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New C-300 will hit China

New C-300 will hit China

Russian modernized air defense systems will be presented at the international aerospace show in China

The newest air defense systems are represented by Russia at the Airshow China 2010 international aerospace show in Zhuhai, Guangdong Province, which will run from 16 to 21 in November.

The topic of the forum is extremely wide - from military and civil aircraft and helicopters to rockets and missiles. The Russian air defense concern Almaz-Antey is making its debut at this salon, company spokesman Yuri Baikov said:

"Almaz-Antey" for the first time participates in an exhibition in Zhuhai. Visitors can get information about the C-400 Triumph, C-300 PMU2 “Favorit” anti-aircraft systems, Buk M2E anti-aircraft missile systems, Tor M2E. This decision reflects a willingness to further expand business contacts and partnerships with the People’s Republic of China. The Almaz-Antea exposition presents the entire range of military products produced by the enterprises of the company. ”

Of particular interest is the C-300 PMU2 Favorit system. The upgraded C-300 can hit short-range ballistic missiles, medium-range tactical ballistic missiles and ground targets with previously known coordinates. Its range is increased to 195 kilometers.

The complex has already been delivered to some countries. In particular, the 15 divisions were sent to China and put on combat duty in the air defense system of the largest cities in the country - Beijing and Shanghai.

According to the World Trade Analysis Center weapons, the Russian long-range systems C-300 and C-400 are currently the most effective means of defense of important state and military control facilities, military bases, military forces and missile launch positions.

Air defense systems of medium and long range - the largest achievement of the military "high-tech". Only the USA and Russia can develop them independently, the rest of the countries do this with the assistance of American (Japan) or Russian (India) developers.

The interest of specialists and visitors of the salon in Zhuhai to the exposition of the Almaz-Antey concern is guaranteed. Concern today - one of the leaders of the military-industrial complex of Russia. It is among the 30 largest companies in the world military-industrial complex. The company's products are successfully used in more than fifty countries around the world.
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  1. Stavr
    Stavr 20 May 2011 07: 18
    "The complex has already been delivered to some countries. In particular, 15 divisions have been sent to China and put on alert duty in the air defense system of the country's largest cities - Beijing and Shanghai."
    Obviously, in Russia, the managers from Myoborona have already sold and betrayed everything. It remains only to wait: when, finally, our own developments will begin to fall on the heads of perplexed and confused Russians from the territory of countries to which these missiles were previously sold. Meanwhile, Americans for such a leak of new technologies, without a twinge of conscience, imprison their fellow citizens, and Stalin (at one time) would not only not be proud of selling new technologies to other countries in order to build cottages and palaces for new Russian oligarchs, but would simply put for this to the wall and shot.
    So what are we proud of, Oleg Nekhay? A betrayal of the national interests of the country, or new technologies? Obviously both! They forgot how Russian planes were shot down in South Ossetia from our own missile systems delivered to Georgia from Ukraine. And the Chinese will not even ask for our consent, copying Russian missiles.
      CARTRIDGE 2 August 2011 00: 14
  2. PSih2097
    PSih2097 2 August 2011 00: 29
    And he (Oleg Nekhay) and his ilk rely on pak-fa and triumph, the last missile does not fly yet, the first has only the glider and armament of the previous generation ... They also hope for a Budava and a hypothetically designed avivianosets, and etc. (long list what they hope).
  3. Honory
    Honory 2 August 2012 14: 55
    One thing is surprising. Why are the Chinese considered allies. They’re cunning. The technology will be stolen, and then they will climb up with war. That's really woe.