc.

    Why not to Russia? We could develop Tornado-S together.
    1. +4
      19 November 2023 09: 16
      When they started, Russia was peacefully chewing snot.
  7. -5
    19 November 2023 09: 18
    As they say, it’s good, but not enough.
    Let them throw substance at me once again, but NATO, represented by Poland and the Baltic states, as well as Ukraine, which has joined them, is preparing to repeat the blitzkrieg of 1941 in Belarus. So we need long-range systems capable of hitting enemy groups to the entire concentration depth with a preemptive strike.
    The issue of the sale and use of the complexes is tied to the PRC, so it is advisable to increase the production of the base (the installations themselves), not excluding assembly in Russia, and master the production of missiles on a domestic base.
    1. +4
      19 November 2023 09: 20
      Quote: Victor Leningradets
      NATO, represented by Poland and the Baltic states, as well as Ukraine, which has joined them, is preparing to repeat the blitzkrieg of 1941 in Belarus

      For what purpose?
      1. 0
        12 March 2024 22: 26
        How will NATO fight? Well, they really don’t hold up supplies for Ukraine...
        That is, any conflict longer than 3 months will leave them without ammunition (exaggerated).
        The strategy of hour X is one thing, when the United States directly planned to bomb Soviet troops on European territory... (Well, we understand that European weapons potential has grown, and the Russian army is 5 times smaller than the USSR army, and the ability to produce weapons and equipment has fallen at least once in 10, or even more), without strategic strikes with nuclear weapons, Europe would have fallen in 2-3 months if the Ukrainian, veteran army, according to Stolbeng, lost the war in May 2022... And this is Russia with almost no PMCs, mobilization and almost no volunteers fought with a limited contingent...
    2. -1
      19 November 2023 10: 30
      Nonsense. I thought so too some time ago, but I calmed down. There is no desire for aggression against Belarus either in Poland or in Lithuania. Yes, Poland is arming itself, but this is the result of fear of Russia, and is not arming itself against aggression. Besides, NATO doesn't work like that, no one will help these countries if they attack their neighbor.
      1. +1
        19 November 2023 11: 53
        You guys like to lull yourself to sleep!
        There is no desire for aggression against Belarus either in Poland or Lithuania

        And who and when asked about someone’s desires? Remember the Anglo-American saying: theirs not to reason why, theirs but to do and die.
        Why are they carrying out massive air and sea transfers to Poland and the Baltic states? What about air offensive and air cover operations? And the exercises on crossing the Southern Bug by Leopards, doesn’t this remind you of anything? And the unprecedented supplies of equipment from South Korea are obvious for parades.
        Today the enemy is located opposite Brest, Minsk, Polotsk and along the entire southern border, although somewhat constrained by the conditions of Polesie. In fact, his initial positions are even better than in June 1941. If preemptive measures are not taken, the enemy will take out most of the air defense and aviation, as well as launchers, with the first strike. Further, the “lion’s mouth” from Polotsk to Gomel may close, which will end in defeat with a “regrouping” to the left bank of the Dnieper. As a result, the entire front in Ukraine will crumble, and Russia will be dealt a sensitive defeat. Moreover, the invasion of Belarus will be carried out at the request of your “Government in Exile” with the goal of liberation from the “Russian occupation” and the overthrow of the “hated dictatorship of pro-Moscow Lukashenko.”
        An attempt to use tactical nuclear weapons will lead to a limited nuclear war in Europe - the realization of the US dream. The consequences of such a course of events were recently described by Alexander Timokhin in the article “Blockade of the Gulf of Finland: provocation of the Baltic states and its strategic background.”
        So the threat to Belarus is not a joke at all.
        1. 0
          12 March 2024 22: 33
          How will the Totons fight if they don’t even have enough shells for Ukraine? So they transferred everything, they fucking attacked, and after 3 months they ran out of bullets... And the European is not as resilient as the Russian-Ukrainian, who knows that if something happens, his family will be skinned alive and that’s in the best case.
  8. +1
    19 November 2023 10: 05
  9. 0
    19 November 2023 10: 56
    EE-E.. As be "polonaise" translated as "Polish", the make of the car was even like that. What is this? Banter from the Ministry of Defense or a joke from the developer to call a Belarusian-Chinese product a word of NATO origin.
    1. 0
      19 November 2023 12: 27
      Belarus has long had a modernized “Grad”, which is now called “Belgrade”. Do you think we called the MLRS that way in memory of the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia? By the way, “polonaise” is a dance that came to the Republic of Ingushetia even before Napoleon, and a musical work from the time of the division of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth - “Oginsky’s Polonaise”, the second name of which is “Farewell to the Motherland” and which is still part of the world musical classics. Do not look for what is not there, otherwise you will decide that "Tiacinths", "Peonies" and "Carnations" grow flowers in greenhouses.
    2. 0
      19 November 2023 14: 54
      They had 50 years to realize this opportunity. Why didn't you realize your dream?

      Come on, this is all a tribute from the heirs of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania to their “enlighteners”. Multi-vector, so to speak, will annoy Moscow and will not remain as girls.
      Well, to hell with it! We are not angels either. We ended up on the same raft - there’s nothing to push about, but use it wisely. What we have is an extremely important task.
  10. -3
    19 November 2023 12: 23
    The Polonaise-M project, like the basic B-200, shows the ability of the Belarusian industry to develop and produce rocket artillery.

    Looks like the author made a typo...
    shows the inability of the Belarusian industry to develop
  11. -2
    19 November 2023 12: 35
    Quote: Victor Leningradets
    An attempt to use tactical nuclear weapons will lead to a limited nuclear war in Europe - the realization of the US dream.

    They had 50 years to realize this opportunity. Why didn't you realize your dream?
    1. -1
      19 November 2023 14: 48
      Quote: “They had 50 years to realize this opportunity. Why didn’t they realize their dream?”
      You haven't had one for 50 years. The damage to you was in any way unacceptable until the end of the 80s. When the USSR collapsed, the opportunity arose to take everything without a fight simply by ordering our self-proclaimed elite. Well, we relaxed. But they did not forget to reduce the number of strategic delivery vehicles and warheads in order to make the damage from the few that broke through - as you write “acceptable”. Well, neither logic nor sober calculation can be denied to you.
      But as always happens when you rake in the heat with someone else's hands, something gets out of control. This is what happened with Hitler and China. And then there is Russia, although not the USSR, but dangerous. And of course, calculations are one thing, but an error in SUCH calculations is something completely different, so it’s scary. But if it starts, there is still no other plan and an attempt will be made to remove our strategic potential from the tactical and operational-tactical zone so that the continent is not affected.
      So the use of tactical nuclear weapons without the prior deployment of strategic ones (and this is monitored) is a direct path to the “American Dream.”
      1. 0
        19 November 2023 18: 37
        Well, I didn’t expect any other answer other than the manual “yes, we were almost finished off, but the stupid amers relaxed, and we rose from our knees, thanks to the Leader.” Do you even know that according to both the American and Soviet plans, in the case of TMV, they were going to use tactical but not strategic nuclear weapons, i.e. to realize the “blue dream of the Anglo-Saxons” to destroy Europe without touching the USA?
        1. 0
          19 November 2023 18: 57
          Do you even know that according to both the American and Soviet plans, in the event of a TMB, from the very first days they were going to use tactical but not strategic nuclear weapons, i.e. to realize the “blue dream of the Anglo-Saxons” to destroy Europe without touching the USA?

          So what does this change? Both countries professed the concept of a first disarming strike, and this automatically determines the minimization of flight time, making it impossible to take countermeasures. It’s just that at that time there were enough strategic weapons to cause unacceptable damage not only to Europe (both superpowers had written it off in advance), but also to the continent.
          Now, after a sharp reduction in the number of strategic delivery vehicles and warheads, the situation has changed in favor of the United States and the right first shot can put an end to the fate of Russia with acceptable damage to the United States.
          And as for being aware - even very much so. Participated in research and development work to ensure the possibility of escaping from attack by one of the components of the strategic nuclear forces.
          1. 0
            19 November 2023 21: 46
            What changes is that if a limited nuclear war was truly beneficial for the United States, it would have started a long time ago, because it was even spelled out in the official plans of both sides. But it was not started, therefore it is unprofitable. It is logical if we remember that after WWII the United States for some reason invested in the restoration of Europe. Certainly not in order to soon turn it into ashes.

            Just don’t worry that they didn’t go then because they were afraid of escalation and strategic nuclear weapons of the USSR, but they are not afraid of Russian nuclear weapons. If they weren’t afraid, they would have bombed Moscow long ago and brought in the Abrams. Russia may have far fewer warheads, but this will be enough to cause unacceptable damage to anyone in the event of an escalation.

            And as for the acceptability of damage for the United States... don’t be ridiculous, for them any damage is unacceptable. Otherwise, they would have started a nuclear war back in the 50s and 60s, when the USSR could have been destroyed at the cost of just a few American cities.
  12. +1
    19 November 2023 21: 24
    The topic of reconnaissance and target designation is not covered. At 300 km this is a non-trivial task.
  13. 0
    20 November 2023 12: 28
    It would be interesting to read about the modern Belarusian army and the Belarusian military-industrial complex in general; their participation in their own issue is, of course, a separate issue
  14. 0
    3 February 2024 13: 17
    Congratulations to the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus on the entry into service of a modern long-range MLRS!!! And when will such a system, in the required quantity, appear in service with the RF Armed Forces?
  15. 0
    16 February 2024 16: 30
    The article flashed the names A200, but it was made on the basis of the A100.
    The Chinese reduced the weight of the warhead, increased the fuel 9K58 “Smerch” and got the A100.
    The circle is closed.
    We need such a missile for the MLRS to terrorize deep behind enemy lines.