Body armor "Obereg" during testing and in the Special Operations area

Body armor "Obereg" during testing and in the Special Operations area
Body armor "Amulet" with installed shoulder and neck protection

A few months ago, the Russian defense industry first showed off a new body armor called “Obereg.” A promising means of protection, created taking into account the wishes of the participants in the Special Operation, has already gone into production and is being supplied to the troops. In addition, a modernized version of the vest with an improved combination of all the main characteristics has been developed and presented.

Recent premiere

The developer and manufacturer of the Obereg body armor is the Oktava plant (Tula), part of the RT-Capital company, part of the Rostec State Corporation. The main activity of this company is electronics. However, after the start of the Special Operation, it decided to develop a new direction for itself. The solution to this problem was facilitated by the presence of a competent and experienced design department, as well as our own sewing workshop. In addition, real participants of the Special Operation were brought in as consultants.

In mid-April 2023, the Rostec press service spoke for the first time about the Amulet project. By that time, the Oktava plant had completed the development and mastered the production of new body armor. The necessary tests were carried out at the shooting range, during which it was possible to fully confirm the design characteristics.

At the beginning of July, Octava and Rostec announced that the new body armor would soon become an exhibit at the exhibition “Day of Advanced Technologies 2023” from the Russian National Guard. Visitors to the event had the opportunity to study both the Amulet body armor and other modern developments of our industry.

Back in April it was reported that a new domestic body armor had entered mass production. In addition, a batch of such products went to the Special Operations zone for more complete testing in real combat conditions. The results of such a check are not specified, but after them, “Amulet” went into production.

The developer company reports that its production capacity now allows it to produce up to 2 thousand body armor per quarter. In the future, production can be expanded to 7,5 thousand products per quarter. The Oktava plant is ready to supply serial “Amulets” to all domestic customers.

Potential for development

Like other modern body armor, the Amulet product is built on a modular principle. This makes it easier to adapt it to specific customer requirements and/or carry out upgrades. Thus, the development company has already presented several modifications of the vest with different configurations and different protection characteristics.

The “Amulets” of the first version, presented in the spring, can be equipped with different plate modules and show the level of protection from Br1 (a pistol bullet from a 9x18 mm cartridge) to Br5 (a bullet with a reinforced core from a 7,62x54 mm R rifle cartridge).

At the Army-2023 military-technical forum in mid-August, the Oktava plant presented an updated version of the body armor with improved ergonomics. Due to the use of other protection elements, the weight of the product in the maximum configuration was reduced to 9,2-9,4 kg. At the same time, the area and level of protection remained at the same level.

General Director of the Octava plant Pavel Pavlenko with a new body armor

The modernized Amulet was first shown less than two months ago, but it has already gone into production. In early October, Rostec announced the imminent shipment of such products to the recipient. Voluntary formations from the Belgorod region guarding the state border will be the first to receive the new body armor. They will be sent maximum performance body armor with protection class Br5.

Also in early October, Rostec launched the video project “Our Crash.” Its first issue is dedicated specifically to the Amulet body armor. As an experiment, the product slabs were fired using various weapons, up to a sniper rifle chambered for .338 LM. Under maximum load, the protective elements were deformed, but through penetration could not be achieved.

In a classic look

Bulletproof vests of the "Obereg" series are built on the basis of well-known, mastered and proven ideas and solutions. The Oktava plant project does not provide for radical innovations, but makes optimal use of available solutions and ensures maximum ergonomic and protection characteristics.

The basis of the Amulet product is a vest with compartments for armor plates of various shapes and sizes. The vest is made of 1000D Cordura nylon fabric with a polyurethane coating and water-repellent impregnation. The vest includes chest and back sections with pockets for plates, connected by adjustable shoulder straps. There are also side sections fastened with Velcro.

The basic vest can be supplemented with shoulder protection, a collar and a groin guard. They are made of the same fabric, receive Kevlar or other filling and are fastened to the main structure of the vest. In addition, the vest has standard straps for attaching pouches and other equipment.

Protective plates with level Br4 or Br5, independently developed by Octave, are placed in the pockets of the chest and back sections. They are made in the form of a package of layers of high molecular weight polyethylene, metal or ceramics, aramid fabric, and polyurethane. The side sections use similar packages, but with a protection level of Br1 or Br3, depending on the wishes of the customer.

The first version of the "Amulet" presented in the spring used metal and Kevlar protection, and when fully equipped weighed 11,7 kg and protected 50 square meters. dm. At the same time, the design of the vest and plates improved the distribution of the load on the user’s body and optimized overall ergonomics. At Army 2023 they showed a body armor with updated ceramic-based protection. With the same level of bulletproof protection, such a product weighs only 9,2-9,4 kg. The total protection area (anti-fragmentation and anti-bullet) exceeded 60

“Obereg” vests and protective plates for them have successfully passed factory tests. In addition, state tests were carried out and the corresponding certificate was obtained. At the same time, the body armor coped with the tests with a noticeable margin - in the Rostec video project it even withstood a bullet that was not included in the standard test program.

“Our crash”: the host of the program demonstrates the “Amulet” plate after shelling using the .338 LM cartridge

Initiative and defense

Bulletproof vests of the “Obereg” series from the Tula “Octava” plant are one of the most interesting new products of their class that have appeared recently. First of all, I'm curious about them story. Thus, an enterprise known for its electronics mastered a new direction and quickly produced successful results. At the same time, high production rates have already been achieved, and they are planning to increase them significantly.

The rapid development of a new body armor as a whole and all its main elements was facilitated by the use of well-known and widespread ideas. The company from Tula studied the experience of others, adapted it to its production capabilities, and as a result, a new means of armor protection with high performance appeared. In addition, it is necessary to note the experience and skills of Octava employees who managed to master a new direction.

Despite the lack of experience, the company coped with the task. Reportedly, the first version of the “Obereg” has already passed a number of tests, received the necessary documents and was even in trial operation in the Special Operation zone. Now the production of new batches is expected, which will also go to the troops and be used by personnel.

Overall, the Amulet project is interesting and gives reasons for optimism. The Russian defense industry produces a wide range of different body armor and other protective equipment. A few months ago, another entrant entered the industry with its latest development. Now the Oktava plant with its product helps supply the army with necessary products, and also shows that military products can be produced not only by specialized enterprises.
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  1. +6
    5 October 2023 06: 37
    I don’t understand why we don’t use a belt support system. You put on a belt, you can hang a lot of things on it, but the main thing is there are stops for the armor, this greatly relieves the shoulders and back and no matter how much it weighs, most of the weight falls on the belt. Apparently the developers did not wear the armor for several days without taking it off.
    1. +6
      5 October 2023 06: 49
      In addition to this, it is still necessary to increase the area of ​​anti-fragmentation protection (HIMARS, cassette cartridges...). For some reason there are no armored pants. Although the shoulder pads have already appeared.
      1. 0
        5 October 2023 07: 25
        Quote: Dmitry Ivanov_8
        In addition to this, it is still necessary to increase the area of ​​anti-fragmentation protection (HIMARS, cassette cartridges...). For some reason there are no armored pants. Although the shoulder pads have already appeared.

        There are anti-fragmentation suits. But the XMars warhead is equipped with ready-made submunitions with high penetration, in my opinion even tungsten, so at least covering the torso, neck and head from them is already a lot.
      2. +2
        5 October 2023 08: 48
        There is hip protection, but it comes separately. But this thing is specific and it is difficult to carry it for a long time.
        1. +1
          5 October 2023 18: 25
          This means that it is necessary to design anti-fragmentation protection that is comfortable for long-term wear. Still I do not understand. Is it really more expensive to provide the army with anti-fragmentation protection than to pay for funerals, operations and disability pensions due to tiny fragments?
          1. 0
            31 January 2024 16: 21
            I can’t give you a plus because of the long silence, but I fully support you!
      3. +1
        5 October 2023 18: 23
        You need at least armored shorts with protection up to the knee, inclusive. A tiny fragment that hits the knee makes a healthy soldier permanently disabled.
    2. 0
      5 October 2023 07: 41
      They are used in models from a number of manufacturers. I’m not sure about the mass population though.
    3. 0
      5 October 2023 19: 27
      Gear Craft makes such systems for its body armor. I recommend
  2. The comment was deleted.
    1. The comment was deleted.
  3. +1
    5 October 2023 07: 03
    Interestingly, the author wrote about Kevlar protection in the version presented in the spring. Error? Whose aramid is it anyway? And now VSMP?
  4. The comment was deleted.
  5. +18
    5 October 2023 08: 46
    An ordinary, hastily made armor plate, no different from many other similar products. Perhaps only the ceramic hob deserves attention. I don’t know what kind of operation there was in the SVO, but I personally, as a participant in the special operation, can see several shortcomings in this product. The chest panel is a bit narrow, they could have made it wider, for example, like Filinov’s “Archangel”, the fastening system for the side sections is inconvenient and it looks like the armor doesn’t fit well with the combat belt, the caps also look weak.
    Well, the cherry on top of all these numerous types of body armor is that the soldiers themselves have to buy them, at their own expense, or rely on volunteers. After all, the Defense Ministry does not seem to have the money to provide for the fighters participating in the SVO. I judge by the situation in the brigade in which I serve as a conscript.
    1. 0
      5 October 2023 15: 57
      If I may, a question, even two. Your opinion as a participant is interesting.
      1. Have you encountered the products "RATNIK-TACTICAL"? If so, what can you say?
      2. Have you used the standard army body armor from the “Ratnik” 6B45 kit? And what are your impressions, if so?
  6. +2
    5 October 2023 10: 25
    I look at the dangling straps of the shoulder pads - and I understand... Here it is, quality... And if according to the wishes of the SVO participants, then they ask for almost an armored poncho and it would be nice with a hood... So that the arms are covered up to the elbows and the legs are covered up to the knees. And if the hoodie is in this format, it’s even better... And even if it limits your mobility a little, even if it’s difficult to raise your arms up, but it will cover you from the shrapnel dust generously scattered by drones.. Otherwise, sometimes it becomes scary when the family puts on the sappers' wrung-out kits.. That would be the case.. But this is so.. They sew what they can and what the Ministry of Defense, according to pre-war memory, still orders.. I hope no one needs to be convinced of the inertia of the mechanisms of the expensive ministries?
  7. 0
    5 October 2023 15: 15
    I may not understand something, but when shooting in a prone position, what is the protection class in the frontal projection? IMHO zero. Why do absolutely all manufacturers stubbornly ignore this fact? This position may not often happen in reality, no idea, but for the standing and kneeling positions, not only are the life support well covered with a plate, but this position also implies shooting in a trench or from around the corner of a building, which allows you to stupidly hide from shelling , i.e. there is double protection, and if you are in a prone position, then there is nowhere to hide, because you are in the field, and at the same time the armor does not cover you. It's a real disaster, don't even go into the field. Or walk, but under no circumstances lie down, but run quickly and quickly.
  8. +1
    5 October 2023 17: 14
    Make it for less and sell it for more. Everything is already in the world, whatever protection you want could be found and copied, even designers could think about how and what should not go where. The US armored car or the English one are the best in the world in terms of fit to the body. For 20 years now, side protection has been in use for both face and egg masks. Well, they don’t want to invest in our soldier, everything is under pressure. Cheap and cheerful, make it cheaper and sell it at a higher price... It’s like with a T-72b3 (tank) there are holes in the turret under the turret - after a year, “oh, it turns out it’s full of holes, something needs to be solved.” This armor plate can be renamed “Leaky” and not “Amulet”. God forbid me to run around under Arta in such a talisman - amen. The main thing is that the prospects are good.
  9. +3
    5 October 2023 21: 15
    Taking into account the drops + cassettes, it is necessary to more actively introduce Kevlar overalls, they exist, they are used, but they should become a standard like armored armor and helmets...
    And okay, in the summer, I understand that you can get a heatstroke in it before something arrives, but throughout the entire demi-season and winter, a fighter must constantly be wearing such a vest. Injuries from light shrapnel will fall many times. But even cassette balls will hit less. Yes, if you fall under your feet, it won’t save you, but if the explosion is 20-30 meters away, then overalls may well save you.
    And if it goes further, it will almost certainly save you...
  10. 0
    8 November 2023 01: 20
    Quote: Vadim S
    I don’t understand why we don’t use a belt support system. You put on a belt, you can hang a lot of things on it, but the main thing is there are stops for the armor, this greatly relieves the shoulders and back and no matter how much it weighs, most of the weight falls on the belt. Apparently the developers did not wear the armor for several days without taking it off.

    The stops are not convenient everywhere. In combined arms combat, when worn for a long time, there are nuances, so they are not worn. The situation is similar with fragmentation sleeves. And this armor looks like a child’s craft when compared with arsarma and other tops.
  11. 0
    24 January 2024 08: 04
    Those. On the "ratnik" they sawed up the loot, riveted it, then stole it and sold it, and now they're making a new one?